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    Kyo the Infected Vaporeon | Floater


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    Kyo the Infected Vaporeon  | Floater Empty Kyo the Infected Vaporeon | Floater

    Post by Dandelion Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:05 am

    Kyo the Infected Vaporeon  | Floater PDvElQJ

    Kyocool the Vaporeon
    (Kai-o as in Kyogre)
    Theme Animal - Maroon 5
    Howl - Florence And The Machine
    Dog Teeth - Nicole Dollanganger
    Kyogre's Battle Theme ORAS
    Profession Prodigy, Self proclaimed #1 Kyogre fan
    Text Color #2639a6
    Item Dark blue wristband and a Thunderstone necklace
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He/Him
    Time of Infection Two weeks ago
    Age Adult Teen - About 19 or 20
    Species #134 Vaporeon, The Bubble Jet Pokemon - Water Type
    Height 3'09"
    Weight 40.4 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon AlphaSapphire:: Vaporeon underwent a spontaneous mutation and grew fins and gills that allow it to live underwater. This Pokémon has the ability to freely control water.
    Level 36
    Ability Water Absorb
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Thoroughly Cunning
    Moves - Water Pulse (Level Up)
    - Ice Beam (TM)
    - Scald (TM)
    - Return (TM)
    Quote "So even if we are in different places, across the world, aren't talking to one another and with other people, you'll remember this promise, you'll keep this one? Perfect. Hopefully you wont break this one. Don't worry, Ill remember."

    "You.. You meeping little fleep!"

    "Im coming over.... We're going to fix this."
    History The child was second born to a rich family. Gifted with a natural ability to learn and take in the child was doned a prodigy and his parents would have nothing less. Early childhood was not easy for the Eevee. Under his parents and owners were strict, enforcing stressful teachings that would ensure the child to be a wealth of knowledge by the time he was an adult. They pressed endless information into the babe, constant lessons and actions that no child so be able to comprehend. But somehow, he did, and the title of prodigy placed him on even a higher theoretical pedestal.

    The Eevee knew nothing other then rules, pressure, and disappointment. He did what he was told and tried twice as hard for every failure. Worse yet his family life was not happy and peaceful. His parents would bicker, argue, and fight daily with the blame always falling to his father. The adults carried little who saw their displays or if the children ended up in the center of it. The male had a short temper and would often turn to violence. He even chased his family from the premise, the boys running off together while he attacked his mate who turned back on him. Animal control was called and after a rigorous drugging the male was never quite the same.
    But the memories lingered.

    Violence, fear, control.. he would remember it. The threats may of been empty from there on but the Eevee still coward before father, doing anything he asked with haste. The pressure was too much for the youth but with no backbone to stand up for himself he looked for another outlet and ran off into the woods to look for anything that could ease the stress. What he found was a friend; a Ralts, a Ralts that was just wandering about picking up dead leaves from the forest floor. The Eevee didn't understand and was at a complete loss by the action. "What are you doing?" He asked, approaching the other boy with caution and curiosity. The Fairy type tilted his head to and fro, smiling. "Im gathering leaves for my own tree sculpture!" He cooed, grabbing more leaves. The Eevee took stopped moving. That made even less sense. "But the leaves will die and crumble. Wouldn't getting a bonsai be better?" The Ralts laughed at him, unsure of what that was but not put off by it either. He called himself Rogue and though awkward it was the start of a new friendship.

    With Rogue's help the fox both flourished and failed. In many aspects he now excelled even further, learning different species behavior even faster then before. Yet in another be became a problem. The Ralts was a strangge child, unique, carefree and of an unusual other pattern. He did what he wanted when he wanted and didn't experience the world of stress that his new friend did. The Eevee attempted to take this life style upon himself too, giving himself a nickname he enjoyed after his favorite legend; Kyo. Together with Rogue the pair got into all sorts of trouble and mischief, goofing off as normal young boys should. His parents scolded him for associating with such a low life but did nothing to stop it as long as he continued his lessons.
    The Eevee was happy but not satisfied.

    Suddenly his life went into high gear. Rogue evolved after one of their 'play' battles and the Eevee would not have it. A sudden rivalry started sprouting in his mind, he was smarter, better then this Kirlia but now the dual type had done something he hadn't; the now Kirlia had a evolved first! Any free time Kyo had after that was spent searching for a Water Stone. For weeks he searched high and low, missing sleep and not returning home as the search consumed him. He discovered two things during that time. The first was the Water Stone he so desperately coveted and the second was that several wild guilds of Pokemon occupied what he called the far reaches of the forest.

    Kyo stared down an unknown Pokemon. In its arms it held many items including the Water Stone, his Water Stone. He called out to it but the Pokemon did not seem to notice him. Irritated he ran up to it, Quick Attack assisting his short legs. Skidding to a neat stop in front of it he tries again a bit more politely. "Excuse me Sir, why do you have all those items?" It stopped and looked at him, its expression giving away nothing. "They are prizes for the competition Im setting up for my guild." Competition? His guild? The Eevee's interest piqued. "Which guild, who leads it?" He squeaks trying to so interest.  "SoulStricken, and I do." Both his brown eyes widened in awe. There was a guild leader before him and of the oldest guild too! He had heard so much about it, about this Pokemon's deeds and how elite his group of Pokemon were. "Sir!" How lucky was he? "Could I bother you for your Water Stone? I've been looking for one for some time now and I need one so I can start training. With it, I, I'll make myself strong enough to join even your guild!"

