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This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
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Fakemon Suggestions


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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Suicune Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:49 pm

Fakemon Suggestions!

Fakemon Rules

Click to read about Fakemon Rules:

  • No four-stage evolutions (mo third stage can evolve).
  • Branched evolutions, like Poliwrath and Politoed, are acceptable, and only up to three different ones. (Like Poliwrath, Politoed and a fake one.) Eevee is the only exception.
  • No Eeveelution can evolve. Only one Eeveelution per type. They are first come, first serve.
  • No pokemon previously evolved with a stone may evolve (e.g, Honchkrow nor Mismagius cannot evolve. However, their pre-evolutions can have a branched evolution that differs).
  • Methods of evolution must be different from the methods offered in previous generations (Ex: Time of Day and High Friendship in Gen 2, hold items and level up in Gen 3, Locations in Gen 4, etc). New items and locations are acceptable, as long as they stay in pokémon canon.
  • Branched evolutions must look different enough to be different pokemon (there are a few exceptions).
  • Any obvious patterns held in the previous, official pokemon family (such as the Magby line: all have "Mag" as a prefix to their names) must be upheld.
  • Any branched evolution of a starter pokemon is highly discouraged. They all follow a strict pattern unto themselves, and should not be tampered with. If a good enough idea arises, though, it will be considered.
  • No Legendary fakemon evos and pre-evos. (lol) Phione is included in this.

More may be added at a later time.

Fakemon Suggestions

For everyone that would like to submit any Fakemon ideas for our artists to use and implement into potential future designs.
  • If your suggestion is used, the artist will give credit for collaboration with you.
  • These ideas may or not be used at all; they are merely ideas thrown out for the artists.
  • Our artists are NOT to be hassled or harassed to use any particular idea.
  • If the suggestions here are used, they may be altered however the artist wishes to do so, regardless of the original concept offered.

    • By submitting your ideas here, you agree and accept to these terms.

      Submit your suggestions here, replying to this thread.
      • Make them clear and as short as possible. Anything unneeded shouldn't go in your post.
      • Suggestions can range from just appearances to in-depth profile and move sets.
      • Only fake prevos, evos and fusemon are currently being accepted.
      • Fakemon can be submitted for suggestions, but may not be used until 'pure' fakemon are allowed.

      Suggested format for submitted fakemon profiles:

      Genders possible-
      Signature Moves-
      National Dex No./Species-
      Pokédex Entry-
      Egg type-
      Evolution line-
      Item for evolution (if any)-
      Origin of name-
      User Notes-

      Otherwise, you can use the advanced, table format instead. A download link for the simple format and the table format are both listed here.


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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Drago Sun Feb 26, 2012 4:40 pm

Name- Nidosire (name is up for debate, I'm uncreative. :x)
Genders possible- Male
Signature Moves- Venoshock, Dragon Dart*
Ability- Poison Point
National Dex No./Species- #unkown/Dart pokemon
Type/s- Poison/Dragon
Weight- 150 lbs
Pokédex Entry- One burst from their jagged wings can slice a telephone pole in half, as if it were a matchstick. ((unoriginal, I know. >.<))
Egg type- Monster and Dragon
Evolution line- Nidoran (male)
Item for evolution (if any)- Sun Stone possibly? More would need to be added, but it's a possibility. :x
Origin of name- Nido and Sire. :x
User Notes-

*If the making of moves is allowed as well, I'd like to throw in Dragon Dart as a signature move. It'd be an attack where the user releases an extreme ammount of energy below his horn, launching the horn as a projectile. The energy then speeds the renewal of a new horn (this attack cannot be used in quick succession).

For a possible evolution, something involving a Sun stone would possibly be used, since it's the opposite of a Moon Stone. Dawn Stone? I leave that up to the artists. :x Perhaps using a sun Stone after coming in contact with the infection? The poison in a Nidorino's body would deflect the infection, but it would still leave slight changes in the body, if it got inside, right?

As far as appearance, it would retain the general shape of a Nidorino, still walking on all fours. It's spikes would fan out, and become more pointed, and it grows two jagged wings, one to either side. It's horn is longer. It's spikes could lie flat against the body, or be retractable, then be pushed out when angered, like a Porcupine or cat.

Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Guest Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:15 pm


Possible Genders: M/F

Gender Differences: Shorter Ears for Females



3’01”/ 0.9m

58.9lb / 26.8 kg

National Dex No./Species:

#???/ Eclipseon, the Solar Eclipse Pokemon

Pokedex Entry:
These pokemon have extremely painful evolutions due to their eyes being literally burned off.

