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Dark Days are Ahead...
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    Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto)


    Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto) Empty Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto)

    Post by Guest Sun May 27, 2012 6:58 pm

    Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto) 170px-024Arbok
    Temp Image.

    Nimh (Irish for Poison)
    -Ice Fang
    -Mud Bomb
    Highly Persistent
    National Dex No./Species-
    #24 Arbok/The Cobra Pokemon
    Pokédex Entry-
    The frightening patterns on its belly have been studied. Six variations have been confirmed.
    All her life Nimh's been a wild pokemon. She's always been one of the nicer Ekans and even now as a Arbok, but everyone has a dark side to their story. Nimh evolved into Arbok at a young age because she loved to battle and loved the taste of blood. This got her into alot of trouble with her family, but at the time Nimh didn't care. All she cared about was power and how good blood tasted after a victory. She traveled for many years, but as she got older, her blood lust soon left her.

    Once she reached the age of fifty, her blood lust was gone completely and all Nimh wanted was to settle down with a nice male and have a family. So she did. She settled down in Fuchsia City, where she meet a very handsome Seviper. The two very very happy and had three kids. Twins Ekans and a third, much young Ekans. The twins were both female, while the young Ekans was a male. Nimh loved all her children dearly, but she didn't have much time to be happy because soon all her children had left to travel the world. Nimh was sad to see them off, but knew they would be better off in the world, then staying home with their mother.

    One day after about twenties years after her kids left, her husband passed away from illness, which left Nimh all alone again. Her heart was broken, but she swore on that day she would look after all and everyone that was younger then her. (Which is just about everyone) As she got older, she keep that promise. Considering where she lived, she came across much younger pokemon and took care of them. At one point she adopted a baby Larvitar. The child was scared and from what Nimh found out, the child's mother belonged to a trainer, but the trainer didn't want a baby so they got rid of the Larvitar. At the time Nimh cared for the Larvitar like she was her own child.

    She didn't give a name to the Larvitar, but soon a young girl by the name of Eve found them. At first Nimh was curious about the girl and so was Eve. Eve come to visit Nimh and the young Larvitar and soon Eve came Larvitar the name Kamiko, which meant little princess. Larvitar loved the name and Nimh knew that these two were meant to be together. So after about three months of Eve visiting the two, Nimh asked Eve to take Kamiko with her on her journey. Kamiko was over joyed when Eve took her with her, but was very said to leave her mother figure. Nimh told her that they would meet up again one day and just like that, she was alone again.

    She was like that for another twelve years until the epidemic hit Kanto. At the age she was now, she didn't like to fight more then she had too, but the undead brought out her old self again and killed and killed. She didn't relies till now how much she missed the thrill of a fight and the delicious taste of blood and she relised, when she ate the undead, she wasn't infected and that was day she found out she was immune to the virus. Oh did she take advantage of that. So now she wonders the Kanto Region killing as many undead as she can.

    A normal Arbok, though she larger then most.
    She may be well into her eighty's but she still acts like alittle kid. Nimh as a heart of gold, but thanks to her lisps others usually don't think so. If Nimh believe you are out of place, she'll tell you. She's very motherly and a very comforting pokemon to be around when your not feeling well or your upset.

    User Note-

    -She's bigger then most Arbok's

    -Isn't as mobile as she used to be

    -Loves to see younger pokemon running around with not a care in the world

    -Really doesn't think much of the infection as she is immune to the virus

    -Her favorite place to be in the world is on the beach, under a Palm Tree and sleeping in her coils

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    Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto) Empty Re: Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto)

    Post by Guest Mon May 28, 2012 6:13 pm

    Nimh is ready for approval<3

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    Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto) Empty Re: Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto)

    Post by Mewtwo Tue May 29, 2012 7:53 pm



    Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto) 3Br5nS6

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    Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto) Empty Re: Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto)

    Post by Lugia Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:43 pm

    Move to Dead


    Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto) Shadowlugiasig


    "It's amazing how hard someone will fight for their underpants."


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    Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto) Empty Re: Nimh the Elderly Arbok(Fuchsia, Kanto)

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