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    Cinder the Fiery Quilava & Faux the Distant Vulpix (Olivine, Ace)


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    Cinder the Fiery Quilava & Faux the Distant Vulpix (Olivine, Ace) Empty Cinder the Fiery Quilava & Faux the Distant Vulpix (Olivine, Ace)

    Post by Dandelion Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:45 pm

    Cinder the Fiery Quilava & Faux the Distant Vulpix (Olivine, Ace) BdPs5f8
    old image:

    Cinder and Faux
    Text Color Cinder - #f9b212
    Faux - #bc5119
    Item Collar with a fragment of an Everstone tugged under it
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult
    Species #156 Quilava, The Volcano Pokémon - Fire Type
    #37 Vulpix, The Fox Pokemon - Fire Type
    Height 2'10"
    Weight 37.9lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon Ruby:: Quilava keeps its foes at bay with the intensity of its flames and gusts of superheated air. This Pokémon applies its outstanding nimbleness to dodge attacks even while scorching the foes with flames.
    Pokemon Emerald:: It can freely control fire, making fiery orbs fly like will-o'-the-wisps. Just before evolution, its six tails grow hot as if on fire.
    Level 34 (Level via RP)
    Ability Blaze
    Flash Fire
    Nature Bold
    Characteristic Somewhat Stubborn
    Strong willed
    Moves - Flamethrower (TM)
    - Swift (Level Up)
    - Flame Wheel (Level Up)
    - Aerial Ace (TM)

    - Quick Attack (Level Up)
    - Confuse Ray  (Level Up)
    - Flamethrower (Level Up)
    - Extrasensory (Breeding)
    History The starter Pokemon to a young enthusiastic trainer, Cinder started her training early. The calm and boring life with Professor Elm couldn't of ended sooner when her trainer finally arrived. Taking her everywhere the boy wanted to take the world by storm, facing her against rival Pokemon of all types with no fear in his heart. Both were inexperienced and bold, but it made them a great team. Always in high spirits they would look for their next fight even after a loss. Even though they had just started their adventure the pair could see a long partnership ahead.

    Together they traveled all over their native Jhoto region, growing stronger and creating a powerful team. The trainer expanded his roster slowly, not really needing any other Pokemon beyond his beloved fire type. Besides, she was always the strongest. Relishing in thrill of battle the Cyndaquil fought rashly but with much fire in her heart. Pulling her team through any tough situation the starter was proud to be the star of her team and pride of her trainer. He wouldn't even let her evolve, using an Everstone to prevent it, so he had to have big plans! A destiny full of greatness, the core member of a team, an all star. Thoughts of her future filled the Cyndaquils mind as she gave each battle her all, wanting all the praise her trainer had to give.
    Desiring his full attention, Cinder would often come out of her Pokeball, both when her teammates were battling and to travel beside her trainer. Always being with him, pushing herself in each rigorous training session, cheering on her teammates when she couldnt battle, she made sure he could always see her determination. Pride beamed from both of them, paradise.

    One day however, he found himself a traveling partner- a girl about the same age. The fire type didn't mind at first, there was more rival Pokemon to fight, better tasting Pokemon food, and the air felt more happy and less battle tense. Not long after cleaning the Goldenrod Gym is when the problems started popping up. It was obvious the two had developed feelings for each other, and soon enough battling was no longer the male trainers top priority. The drop happened slowly but was painfully noticeable. Exploration of the nearby routes was just that, exploring and sightseeing. Not training unless in defense. Time spent in each city was increased, further spanning the downtime between each battle. Cinder began growing restless, hating the lack of thrill and attention from her owner. She didnt want to take a walk through a flowery field, she wanted to test her speed in it, beat all the Pokemon she could find senseless!

    The rest of her team didnt seem to mind the activity drop even with Cinder's rants about how they, but especially she, should be training! She would beg her trainer to let her battle and practice, but he would only make her quiet down and try to 'relax' like everyone else. The Cyndaquil became unruly, bored and desperate to fight. On the off-chance the two trainers battled, Cinder always force her way into them. Not allowing her trainer to recall her the fire type was the only Pokemon he'd use to battle the girls entire team. The harshness of her attacks made the female trainer fearful of the fire type. Her Pokemon weren't nearly as strong and usually took pretty serious injury in the battles. A dark look in the Cyndaquil's eyes caused the girl to ask her traveling partner more and more to keep that one in her Pokeball. The male trainer complied, worried his Pokemon would hurt his girlfriend and embarrassed by his lack of control over her.

