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    Mathilda the Purrloin || Stark, Sinnoh [Leader]


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    Mathilda the Purrloin || Stark, Sinnoh [Leader] Empty Mathilda the Purrloin || Stark, Sinnoh [Leader]

    Post by Snitch Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:09 pm

    Mathilda the Purrloin || Stark, Sinnoh [Leader] 6-2

    Text Color; #683A5E

    Adolescent – 13 Years
    Level 18
    Faint Attack (Egg), Scratch (Level-Up), Sand-Attack (Level-Up), Pursuit (Level-Up)
    Alert to Sounds
    National Dex No./Species;
    #509 Purrloin/ The Devious Pokémon
    Pokedex Entry;
    They steal from people for fun, but their victims can’t help but forgive them. Their deceptively cute act is perfect.

    Hatched on the streets of a city to a pair of deadbeat parents, Mathilda was never destined for a remarkable existence. Her family were dysfunctional at their best; personalities clashing to leave the young feline feeling isolated and soon shaping intro a troubled youth. She lacked a childhood, forced to grow up and fend for herself when her scrounging parents were absent. Her older sister was violent, short-tempered and took to tormenting her, whilst her father and mother spent their lives stealing for not only survival but out of pure envy. They aspired for a life better than their own, yet lacked the know-how to alleviate themselves to such a status. They were careless, violent individuals who cared not for their troubled offspring.
    Mathilda quickly became accustomed to the lifestyle. She was alone most of the time, too disgusted by her neglectful family to seek out relationships with them – and so developed a habit of turning to complete strangers for company. She was a wanderer from a young age, seemingly unable to register the concept of danger as she embraced her rough living conditions – but thankfully, she came to no harm. Hiding emotions and growing stony to avoid unnecessary pain, Mathilda was set to turn out like her trouble-making sibling until her character was saved by the arrival of her younger brother, Jamie.
    Whilst the Purrloin had considered running away only a week prior to her brother’s hatching, she found herself smitten by the naive kit. She simply couldn’t leave him to face the same upbringing that had greeted her. Determined to see him turn out okay, Mathilda took on an almost maternal role as she accepted responsibility for young Jamie. Only a child herself, she soon developed a powerful bond with the feline which strengthened into something unbreakable over the following years. She provided him with food, water and shelter when their parents would throw them from the den in a fit of rage; she helped him train and taught him the ways of the street, always on hand to support, comfort and entertain. Despite troubled beginnings, Mathilda considered Jamie’s friendship the best thing to come out of her dismal life and grew determined to see them both through to a brighter future.
    However, it was never meant to be.
    Everything came crashing down when Mathilda’s parents stole from the wrong people. The gang of thugs retaliated viciously, mercilessly as they stormed the family’s dingy home. There were only five of them, but they dwarfed the felines in both physical stature and strength. The Purrloin family didn’t stand a chance. They slaughtered each and everyone cat they found. Mathilda was the sole survivor out of pure luck. She had been hunting at the time of the gang’s attack, returning to find the bloodbath and the murderers still lurking in the shadows. Fully aware that she couldn’t betray her identity and arouse suspicion, she sucked up her heartbreak and sought help with a neighbour – a newcomer, aloof in his nature who effectively saved her life through one good deed. The canine granted her safety, accepting the now-orphaned child into his home as the pair anxiously awaited the attackers’ departure.
    Mathilda was heartbroken. She collapsed into an emotional heap, overwhelmed by uncontrollable sobs as she mourned the death of her brother. Her parents and sister she cared not for – they had always done her more harm than good. But with Jamie’s murder, she had further reason to despise them. She blamed them – they were no better than the attackers themselves. Her canine host comforted her as best he could, clearly uncomfortable as Mathilda in her desperation begged for further help. She had nowhere to go – no family, no friends. She was, for the first time in her life, well and truly alone. The canine, Leon, seemed reluctant but eventually allowed her to stay; hopeful that she would leave in due time.