Special Abilities:

Due to it having no eyes, eclipseon are forced to rely on their psychic abilities to see, allowing them for a panoramic view around them. But due to its limited psychic abilities, this panoramic view only reaches to its immediate surroundings of 7 feet.

Eclipseon is an evolution from an eevee that combines properties of an umbreon and an espeon in one being. Only with the natural love given to it during a solar eclipse can an eevee evolve, when both the moon and the sun are present to share thier power.


The mark on its forehead being a sun with a crescent moon inside it, while the rays of the sun give off the appearance of healed burns. Due to the nature of the eclipse it was evolved under, the eyes have withered away, leaving blank empty sockets where the skin has grown over, leaving the species blind, and forced to rely on its hearing for far away presences. They prefer close range combat, for it is only when the opponent is incredibly close that they may see them with their psychic abilities. As both the power of the sun and the moon are embodied in one being, both are severely reduced, leaving these species with lowered special attack strength.

These pokemon tend to detest traveling and prefer to stay in the same location over their lifetime, which is most likely due to the fact that it is easier to survive while blind in locations they are familiar with.

Egg type: Field

Evolution line:

Type Effectiveness:
-Weak to: Bug(x4),
-Unaffected by: Psychic

Moves via Level-up:

(Start) Tail Whip
(Start) Tackle
(8) Sand Attack
(13) Pursuit
(16) Confusion
(22) Quick Attack
(29) Confuse Ray
(32) Faint Attack
(36) Psybeam
(43) Assurance
(50) Last Resort
(57) Mean Look
(64) Psychic
(71) Recover
(78) Guard Swap

User Notes:
-I know all eeveelutions are single types, but the idea of what would happen to an evolving eevee during a solar eclipse was too much |D
-Got the blind idea from the fact that staring at an eclipse can cause eye damage
-And feel free to change the "symbol", the name, the moves...or anything else really >.<

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Guest Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:04 am

To be honest, I don't think it's fair that only artists can submit Fakemon. It kinda puts Silverishness on a monopoly here.

Name- Sabreon
Genders possible- M (87.5%)/F (12.5%)
Signature Moves- none
Ability- Battle armor/Rock head [One is hidden, though it's the artist's choice which one ends up hidden]
National Dex No./Species- #???-Sabreon/Bone Pokemon
Type/s- Rock
Height- Up to artist
Weight- Up to artist
Pokédex Entry- "Sabreon are thought to be the ancestor of all mammalian Pokemon."
Egg type- Field (or whatever Eevee's group is)
Evolution line- Eevee -> Sabreon
Item for evolution (if any)- Trade Eevee while holding a Long Fang.
The Long Fang item sharply raises the attack stat.
Origin of name- SABeR toothed tiger + EON

Out of five:
Atk.- ooo
Def.- oooo
Sp.Atk.- o
Sp.Def.- oooo
Speed- o
HP- ooo
Sabreon is pretty typical of Rock-type Pokemon.

It can change if you want...
Start- Tail Whip
Start- Tackle
Start-Helping Hand
8 - Sand-Attack
15 - Rock Throw
22 - Quick Attack
29 - Bite
36 - AncientPower
43 - Rock Slide
50 - Last Resort
57 - Earthquake
64 - Rock Polish
71 - Stone Edge
78 - Head Smash
TM Moves:

It can change if you want...
01 - Hone Claws
02 - Dragon Claw
05 - Roar
06 - Toxic
10 - Hidden Power
11 - Sunny Day
15 - Hyper Beam
17 - Protect
18 - Rain Dance
21 - Frustration
23 - Smack Down
26 - Earthquake
27 - Return
28 - Dig
30 - Shadow Ball
31 - Brick Break
32 - Double Team
42 - Facade
44 - Rest
45 - Attract
48 - Round
49 - Echoed Voice
54 - False Swipe
65 - Shadow Claw
67 - Retaliate
68 - Giga Impact
69 - Rock Polish
71 - Stone Edge
80 - Rock Slide
83 - Work Up
84 - Poison Jab
87 - Swagger
90 - Substitute
93 - Wild Charge
94 - Rock Smash
HM4 - Strength
User Notes-
- It's based off of a Saber-toothed tiger.
- Sabreon went through a lot of changes to get to this point... It used to be a ghost/fire type and the final form of a Fakemon starter line.

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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Lugia Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:15 am

Any three of our main artists is open to submit fakemon. Anathema already has two up herself. Sil's just been putting them up quicker.


Fakemon Suggestions Shadowlugiasig


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Fakemon Suggestions TGJeE

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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Min Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:34 am

Well, I guess I should put up Cavastion here for use. Don't want the work I originally spent on him to go to waste.