    It was becoming increasingly difficult for Cinder to break free from her Pokeball. When she did her trainer was always angry with her, yelling and arguing until she was once more returned. Growing bitter, she resented the girl that had took her happiness. Her core spot, her trainer, her future. Whenever she saw the girl the fire type give her a hate-filled stare, showing her feelings while barely having the restraint not to act on them. The humans always stood there, with her hands clasp at her chin staring down at the Cyndaquil like she was a monster. At the smallest squeal from the girl she would be promptly returned. Eventually, it became too much. Cinder up on breaking out, staying silently insider her Pokeball without protest. She was only released to be fed before swiftly returning herself. It dragged on for what felt like forever, her pride crushed. When she was finally called to battle again, it had been weeks since she last fought. When the initial confusion faded she realized they were facing Jasmine. The bitter fire type finally had a proper outlet for her anger and the Steel Type leader didn't stand a chance.

    After the weeks of confinement and lack of conditioning Cinder was a bit rusty in her brawl. She took a lot of unneeded damage but still beat the gym leader without the aid of any of her teammates. The feeling of freedom was overwhelming, using all her strength and being at her trainers side once more. She couldn't stand to lose it again and refused to be recalled after the battle, having to be carried to the Pokemon Center for healing. Nurse Joy told her trainer that he needed to spend more time with his Pokemon, that her behavior was caused from his neglect and negative reinforcement. He only shrugged, claiming that she wasnt the same Pokemon anymore. A few days past, and he called her out again, with the female trainer no where in sight. A small flutter of hope started to bud inside her. First a gym battle now the girl was gone! It seemed like a miracle but all hope was instantly vanished as her trainer dropped her Pokeball on the ground, and uttered "leave." He turned, and without looking back left her there, alone.

    Astonished and heartbroken she stared after him until he was out of sight. He just, abandoned her. His starter, he just discarded his starter who single-handedly won the last gym for him! The Cyndaquil felt chocking grief but was blinded by bitter hatred exploding inside her. She let out her frustrations on her own Pokeball, heating and slashing at it until it shattered into a million useless pieces. If he didn't want her, then she didn't need him ether! Fleeing to the first dark place in sight, as she was used to the darkness of her Pokeball, Cinder attempted to think things over.
    'He replaced me for a girl, ignored me for her, then he abandoned me WITHOUT her. He ditched me, for nothing!'

    Rage burned in her heart. Humans weren't trustworthy. Her spot at the top was still out there, she could still get to it, even if she didn't have a team or a trainer. 'I'll do it by myself. With enough of a resolve to satisfy her Cinder marched off in search of other Pokemon, finally free to battle as she pleased.

    First bred in the wild by two Ninetales, Faux was born amongst a litter of three other Vulpix kits, all of whom had dazzling white coats and single tails just as all Vulpix kits are born with. They grew up in a fairly peaceful forest, where few trainers tended to wander. They had little to fear with the exception of the years coming upon them fairly quick. With time seeming to speed up, more and more humans seemed to find their way into the peaceful forest that served as the home for the small pack of Fox Pokemon.

    On one particular night with little warning, a forest fire started up, and Faux's father went to try and help control the flames. That was the last time she would see him alive. Poachers captured any Pokemon that fled the blaze, or any too weak to defend themselves. While her father fought to protect the forest he called home, he was killed. The poachers advanced through the forest, soon stumbling across the den that served as their home. This is where Faux's mother ordered for her children to run, and they did just that. Days went by, and the four Vulpixes had wound up orphaned. With hope that their mother and father would come for them, three of the four children waited. It was Faux who decided to leave. Figuring the humans had taken her parents, dead or alive, she saw little reason to stay. Unable to convince her two brothers and her sister, she ventured off alone.

    On here own now, Faux traveled far from her home. She grew older, and even made a few friends who helped teach her how to survive by herself. For a good seven years she traveled her home region, never staying in one place for too long, the memories of her former home always in the back of her mind. In her travels, she came across a human who managed to capture her. The male wasn't exactly the kindest of trainers. Most of his Pokemon were fairly mean, however the Vulpix was forced to put up with their company for another two decades until the trainer traded her away to an even shadier character. During the period she was with this human female she was used for intense battling, robberies, and a sum of shady activity she wasn't to proud of. Years later, seeing how the darn Pokemon just wouldn't evolve after so much trainer, Faux was once again traded away.

    Over and over, Faux fell into the hands of trainers who just seemed to not want her. She had just about had it with the entire human species when she finally fell into the custody of an elderly woman who owned a small farm. No longer was she forced to battle. Instead, she enjoyed a peaceful life.. up until the Epidemic broke out. With the farm full of Pokemon, chaos was quick to erupt. Being so far out in the woods, none of the farm's inhabitants had seen it coming. Some were completely slaughtered, while others were left wallowing in a pool of their own blood waiting to turn. They were attacked so fast, that no one was sure on who the enemy was. Some Pokemon who were once friends even turned against each other in fear that they were the enemy. Slowly but surely, the farm had been painted in crimson.

