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    Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn}


    Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn} Empty Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn}

    Post by Guest Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:08 pm

    Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn} 35i2gqx

    Text Color--> #ffffff, Snow White
    Item--> [x1] Sapphire Necklace
    Gender--> Male
    Age--> Prepubescent [9 years]
    Species--> #052, Meowth
    Height--> 12 inches [1 foot]
    Weight--> 8 pounds [3.6 kilograms]

    Pokédex Entry--> Meowth loves to roam at night to gather coins and other objects that sparkle, but it spend most of the daylight hours sleeping.
    Level--> 14
    Ability--> Pickup
    Nature--> Rash
    Characteristic--> Strongly Defiant
    - Scratch [Starting Move]
    - Bite [Level Up]
    - Fury Swipes [Level Up]
    - Double Team [Egg Move]

    History--> Hermes was always the disfigured runt of the litter. Upon hatching, everyone in his clan noticed that something was off about him.. whether it be his constant mange, his brittle coin, or his harsh, raspy voice. As a result, his parents instantly abandoned him. Still, he stuck around despite being cast out for he was too young to find somewhere to go.

    Hermes never had a friend. He never felt the pleasure of being loved or looked after. He was seen as a weak target by his older brothers and sisters and was subject to bullying. He was often knocked around, beaten up, and cast out in the rain while his siblings lay comfortably warm in the clan den.

    One day, Hermes got sick of the abuse and left his clan, only to plan his ultimate revenge. Seven levels later, he returned with only blind rage on his mind, only to see the rotting corpses of his family, piled upon one another. It horrified him.. but also excited him. There was something out there that cast his revenge for him. Seeing his siblings torn apart like that made him, for once, happy. He was happy to see those who defied him were dead. He was happy to see them as destroyed.

    As he stood there frozen for a few minutes, he noticed the corpses rise from the ground. How.. could it be? He thought they were dead! Without hesitating another moment, he left the den as fast as he could. He was determined to know what had caused them to live again. That one question, "Why did they continue to live?" egged him on and on for the next couple of months.
    Appearance--> Hermes is about four inches shorter than an average Meowth. He wears a sapphire necklace that he had found in the grass. His coin is brittle and chipped, which proved to be his ultimate disgrace. He also has gashes taken out both of his ears and a large gash over his left eye. Lastly, most of the lower portion of his body is hairless; he has mild mange which is causing him to constantly shed.
    Personality--> Hermes is a very cold and angry individual. He often holds a vengeful sort of grudge, but he never goes out of his way to fulfill it (unless it eggs him on to the point of insanity). When he is not arguing with someone, he casts himself aside, staying quiet and bottling up his thoughts inside, where they'd never see daylight again. He tries to make others see him as a strong, tough individual, but that is not the case; Hermes is actually a very anxious and sensitive creature.
    User Notes-->
    +Hermes does not like large groups (of over 20 individuals). They make him extremely nervous and may even trigger a panic attack.
    +Hermes is a very angry individual, and as a result he does not trust most [especially Meowths and Persians]. Still, despite that, he is still possible to befriend, but it may prove difficult.
    +Hermes despises most humans, especially males.
    +This specified Hermes (who I will refer to as Hermes 2) is based off of my other character, Hermes (Hermes 1), who is an older, more psychotic version of Hermes 1. Hermes 2 is supposed to represent a trans-dimensional Hermes 1. (Try taking that in, ha!)
    +Hermes is unable to see out of his left eye.
    +Hermes is extremely hydrophobic. This causes him to flash back to when he was cast out in the rain by his family.
    +Hermes tries not to get too close to people, fearing he will be betrayed.
    +Hermes likes to hold grudges over the smallest of things.
    +Hermes adores shiny things, and will go out of his way to acquire them.
    +Even though Hermes does not usually like to talk to others, if he is forced into a conversation he turns out to like, it will be hard to shut him up.
    +Hermes is very immature, which is normal for his age.

    Theme--> "Coming Down" by Five Finger Death Punch

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    Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn} Empty Re: Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn}

    Post by Guest Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:33 pm

    Done with the profile. ...I don't think I put it in the right spot, though.. whoops.

    I am also unsure of which team to join. They all seem so nice! Gah, I guess I'll edit it when I think of one.. unless the admins could put me in a random one? Not sure how that works, but yeah.

    Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn} Empty Re: Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn}

    Post by Guest Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:44 pm

    It's in the right spot~

    This is where the profiles are temporarily placed when one wants an Admin to look at it. Once it gets accepted/people realize it needs more work, it gets moved by the profile Mods.

    As for the team, as long as it has not been approved and placed on the team already, you are more than free to change your mind about the location~

    After they get approved and placed though, you'll have to request a team switch at the Team Switch Thread.

    Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn} Empty Re: Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn}

    Post by Guest Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:47 pm

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the information, I was driving blind for a second there.

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    Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn} Empty Re: Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn}

    Post by Mewtwo Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:32 am

    An interesting first character. I really like the idea of him having mange, good representation.



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    Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn} Empty Re: Hermes the Vengeful Meowth {Abandoned, Hoenn}

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