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    Jennifer the Eevee [Marsh, Sinnoh]


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    Jennifer the Eevee [Marsh, Sinnoh] Empty Jennifer the Eevee [Marsh, Sinnoh]

    Post by Min Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:25 am

    Jennifer the Eevee [Marsh, Sinnoh] Eevee

    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Mature Teen/Young Adult
    Species #133 Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon
    Height 2'4" / 0.71m
    Weight 14.3lbs / 6.5kg
    Pokédex Entry Thanks to its unstable genetic makeup, this special Pokémon conceals many different possible evolutions.
    Level 30
    Ability Run Away
    Nature Jolly
    Characteristic Often dozes off
    Moves - Bite [Learned]
    - Quick Attack [Learned]
    - Synchronoise [Breeding]
    - Rain Dance [TM]
    History The frigid liquid enveloped her body, waves violently tugged at her soaked pelt. Her eyes stung and limbs fatigued, but despite this the young Eevee felt at home in the torrential waters of the sea. Although a child of nobility, Jennifer had long decided to abandon the sophisticated life of an aristocrat. That was the job for all her siblings, and her parents—a pompous Flareon and narcissistic Exploud—couldn’t possibly do anything except express their disappointment in the most eloquent of manners. No matter how much they shouted, stomped through her room in rage, and swung their limbs in illogical anger, all those broken vases and cracked paintings could never sway her love for the ocean.

    Jennifer first met water as a young child, spending a hot summer’s day with her brother, Luzige, out in the vast meadows near their home. He insisted on exploring the woodlands before them, joyously urging the Eevee to follow his lead as he bounded forward and through thick bramble. She had been nervous, and as she hesitantly followed, her clumsy paws caught a rock and soon she was rolling downhill. At the end of her descent, she had fully expected her pathetic excuse for an older brother to catch her, but instead dropped into a small, secluded lake. Churning her paws in panic, her body moved swiftly through the murky depths, and despite her lungs aching for air and fear still lingering on her fur, the fox couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling. Finding herself staying at the lake for several hours, she returned home with a soaked pelt to two furious parents and confused trainers.

    Since that day, despite her parent’s protests, eagerly visiting the lake for early morning swims before going off to explore for new bodies of water. It wasn’t long before she had discovered the ocean, preforming a dance of joy after rolling around the sand in happiness at the fact that she had an endless supply of water to swim whenever she’d like in. Swimming had almost become a ritual for her, waking early at dawn to practice diving into the darkness, using her afternoons to strengthen her paddle, and floating along the waves at night while watching the moon take it’s post in the sky. In the vast expanse of the sea she could forget the bustling socials of dukes and duchesses, the impossible expectations of bring a wealthy noble, and above all, the calamity that was growing in her own family.

    Despite feigning an oblivious, happy demeanor, Jennifer was very well aware of how things were twisting backstage. She saw how Luzige was changing, how his teeth gnashed and tore at the air hungrily for the flesh of his own kind. He had grown vicious in the past few months, much more volatile, regardless of what he was doing. It was about time when he had finally shown his true colors, slamming one of their siblings down and tearing open his flesh. She had watched the act with her own eyes, spying quietly from behind thick curtains. Despite murdering one of their kin, the Eevee could never find the ability in herself to hate him. They were both the same, after all, striving to be of a different nature yet bound by social chains. Following her brother’s exile, Jennifer was determined to ‘break free’ like he had, to leave her family’s walls.

    However, despite being so determined to become a free being, the Eevee was definitely not willing to go to the lengths that her brother had. She was still young and childish, the very thought of her attempting murder could only be taken as a joke. Instead, she fled. Preparing days before her escape by training her body for stamina, she dove into the salty waters of the ocean and paddled as hard as she could. She swam away, as far as she could in one session, from morning to night before finally collapsing onto a strip of land. Upon awakening, she was greeted by a friendly Empoleon, informing her that she was now in Sinnoh. She had collapsed on the shores of Sunnyshore, and after realizing how long she had managed to come, couldn’t help but feel joyous at her accomplishment.

    Since then, she had settled quite nicely into the busy life of Sunnyshore. She had become well-respected by her friends on the beaches, her amazing ability to swim yet not being a water-type quickly gaining awe and surprise from the others. It had become a peaceful sort of living, much more comfortable than the life she had back in her homelands. Years past, her life steady and fun as she spent days and nights with the company of those she trusted.

    One day, after a quick hunting session with her Empoleon friend, she had seen him awkwardly hunched over on the beach. Concerned and confused, she quickly approached him, asking if he was all right, before stumbling backwards in surprise when the bird turned. His eyes glowed a bright red, blood oozing from deep gashes on his face and disgusting bile spilling from his beak. It wasn’t long before the city’s sirens went off, the humans seemingly having encountered similar beasts. In fear Jennifer had ran, leaving behind her home and running as quickly as he could out of the city, hoping to find shelter or someone to help.

    It took months before Jennifer had finally come to terms with what was going on around her, first experiencing severe denial of the situation before becoming reluctantly acceptant of the world’s fate. She began to travel around the region, never staying for long in one place and mainly keeping to the waters, despite the masses of hordes that lurked under the surface.
    Appearance A very pretty Eevee, Jennifer's fur is silky and soft and almost perpetually clean--due to her fastidious nature--despite the fact that she often trots through dirt and mud. Hey eyes are a captivating lavender, her muzzle and snout spotted with dark, freckle-like markings. Her body is lean and well-muscled.
    Personality Fun, spunky, and a little childish, Jennifer feigns an act where she only focuses on the positives of life. Past this demeanour, however, she is much more bitter, if not rather grumpy, and very quick to judge. Although she tries to cover this up, she has a very short temper, and easily bursts into fits of anger. She in inspired by others very easily, and strives to become a great Pokemon. She is a very determined character, and once she has her sights set on a goal, she will see to it even if it kills her.
    User Notes

    • Her father was an Exploud.
    • Wants to be a Vaporeon really badly--actively searches for Water Stone.
    • Younger half-sister of Luzige and Ricochet/Mai.


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    Jennifer the Eevee [Marsh, Sinnoh] Empty Re: Jennifer the Eevee [Marsh, Sinnoh]

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    Ready for approval! Hopefully I'm not too late. ;u;

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    Jennifer the Eevee [Marsh, Sinnoh] Empty Re: Jennifer the Eevee [Marsh, Sinnoh]

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    Just under the wire lol



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