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    Jake the Gallade and Zoe the Gardevoir (inactive)


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    Jake the Gallade and Zoe the Gardevoir (inactive)  Empty Jake the Gallade and Zoe the Gardevoir (inactive)

    Post by Nightfall Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:19 pm

    Jake the Gallade and Zoe the Gardevoir (inactive)  29cp4ch
    (Images by Cinderspark)

    Jake the Gallade and Zoe the Gardevoir (inactive)  2hmpses

    Text Color #31B94D
    Item None at present
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #475 Gallade, the Blade Pokemon
    Height 5'03"
    Weight 114.6lbs
    Pokédex Entry "When protecting someone, it extends its elbows as if they were swords and fights savagely."
    Level 39
    Ability Steadfast (the Speed stat is raised whenever it flinches)
    Nature Hasty (+Speed, -Defense)
    Characteristic Somewhat stubborn (+Sp.Def)
    Moves Psycho Cut
    Swords Dance
    Night Slash
    Brick Break (TM)
    History Jake was born in Hoenn into a large family consisting of many members of his evolutionary line. As a young Ralts he was timid and curious, making friends but never straying too far from his parents. As he grew up he began to learn more about the world around him, and was eager to learn more. By the time he had evolved into Kirlia when he was a teenager, he had decided that he wanted to leave. Saying goodbye to his family, he set off to search for a life of his own.

    Jake did not make it far before he was corner by a young Trainer called Cameron intent on catching him. Not wanting to become confined and enslaved, Jake fought back fiercely but was eventually defeated by Cameron's Arcanine and captured. Distraught and convinced that he'd never get what he wanted in life, Jake lost all hope ... but then he met Zoe.

    Zoe was another one of Cameron's Pokemon. A young Kirlia at a similar age to himself, she had been through a experience like his own and helped to convince him that his life was certainly not over and that Cameron was a kind and gentle young man. It took a while, but Jake eventually started to get used to his new life. He, Zoe, Cameron and the other Pokemon traveled Hoenn together. He was a little puzzled as to why Cameron wasn't using him in battle very much, but he didn't really care. More than anything he just enjoyed being in Zoe's company.

    But one day, Cameron released him from his Poke Ball and held out a blue, shining stone to him. "Jake, this is a Dawn Stone," he said. "I've finally found one, and if you want to you can use it to evolve. But it's entirely your choice." Not liking his feminine appearance, Jake did not hesitate. He touched the stone, closed his eyes and when he opened them, he was a tall, powerful Gallade. From then on he was used in battle a lot more often, and was sometimes sent out with Zoe into a double battle. Life was wonderful ... he almost felt ready to tell Zoe how he felt about her.

    Then things started to change. While spending time in Mossdeep City, they started to hear rumours about a strange, deadly virus that had been first spotted in Johto and was now spreading into the other regions. By the time they got to Lilycove City to board a ferry, it was chaos. Completely caught off guard, the group were horrified and completely overwhelmed by the hordes of undead wild Pokemon who were attacking the city. Jake, Zoe and the other Pokemon fought desperately to try and keep the hordes away from Cameron, but they were overwhelmed. Their friends all fell to the undead only to rise again and turn on them. Jake was determined to fight, but Zoe grabbed his hand, shouted something to him and then Teleported them both away.

    When they opened their eyes, they were in Petalburg Woods. "Where is Cameron?" Zoe asked him. Horrified, Jake realised that she had told him to grab Cameron's hand before they teleported, and had not heard her in the racket. Jake dropped to his knees, immediately hating and blaming himself. "Jake, come on," Zoe said, pulling him to his feet and giving him a hug. "It's ... probably going to be OK. Let's see if we can get back to Lilycove and see what happened. Perhaps Cameron will be waiting for us there." He did not believe her and secretly thought that she didn't believe herself, but he went with her nonetheless, and he continues to stay with her to this day, searching Hoenn for any trace of their Trainer.
    Appearance An ordinary Gallade with no defining marks or features. He is a little jumpy and never strays far from Zoe.
    Personality Out of the two of them, Jake is the one who does most of the worrying. Anything that can potentially be a threat to himself or Zoe makes him nervous, and he is even reluctant to approach living Pokemon. He has little confidence in himself and often has to rely on Zoe to keep his spirits up. He is a pessimist and can't help but think the worst for every bad situation. Without Zoe he simply cannot function properly without panicking that he is doing something wrong, and thus rarely leaves her side unless absolutely necessary.

    Underneath all of these nerves and confidence issues, Jake is very kind, sensitive and protective towards friends. He is timid around them at first and often lets Zoe do most of the talking, but he will eventually warm up to them ... as long as they don't pose any sort of threat, of course. He finds it hard to trust others but he knows that Zoe has better communication skills and judgement than he does; if Zoe trusts someone, then he can feel comfortable trusting them as well.
    User Notes (All user notes are in Zoe's profile)

    Jake the Gallade and Zoe the Gardevoir (inactive)  Do71x1

    Text Color #F95587
    Item None at present
    Gender Female
    Age Adult
    Species #282 Gardevoir, the Embrace Pokemon
    Height 5'03"
    Weight 106.7lbs
    Pokédex Entry "To protect its Trainer, it will expend all its psychic power to create a small black hole."
    Level 42
    Ability Synchronize (passes on status problems to the foe that delivered it)
    Nature Calm (+Sp.Def, -Attack)
    Characteristic Strong willed (+Sp.Def)
    Moves Psychic
    Protect (TM)
    Confuse Ray (egg move)
    Thunderbolt (TM)
    History Zoe was born in Hoenn like most of her kind. Her father, a Mismagius, belonged to an expert Trainer who had recently decided to start practice breeding Pokemon to see if he could pass on their moves. Soon after hatching, Zoe was released into the wild along with her two sisters; the Trainer had wanted a male Ralts so he could later evolve it into Gallade.

