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Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
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    Paladin & Drowned the Undead Hydreigon and Swampert [Floater]


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    Paladin & Drowned the Undead Hydreigon and Swampert [Floater] Empty Paladin & Drowned the Undead Hydreigon and Swampert [Floater]

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    *both profiles previously approved. only to be written by miran or cedric.*
    Paladin & Drowned the Undead Hydreigon and Swampert [Floater] JgyjMO

    Paladin & Drowned the Undead Hydreigon and Swampert [Floater] 2131xll

    Item Tattered Red Scarf
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #635, Hydreigon, the Brutal Pokemon
    Time of Infection April 5th, 2012
    Height 5'11" / 1.8m
    Weight 352.7lbs / 160kg
    Pokédex Entry The heads on their arms do not have brains. They use all three heads to consume and destroy everything.
    Level 83 [via RP]
    Ability Levitate
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic A little quick tempered
    Moves -Fire Blast [TM]
    -Thunder Fang [Breeding]
    -Fly [HM]
    -Draco Meteor [Tutor]
    History Paladin was born and raised in the wild, mothered by a Hydreigon and fathered by Salamence. Out of all his siblings he was the only one who hadn't evolved into a Zweilous, which made him a subject to pressure and stress. His father, wanting him to still be strong, taught him how to use Draco Meteor with the old tutor that lived near their home. Even then, he was still an outcast within his family and had instead resorted to hanging out with his half-brother Prince, on a cliff not too far from Icirrus.

    One day, on the cliff, they met a shiny Deerling named Pure, and became fast friends. However, a tragedy befell on them when Pure and Prince were hunted out by two trainers. Luckily, they both escaped, and resume their lives. Not many days later, Prince mysteriously went missing, which left Paladin and Pure alone. They spent their evenings together on the cliff, talking about their day. Paladin, one day feeling bold and venturing out of his home, met a female Gabite named Melinda, which he slowly fell in love with.

    As the Epidemic washed over, Pure's home forest was burnt down, her parents reduced to ashes. Paladin arrived on time to save her, and they became closer. The Deino, however, had promised Melinda they would elope out of their region and to Johto, where they would hopefully find salvation from the infection. Weeks past by, and they did elope. They went to the shores of Unova and caught a ride from a living Wailord, abandoning Pure and heading to Johto, their destination-- Ecruteak.

    Once arrived in Johto, they headed to the city. However, they had met an undead Beartic on their way, who in a heated battle, killed Melinda. Paladin however eventually defeated the ice Pokemon, burying Melinda, whom gave him her red scarf to remember her by. He left for Ecruteak, where he met many new friends, and reunited with Pure. Through the team's battles he managed to evolve, and soon right before they were transported to Icirrus, evolved again.

    However, in Icirrus he had fought the Druddigon that the trio of friends had disliked. In the feud Paladin's arm was blown off, leaving him with a heavy wound. Afterwards, he began to contemplate his life and with desire to truly be alive, while knowing he was plagued by the infection, the Hydreigon had drowned himself and came back as an undead. The Brutal Pokemon began to destroy everything in his sight, trying to kill his friends. Amidst the brawl he decided to instead go and look for his lost daughter, Lotta, whom he had abandoned.
    Appearance Paladin in short, is a gory mess. The Hydreigon's recklessness is evident in his appearance, littered with self-inflicted burns and gashes. Half his face is completely burnt off, leaving raw, tender flesh and an empty eye socket. He is missing one of his arms, exploding upon impact with a Draco Meteor. Several of his 'wings' are also gone, and his whole body is coated with blood and some parts are left with barely any scales. His eyes are a bloody red, blending in easily with his already scarlet demeanor.
    Personality The Hydreigon is a complete brute. Once he was much more kinder, but now he only seeks destruction. He will burn and crush anything within his path just to get to his goal, and even then will end up killing what he desired. Paladin is barely able to mutter a single word, with the exception of mindless chanting of 'die die die'. He does not hesitate for a single moment to kill someone that annoys him, and is reckless in his attacks.
    User Notes

    Paladin & Drowned the Undead Hydreigon and Swampert [Floater] DrownedProfile
    profile by silverishness

    Item N/A
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #260, Swampert, the Mud Fish Pokemon
    Time of Infection August 19th, 2011
    Height 4'11" / 1.5m
    Weight 180.6lbs / 81.9kg
    Pokédex Entry It can swim while towing a large ship. It bashes down foes with a swing of its thick arms.
    Level 72 [via RP]
    Ability Torrent
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Highly Persistent
    Moves -Hammer Arm [learned]
    -Earthquake [learned]
    -Sludge Wave [TM]
    -Hydro Cannon [Tutor]
    "Let's have some drowning lessons! Drowning lessons!"

    Drowned wasn't actually called Drowned before. Before everything that had happened, he was called Leith, which meant rushing water. He was born in Dark City, a city that was located in-between Cinnaber and the Safari Zone, a small island in the water. When he was ready to hatch out of his egg, his heart had stopped beating and nearly everyone believed he was dead. Regardless, his mother cherished him, going absolutely delirious and hallucinating. A week later, the egg had begun to shake again, and Leith was born.

    When he was born, he was weak and small, and very frail. He was often picked on easily by the other Pokemon, but his mother, insane, had gone crazy in anger for her child and wiped out half of the Pokemon population of Dark City, leaving everyone out of fear to avoid Leith at all costs. Nobody dared to communicate with him, not even any humans for the fear of being killed by his mother.

    However, his sister, Talise, was kind to him. She cherished him as if he was a miracle, and unlike his mother, made him feel normal. But one day, out of the blue, Talise left with her friend, Acht somewhere far, far away. Leaving Leith alone with his mom.

    His mom slowly grew even more insane by the day. Often bursting out in fits of hysterical laughter and screams. When she hit the full peak, the infection arrived to the City. The Pokemon were being killed, no matter is the were alive or not. Leith, a Marshtomp at the time, escaped with his mother. But his mother, being insane, tried to drown in infected water, successfully infecting him with the plague as his mother ran away, leaving him tied underwater with several barbed wires on his fins.

    Eventually, he did escape from the water, killing mercilessly and throwing up a questionable bile. He evolved into a Swampert, but found his arms wrapped with a fleshy-vein like vines that were stuck on, unable to be ripped off. Bloodlust rose in his stomach and insanity took over him, like his mother.

    Appearance Having been undead for so long, a vast majority of his flesh had rotted and darkened, leaving behind dehydrated, brittle skin and large bulbous arms that's only use is to destroy. His fins are tattered and large, fleshy veins envelope his appendages. The veins themselves serve little purpose, if anything hindering Drowned's swimming ability. Although they look soft and squishy they are actually hard to bend, with a calloused texture.
    Personality Drowned has a very distinct trait in which he often roars "drowning lessons" before or during his attacks. His attacks are frantic and without planning, thrashing his body wildly towards whatever adversary he can find. Despite his chaotic actions he does seem to have a calm, in the moments when his body gives way and he no longer has the energy to fight anymore. In these rare times he simply falls to the ground, grunting and snapping his jaws as he waits for enough energy to build for him to lunge forward again.
    User Notes


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    Paladin & Drowned the Undead Hydreigon and Swampert [Floater] Empty Re: Paladin & Drowned the Undead Hydreigon and Swampert [Floater]

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    Approved for Re-activation. Keep in mind they'll have to be revived soon, as they are close to true death through rot.


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