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    Laurel, the Infected Typhlosion


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    Laurel, the Infected Typhlosion  Empty Laurel, the Infected Typhlosion

    Post by identitist Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:43 am


    Typhlosion official art.
    Species#159, Volcano
    AgeYoung Adult
    Height5'10" || 1.8m
    Weight167.6lb || 76.2kg
    Dex EntryIt attacks using blasts of fire. It creates heat shimmers with intense fire to hide itself.
    If its rage peaks, it becomes so hot that anything that touches it will instantly go up in flames.
    CharacteristicCapable of Taking Hits
    MovesTyphlosion Learnset;

    Strength [HM04]
    Wild Charge [TM93]
    Swift [Lv]
    Flame Charge [Lv]

    Typhlosion is a Fire-type pokémon.
    It evolves from Quilava starting at level 36. It is the final form of Cyndaquil.

    Laurel is currently freshly infected and a single character/travelling alone.

    "Typhlosion is a badger-like Pokémon with a bulky yet agile body. Typhlosion is classified as a quadruped, but it is capable of bipedal movement and is frequently depicted standing on its hind legs. When its mouth is open, it shows its thick tongue and sharp canines. It has a short snout and small eyes and ears. Typhlosion's face, underside, arms, and legs are a shade of cream, and its back is dark blue. On Typhlosion’s rear, there is a spiky, coarse fringe of fur. Across the back of its neck, there are several red spots that produce fire in battle. Typhlosion will make anything go up in flames when angered, and generates shimmering heat from its body when it is ready for battle. Though it is rare in the wild, some can be found living on grasslands." -- Bulbapedia, Typhlosion Entry

    Laurel is slightly taller than the average typhlosion, being about three inches taller. As a result, her weight is also slightly above the general average, but not by a notable amount. Her eyes are also usually more of a soft brown; however, the infection will likely cause a gradual red tint in her eyes. Despite that, it may or may not be a helpful hint in her infected status, as a typhlosion's eyes are traditionally red. Otherwise, by appearance, she is fairly normal.

    Her stance is often very modest, not particularly haughty nor reserved. Her eyes are consistently focused and alert as well as bright, and her fur usually well-groomed. Her trainer was once responsible for giving constant care to her hide, but since being separated from her, Laurel has taken up cleaning her own coat on a regular basis. She tends to walk on all-fours when in rest, or when she needs an extra burst of speed; otherwise, especially during battle or for an announcement, she will switch to bipedal.

    She has a wound on her right shoulder, from which she was infected; however, the wound is fresh, so it doesn't show any signs of viral infection yet.

    Stubborn || Tanker || Modest || Level || Rational

    Laurel is modest and fairly level-headed in general, with a natural leaderly glow coming from being her trainer's first pokémon and unofficial leader of her team her whole life. She often tries to be rational and calm, believing rashness leads to disaster. Her patience and boundaries do have a limit, of course, and when they are crossed, she can get fairly commanding and snappy.

    In battle, she was raised to be a balanced powerhouse to knock out all her enemies with a fell swoop. As a result, she often has a highly "brute force attack"-style of mentality during combat. Although she isn't incapable of properly strategising, for the majority, it's simply easier to take out her enemies with a large fire blast in her opinion.

    The cyndaquil was born bred by humans, raised under the care of her mother under the watch of humans, and taken away from her mother by humans to live out a simple role -- scripted by humans. It was easy enough; bred with decent traits, her slightly larger size being a part of that; raised under proper care so she would have a good start in health; and taken away, put in a pokéball, to be given to a professor who would give her to one of his students. It wasn't like the cyndaquil minded; the humans were kind to her. Her mother already told Laurel that that would be her fate, and always said: 'you'll be going on a journey, and no matter what kind of journey it is, I'll always be proud of you.'

