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    Gloria the shiny undead Roserade


    Gloria the shiny undead Roserade Empty Gloria the shiny undead Roserade

    Post by Guest Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:54 pm

    ((I hope this is allowed...))

    Gloria the shiny undead Roserade 407

    Name: Gloria
    Species: Roserade
    Approximate time of infection:A week and a day after the start of the Epidemic
    Known Moves:
    Stun Spore
    Razor Leaf
    Vine Whip
    Toxic Spikes
    Weight:32 lbs

    Gloria was raised in a Pokemon Adoption center. As a small Budew, she was never picked. The owner of the center, Paula, loved Gloria. Paula would often train the Budew, and soon Gloria evolved into Roselia.
    Being prettier than her previous stage, Gloria was sure she would get picked. But alas, she was wrong. It was always a cute Skitty or a brave Taillow. A funny Squirtle or a quiet Meditite. But never the poor Roselia.
    Paula soon brought Gloria a Shiny Stone, and when the shiny Roselia touched it, she evolved into Roserade. Paula asked the Pokemon if she would like to live with her, and Gloria nodded her head yes. She now had a home. She was accepted.
    Gloria would still hang around the Adoption Center just to be with her wonderful owner. When Paula would bring in Pokemon to be displayed for adoption, she would be friendly to them.
    But one Pokemon she brought in, a Zangoose, didn't seem right. When Gloria tried to approach it, the Zangoose tackled her, and bit her stomach. As she felt the need to close her eyes, she saw her owner, watching, not doing a thing, looking emotionless. Gloria's heart was broken, and she soon slipped into unconciousness.
    When the Roserade woke up, she felt hungry. Utterly hungry for the flesh of Pokemon. The adoption center was filled with dead corpses, the Zangoose had gotten more than just her. "PAuLa..." Gloria muttered, and fled the adoption center, looking all over Johto for precious living Pokemon flesh.
    User Notes:
    ~She will utter 'PAuLa', but that's all she shall ever say.
    ~When she finds prey, Gloria will screech 'PAula!!'

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    Gloria the shiny undead Roserade Empty Re: Gloria the shiny undead Roserade

    Post by Suicune Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:17 pm

    Choose a team.


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    Gloria the shiny undead Roserade Empty Re: Gloria the shiny undead Roserade

    Post by Guest Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:10 am

    I'll take Blackthorne, please.

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    Gloria the shiny undead Roserade Empty Re: Gloria the shiny undead Roserade

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