Fakemon Suggestions Riamwp

Name- Cavastion [Cavalier + Bastion]
Genders possible- M/F
Gender Difference- Males have longer head plumes than female, most likely to attract mates.

Signature Moves-

Coup De Grâce [Inspiration]
A swift, precise slash with their wings at the foe- mainly to the neck. Before the initial attack the wing begins to glow a gold colour and grow longer and sharper, before swung at the enemy.

Ability-Keen Eye or Battle Armor
National Dex No./Species- #??? Cavastion. The Cavalier Pokemon.
Type/s- Steel/Flying

9’3” / 2.74m
Weight- 165.9 lb / 75.4 kg
Pokédex Entry-

Egg type- Flying Group
Evolution line- Skarmory ====> Cavastion
Evolution Item- Hold Metal Coat while saving someone's life.

Origin of name- Cavalier + Bastion
Type Effectiveness- Same as a Skarmory.

Moves By Level Up-
Swords Dance - Normal – Start
Peck – Flying – Start
Sand Attack – Ground – Lvl 6
Swift – Normal – Lvl 9
Agility - Psychic – Lvl 12
Fury Attack – Normal – Lvl 17
Feint - Normal – Lvl 20
Air Cutter – Flying – Lvl 23
Spikes - Ground – Lvl 28
Metal Sound – Steel – Lvl 31
Steel Wing – Steel – Lvl 34
Autotomize - Steel – Lvl 39
Air Slash – Flying – Lvl 42
Slash - Normal – Lvl 45
Magnet Bomb – Steel – Lvl 48
Night Slash – Dark – Lvl 50
Meteor Mash – Steel – Lvl 57
Brave Bird – Flying – Lvl 68
Sky Attack – Flying – Lvl 70
Coup De Grâce – Steel – Lvl 72
[Bolded attacks mean STAB.]

Moves By TM- Same as Skarmory
Moves By Breeding- Same as Skarmory

Cavastions are much more larger and heavier than their previous form, encased in a tough, titanium armor that allows the bird movements to be swift, but also have high defense against attacks. They have long necks and legs with dark, metal bands wrapped around to give extra protection. Due to it’s helmet, it’s eyes are not visible, although it is debated that if they have eyes at all. However, it is proven that they can still ‘see’, but whether or not they actually use eyes in unknown. Like Skarmories, they nest in tight bramble thickets where their young will develop steel armor though many injuries. Despite their looks, Cavastion’s wings are also hollow, and apparently, bendable. They can be in different positions depending on flight and wind, to allow the Cavalier Pokemon to fly easier through the skies.

Unlike Skarmories that are naturally aggressive and angry, Cavastions are oddly calm individuals who prefer to live a life in a flock. Males tend to guard the flock by flying on it’s outsides, acting like knights to their children and mates who fly near the middle of the formation. Cavastions seem to naturally help others, much like noble knights. However, some have been observed to be haughty and disdainful.

Skarmories evolve into Cavastions when they save a life while holding a Metal Coat. The initial action triggers the brain to initiate the evolution- but only activates in the presence of a Metal Coat. When they evolve, the Metal Coat will begin to fuse with the Skarmory's body, creating a stronger, tougher armor than before. These metal birds are able to regrow missing or lost armor when needed. Cavastions have higher defense than their pre-evolutions, and their attacks and speed have remained the same. However, due to such strong armor that's hard to penetrate, Cavastions have extremely low health as they rely on their defense too much.

Normal, living Cavastions have a clear shine onto their titanium armor. These Pokemon are able to excrete a liquid from their mouth that polishes the armor, and over time will heal any scratches or dents. However, deep scars are found to be unrepairable. Their armor is also known to rust, which the Cavastion’s special liquid can remove. These Pokemon also run their blades through rocks and other hard surfaces to sharpen them. The Cavalier Pokemon are naturally vain with their armor, as it needs to be in top shape to both attract potential mates and to fight.

Infected and undead Cavastions however, usually have dirty, mangled armor with large patches of rust all over their bodies. Their feathers are usually observed to be dull blades, most likely with dirty splatters over them. The infected unlike living, do not take the time to clean themselves and will be left with weak, easily breakable armor. The infected and undead will most likely have large amounts of wound from the numerous hunts and fights it’s been with the living. Rust on the body can sometimes hold a purple hue, though often it’s merely their head feathers that go purple.