    But Mathilda did not leave. She picked up odd-jobs for her host, pulling her weight where she could as the pair slowly learnt to accept each other. The feline was fascinated with Leon, eager to break past his icy exterior and get to know her hero on a more personal level – he put up a good fight, but as weeks passed, Mathilda won out. Their friendship grew stronger, akin to a father-daughter bond; but despite her mainly cheery disposition, Mathilda could never forget the gang who murdered Jamie. The moment she discovered Leon’s identity as an assassin, the young feline was begging him to teach her such deadly skills. She wanted revenge and with the appearance of a potential mentor, remained adamant to make the most of the opportunity. Leon constantly deterred her from such brutal actions, but was eventually persuaded and began to train the feisty Purrloin.
    In the weeks that followed, Mathilda grew stronger. She was taught the art of stealth, recognising talents in her agility and was eager to put her new skills to proper use. At the same time, her relationship with Leon grew stronger by the day. She found a kindly soul beneath the cold exterior, discovering a true parental figure and idol, whilst Leon in turn found something in his life worth caring for. It was almost idyllic, a comfortable life jeopardized only by Mathilda’s impatience. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t forget the image of Jamie’s corpse and remained tormented by the idea of revenge. She knew she’d be unable to rest until she spilt the attacker’s blood – and unwilling to wait any longer, she acted.
    The youth gave Leon no warning, confident she would be successful in her attempts, and soon set off to track the attackers down. They weren’t hard to find – she’d kept half an eye on them ever since the devastating murders and put her training to use. Of course, she quickly found herself out of her depth. Despite knocking one of the weaker individuals unconscious, Mathilda was cornered by his companions and mocked, ridiculed for her blind determination. They toyed with her, delaying her death as they reduced the crumbling cat to tears. She would’ve been killed hadn’t Leon found her. Ever alert, the Direyena had predicted her movements and arrived on the scene to tear his way through the feline’s captives. He was swift and brutal, relentless in his attack until Mathilda ran into his chest, forever grateful. Although relieved at the closure the slaughter provided, one of the attackers had gotten away alive. His features cemented themselves in the distressed feline’s mind as she and Leon were forced to flee the city altogether.
    Mathilda and Leon travelled almost non-stop in the days after; the latter keen to put some distance between any possible affiliates of the gang, whilst the feline remained ever-stubborn. She wanted to be content with the deaths of the murderers, but simply couldn’t dismiss the image of the one that got away. She wanted to kill him herself. But now was not the time. Instead, Mathilda lived off their achievement, drunk of a temporary euphoria. She was utterly smitten by Leon’s loyalty and heroic actions, soon finding herself unknowingly mistaking his guardianship for love. She harboured a crush that was rapidly growing; idolization and friendship turning into complete admiration, devotion. She cared not for the age difference. She knew it made Leon uncomfortable, her love going forever unreturned as the Direyena instead deterred her passion to her training. It worked well and Mathilda was soon battling, preparing herself for a final stand-off with the last murderer of her brother.
    But before she could act, the epidemic hit.
    Leon mercilessly tore his was through countless undead, seemingly unfazed by the growing numbers as he strived only to keep Mathilda safe. The Purrloin’s adoration strengthened with his increasingly diligent protection, but her thoughts quickly turned to the murderer that got away. She wanted to kill him before the undead did – before anyone for that matter, and soon begged Leon that they return to the city in which he had lived. Journeying back to their origins, Mathilda and Leon’s lives have been mainly unaltered by the changing world. Whilst more obstacles are apt to greet them, Mathilda’s determination to survive and extract revenge keeps her growing stronger; and with Leon’s protection, the young cat remains virtually untouchable.
    Until now.
    Separated in the chaos of battle, the young feline finds herself alone, fearful that Leon may have perished in the fight. Desperately trying to find the canine, the sudden isolation is fuelling her fear and revealing just how young and naive she truly is.

