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    Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto)


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    Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto) Empty Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto)

    Post by Dandelion Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:07 am

    Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto) 33uy8fb

    Text Color-
    Time of Infection-
    3 Months ago/Undead for a bit under 3 months
    No Item
    Adolescent, bordering Young Adult - 17
    Level 19
    #52, Meowth, The Scratch Cat Pokemon

    Pokédex Entry-
    It loves anything that shines. It especially adores coins that it picks up and secretly hoards.

    - Bite (Level Up)
    - Fury Swipes (Level Up)
    - Screech (Level Up)
    - Taunt (Breeding)

    “Life’s not fair. Then we die.”
    Clover knew this from the get go. Life was hard and cruel for the little Meowth. Born in a litter of 7, amidst a large city, there was never enough food. Her parents, a pair of Persians, were always fighting as well. The Persians taught Clover and her littermates the art of deception. Using their cuteness as an advantage, the kits would steal from kids or anyone they could get their little paws on. If no naïve people were around, the family raided markets, stole from restaurants, but more often then not, searched through dumpsters. When she wasn’t stealing though, Clovers mischievous nature searched for other pokemon and people to prank. If they looked sad it would be a small joke. If they were happy though, she would be as cruel as she could think. Why should they be happy when she lived on the street, fighting for food? Her mother, strict and cold, would give her violent consequences for these ‘pranks’. After the beatings she would make Clover, bloody and in pain, go pitifully beg for food.

    Eventually, the virus spread to the family. Clover’s father ate an infected Spearow, with his already violent nature, it wasn’t long before he lashed out in a rampage. He killed two of his kits and brutally injured another before her Mother could step in. She ended up winning the fight, but at the cost of catching the infection. Taking her injured son with her, Clover’s mother fled to parts unknown. Clover, her brother, and two sisters now had to fend for themselves. It made things a bit easier, less completion and fewer mouths to feed. Tension was eased. Something that felt like happiness, or maybe contentness, crept into Clover's heart.. But it wouldn’t last long. Nothing good ever did. She woke up one day to bloodcurdling screams. When her eyes focused, she saw her sister, torn limb from limbs laying scattered across her alleyway home. Some dark-furred quadruped stood in the shadows, shaking her brothers body until it ripped in two. At the sound of her other sisters call, a strong hiss to GET OUT, the meowths fled the blood covered alley.

    Her sister, Arsi, was left badly shaken from the scene. Constantly twitching and whimpering, she was a nervous wreck. The tiniest creaks and pops made her jump out of her fur. She would often run away in fits of panic. One day, she was just gone. Clover searched everywhere for her sister, but couldn’t find a single trace. Alone and scared, Clover didn’t know what to do anymore. Where do I go? What am I supposed to do now.. she pressed on. Her sister was out there. Her mother and brother too. A whimpering sound made her heart flutter and she ran to it. Arsi! She let out, but it wasn’t Arsi. It was a human child, crying alone. It looked injured, and as Clover slowly approached, it screamed and threw a poke ball, releasing a Arcaine. Its long purple fur and brilliant scarlet eyes scared Clover, but she had no time to run. As she turned it clamped its jaws around her hind-leg. Holding her to the ground with one massive paw on her face, the Arcaine tore the limb off with ease. Sliding his paw down Clovers face, she could feel nothing but pain. Letting out a Screech, the Arcaine was momentarily dazed by the sound and Clover ran as fast as she could.

    She didn’t go far, with only three legs, half her face missing, and blood gushing out. The little Meowth collapsed in agony under a bush. Unable to move Clover cried in pain, and watched the sun rise and fall, rise and fall.... She woke up in a fog, and couldn’t understand what she felt. She couldn’t tell if she was hurting or not. her head buzzed and her body felt numb as though it was all a bruise. Her heart ached, as through an arrow was just sitting in it for fun. Finally, Clover rose to shaky paws, and fond a puddle to look into. The Arcaine’s claws had ripped her charm, and the flesh beneath it right off her face. Her eye was missing, and her ear was as good as gone. Her leg bone stuck out of the flesh, jagged and raw. "Well fuck. There goes my cuteness. No point to groom now." After cleaning a little bit of the blood, as the smell made her nauseous, Clover found herself once again unsure what to do. She would be no use to her mother, as this ugly beaten Meowth. She wouldn’t be able to protect Arsi if she found her, since her level was so weak. Her life was a failure. She was a failure.

    Clover wandered the city, falling lower an lower in depression and self pity. All the time alone made her think. Her life never had joy in it. Sure, it could have been worse, but it was still hard and painful.. Everything she had learned she couldn’t use now that she had been mutilated. She had suffered, and the three living beings she knew, she no longer provided service to. I just want to die.. But it wouldn’t come. Clover stopped eating, but lapses in her memory, blood on her muzzle and pokebones around told her she was. Why cant I die..? She continued to suffer. For NOTHING. Then.. Suddenly, it seemed to click. Others should suffer like I did.. Like I AM. I cant die, because they must die. They must know SUFFERING. Giggling uncontrollably at her realization, Clover bounded off, her claws itching to teach the next pokemon she saw what she had learned.

    Clover Doesn’t groom often, so her fur clumps up and it appears spiky, especially on her tail. She has one bright red crimson eye, and an empty eye socket. Her fur is a dulled color with purplish hues, and the brown markings have completely turned purple. All three/four of her paws, her ears, and a small smudge on her nose are purple. Her back left paw and lower leg are gone, and the bone juts out. Her Charm is missing, and a lot of the skin on her forehead as well. Shes a bit thin.

    When she's not hysterical with blood lust, Clover is usually grouchy. Sighing a lot and pouting at everything. This Meowth isn’t easily amused except with pain. She doesnt like puzzles and games, and gets annoyed easily. She would rather sit off to the side and ignore you. Pessimistic and shut off. (Think of Raven from Teen Titans or Shikamaru from Naruto)
    When she is hysterical and being mischievous, she’s very good as sneaking and creeping around. She likes to ambush her prey, using her maniacal laughter to scare them into submission. She would rather run then fight, so when she does go for her prey shes very careful about it.
    Clover wants to be around other Pokemon, but she ether kills them, or is chased off.
    If something gets too close to her exposed bone, she snaps at them, afraid it will begin to hurt again.

    User Notes-
    • She died due to blood loss and shock.
    • She doesn’t know that she died, or that she is infected.
    • She hates Canine Pokemon
    • She never walked erect before, and can/does not now.
    • Secretly hopes to find her family, but doesn't know what she will do if she finds them.
    • Sister to Arsi the Meowth.

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    Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto) Empty Re: Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto)

    Post by Dandelion Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:09 am

    I need to have someone resize the image for me, since I can not. Or, I will redo it tomorrow ^^;
    There are probably more mistakes, but it is 4am and I am too tired to see them.

    Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto) Empty Re: Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto)

    Post by Guest Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:40 am

    Hey its me, Rainbows Brother, I could re-size it. Great first Character!

    Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto) Empty Re: Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto)

    Post by Guest Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:06 pm

    ....I'mma just say this now....Love this badass meowth, love the image, love the torn face, love the history, just a shit load of love |D

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    Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto) Empty Re: Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto)

    Post by Nightfall Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:07 pm


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    Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto) Empty Re: Clover the Irritable Undead Meowth (Fuchsia, Kanto)

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