It has been documented that Cavastions that have been undead for a long amount of time will have missing pieces of armor. The virus seems to break down the armor when not properly cared for, and will eventually fall off, leaving parts of the bird’s body wide open and vulnerable. Unlike healthier Cavastions, the undead will be unable to regenerate their armor, but in the rare case that they do, will regenerate it in such a way that it’s mangled and disfigured with a strong purple colour.

Those that evolve post-infection, like many others, will have a higher level of intelligence. Although intelligent, they would be insane, unable to think correctly. The virus would disrupt the evolution and their body would be horribly disfigured. The infection can have both positive and negative effects on the Pokemon, sometimes making their wings and talons sharper and more dangerous, but deforms the armor to the point where movement is awkward.

User Notes-
  • Change anything needed. Although I'm hoping the initial appearance and name stays the same.
  • I have some more notes on Cavastion jot down on a notebook, so if you want some more info feel free to PM.
  • Hoping this actually gets used, hehe.

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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Catalyst Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:42 pm

Fakemon Suggestions 15wykxt

Name- Ulnabash (or another name I didn't have a good idea lol)

Genders possible- Both

Signature Moves-
Marrow Smash - The Ulnabash picks up its bone and wields it like a club. Then, it smashes it down onto the ground, flinging up huge sharp rocks towards the user by making them fly at the user, and making a trail of stalagmites to strike up at the user similar to Stone Edge.

Ability- Rock Head/ Lightning Rod/ Battle Armor

National Dex No./Species- ???/ The Bone Wielding Pokemon

Type/s- Ground (maybe Rock too)

Height- 5'3"

Weight- 150.5lbs

Pokédex Entry-

It usually docile nature can be easily turned vicious. It likes to have battles with one another to become stronger.

Egg type- Monster

Evolution line- Cubone -> Marowak -> Ulnabash

Item for evolution (if any)- Soft Sand/ Hard Rock

Origin of name-
Ulna - the smaller, outside bone extending from the elbow to the wrist
Bash - a type of force; like a whack or a slam

User Notes-

Uses its bone as a cane or a staff

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Fakemon Suggestions I61jEL3
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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Fox Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:43 pm

I'd like to take Tails' suggestion.~


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The answer is, of course, because they're going to be sad later."

Fakemon Suggestions 4j0L6

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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Min Sun May 06, 2012 6:31 pm

Excuse my extremely crappy sketch image for this.

[I will provide a much better image if someone decides to take the idea up. |D]

Name- Houndthrus
Genders possible- M/F
Signature Moves-
    The Pokemon's body is completely engulfed in thick flames, before a ring of fire suddenly burst around the user and begins to rapidly spread. 70% chance of a burn.

Ability- Early Bird or Flame Body
National Dex No./Species- #??? Houndthrus, The Guardian Pokemon
Type/s- Dark/Fire
Height- 2m / 6'7"
Weight- 45kg / 99.2 lb
Pokédex Entry- Both of it's heads hold a brain and a different personality. It is said that this beast once was the guardian of a herd of Miltank, but was slain in it's attempt to protect them.
Egg type- Field
Evolution line- Houndour --> Houndoom --> Houndthrus
Item for evolution (if any)- A Houndoom must die protecting something very dear to them, and has a 50% chance of evolving.
Origin of name- Hound + Orthrus
User Notes-
  • Inspired by Cerberus's brother, Orthrus, the two-headed canine.


Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Guest Sat May 19, 2012 6:28 pm

I'll get the image up as soon as I can. {Sense i'm trying to draw stuff myself}


Genders possible-

Signature Moves-
Eon Break- Whenever someone starts to catch on to her dark secret Ulteon becomes a illusion of that person/pokemon's worst fear and become paralyzed, but shall take damage until either the affected is cured or passes out from the incredible pain

Heartbreak- "It has a 80 percent chance of becoming infatuated with the opposite gender, rendering it immobile most of the time"

Hidden Ability-

National Dex No./Species-
#???/ Ulteon, the Heartbroken Multi-blooded Pokemon




Pokédex Entry-
She's said to share the DNA of all the eeveelutions, but suffers from a dark secret that could very well end the Eevee evolutionary line.

Egg type-

Evolution line-
Eevee - Ulteon

Item for evolution (if any)-
A Female Eevee must suffer from the lost of a loved one during a Storm(The kind of storm or even the time of year can affect the way she may evolve and it differs from each Eevee)While holding a Multi-Gene and must also have a dark secret that could very well end her life

Origin of name-
Ult and Eon

User Notes-
-This evolution is VERY hard to obtain, so many poachers and hunters will chase this pokemon till the end of time because the price for this pokemon is immensely huge

-The rarest pokemon on earth, next to a legend that is

-The way she evolve may seem easy, but not all Eevee's can evolve this way and a Multi-Gene is VERY hard to find

Thanks to EndGame, Radiohead97, TailsFoxStar and Blitzstrike for idea's

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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Drago Mon May 21, 2012 5:36 pm

Name- Kabutoni

Genders possible- Male/Female

Signature Moves- Liquify - The user's scythe turns into a jelly-like water, easily passing through solid objects, then reconnecting itself. The blade can then be returned to its normal state at will, allowing for easier cuts.