    Mathilda is almost entirely average in appearance. Although her stature is smaller than normal, petite due to her young age, the female holds all the natural colourations of her species. Her fur has been dirtied by a life on the streets whilst a complete lack of vanity ensures that a thin layer of grime is always present on her dainty form. Her youth is apparent through wide, pale-green eyes.
    Tough | Street-Wise | High Endurance | Hopeful | Distrusting | Rational | Independent | Emotional | Curious | Eager to learn | Opinionated | Short-Tempered | Foul-Mouthed | Rebellious | Confident | Stubborn
    For one so young, Mathilda is a remarkably tough individual. A rocky childhood has left the feline mentally and physically hardened, street-wise as instincts dictate whether or not she survives in this new world. She has an almost boundless endurance; a tolerance for pain cemented in her young body that many could only dream of, made stronger still by her a quiet but unwavering optimism. Whilst Mathilda naturally expects the worst, having experienced many of life’s cruelties first hand, she still clings onto a childish sense of hope to keep her spirits lifted. But whilst endearing, this quality leaves her vulnerable to those capable of breaking past her initial, instinctual distrust. She wants to like people, but has learnt the hard way that she can’t trust anyone.
    However, Mathilda is by no means stupid. The feline, though young and sometimes blinded by charm, otherwise portrays herself as a strong, independent individual capable of making rational decisions. She is usually fairly talented in reading people, paying attention to the details and knowing when to flee. Yet, this level-headedness is apt to crumble in times of stress. Emotional, the Purrloin has a tendency of exploding when her feelings break loose from the detached charade she thinks is necessary for survival. She sympathises with others, cares for them to a degree she herself recognises as unhealthy, attachment-prone. Crying in sorrow, screaming in rage; Mathilda is highly sensitive and despite her best attempts struggles to follow Leon’s example of hiding internal, emotional turmoil.
    Generally a kind-hearted, social creature, the Purrloin is relatively easy to get on with. She possesses many qualities of the typical child – curiosity, an eagerness to learn and please those around her as well as a thriving sense of humour. Talkative, Mathilda is far from shy and instead shows just how opinionated she can be. Blessed with a surprisingly loud voice, the feline makes sure her point gets across no matter the mindset of her company – confident in her words and rigid in her sense of morals. Mathilda is strong-minded, notoriously stubborn and will not stand for what she considers unfair treatment. Highly sensitive to prejudice against her age, gender and small stature, the cat shows she has claws and responds with a short, sometimes violent temper. Snappy in the face of criticism, Mathilda is especially foul-mouthed and will use a long, extensive list of vocabulary to ensure she never goes ignored.
    In the eyes of some, Mathilda may be considered a street-rat – vulgar, rebellious and outspoken in her nature. Cunning and surprisingly deceitful when such behaviour is demanded of her, the Purrloin lives up to her species reputation of illicit behaviour – nimble on her feet as she steals for survival, using her cutesy appearance to evoke sympathy. She can be over-confident in her abilities – physical or otherwise, as she reveals her greatest weakness in the form of recklessness. A creature fuelled by suppressed emotion, Mathilda is impulsive when she finally snaps and will charge head-on, blind into a challenge. She cares not for the odds, a fierce determination for success leaving her vulnerable in the face of opponents far superior to her strength. Her impatience only quickens the dangerous process.

    User Notes;
    - Whilst Mathilda is often considered particularly mature for one of her age when it comes to life experiences, she is essentially little more than a child. She still gets scared, still cries and subconsciously yearns for the attention absent in her early childhood. Despite her attempts to banish youth in favour of adulthood, the Purrloin simply cannot embrace what she is yet to truly understand. 

    - Father was a Persian.

    - Mathilda is based off Mathilda Lando from the film ‘Leon: The Professional’ and is also inspired by Ellie from the game 'The Last of Us' in terms of her personality. 

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