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    Sandra the Snow Ekans (Colloseum)

    Moon Moon
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    Sandra the Snow Ekans (Colloseum) Empty Sandra the Snow Ekans (Colloseum)

    Post by Moon Moon Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:00 am

    Sandra the Snow Ekans (Colloseum) FYNXcOH
    Sandra the Snow Ekans (Colloseum) SandraYellowVersion

    Sandra 'Sandragon'
    Text Color #FFDAB9
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Toddler
    Species #023, Ekans the Snake Pokemon
    Height 3'02"
    Weight 9.8lbs
    Pokédex Entry "The older it gets, the longer it grows. At night, it wraps its long body around tree branches to rest."
    Level 6
    Ability Shed Skin
    Nature Naive
    Characteristic Highly curious
    Moves - Wrap
    - Leer
    - Poison Tail (Breeding)
    - Poison Sting
    History ((Try listening to This  while reading the following passage, i cried so much while writing this, especially around the last part. Dear god))

    Sandra was bred by one of the most prominent Ekans breeders in the region, the Snow variety of Ekans was the most popular breed ever created, the sweet and docile nature that was the norm further embedded their popularity among the elite, and the company that owned her parents used them as breeders to further propagate their coloration and docile nature, she was meant to be the perfect pet. As soon as she was to be hatched she would be shipped off to stock one of the fancy pet stores and be sold to Pokemon collectors and spoiled children for an exuberant price.

    But then the epidemic struck.

    One of their breeder stock was infected (A Super Pastel Dragonair to be exact) and awhile after her egg had been laid, she was stored away in the private PC used for storing the company's Pokemon for later retrieval when the outbreak died down and they could sell their 'products' again. Not weeks later the facility that housed countless Serpents was under siege by the former inhabitants. In a attempt to contain the maddened Pokemon, the staff locked the facility down, preventing any escape. The Poison types who were not infected tried their best to defend themselves and actually managed to form a stronghold of sorts in the building's basement holed up with the supplies available. They even lasted a good amount of time, the single long corridor that was it's entrance was easy to defend against the unorganized horde, and they further fortified it by filling the entrance with all the useless bits of debris and furniture they could get their coils on. But none could prepare themselves for the massive Purple-splotched Dragonite that burst through the improvised barricade like matchsticks. He was one of the few fully evolved breeders that the facility had, the main sire of the 'Elite' package of Dratini's that knew rare egg moves and were centered around battling, so he was endowed with intense training as well as the rarest and powerful TMs available. Knowing moves such as Thunder and Blizzard, it's easy to predict what happened in the ensuing battle, if you'd even call it that.

    It was nothing short of slaughter.

    The infected left had no mercy on these once prized and coveted Pokemon, and they devoured parents and children to the very last 'mon. And even after then, the killing didn't stop. Still under the influence of his blood lust, the Dragonite who had made the whole assault possible turned his claws onto his infected brethren, and tore them to shreds just as they just did to the once living serpents. In the end no one was left.

    Months past by, unnoticed by the children as they slumbered away as beings of pure energy. During the wet season, the now empty building was wrecked by a vicious thunderstorm, with water and lightning being hurled down from the heavens as if Arceus himself was venting his anger on this one building. One bolt directly hit the rapidly decaying power generators who had miraculously kept running in spite it's lack of care. With a massive surge of electricity, the electronic database that was storing thousands of innocent, carefree children overloaded, sending every last one of them into oblivion as they faded into nothing, they're only consolation is that they never had to know the hell that the world that they once loved had descended into.

    One small egg managed to escape it though. During the initial purge one of the transfer systems malfunctioned, and deposited it into the outside world. Not long after, cracks started to form on the surface.

    Sandra had hatched. Alone.

    Where did everyone go? She asked herself.

    After thoroughly looking in her building, Sandra set out to find them.
    Appearance Sandra shares the same body type of most young Ekans, she is serpentine in shape, has a rattle on the end of her tail, and has yellow 'bands'. The coloring of her scales however, are quite different. She has blood-red eyes since she is albino, and the scales are a very light tan, almost to the point of being white, while the spots are mildly darker light brown. On the top of her head there is an area of pink arranged in a flame pattern.

    With her wide eyes and perpetually curious expression, Sandra has been called by many extremely cute. (Lol, I know Carter would dote on her every chance she got)
    Personality Pros: Hopeful, Happy, Very obedient and sweet, Innocent, Inquisitive, Trusting, Compassionate for others

    Cons: Is perhaps too trusting, and will take whatever another Pokemon says as fact and/or go along with whatever they wish, Is very oblivious to danger and unless they are obviously dangerous she could go right up to them without the slightest bit of hesitation, has very little knowledge of the world, Is a bit ditzy and clumsy and she sometimes goes cross-eyed because of a common genetic ailment
    User Notes - Based off of my pet corn snake Sandra and as such closely resembles her
    -Since she's little more than a baby, she knows very few words, so she typically makes quiet squeaking sounds or hisses which can hardly be heard under normal circumstances.
    -Because of all the time she spent inside of the abandoned breeding facility, which was filled with corpses Sandra has become used to the sight of Blood, as far as being surprised when a Pokemon isn't covered in blood.
    -Her father is a Seviper whom I plan to make in the future

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    Moon Moon
    Moon Moon

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    Sandra the Snow Ekans (Colloseum) Empty Re: Sandra the Snow Ekans (Colloseum)

    Post by Moon Moon Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:35 am

    Sandra's ready for approval, move to the profile computer please.

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    Sandra the Snow Ekans (Colloseum) 3Br5nS6

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    Moon Moon
    Moon Moon

    Age : 24
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    Sandra the Snow Ekans (Colloseum) Empty Re: Sandra the Snow Ekans (Colloseum)

    Post by Moon Moon Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:25 am

    I'd like to reactivate Sandra for the Colosseum please~

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