Ability- Swift Swim/Battle Armor

National Dex No./Species- #???/The Liquid Scythe Pokemon

Types- Rock/Water

Height- 6'3"

Weight- 180 lbs

Pokédex Entry- Incredibly cunning and quick-witted, it uses its abilities to kill quickly and cleanly, with as little blood as possible.

Egg type- Water 1 and Water 3

Evolution line- Kabuto - Kabtops - Kabutoni

Evolution Method- Must experience the loss of an arm, then kill the one who caused the pain. The arm regrows upon evolution.

Origin of name- Kabuto (namesake) + Oni (demon)


Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Guest Thu May 24, 2012 1:52 pm

Fakemon Suggestions Normal_FarfetchdEvolutionMaeby_-_GandWatch
Just a temp image to show what it looks like


Genders: M/F

Signiture Moves: Quell and Vanquish Type Normal
Prep'ostrous calms the foe with a relaxing song, then as they are calm, it rushes in and slices with its Leek.

Ability: Defiant/ Inner Focus

Dex Number/Species : ??? Prep'ostrous, the Samurai Pokemon

Type: Normal/ Flying

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 105.8 lbs.

Dex Entry: Carries with it a sense of honor and chivalry nothing can destroy. When it fights, it wields its Leek like a blade, and sharpens it against rocks after battle to keep it keen. This pokemon sings to soothe enemies to defeat them quickly

Egg Type: Flying and Field Groups

Evolution Line: Farfetch'd - Prep'ostrous

Evolution Method: Must defeat another Farfetch'd by soothing it so it won't fight, then killing it.

Origin of Name: Preposterous, with a ' added to emphasize on its Farfetch'd origins

STAT build: High Attack, average Defense, Low Spec. Attack and Spec. Defense, High Speed

Moveset: Round (Start)
Sand Attack(start)
Leer (Start)
Fury Cutter (Start)

Knock Off (Level 9)
Aerial Ace (Level 13)
Slash (Level 19)
Air Cutter (Level 21)
Swords Dance (Level 25)
Agility (Level 31)
Night Slash (Level 33)
Quell and Vanquish (Level 37)
Hyper Voice (Level 45)
Leaf Blade (Level 49)
Brave Bird (Level 55)

TMs (All that Farfetch'd learn in Gen 5)

Breeding (All that Farfetch'd get through Breeding)

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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Fox Thu May 24, 2012 2:43 pm



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The answer is, of course, because they're going to be sad later."

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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Guest Thu May 24, 2012 3:41 pm

So you're willing to do it?

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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Fox Thu May 24, 2012 4:04 pm

Scratch that, I'll take the idea.
I'll put it on my list of things to design.~


"What's the point in them being happy now if they're going to be sad later?
The answer is, of course, because they're going to be sad later."

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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by SkeletonCupcake Thu May 24, 2012 5:54 pm

Fakemon Suggestions Insanity_demon_by_birdmaddgirl-d4hfbjz
(Courtsey of Anathema)


Genders possible- Male 50%, Female 50%

Signature Moves- Nightmare Assault- Tenechu attacks 2-5 times with it's scythe. If the target pokemon is asleep, Tenechu will gain health equal to half the damage dealt. Base damage; 40

Ability- Static: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with PARALYZE when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.

National Dex No./Species- #???/Tenechu/The Insanity Pokemon
Type/s- Electric/Dark
Pokédex Entry- Tenechu is violent in the extreme and tends to obsess over a person or pokemon until they have been executed.
Egg type- Field/Fairy
Evolution line- Pichu->Pikahu->Tenechu
Item for evolution (if any)- Tenechu evolves by holding a bone of a close friend that they killed or caused to die during a violent outburst. In order for it to evolve however, it must have been experimented on in the past.
Origin of name- Tenebre+Chu
User Notes- Tenechu has seven tails, this is due to having been experimented on as a Pichu or Pikachu. Because of the experimentation it had undergone previously it also has a severe change in color. The scythe it carries is crafted of the bones of its dearest friend.

