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Olive the Zubat [Stark, Sinnoh]


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Olive the Zubat [Stark, Sinnoh] Empty Olive the Zubat [Stark, Sinnoh]

Post by Min Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:05 pm

Olive the Zubat [Stark, Sinnoh] Sy0sVv

Item None
Gender Female
Age Teen
Species #041 Zubat, the Bat Pokemon
Height 2'7" / 0.79m
Weight 16.5lbs / 7.5kg
Pokédex Entry It does not need eyes, because it emits ultrasonic waves to check its surroundings while it flies.
Level 19
Ability Inner Focus
Nature Gentle
Characteristic Likes to relax
Moves - Wing Attack [Learned]
- Bite [Learned]
- Astonish [Learned]
- Supersonic [Learned]
History Born to a colony of wild bats, Olive was one of the many children that dwelled in the dark, damp cave system. As their group was located deep in the mountains, the young Zubat nearly never felt the warm of daylight on her blue flesh--only those with sight permitted into the wilderness to hunt and gather for the others. Although content with her life amongst her brethren, the child longed to be able to fly in the vast open blue that the others called a sky, to drift along the winds with sunlight dappling her back. Determined to one day step out into the open, she had requested for her father to train her as much as possible, sparring in the mornings and during the night.

Her training has went releatively well, growing on a good, steady pace over the years as she practiced more and more. She had grown stronger, sharpening both her flight and battling skills in aerial combat, while learning about the wonders of the outside world from her kin. Olive was excited to say the least, but soon found her plans cut short when many Golbats and Crobats failed to return from a hunting party. The colony had quickly gone into panic--although admittedly it was normal for one or two of their kind to go missing, the fact that a whole group of fourteen to vanish from existence was unheard of. Warily, the elder had decided to investigate outside along with his finest troops, leaving the other bats to eagerly wait any news that may arrive.

A few days later, only one of the troops had returned, frantically shouting profanities and curses as he forced himself into a corner, screeching hysterically. He had screamed about monsters, massive, red-eyed monsters with strength unlike any Pokemon he had seen before. They had struck them down one by one, killing and devouring them mercilessly. The news had immediately thrown the rest of the colony into panic, and in desperation they had sealed themselved up in a tunnel, hoping that whatever the problem was, it would pass.

They were wrong.

Weeks after the initial incident, nothing had improved, only more of the savage beasts scene around the cave systems. The colony had begun to grow hungry, unable to gather food while trapped in the narrow tunnel. Each of the bats had slowly become more irritable, desperate to satiate their empty stomachs. Much to Olive's surprise, however, he father seemed to have an endless supply of food--bringing her fresh meat and bones to chew on daily. Slowly, one by one, the colony had begun to thin, many of the members supposedly leaving the tunnel in attempts to escape or find food. The Zubat didn't understand why they went out to look for sustenance, however, her father had plenty right in the tunnel!

They had survived for a few months, their colony drastically losing members at an alarming rate--where were they all going? Olive began to grow fearful, worrying what was happening to all of her siblings and friends. One night, she had been awoken by a strange tingling on her flesh, and before she could cry out in alarm she felt a strong energy enveloping her, before finding herself lying on a cave floor. She wasn't surrounded by the familiar warmth of her brethren, and the rocks and earth around her smelled different that her home. In panic, she searched for her family and friends, hurriedly flying through the caverns and calling their names. It took weeks for her to realize that she had been taken far away from home, not a single trace of her kin dwelling in these new tunnels. Giving up in her search, she instead decided to try and find a way out, doing her best to survive in the process.
Appearance Your average Zubat, there's nothing special about her, aesthetically.
Personality A relatively amiable bat, Olive is still young--but spirited! She is fueled by a pure determination, wanting to explore the world and learn new things. She is fascinated by other survivors, having never met any Pokemon other than her own kind before, and sometimes tends to ask too many questions. She hates being a burden, and will do anything in her power to aid others, whether they are her friends or not. This Zubat definitely has a strong will, and is not easily swayed. A very quick learner, she is always willing to try out new things.
User Notes

  • Although Olive does not know this, the meat and bones that she ate during her time in the tunnel were actually the weaker members of the colony killed to feed the strong. Leaving the tunnel for food and a way to escape were only cover stories so the younger bats wouldn't find out the truth.
  • The sudden energy was Mewtwo's freakout, which teleported her from a cave in Kanto to the caves of Stark, Sinnoh.
  • She has little knowledge on the undead, and she had only encountered two in her lifetime, which were from the period where she was alone in the new caves.
  • Shortest history I've done in a LONG time...lol. VuV


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Olive the Zubat [Stark, Sinnoh] Empty Re: Olive the Zubat [Stark, Sinnoh]

Post by Mewtwo Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:59 pm

(and I'm sorry but I really love the name Olive lol)


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