    She was already accustomed to the feel of a pokéball when they finally moved her away, somewhere else, in the pocket of the old professor that she had seen before. Her mother had given her one last, warm nuzzle, filled with the fire of love, before the young cyndaquil had to go. The humans were patient; they both appreciated that. On the tabletop, she could faintly hear the sounds of the old professor talking to someone else -- a feminine voice. They were talking for a while... before, at last, warm hands picked up the young fire pokémon's ball, and she was freed. She saw her trainer's softly rounded, teenaged face for the first time, and with a smile, her trainer said -- 'Your name is Laurel. Is that okay?'

    Of course it was. It was perfect.

    The trainer's dream was simple -- to adventure. Filling the pokédex was just another mission along that adventure, tasked by the professor. Quickly enough, they were off, and Laurel finally came face-to-face with wild pokémon. She had seen them before, certainly, but hadn't faced one directly until that time. At her trainer's order, Laurel fought the wild pokémon in the field, learning how to wrestle, to tackle, nudge, to win the small tussle between two young pokémon. When she was the victor, her trainer gave her praise; when she was hurt, the trainer gently worried and healed her wounds.

    Like this, the pair continued through the small towns, fighting, winning, becoming closer, becoming stronger. It wasn't just Laurel and her trainer anymore, either -- their team had grown to include a mareep and wooper. The first few gym battles were easy enough with the four of them together, though the fights were no longer little wrestles and headbutts across a grassy floor. The team took their adventure slowly, but their determination, stemming from their trainer, was strong -- they were going to beat every single gym, together. Her pokémon now consisted mainly of a quilava, flaaffy, quagsire, and three others who came and went. Laurel, who was the trainer's first, became an unofficial 'leader' to the team. The easygoing flaaffy and airheaded quagsire didn't have any objections to it, and Laurel fit into the position just fine.

    Over the course of a good two years, the team leisurely travelled around, combining exploring adventure with a battle adventure, and -- of course -- filling in the dex like the professor wanted. They had amassed most of the area's badges, and seen the cities of Kanto and Johto both. The trainer's dream had changed -- she decided she wanted to make her mother, waiting at home, very proud. Of course, the easiest way to attain that was by beating the Elite Four; anyone who beat them would become the new champion and their name would be spoken throughout the country. Laurel naturally shared this wish with her trainer, both out of love and loyalty for her trainer, and also because she remembered her own mother and also wanted to make her proud. Her trainer was going to be number one, and so was Laurel and the rest of the team -- that was the goal.

    Obviously, it wasn't going to be very easy, and they all knew it would take plenty of training to be able to challenge the Johto League. So, simply, the trainer came up with a new plan one day: they had already sought out most of Johto and Kanto, so why not explore another region? She put out a map, and pointed at the northern region of Sinnoh, along with a plane ticket. It would be a new region with new pokémon, new trainers, and new challenges. Beyond that, summer was encroaching and a cooler country sounded nothing short of an excellent idea. Naturally, Laurel and the team -- the original three, now all evolved to their final forms -- were excited to go, and by the next week, they were set on a plane towards Sinnoh. The team, as a whole, spent quite a bit of time exploring Sinnoh, where Laurel's warm flames often became an almost hilarious source of comfort in the colder areas.*

    They had a little too much fun in Sinnoh, maybe. The trainer forgot to check in with home for a while. It first began when the PC System stopped working. Yes, she was confused, but she had just marked it up as a technical error and forgot about it. Her mother didn't pick up the phone either, but she must've not been at home. She left recorded messages to her professor, in reply to an automated message a lot, so that wasn't strange either. It was after certain news of pokémon "going rabid in Sinnoh, the possibility of a virus being transported from Johto is strong" that the warning signs went off. Laurel watched with concern as her trainer frantically tried to get a hold of her mother and professor again, only to get nothing; a request to a plane back to Johto was denied, saying the airlines were indefinitely delayed. The team had no other choice but to remain in Sinnoh.