    Faux watched as her final trainer was killed right before her eyes in a midst of claws, beaks, and fangs. The Vulpix hid in the elderly woman's wine cellar for three whole days until things on the outside had finally quieted down. When she emerged and went to find her master she found a bloated corpse, discolored and battered. Hungry, frightened, and confused, Faux fled the farm in disarray. Gaining little knowledge of what happened from a fellow passing survivor, she attempted traveling in several packs. However, after so much mistrust, she has grown weary of company and continued on mostly alone.
    Appearance Cinder's has rather long flameproof fur that often hangs in her eyes. Faint scars litter her body from reckless battles, though to see them one must be very, very close to inspect her. Her blue-green fur goes a bit further then normal, spilling over the top of her knees and shoulders.
    A tight red-brown collar is strapped tightly to Cinder's neck. The large Everstone bell adorning it has shattered but a fragment of it is tugged under the collar. The collar itself holds many scratch marks.
    She prefers to walk on all fours though she is comfortable on two legs as well. Her flames never go out, unless she is extremely weak, over emotional, or sleeping. The flame atop her head 'falls' forward somewhat like messy hair.

    Unlike the rest of the litter, Faux's coat didn't completely change to the normal rustic color. Her reddish brown fur has white splotches garnishing her left hip, in dead center of her upper chest, and rimming both of her gray-brown eyes. Her front right paw is also white.
    Though she is still in her basic form, Faux's general appearance is that of an adult. Her body has been honed from years of abuse, fit and firm. Her facial features are deep and set, not the soft points of a child.
    Personality | Bold | Rash | Spunky | Impulsive | Headstrong | Outwardly Optimistic | Relaxed | Caring | Self Reliant | Lonely | Conflicted | Self Blaming | Hard Worker | Lime Light | Paranoid |

    Cinder is a spunky Quilava. She has an opinion all her own and an attitude to go with it. She may go with the plans of others but she is not afraid to voice her own opinions and concerns on a subject before hand. Her arrogance has gotten her in trouble before so she has a handle on it now, but just barely. Her people skills were never great, but without fear/shyness its not very noticeable.
    Battle ready, Cinder loves to fight. It gives her a sense of freedom and joy she can not find anywhere else. The undead haven't tampered with that at all, if not enhancing it. The freedom to fight and kill may make this Quilava reckless in battle. Getting injured isn't part of her master plan so any wound is ether ignored or over dramatized.
    After being released Cinder battled every Pokemon she could. Anger blinded her such a long time her loneliness was a surprise when she finally noticed it. Realizing its better to have friends, or at least companions, she knows getting to the top and be the best is her struggle only, but it doenst have to be alone. She is aware she doesn't need friends, but lives by the phrase "without friends there is no one to share your victories, and your defeats." Without them, there would be no prove she made it to the top.
    Self criticizing, she will often blame herself for things and blow them out of proportion within her own mind. Being the only one left to make her dream come true, any setback is her error and the shame will burn as clear as her fire.
    Even with all the time that has passed the shock of abandonment and pain of neglect never left her mind. She was never given a chance to find resolve or closure. The feelings have faded over time, popping up when she is reminded of those days in an unpleasant way. Bitterness and hollowness can cause her to go distraught and even remove herself from a group for a bit. It doesn't solve the problem, but it will let the episode pass without too much hassle.

    | Quiet | Reserved | Calm | Calculating | Cautious | Not Trusting | Cold Exterior | Level Headed |

    Faux is extremely weary of others, be it human or Pokemon. Years of cruelty and abuse have left her lacking trust. She has a hard time fully trusting anyone and has a tendency not to get very attached to those that she is traveling with. She is used to being alone by now, though its never really been her favorite thing. Aware of the temporary benefits of a group she may stay with some Pokemon for a while until her trust is broken.
    Never one to of been helped it feels almost strange for her to help others. Completely self reliant, assisting those that arent, or at least are currently in a bad situation, is not her style. If it seems they might die without her Faux may think of a second reason to help. Let it be the direction she was heading, a nearby vantage point, visible food, ect.
    Aware of her surroundings Faux watches for the smallest details. Looking for every sound and scent she refuses to be suprised or head blindly into danger. Watchful and valiant, her survival through the Epidemic has not been a fluke. The harsh training she endured only helped the Vulpix to realize what she can and can not handle in opponents. If an undead seems to strong for her Faux will retreat or sneak away withouht shame.  
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    Cinder the Fiery Quilava & Faux the Distant Vulpix (Olivine, Ace) Empty Re: Cinder the Fiery Quilava & Faux the Distant Vulpix (Olivine, Ace)

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