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Post by Guest Thu May 24, 2012 5:59 pm



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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Fox Fri May 25, 2012 1:56 am

I'll also be taking Tenechu.~


"What's the point in them being happy now if they're going to be sad later?
The answer is, of course, because they're going to be sad later."

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Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Guest Tue May 29, 2012 3:55 pm

Fakemon Suggestions Pidgurul
Name- Pidgurul (PIDG-ooh-ROOL)
Genders possible- Male, Female
Signature Moves- Spirit Calling Type - Ghost, Power - 50, Accuracy - 100, Description: The user summons the souls of unborn children to attack relentlessly. - This attack is very similar to Rollout and has a slightly lower critical-hit rate than normal. (5% less chance - almost impossible under normal circumstances, because normal circumstances make it 6.5%.)
Ability- Keen Eye/Tangled feet/Big Pecks (hidden)
National Dex No./Species- #??? - Pidgurul, the Reincarnated Pokémon
Type/s- Ghost, Flying
Height- same as Pidgeot
Weight- 10lbs
Pokédex Entry- After eating a child that never saw the outside world, their souls merged and evolution spurred.
Egg type- Same as Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot
Evolution line- Pidgey -> Pidgeotto -> Pidgurul
Item for evolution (if any)- Either a Pidgeotto must eat a stillborn child to evolve or hold a Crushed Egg and level up at night. For the artist to decide.
Origin of name- Pidg- prefix in evo line + Turul - mythical bird that perches with the souls of stillborn/unborn children on the "tree of life" in Hungarian mythology.
User Notes- Colored band on its waist is the Hungarian flag.

Fakemon Suggestions Empty Re: Fakemon Suggestions

Post by Guest Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:08 am

Fakemon Suggestions Eeveelution__Zaureon__by_PokeFaktory

Image courtesy of PokeFaktory at Deviant Art

Name: Quetzaleon
Genders: M/F
Signiture Moves: N/A
Ability: Magic Guard, Marvel Scale
Type: Dragon
Height: 3' 07"
Weight: 67.9 lbs
Dex Entry: Quetzaleon enjoys showing off its beautiful green coat, which is actually inumerable tiny feathers. Its horn generate heat when angry, and turn cold when upset. It freely controls fire and ice through these horns.

Egg Type: Dragon/ Monster/ Field

Evo Line: Eevee- Quetzaleon

Evolution: Eevee must bond with a dragon, and must have one of its scales while growing to evolve.

Origin of Name: Quetzalcoatl, Aztec dragon-brid of an emerald color. Had immense power and was able to command serpents.

Moves(Lv Up)

Tackle (start)
Growl (start)
Helping Hand (start)
Sand Attack (lv 8)
Dragon Breath(lv 15)
Quick Attack (lv 22)
Bite (lv 29)
Ember/ Powder Snow (lv 36)
Fire Fang/ Ice Fang (lv 43)
Last Resort (lv 50)
Outrage (lv 57)
Dragon Dance (lv 64)
Flamethrower/ Ice Beam (lv 71)
Draco Meteor (lv 78)

TM 2 Dragon Claw
TM 5 Roar
TM 6 Toxic
TM 10 Hidden Power
TM 11 Sunny Day
TM 13 Ice Beam
TM 15 Hyper Beam
TM 17 Protect
TM 18 Rain Dance
TM 21 Frustration
TM 24 Thunderbolt
TM 27 Return
TM 28 Dig
TM 30 Shadow Ball
TM 32 Double Team
TM 35 Flamethrower
TM 42 Facade
TM 44 Rest
TM 45 Attract
TM 48 Round
TM 61 Will-o-Wisp
TM 67 Retaliate
TM 68 Giga Impact
TM 73 Thunder Wave
TM 77 Psych Up
TM 82 Dragon Tail
TM 83 Work Up
TM 87 Swagger
TM 90 Substitute

STAT BUILD: High Attack, Low Defense, High Special Attack, low Special Defense, Average Speed

((Hope y'all like it... took me awhile to do this one.))

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Fakemon Suggestions Contest_Prize__Shuppeteer_by_JESGRAD07

Courtesy of JESGRAD07 at DeviantArt

Name: Shuppeteer
Genders: M/F
Ability: Insomnia/ Unnerve

Signiture Moves: Vengeance- Shuppeteer takes revenge for old pain, and eats the consciousness of its opponent. One Hit-KO attack.

STAT BUILD: High Attack and Spec. ATK. Low Defenses Average Speed
Type: Ghost
Height: 5' 08"
Weight: 37.5 lbs.
Dex Entry: Shuppeteer is the result of having gotten vengeance on the child who abandoned it as a toy. It now uses its puppets to absorb dreams and control others thoughts.

