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    Azrael and Osiris the Cinccino and Infected Scolipede[W.I.P]


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    Azrael and Osiris the Cinccino and Infected Scolipede[W.I.P] Empty Azrael and Osiris the Cinccino and Infected Scolipede[W.I.P]

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:42 pm



    Age- Adult


    Hyper Voice
    Iron Tail(Egg)
    Focus Blast(TM)

    Ability-Cute Charm: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with ATTRACT when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.

    Characteristics-Strong willed
    National Dex No./Species-#573/Cinccino/The Scarf Pokémon

    Pokédex Entry-Their white fur is coated in a special oil that makes it easy for them to deflect attacks.

    Item-  Reaper Cloak- A large hooded cloak fashioned of Reaper Cloths, a duskull shaped skull as a mask, and a bone scythe.

    History-Azrael met Osiris when they were both very young. The two were born on a ranch meant for raising and giving trainers their first pokemon.From birth to hatching all the eggs are put into a large nursery. It was in the nursery that the two met for the first time.

    Azrael however had no interest in being anyone's friend at first.Avoiding all the other pokemon when she could and training alone. Azrael already seemed to have a bleak outlook on life, believing everyone should die human and pokemon alike. Her pessimistic views however only seemed to draw Osiris in more. Loyal as he was Azrael finally gave in and talked to him.

    She quickly made friends with the young Venipede that was just about ready to evolve. His loyal nature proved to be helpful when the other pokemon picked on her, he would use his poison to fend them off.However shortly after Osiris evolved the two partners where separated, given to trainers. Azrael's trainer evolved the small pokemon after he got her. But not before teaching her Hyper Voice. After evolving her the trainer taught her a couple of TM's he had gotten through various means.

    After long training sessions and never ending gym battles Azrael lost her remaining hope. She went mad and began to kill things, thinking it was the only way to save herself and the world. Putting on a cloak she had made and the skull of one of her victims she killed her trainer and traveled back to the ranch.

    She arrived to see the place in ruins but Osiris was there waiting for her, fully evolved and prepared to take his place at her side once more as a loyal friend and steed. After several nights of fending off the infected and killing many, Azrael fashioned a scythe of bone, using glue and string found around the remains of the ranch.

    Personality- Azreal is cold and disitant. Her only remaining link to the world is her friend and loyal steed Osiris. Even though she is uninfected Azreal has a thirst for blood and finds joy in killing those around her. She will often injure another or herself just so she may see blood.

    Azreal has a strong belief that the infection is the salvation of the world and she is one of its messengers. A messenger of death, and though Azreal remains uninfected she has the sanity equal to that of one. 

    Appearance-Azreal is of normal height and weight for her species. Her fur, for a killer is remarkably clean. Her cloak and mask however have blood spatters all over them. The cloak is made of Reaper Cloths while the mask is a skull from a Duskull(or at least has the appearance of one). As a weapon Azreal wields a hand crafted scythe made with bones of the slain; it is held together with string; heavy glues and the blade is covered in blood.

    User Note-
    -Azrael is defensive of Osiris and while Osiris defends her Azrael refuses to ever leave his side.




    Age- Adult


    Poison Tail
    Bug Bite
    Toxic Spikes(Egg)

    Ability-Poison Point: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with POISON when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon. 

    Characteristics-Capable of taking hits
    National Dex No./Species-#545/Scolipede/The Megapede Pokémon


    Pokédex Entry-Highly aggressive, it uses the claws near its neck to dig into its opponents and poison them.

    Item- Focus Band  

    History-Osiris met Azrael the day they hatched in the nursery. Though it appeared Azrael wanted nothing to do with Osiris. However Azrael's personality intrigued Osiris and he wished to get to know her better. It took the young Venipede a while but his efforts finally paid off and the two were friends.

    The pair were only friends for a short while before Osiris became a Whirlipede. It wasn't long after he evolved that the two partners where given to separate trainers.Osiris spent much of his off time worrying about Azrael and eventually all the worrying drove him into silence and completely lack of emotion for his surroundings.

    Shortly after the evacuation notice was given Osiris' trainer dropped the fully evolved pokemon off at the ranch where he used to live. Then his trainer fled.Osiris waited there at the ranch however it was quickly overrun by the infected. During one of his struggles with them he became infected himself.

    A few short weeks later a very different Azrael appeared to him. After watching her go through some strange process of creating a weapon of some sort the two set out again. Osiris only following where Azrael went as the infection ate away at his brain.

    Personality- While distant Osiris is not so cold as Azreal. Rather he is simply devoid of visible emotions. Underneath he is full of doubt, worry and overall chaos. As he slowly becomes infected he has begun to lose his sanity and because of this Osiris has become much more over-protective of the one thing keeping him sane and coherent; Azreal.

    However this being said he is also quite impossible to provoke. Azreal being his only weak spot. Any attempts at taunting will simply be wasted. AS he will only attack under two circumstances; either under a direct order from Azreal or when Azreal is no longer physically capable of giving the order. If there is one thing Osiris is above all else it is loyal to those he hols dear.

    Appearance- As far as appearances go Osiris is still fairly normal. The only indicators of any infection are a couple of purple marks on his underbelly and of course the festering wound on his leg that made him infected. He covers this wound with a focus band and usually passes the purple discolorations as bruises.

    User Note-
    -Osiris is infected but it is very recent and he is a bug/poison so it is affecting him slowly.

    -Adopted from myself and under major construction.

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