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    Z.E.R.O. the Zangoose || Nimbasa, Ace


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    Z.E.R.O. the Zangoose || Nimbasa, Ace Empty Z.E.R.O. the Zangoose || Nimbasa, Ace

    Post by 2KB Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:53 am

    Zephyr "Z.E.R.O."
    AGEYoung Adult
    SPECIES#335, Zangoose the Cat Ferret Pokémon
    HEIGHT4'03" || 1.3 m
    WEIGHT88.8 lbs. || 40.3 kg
    CHARACTERISTICCapable of taking hits
    DEX ENTRY"Memories of battling its arch-rival Seviper are etched into every cell of Zangoose's body. This Pokémon adroitly dodges attacks with incredible agility." - Ruby


    Adorned with a poker face, Zero is often portrayed as a 'lone-wolf' character. Rarely did he socialize with other Pokemon as the scientist never allowed outside communication and with the contribution of the Epidemic: he hasn't uttered a word in years as he barely came across survivors. "Actions speak louder than words" as some would say for him. Evidently, he gives off the inimical vibe as he judges and evaluates the situation silently.

    Zero often follows his instincts and rarely puts much thought into his actions resulting in him acting purely for survival, feeling better that it would be best to safe than sorry. He's rarely come across survivors and highly doubts that anyone would require his assistance in the apocalypse especially since it's "to eat or be eaten". Throughout his time in the Apocalypse, he survived on expired snacks in abandoned (and often looted) homes, berries, and water bottles.

    However, there is a downside to his cool, yet hostile demeanor: emotions can get the best of him. Often enraged when the young or his colleagues are set in a dangerous situation, he also takes responsibility when his actions lead to the worst possible result as he feels at fault. Through his need of protecting the young, he shows a rather unusual soft-spot towards them.


    "Zangoose are fairly large Pokémon that have the characteristics of both mongooses and cats. Their fur is mostly white in color, but they possess deep red markings on the face, chest, and forepaws, which have sharp turns and edges. These markings make it appear that Zangoose has been involved in a vicious fight and is covered in blood and scars. They have two apparently retractable, long, sharp, black claws on their forepaws that are their main weapons in battle. Zangoose have large pink eyes, small tufts of white fur on their shoulders, somewhat rabbitlike ears, and a large, furry, white tail. They also have a pattern of four pink circles on the underside of their hind feet in a "paw-pad"-like arrangement. When a Zangoose opens its mouth, two sharp fangs can be seen." -Bulbapedia

    Sleek black fur with a strong electric blue, Zero's appearance is what greatly differs him from other Zangoose. His height is rather average and shows signs of malnourishment and lack of food with his rather skinny figure. With his aloof personality, he seems pretty intimidating with the addition of his constant frown and ruffled fur.


    • Zero has red eyes with a darker tint, clubs pupil.
    • Unkempt fur and long claws, clearly he shows little to no care for his hygiene.
    • Blunt teeth rather than sharp, it's likely because he uses his teeth to chew rather than to kill.
    • There's more fur in his neck area than other places which is rather unusual, but something Zero never took note of.


        The last thing his mother gave him before he was taken away by his father and a strange scientist was his very name; 'Zephyr'. He cherished it even when his name was changed because it was his only proof that he had a mother. However, the Zangoose had no chance of searching for his mother in this vast world. Even his father would tell him not to bother as she died the moment Zephyr was born. He didn't understand what 'dead' meant, but he knew it meant he could never see her again.
        His childhood was a blur. He barely recalled any significant events, but he questioned many things as he traveled with a small party of a Human and a Primeape;
        Why are they on a journey? Why must he journey with them? What of his mother? Will they come back for her? As Zephyr grew more educated, he realized that the frail scientist was looking for purpose. All these questions soon dissipated as he grew older.
        He could still be considered a youth by the time he began his vigorous training. The scientist and his father finally settled down in a group that's notorious for their crimes; Team Rocket. The scientist that spent so long searching for a purpose now had one, and Zephyr was a part of it. The Zangoose felt bitter and angry toward the scientist to be dragged along for such a petty project. It grew with each passing day and with his father's disappearance one day did the Pokemon felt an extreme emotion: hatred.
        Years piled upon each other, the Cat Ferret Pokemon repeated every day with training with other Team Rocket's Pokemon. It didn't take long for him to become a lab rat. The Zangoose grew cold in personality, the scientist sent him on many missions and handle Team Rocket's dirty work. And from Zephyr, he was now known as Z.E.R.O. He lost a sense of his identity and aimlessly continued each day.
        Until one day, a new arrival come under the scientist's care: a nameless Seviper. Happy-go-lucky in nature, she seemed unfazed by all the experiments and looked forward to working with Zero. He felt his blood boil whenever she glanced at her, a feeling similar to the scientist. Yet she did nothing wrong? The Cat Ferret Pokemon was forced to suppress that strong dislike in order to work with her without flaw.
        The Seviper would be a given a name by Zero as they started working together more often. Amaryllis was her new name. As she spent more time in the Rocket facility, she grew manipulative, sly, seductive even. She was intoxicating. Zero was impressed.
        It was a great show.
        The Seviper attempted to murder him the moment he let his guard down around her. She declared war and a promise to kill him one day. All of the times they spent together was nothing more than a mere scam, a whammy of sorts. Amaryllis was a spy for another facility and successfully infiltrated into Team Rocket to know more secrets than anyone should have known.
        It was around that time did the Epidemic hit. Amaryllis escaped as Undead bum-rushed the Team Rocket hideout while attempted to pursue her. The Epidemic spread quickly throughout regions and wiped out all the weakest Pokemon. Zero was able to survive, all he had to do was be strong as he tried to follow Amaryllis's trail to test which of the two could outlive each other.
        Years into the Epidemic, he aimlessly walks around. He refuses to die, not yet. But what of the snake? What's the purpose of continuing on when there seems to be no hope for the future? Zero begins to question himself, doubts start to take root, but he will not let that get in the way of his survival.

    • Coding layout by K
    • Art by 2KB
    • Nature, Characteristics, and Moves are hover over. Tells Stat-wise information and STAB.
    • Mother; Zangoose. Father; Primeape. Whereabouts are currently unknown.
    • Zephyr means a "gentle breeze" or "western winds".
    • Reposted from old profile, decided to bring him back as people told me that they adored how he was written. I felt the strong need to flesh him out a bit more. Slightly rewrote the profile to fix grammatical errors and to reflect current time period.
    • Cryaotic with his deep manly voice would be what Zero would sound like.
    • Posts are written in third person.

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    Z.E.R.O. the Zangoose || Nimbasa, Ace Empty Re: Z.E.R.O. the Zangoose || Nimbasa, Ace

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    i'm going to bring spiderbitch back for zero just you wait

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