Egg Field: Amorphous

Evo Line: Shuppet- Banette- Shuppeteer

Evolution Method: Must exact vengeance on the child who abandoned it as a toy. Because of how long Banette are usually searching for their former owners, Shuppeteers are extrememly rare.

Origin of Name: Shade + Puppeteer

Knock Off (Start)
Screech (Lv 5)
Night Shade (Lv 8)
Curse (Lv 13)
Spite (Lv 16)
Shadow Sneak (Lv 20)
Will-o-Wisp (Lv 23)
Faint Attack (Lv 28)
Hex (Lv 31)
Shadow Ball (Lv 35)
Sucker Punch (Lv 42)
Vengeance (Lv 54)
Hypnosis (Lv 58)
Dream Eater (Lv 66)
Nightmare (Lv 75)

TMs: All that Banette learn.

Egg Moves: All that Banette learn.

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Fakemon Suggestions VetabatPNGTrueFinished

--Name of Fakemon--
--Genders possible--
Genderless (Gender is set to Genderless upon evolution)
--Signature Moves--

-- I will explain this move as if it were to be used in a game, to explain the details better. Sorry if it requires a lot of details to balance its power. --

Possession (Ghost, 10PP, 100% Accuracy, Target: Single; Corpse)

The Pokémon takes over a corpse.
This move behaves like Transform, except the user donates 50% of its own health to give 100% Health and full PP back to the corpse; restore the corpse to working condition (all wounds are repaired, excluding serious ones such as lost limbs, organs, bones, etc); and take control of it. If the possessed pokémon “faints”, the possessing Pokémon loses 30% of its health and is ejected from the body forcibly. The possessed pokémon can be healed by healing moves. The user cannot possess Ghost-type or Normal-type corpses, and it cannot pierce through Protect/Detect. Also, the possessing pokémon does not feel pain, and the possessed pokémon does not have any active vitals--in other words, it is deceased yet not rotting, and its flesh is maintained so long as the possessing pokémon remains in possession of the corpse. No rotting stench will come off of its body either. It will appear completely normal to other Pokémon, aside from a bright red glow in its eyes when the possessing pokémon becomes agitated. The corpse in question should not have the virus in it upon possession, or the user runs a high risk of becoming infected themself.
When the target is possessed, the Vetabat takes upon everything the target had--this includes their Stats, Moves, Ability, Typing, Gender, et cetera. The only things that do not change are the Nature, Level, and Characteristics (or any others I may have missed, OTL).
Levitate -- Grants immunity to all ground-type moves.

--National dex # /Pokemon Species--
#--- / Vetabat / Ghost Bat Pokémon
5’ 6”
Pokédex Entry
Vetabat harmlessly engorge themselves upon the energy shed from both Undead and Living souls, although they often enjoy deceiving people into thinking they will devour their soul as well.

Egg field-
--Evolution line--
Zubat --> Golbat --> Vetabat
--Evolution Method--
The Golbat must utterly refuse to leave its body during its death, and be holding an Everstone. If both of these requirements are fulfilled, their body will evolve, completely shed its physical form (in other words, the physical body disintegrates), and become a Vetabat.

--Origin of name--
Vetala (A mythical African bat that is said to possess human corpses ~Here is a reference~)
Vetala + Bat

--STAT build--
40 Health Points (Dismal)
20 Attack (Dismal)
65 Defense (Weak)
110 Special Attack (High)
95 Special Defense (Moderate)
120 Speed (Very High)



-By level~
Supersonic lvl 1
Screech lvl 1
Icy Wind lvl 1
Absorb lvl 1
Confuse Ray lvl 17
Dream Eater lvl 20
Nightmare lvl 21
Venoshock lvl 26
Mean Look lvl 28
Night Shade lvl 32
Frost Breath lvl 37
Dark Pulse lvl 40
Mega Drain lvl 44
Shadow Ball lvl 45
Snatch lvl 46
Spite lvl 60
Possession lvl 55
Curse lvl 62
Grudge lvl 64
Hyper Voice lvl 66
Pain Split lvl 68
Destiny Bond lvl 75

- TMs~
06 -- Toxic
09 -- Venoshock
10 -- Hidden Power
12 -- Taunt
13 -- Ice Beam
14 -- Blizzard
15 -- Hyper Beam
16 -- Light Screen
18 -- Rain Dance
29 -- Psychic
30 -- Shadow Ball
32 -- Double Team
33 -- Reflect
41 -- Torment
44 -- Rest
46 -- Thief
48 -- Round
((79 -- Dark Pulse)) Gen IV TM
87 -- Swagger
95 -- Snarl
-Egg moves~
Same as Zubat/Golbat/Crobat.