    Her younger sisters didn't react well to being abandoned so soon. Zoe soon took it upon herself to be their carer. Even though their age gap was not so great, the fact that she was not pining for their Trainer and they were made a big difference. Ever the optimist, she collected food for them, sang songs to soothe them (the lyrics to which she made up herself) and gave them hope that life would be wonderful and that they'd soon feel better. For a long time the three sisters lived in this way in the wild.

    But one day, when they were all teenagers, the middle sister, who was the most rebellious of the three, said that she was sick and tired of living the same way each day and wanted to leave. Zoe's feelings were hurt by this declaration, seeing as she had spent most of her time trying to make things pleasant for them all despite the circumstances. Her sister bid the remaining two of them goodbye and left. Zoe did not try to stop her; she knew that this day would eventually come. She spent the next few weeks with her youngest sister, Lily, tending to the timid girl and trying to convince her that everything would be all right. Eventually, she suggested that they left their home near to Verdanturf Town and started to travel Hoenn. Lily was reluctant at first, but soon agreed.

    Zoe and Lily were on their way to Rustboro City when they were attacked by a Houndoom, crazed by hunger after being abandoned by his cruel Trainer. The canine ruthlessly attacked the pair, who were unable to ward off many of its attacks due to having a disadvantaged type. Both sisters lay wounded in the grass, and the last thing that Zoe remembered seeing before passing out was an Arcanine zooming in and fending off the Houndoom.

    When she woke up, Zoe was in the care of a young Trainer called Cameron. She found out that he and his Arcanine had been traveling when they witnessed the fight. Zoe was ever thankful to him for saving their lives, and only saw it as fair that she stayed with him and remained loyal at all times. Lily, however, was not so eager. Having a distrust of humans she declared that she did not want to live this lifestyle. She wanted to be free. She told Zoe that, thanks to her, she now felt strong enough to manage on her own. She thanked her sister and hugged her, then bid her farewell. Zoe felt sad to see her leave, but was glad that she was able to boost her confidence to where it needed to be.

    Not long after she started traveling with Cameron, Jake was introduced to the group. She found it odd that Cameron would catch another Kirlia when he already had her. Jake was initially terrified of his surroundings and did not believe in himself. He reminded her of Lily ... Because of this she was the first of Cameron's Pokemon to introduce herself to the poor thing, and tried her best to make him feel welcome, insisting that Cameron was a good and kind young man and that he would be made welcome here. Gradually, Jake started to feel more comfortable and eventually he rarely left her side. Zoe did not mind this in the slightest; she rather enjoyed his company. When Jake evolved into Gallade, she was very happy for him because she could see how much more he liked his evolved form. It added a sparkle to his eye that she hadn't noticed before.

    When news of a potential epidemic reached their ears, Zoe started to fear for her family's and Jake's safety. When they arrived in Lilycove City to a scene of chaos, she did everything in her power, alongside Jake, to defend them all. When things got out of hand and herself, Jake and Cameron were the only ones left standing, Zoe grabbed Jake's hand, told him to grab Cameron and then quickly teleported to a random location.

    Upon arriving in Petalburg Woods and discovering that Cameron was not there, Zoe was devastated. Jake, on the other hand, was almost beyond comforting. Knowing that only she was able to keep him under even slight control, Zoe lifted Jake to his feet and tried her best to console him. She did not believe her own words and was convinced that Cameron was dead by now, but she knew that she could not even let Jake think about that because it would destroy him. Instead, like she had done so with Lily, she suggested that they traveled Hoenn to see if Cameron was still alive. They are now getting close to Fortree, just one city away from the truth...
    Appearance She is an ordinary Gardevoir with no defining marks or features. She carries a very calm and collected way about her, and rarely looks phased by anything (except attacks from the undead, of course).
    Personality Zoe is a very calm, collected and organised individual. She rarely gets angry or upset by anything, but this is mainly because she knows that the way that she behaves will effect Jake. She cares very deeply for him, but has not verbally admitted this yet. She worries about him all the time and sometimes finds it hard to keep herself calm since she is constantly battling with all sorts of whirling emotions inside.

    Zoe is intelligent and quick-thinking, with an open mind. She prefers to think things through before acting and advises others to do the same. Despite her gentle exterior she does have some fight in her, and will battle fiercely to protect herself, Jake and any friends she makes.
    User Notes --Father was a Mismagius.
    --The Teleport that Zoe used as described in the history is a move that she used to know. She has since leveled-up and replaced it with Psychic.
    --Zoe and Jake are named after, but not based upon, the two characters from the novel 'The Silent Land'.

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    Post by Nightfall Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:12 pm

    Oh ma gad, they are finally done. O_O Please move them to the Profile Computer for approval. <3

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    Jake the Gallade and Zoe the Gardevoir (inactive)  Empty Re: Jake the Gallade and Zoe the Gardevoir (inactive)

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    And thank you for clarifying for why a move in the history isn't represented. Most forget that part and I am forced to ask.


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