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Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar)


Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar) Empty Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar)

Post by Guest Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:41 am

Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar) 335Zangoose

Name- Kolva

Gender- Male

Level- 20

Quick Attack(Learned)
Swords Dance(Learned)

Ability- Immunity - unable to be afflicted by Poison status

Nature- Hasty

Characteristics- Somewhat vain

National Dex No./Species- #335. Zangoose - Cat Ferret Pokémon

Height- 4'01''
Weight- 89.2 lbs

Pokédex Entry- Zangoose usually stays on all fours, but when angered, it gets up on its hind legs and extends its claws. This Pokémon shares a bitter rivalry with Seviper that dates back over generations.

Item- None

History Kolva was born a typical Zangoose, among the northeastern regions of Hoenn. Being new to the world, his parents protected him and sheltered him, perhaps a little too much. Their goal was to raise him mainly to best their archenemy, Seviper, and thus spoiled and pampered him - bringing the food to him, allowing him to sleep in the most comforting of beddings, and training him - honing his claws - to become stronger.

At a young age, problems started to arise regarding his parents. The Zangoose, who was raised in solitude, meeting very little other Pokemon, his only goal to train himself and become stronger, faster, and capable of besting any Seviper, was suddenly hit hard with an event that he'll never forget. Around the time when the Epidemic was first creeping up and infecting Pokemon, Kalvo's mother and father started to get bitter with eachother. They argued, and payed less and less attention to their son. He didn't know why they were doing this, but they were... they both seemed to be overcome with an uncontrollable rage. They started to smell different, even look different. Soon, his own father would turn on him, forcing the young Zangoose out into the wilds of Hoenn on his own with nobody to look after and care for him. He was on his own out there, confused and terrified of the new world - and what a bitter time for this to happen, as the Epidemic was starting to get noticed around the world.

After a rough start, the Zangoose opted for a life of solitude. He had received no help at all, gathering all of life's necessities by himself. He was shaken by what had transpired months before, but denied it, quickly getting used to his new, solitary life. Kolva began to believe too much in his own power, and became very cocky. He thought he was strong enough to defeat any Pokemon, specially Seviper - but in truth, he was rather weak... Overconfident in himself, he pushed away all the curious feelings within him and set out to explore the rest of Hoenn. He may have been mentally prepared, but he was leading himself into danger.

Kolva had traveled east, toward the base of the towering Mt. Pyre. The air around him seemed different than before, and his fur bristled and stood on end as strange sounds filled his ears. He was terrified, but wasn't afraid to admit it. He rashly stepped into the direction of the sound, thinking that his own false power was enough to defend himself. A familliar scent rolled over his nose. What he saw was not normal whatsoever... He had seen other Pokemon. He had seen Mightyena before, but these Mightyena...

The way they moved... the horrible gut-wrenching sounds they made... And their appearance, bloodied and grayed. At this point, he knew how weak he really was. Intense pangs of fear and panic coursed through his veins as the unnatural creatures bound their way toward him, and with feet borne of adrenaline, the Zangoose quickly escaped, continuing to run as fast as he could, not once looking back.

The human city of Lilycove is where Kolva ended up, and with very little knowledge of the world, he needed to find someplace to hide. Humans were familliar to him, they were strange creatures that lived and used shiny, unnatural things, but they never really harmed him. As he darted across the edge of the city, only a few humans were able to catch a white streak. Sneaking his way into a large crate, he was exhausted. Collapsing inside the back of it, he would faint, unaware of where the large box was headed.

When he awoke, he was somewhere completely different. He couldn't see any trees or plants, only the hard, gray, stained buildings of humans. Instinctively, he ran... once again denying everything he had seen.

User Note
-He speaks with a bit of slang now and then, and is deathly terrified of Infected. He cares little of others, but he wouldn't attack you on sight. He may even be friendly if you get to know him.

-Due to his poison immunity, he may be a bit resilient to the epidemic, however it would probably have violent effects...

-The area he was 'shipped' to was Kanto.

...Was the history too long? Ohgawd >w<
...I'm certain it's too long. *Embarrassed squee*

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Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar) Empty Re: Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar)

Post by Lugia Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:36 pm

Your history is fine; a little long-winded, but well-written. :3 You're allowed to have four moves, like in the games, unless you want to keep it at three.

Approved. You'll be after the leader.


Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar) Shadowlugiasig


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Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar) Empty Re: Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar)

Post by Mew Fri May 11, 2012 1:50 am

I have ended the Life of Kolva, and moved him to the Dead Character area.


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Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar) Hz72hB2

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Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar) Empty Re: Kolva, Uncertain Zangoose (Kanto/Cinnibar)

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