--Behavior & Physiology--

As morbid and terrifying as Vetabats appear to be, some of them are actually very miserable creatures. Some of them suffer from bouts of chronic depression or despair--this is not entirely true for all of their kind, though. This mixes with their often highly morbid attitude, making them quite brutal. The reason for their desire to stay alive, though, varies dramatically. One Vetabat may want to live because of a grudge, another may want to live to protect others. There has to always be a root cause for their desire to stay in the physical world.
Their body is rough and airy to the touch, and radiates a minor cold aura that can be felt by others when they are near it. When pressed, the body feels hard as if it were solid, but it still has some odd feeling of intangibility. The wings are ethereal, their texture akin to a thin, silky fabric that is deceptively strong. These Pokémon do not breathe, and their chest is gaunt and hollow.
Vetabat, being nothing but souls, do not have to eat or drink (Although as said earlier, they feed off of a peculiar energy shed by all other souls). They also do not feel the burden of sleep.
Vetabat will often inhabit a body in order to travel through sunlight. They do not burn up and/or die in sunlight, but they become dramatically weakened by it.
--User Notes--
-- Although Vetabat can be put to sleep by sleep-inducing moves, they do not actually need to sleep.
-- A Vetabat cannot be infected if it inhabits a body. Only when it is exposed outside of a foreign body can it be injured and then infected. Any injuries sustained while in a body are to the corpse, not to the Vetabat itself, although the Vetabat still feels the pain as if it was taking the injuries anyways.
-- The drawing was inspired by Johnathan Wojik’s interpretation of the Vetala Vampire as seen here ^w^
~~ I was hoping that Silverishness could take this Fakemon, but if she is unable to at the moment then I suppose it is fair game for any of you other Main Artists :3 ~~

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Fakemon Suggestions Gigimplode_by_Dancergurl4u2nv

Courtesy of Dancergurl4u2 at DeviantArt


Genders: Genderless
Signiture Move: Radiation/ Type: Fire Power: 130 Acc: 100 (Special Attack)
Gigimplode looses massive radiation from itself. Causes Recoil of 1/4 damage done to opponent

Ability: Soundproof/ Levitate

Types: Electric/Fire
Height: 1'04"
Weight: 73.8lbs.

Dex Number/Entry: Gigimplode #??? The Atom Pokemon, When angered,it explodes with enough force that rivals a Nuclear Explosion. They are often sleeping to avoid becoming angry.

Egg Field: N/A

Evo Line: Voltorb-Electrode-Gigimplode

Evo Method: Electrode must absorb a massive amount of electricty and radiation, and then store that energy instead of exploding. This occurence is ridiculously rare.

Origin of Name: Giga (Large) + Implode (Inward exertion of energy resulting in something like an explosion,but with more force)

Stat Build: Low Attack and Defense, High Special Attack, Average Spec. Defense, and Very High Speed

Stored Power(Start)
Rollout (Lv 26)
Thunderbolt(Lv 37)
Radiation(lv 48)
Explosion(Lv 59)
Hyper Beam(Lv 70)

TMs: Same as Electrode's

User Note: Gigimplode looses so much size and weight upon evolving due to the nature of evolution. It looses weight and mass,but gains massive energy, much like an atom, also, the weight it has is compacted tightly, making at very heavy despite its size.


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Fakemon Suggestions 281x3if

Fakemon Suggestions 20hreba

Name- Radeon

Genders possible- Male and Female

Signature Moves- None

Ability- Poison Point

National Dex No./Species- Radeon, The Toxic Pokemon

Type/s- Poison

Height- 3’03”

Weight- 59.5lbs

Pokédex Entry- Its ears and tail droop as if it has lost the strength to hold them. Its fur is coated with a deadly poison.

Egg type- Field

Evolution line- Eevee to Radeon

Item for evolution (if any)- Must be poisoned and in a radioactive area (garbage dump, sewers, even a contaminated pond or river would do) while holding a Toxic Plate.

Origin of name- Radiation-Eon

- Tail Whip
- Tackle
- Helping Hand
8 Sand-attack
15 Smog
22 Quick Attack
29 Confuse Ray
36 Poison Tail
43 Sludge Bomb
50 Last Resort
57 Acid Armor
64 Toxic
71 Cross Poison
78 Venoshock

User Notes-
-After evolution it has lost almost all the strength in its ears and tail causing them to droop and drag on the ground.
-Its fur wont poison those it is close too.

Free to change anything to fit to your liking.

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