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    Toxic Shock the Galvantula [Marsh Team]


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    Toxic Shock the Galvantula [Marsh Team] Empty Toxic Shock the Galvantula [Marsh Team]

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:46 pm

    Toxic Shock the Galvantula [Marsh Team] MPyZhYJ


    Toxic "Toxi" Shock
    Time Of Infection: Roughly a month and a half ago.
    Item Silver Powder, Red Scarf
    Gender Cisgendered Female
    Age Mature Adult
    Species #596/Galvantula/The Elespider Pokemon
    Height 2'07"/0.8m
    Weight 31.5lbs/14.3kg
    Pokédex Entry When attacked, they create an electric barrier by spitting out many electrically charged threads.~Y Dex Entry
    Level 41
    Ability Compound Eyes
    Nature Rash
    Characteristic Quick Tempered
    Moves - Thunder [TM]
    - Bug Bite [Level]
    - Toxic [TM]
    - Electro Web [Level]
    History Toxic Shock, or Toxi as her owner liked to call her was raised in captivity from the get go as the pet of a young adult. As a Joltik, Toxi was relatively kind and would calmly crawl around on her owners hands and legs. Well loved and taken care of, Toxi very much enjoyed her early life. When boredom finally drove the young Joltik's owner to travel across Unova, instead of selecting a starter they decided to take Toxi with them. 

    It was fun at first, but over time the battles made Toxic Shock go from a gentle, kindly Joltik to a bitchy, easily aggravated Galvantula. Though the new form came with perks such as stronger moves, she hated everyone except her trainer. Annoyed with her fellow team-mates she often lashed out at them, biting and slamming into them for seemingly no reason. Toxi's trainer was at a loss and did not have the heart to release the almost completely feral spider. Instead they took the Elespider Pokemon off their party and placed her into the Pokemon Storage with the hopes that a break might help Toxi return to her kind self. It had quite the opposite effect however, Toxic Shock became even more agitated and mean spirited. She spent a lot of time in the Storage box, only being taken out when her trainer desperately needed her assistance.

    Finally the Galvantula snapped mid gym battle, lashing out Toxi unleashed a powerful Thunder attack on her trainer, fellow team mates and even the unsuspecting leader. While the leader's Pokemon reacted quickly enough to absorb the blow for their trainer, Toxic Shock's owner and allies were not so lucky as Toxi was the strongest member of the team. With nothing holding her back, the Elespider crushed her prison between her mandibles as she fled to the wild. 

    Despite spending much of her life in captivity Toxic Shock felt far more at home in the wild. Hunting was slightly more of a challenge due to her prey having more places to hide but due to being raised on live food, it was not too difficult. She adapted well, even managing to find a mate even though she had no skill with such matters prior to the encounter. Toxi's partner was an Volcarona who went by the name of Teral. Their relationship was a bit rocky due to Toxic Shock's temper but due to Teral's calm nature and his ability to seemingly share this trait with others, it worked rather well. Together they managed to have and raise roughly twenty little spiderlings, give or take a few. But their generally peaceful lives did not last. 

    When the infection sunk its metaphorical teeth into the Unova region, Toxi and Teral were in the midst of raising their final child. Teral was attacked while out gathering food for the family and succumbed to the infection quickly as his Fire typing allowed the virus to progress rapidly. Toxic Shock didn't take notice of the transformation until it was too late and lost several of her children to her rampaging mate. In a last ditch effort to salvage the remains of her family, she killed Teral or so she believed, and fled with the remainder of her brood to the north. It became increasingly difficult to find uncontaminated food while also protecting herself and her young. Eventually only the oldest remained as they were the only ones capable of also defending themselves properly, many of them left their mother behind, concerned with burdening her more than necessary. Once again alone, Toxic Shock slipped into a depressive state, barely feeding and only fighting if required to her survival. She was delusional, constantly pretending that her children and mate were still alive and well and that this was all just some horrible nightmare.

    The Elespider would have continued on like this had it not been for the passing Xatu that, during a desperate struggle for survival Teleported them both into the Great Marsh of the Sinnoh region. She succeeded in defeating the infected being but in her carelessness became infected herself by feeding from the corpse as starvation was starting to affect her greatly. As the infection slowly seeps into her brain this temperamental electric tarantula continues to search for her partner and children desperately. 
    Appearance "Galvantula's body consists of a head and abdomen. Its head is yellow on top and light purple on the bottom. It has two large, blue, forward-facing eyes with black pupils, and four, smaller, simple eyes sitting in a 2x2 pattern on its forehead. It has two long pedipalps connected from the underside of its head, which are blue and hairless on their lower half and covered in thick yellow fur on the upper half. Galvantula's body is covered in yellow and light purple fur on top with blue fur under its abdomen. Four tufts of hair sprout from under its abdomen and grow upward. Two large tufts sprout from the left and right of the rear, while two smaller ones sprout from each side. The fur on its back is light purple and with three thick, yellow stripes running up from its rear. Despite being based on a spider, Galvantula has only four legs. Each leg is connected to the head by a blue upper half. The lower half is covered in yellow fur and forms a bell-shape over its blue, conical feet."~Bulbapedia.
    For a Galvantula, Toxi is pretty standard height and weight wise, though she may look a little frail due to slight starvation. Since becoming infected however, her normally blue eyes have taken on a slight red glow, though difficult to notice if not specifically looking for it. Toxic Shock's fur has also become tainted with a slight purple hue as another sign of the infection damaging her. Two items she could never bear to part with despite her hatred of captivity are her Red Scarf and Silver Powder, the latter of which is tucked inside the former, the Red Scarf is tied to her right foreleg and has thus far taken no visible damage.
    Personality -Motherly, raising as many children as she has Toxic Shock is prone to be protective of children and even pretends they are replacements for those she's lost.
    -Delusional, due to all the loss that she's suffered along with the infection now eating at her brain Toxi tends to have fits of hallucinations where she imagines everything as it was and will talk to phantoms of her past as if they were real. If disturbed while in this state unless by a child, Toxic Shock with violently attack. These episodes are currently small in number but are becoming more frequent as the infection progresses.
    -Easy to anger, Due to being forced to battle after living a life of general peace, Toxic Shock became very temperamental. Sometimes she will seemingly become enraged for no clear reason. Though after becoming a wild Pokemon she isn't nearly as irritable.
    -Brutally honest. She tends to talk without thinking things through because of this she comes off as bitchy, rude and her brutal honesty while better than lying still can be problematic.
    -Territorial, as a parent Toxic Shock had to learn that in order to keep her family safe, it was best for her to set up a specific territory to help keep the young ones out of trouble. She generally does this by using her electro web to create a fenced enclosure. The problem is both that she becomes violent when she feels her territory is threatened but also due to her motherly nature, non-electric pokemon or pokemon that don't have an immunity to the type will get a nasty shock trying to escape the fence.
    User Notes -The HTML sheets for infected/undead are no longer available to download.(So I used the living and just added time of infection under the name.)

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    Toxic Shock the Galvantula [Marsh Team] Empty Re: Toxic Shock the Galvantula [Marsh Team]

    Post by Mew Fri Sep 26, 2014 6:20 am

    Profile approved. Thanks for the heads up regarding the template, I'll reupload it after work today. As a thanks, I'm giving you a ticket so you're not losing one to activate Toxic Shock.


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