    The Houndusk stared at the kit for several terrorizing moments before tossing the stone in front of him with a soft chuckle. "Yeah, maybe you will, kit." The hound padded away without another word. Standing rigid and awestruck Kyo snapped back to life as a breeze ruffled his fur. He was already in the guildeaders good graces and he had gotten his stone! It sat there before him, shimmering and alluring like it had been meant for him. The Eevee instantly used it to evolve into a Vaporeon, a Water Type just like the mighty King Kyogre.

    Bulbapedia "Vaporeon is a composite creature sharing physical traits of aquatic and land animals. It is a quadruped with three small toes on each foot and dark blue paw pads on the hind feet. Vaporeon's body is light blue with dark blue ridge around its head and as a ridge down its back. This Pokémon has a split tailfin that has been mistaken for a mermaid's in the past. It has a white ruff around its neck, and three fins around its head made of cream-colored webbing. It is said that rain will come within a few hours if Vaporeon's fins begin to vibrate. In addition to developing gills, it has a cell composition similar to water molecules. This structure allows Vaporeon to melt into water at will and keeps it camouflaged as it swims. "
    Appearance At first glance anyone would think him to be your average Vaporeon. As with any animal it takes a bit to notice the slight differences that set them apart from others of their species. For starters his height/weight balance is completely off. An ungodly high metabolism since birth has left him unnaturally thin and unable to gain weight. The usually thick tail is much more narrow on him from this as well. The Vaporeon's joints and bones are clearly visible at all points and jut from beneath his scales. He is also very tall, lanky even, towering over most of his kin.
    Kyo's large eyes are a dark shade of brown, almost black, with a blue shine in the light. They are always held in a narrowed, or half closed way. The fins on his head are a bit longer then average, drawn out instead of wide.

    His exiling left him with a number of memories in the form of scars. The most prominent are the dragged fang marks on the upper-middle of his back. The ridge on his spine is torn where those same fangs pierced it. One set of his fins is tattered along the edge and the another has one large cut in it. His ruff is ripped and other scars can be seen blemishing his scales.

    Beneath the ruff of his neck is a tight necklace with a small Thunderstone on it. Usually this is difficult to see due to his ruff. Around his front left wrist is a rubbery dark blue wristband, a simple memento from home that he has had for many years.

    The infection has not progressed much on his body but there are a few signs. All his pads have darkened to a deep purplish color. The tips of of his tail are starting to change color and so is the ridge along his spine. His paws are just starting to show signs. The yellow portions of his fins have a faint sickly green color to them now.
    Accent N/A
    Religion Reveres Kyogre as the only supreme being. Legends are not gods to him, just rare, powerful Pokemon that do not deserve worship. So for all purposes he is Atheist.
    Motivation "Revenge implies mal-intent. Im simply setting things right. Its only fair I get my chance too."

    Find his ex-girlfriend and execute their past promise. Does not see this as revenge and simply says it is 'reprimanding the past. An eye for an eye or evening the playing field, if you will.' All these  things are revenge phrases but will not agree that they are.
    Personality - Manipulative, lying, little shit bastard that needs to go die in a goddamn fire.
    - SOCIOPATH and all it entails;

    • http://www.enkivillage.com/what-is-a-sociopath.html

    • http://www.wikihow.com/Determine-if-Someone-Is-a-Sociopath

    • Charismatic and charming. Very alluring with his humor, knowledge, and aloofness.

    - "happy go lucky" and appear very smart, likeable,
    - holds back what he feels. Hatred for many but will feign friendliness with all.
    - Exceedingly calm; few things get him riled up; his ex is one of those things.
    - He was raised not to curse and was always punished when he did. He found a way around it by making up his own curse words. The main one is "meep" and the more intense "fleep."
    - Despite being a Vaporeon he does not like being in water nor does he enjoy swimming or being wet. Very uncomfortable when forced to swim and loathes doing so due to his lack of body fat that's needed for easy floating.
    - the infection is working his mind instead of his will.
    - Ever since birth he has had a strong affinity for anything blue. Its so strong some would call it an obsession. His love of blue has prompted many choices in his life; his honored legend, his name, his evolution. This simple color can easy warp his view of things, as can green, a color that he abhors.
    - careful, callus, does not think he can do wrong
    His goal his clear and he will go through any means to get to it while still "being in the right."

    User Notes - Based off my abusive ex. Obviously bias and certain points of view are used for many parts. Many things omitted.
    - Named himself after the great Kyogre but changed it to have "cool" instead to describe himself.
    Team notes Floater; searches around several teams for his target. Once located he will be on that team for a long time.
    Affiliations - Cinderspark the Pikachu: His ex and obsession. She played him for a fool, turned everyone against him, and left him for dead. The bitch ruined his life and has yet to leave his mind. Seeking her to do on to her what she did to them and as well as finish what they started.
    - Rogue the Kirlia: His "best friend" to all external presences but in fact the Vaporeon hates him. He will never admit to needing the friendship, will never accept Rogue's sexuality, or forgive him for being the igniter to losing his girl. He has not seen the Kirlia in some time nor does he care.
    - Laskiee the Swellow: The first pawn in the guild that made him aware that it was a mistake. His girl spent too much time with the bird (her first friend in months) and it appeared he was losing her to him. Hates the bird for being a clear threat.
    - Fading Moon the Umbreon: The first officer of the guild. A Pokemon of power they were a clear threat to his position so he kept himself and his girl away from him. Did not realize how much of a threat he was until too late.
    - YuYevon the Houndusk: The guildmaster. Highly revered by the Vaporeon for his innovention and power and he sought to be one of his guild members for a long time. He has mixed feelings for him after being attacked and evicted by him.
    Development Notes Crazy.

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