    "SAFEHOUSE IN HEARTHOME CITY: HEAD TO AREA IMMEDIATELY", said the news. It had only been a matter of a few weeks until the situation had worsened enough for a message like that to go out. Laurel's trainer had fallen solemn and upset, having regretted not checking back home for such a long time -- no matter how much time Laurel spent curled up around her trainer along with her teammate ampharos and quagsire, it wouldn't help lift the mood at all. Why should it? Everything the news had said only implied that Johto was in a pandemic zone of some kind. Only vague information was given as media tends to do, and it only threw the four of them into deeper anxiety. They had rented a resting inn at Sunyshore City; they would have to leave immediately if they wanted to make it to Hearthome City on time.

    So, of course, they did. The trainer utlised her given bicycle, out of the formerly cheerful ocean city out to Route 222, headed towards Hearthome City with a collective of heavy hearts and minds. But of course, such a story never ends so successfully; on the way, past Pastoria City, the group had the misfortune to run into a small group of wild luxrays. Originally, it had seemed they were fighting each other -- but as soon as the trainer appeared, they turned their attention to her, easily knocking her out of the bicycle. They weren't normal luxrays; they had looked sickly with bright red eyes, and a snarl more feral than any wild pokémon had made before. Laurel and the rest of her team were released as per normal battle procedure, but something was different. In the span of minutes, Laurel saw her team becoming scattered, each fighting a rabid luxray, unbeknownst to the infection that ravaged them all. 'Run,' she had tried to tell her trainer, 'run and get to the city, it's right there.' She had to roar at her trainer, between swipes at a hostile luxray, before the trainer finally got the message; with a look of extreme regret and worry, and a command to come to the city soon, Laurel's trainer fled.**

    Laurel didn't have the reaction time to stop the one luxray as it leapt from the bushes, blood and saliva flying from its mouth, crashing into her trainer and bringing her to the ground. Laurel didn't have the speed to stop it as it tore her trainer's throat out, heavy paws crushing ribs and organs as easy as crumbling a pile of legos. Laurel didn't have the level of calm required to not run blindly at the luxray as her trainer's eyes went blank, an extreme mane of fire erupting from her neck, as she blacked out in her rage.

    When Laurel regained conscious, she was in a forest of black trees and charcoal, the burning remains of some undead luxrays remaining. Her body hurt, but her heart did so more as she looked at her trainer's lifeless body. There were no signs of her other teammates, whether dead or alive; perhaps they were killed, or they had also escaped. If they were alive, were they aware their beloved trainer was dead? After a good few hours spent at that spot, Laurel lit a fire to cremate her trainer's corpse, to give her at least some semblance of peace. Then, the typhlosion stood and turned, heading out back the way they had orignally come, on a new 'journey' to find her teammates...

    Trivia/User Notes
    • The first * indicates the end of part I of her history, which will be the only part she remembers at the beginning of the LOST Team plot.
    • The ** indicates the end of part II of her history, which is the memory she will regain after climbing the tower once.
    • Her original name was Laura, but I think there's a person named Laura on the site? lol, So name change to Laurel to hopefully avoid any confusion.
    • Will be leading the LOST Team.
    • Based off my typhlosion in my old HeartGold game, lol.
    • It is not mentioned in her history, but she was very recently infected. She has a wound on her shoulder where the infection entered. Alhoon might be the cause of it, I forgot if he said ok or not whoops.

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    Laurel, the Infected Typhlosion  Empty Re: Laurel, the Infected Typhlosion

    Post by identitist Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:45 am

    Laurel is ready to look over for approval. (:

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    Laurel, the Infected Typhlosion  Empty Re: Laurel, the Infected Typhlosion

    Post by Victini Tue Dec 16, 2014 1:33 pm

    You need to include the species of the Pokemon as well as just Pokedex number and classification, but that won't hinder approval.

    Very good. I envy your skills with coding, lol.



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    Laurel, the Infected Typhlosion  Empty Re: Laurel, the Infected Typhlosion

    Post by identitist Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:22 pm

    Actually, the "Volcano" part after the "#159" refers to the species name but I can understand why you possibly missed it or if it's just not clear enough. I can start putting the full species name in that slot instead.

    Thanks regardless, Victory.

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    Laurel, the Infected Typhlosion  Empty Re: Laurel, the Infected Typhlosion

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