Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    The Call of the Dead


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    The Call of the Dead Empty The Call of the Dead

    Post by Honchkrow Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:09 pm

    Calling The Undead To Arms!
    Before you continue you must read the rules thread!

    The living are the parasites, and we are the cure.
    We are the next step in evolution, while they have become obsolete.
    Join our ranks of the undead, and finish off the weakest links of the chain!

    Profile Guidelines

  • Legendaries cannot be chosen by members
  • Rules of the Universe
  • Bulbapedia is to be used for finding information, and suggested for the images it provides
  • When your pokemon evolves, remember to change your level, image, moves, dex, stats, etc accordingly
  • Dual teams have a dual post count, given that the user posts at least a paragraph of action or speech for each pokemon per post.
  • Characters from parents existing on EJ should be linked in the User Notes section.
    Profile Approval:
  • After your profile is submitted to the Profile Computer, an admin will approve your character for exploration.
  • Name/region you want to be placed in should be specified in your thread title.
  • Team Character Sheets are updated regularly. (They will have (OPEN) in the thread title if they are available to join)
  • Once approved, you will be able to start your adventure.
  • Your character will be placed in the appropriate team sheet and given a turn slot in specified team. Visit the sheets to find out when your RP turn occurs.
  • If you don't have a preference to what team you are placed on, place (ANY) after the name/species of your character in the thread title.
  • Profiles will be looked at within the week it was created. Members are NOT to harass admins over approval.

    Character Sheet Breakdown

    Image of your character.
    Must coincide with any unique attributes of your character.
    (e.g. scars, different coloring, different markings, etc.)

    Name of character
    Text Color Hex speech color if desired (i.e, #2EBF49)
    Type colors & Hex Colors
    Item items pertain to items in the games; they can be used and replaced for another in RP. Not limited to in-game items.
    Time of Infection Approximate time the character was infected and/or died from the virus.
    Gender Male, Female, Genderless
    Age Baby, Toddler, Child, Prepubescent, Adolescent, Young Adult, Adult, Aging Adult, Elder, Geriatric
    Species Dex number, type of Pokémon- see Bulbapedia
    Height Height- see Bulbapedia
    Weight Weight- see Bulbapedia
    Pokédex Entry Pokédex Entry- see Bulbapedia
    Level Level Cap-
    No badges: lvl 45
    2 badges: lvl 55
    4 badges: lvl 70
    **characters can still level up in RP**
    Ability No Dream World abilities- see Bulbapedia
    Nature List of Natures
    Characteristic List of Characteristics
    Moves Moves must be:
  • ones your species can learn
  • at least one, no more than four
  • appropriate to your level
  • see Bulbapedia
  • Element/Type Colors
  • History Your character's past. Must be two reasonable paragraphs long.
    Appearance Any defining marks or coloration if any. Body posture that contributes to personality.
    Personality Personality characteristics, quirks, strengths, behavior, habits, etc.
    User Notes
  • Characters that are children of other EJ characters should be specified here with links provided to their profiles.
  • Any additional information that should be noted. Possible motives, particular qualities that don't fit elsewhere, connections to other characters, etc. (If referenced from another character outside of EJ, it should be mentioned here)

  • Single Character Sheet File:
    These downloadable document files have html coding present for aesthetic reasons. (Tables and specified padding)The Word document is easiest to use, with the appropriate text highlighted for easy editing. It is recommended that only users with at least a basic html knowledge use these. Programs like Adobe Dreamweaver or freeware like Notepad++ highlight coding, making it easy to see what should be changed.

  • Single Sheet Notepad Template
  • (to be downloaded and opened in Notepad)

    Example of Single Character Profile with template

    Dual Character Sheet File:
  • Dual Sheet Word Template
  • (to be downloaded and opened in Microsoft Word)

  • Dual Sheet Word Template
  • (to be downloaded and opened in Notepad)

    Example of Dual Character Profile with template

    Basic Code Character Sheets:

    We'll see if you're worthy of our ranks, maggot!
    If we find that you aren't worthy, you will be killed mercilessly, never to see the light of day...so choose carefully.



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