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Type Colors & Hex Colors


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Type Colors & Hex Colors Empty Type Colors & Hex Colors

Post by Negative10 Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:46 pm

Resources: Colour Codes

Welcome! This thread contains resources for usable colour hex codes for several useful things that are encouraged to be used for clearer clarity. If you do not know how to use a hex code, please see the BBCode Tutorial, under '4. Coloured Text' for more information.

Hex Codes for Type Colours
(Courtesy of Negative10)

Normal Type: A8A77A
Fire Type: EE8130
Water Type: 6390F0
Electric Type: F7D02C
Grass Type: 7AC74C
Ice Type: 96D9D6
Fighting Type: C22E28
Poison Type: A33EA1
Ground Type: E2BF65
Flying Type: A98FF3
Psychic Type: F95587
Bug Type: A6B91A
Rock Type: B6A136
Ghost Type: 735797
Dragon Type: 6F35FC
Dark Type: 705746
Steel Type: B7B7CE
Fairy Type: D685AD

Hex Codes for All Colours
(Courtesy of Suicune and Uxie)

• Custom colors in hexidecimal format.
• Major hexadecimal color codes.
• Color blender/mixer.
• Pick a color from an image.
• Color Encyclopedia: Information and conversion.
• Custom color picker from the full palette.

Hex Codes for Generation Colours
(Courtesy of Karkailse and Uxie)

Gen I:
Red:: ff1111
Blue:: 1111ff
Yellow:: ffd733

Gen II:
Gold:: daa520
Silver:: c0c0c0
Crystal:: 4fd9ff

Gen III:
Ruby:: a00000
Sapphire:: 0000a0
Emerald 00a000

FireRed:: ff7327
LeafGreen:: 00dd00

Colloseum:: b6cae4
XD: Gale of Darkness:: 604e82

Gen IV:
Diamond:: aaaaff
Pearl:: ffaaaa
Platinum:: 999999

HeartGold:: b69e00
SoulSilver:: c0c0e1

Gen V:
Black:: 444444
White:: e1e1e1

Gen VI:
X:: 6376b8
Y:: ed5540

Omega Ruby:: cf3025
Alpha Sapphire:: 1768d1

Gen VII:
Sun:: f1912b
Moon:: 5599ca

Ultra Sun:: ec5d2e
Ultra Moon:: 1f62a3

Sword:: 00d1f6
Shield:: 9e2306

Brilliant Diamond:: afede4
Shining Pearl:: e3b6df

Gen IX:
Scarlet:: c91421
Violet:: 632ea6

Gen ???:
FakemonDex:: 9819ff

Hex Codes for EJ Team Colours
(Courtesy of Karkailse)

Legendary Team:: b3b3b3
Harbinger Team:: a80000
Ilex Team:: ff00ee
Rage Team:: d600c8
Under Team:: 2bff00
Olivine Team:: b000a4
Icirrus Team:: ff7700
Snowpoint Team:: 00b7c4
Alph Team:: 7d0175
Union Team:: deb6db
Pallet Team:: 0900ff
Underground Team:: df82ed
Victory Team:: 53519e
Mountain Team:: ab3eb5
Safari Team:: 751c7a
Whirl Team:: 662c62
New Bark Team:: 7d2d76
Saffron Team:: 2b4463
Port Team:: 6b3e68
Blackthorne Team:: 9e769b
Abandoned Team:: 75735b
Acuity Team:: 02c768
Ambrette Team:: c26e3e
Amity Team:: 88ff59
Aspertia Team:: f78a4f
Canalave Team:: abd164
Castelia Team:: ba9898
Castle Team:: e9f2a4
Celadon Team:: 57a4c7
Celestic Team:: 339686
Cerulean Team:: 0569ff
Chargestone Team:: dbf518
Cherrygrove Team:: c379e8
Cinnabar Team:: 4778cc
Citadark Team:: 513d8a
Coronet Team:: 00eeff
Cyllage Team:: efc055
Desert Team:: debe66
Dragonspiral Team:: 9163ff
Dreamyard Team:: ff0091
Ecruteak Team:: b37d12
Fallarbor Team:: 99cc66
Faraway Team:: e8de6f
Floarama Team:: 4ba38a
Fortree Team:: 575da6
Frost Team:: a5c0df
Fuchsia Team:: f547af
Gateon Team:: 0075db
Hearthome Team:: fc88e1
HQ Team:: c9ba49
Lacunosa Team:: f2e71b
Lavaridge Team:: f28b0c
Lavender Team:: 04007d
Laverre Team:: 852674
Libra Team:: b39930
Lilycove Team:: 14afde
Lost Team:: a39372
Lostlorn Team:: faca69
Lumiose Team:: ffff7e
Mahogany Team:: d43d1a
Marsh Team:: 155661
Mauville Team:: de9cf2
Meteor Team:: 825a2a
Moon Team:: 3859ff
Mossdeep Team:: 8ce625
Nuvema Team:: d16302
Opelucid Team:: 9e7e00
Outskirt Team:: be3dff
Pacifidlog Team:: 00e0f0
Parfum Team:: e78a61
Pewter Team:: 75a897
Phenac Team:: 4cbf46
Pyre Team:: 037e87
Pyrite Team:: 1a520c
Realgam Team:: 827e7a
Relic Team:: 0ac200
Rustboro Team:: 942b0c
S.S. Anne Team:: 6cc4b2
Seafoam Team:: a1ceff
Shadow Lab Team:: a0ff7a
Shipwreck Team:: 61b1d8
Silver Team:: d3d3d3
Sinjoh Team:: e8de6f
Sky Team:: 8ec920
Slateport Team:: 00e3a3
Stark Team:: 569491
Sunyshore Team:: 95d6db
Verdanturf Team:: 04c991
Village Team:: 74c49f
Viridian Team:: 0600b3
White Team:: cce36f

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