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    McChu, the Bastard Raichu (Fortree| Hoenn)


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    McChu, the Bastard Raichu (Fortree| Hoenn) Empty McChu, the Bastard Raichu (Fortree| Hoenn)

    Post by Silverishness Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:11 pm

    McChu, the Bastard Raichu (Fortree| Hoenn) Mcchu_by_birdmaddgirl-d4r7ja7

    Hex Color- #FFFF00

    Name- McChu

    Gender- Male

    Level- 50

    Rain Dance (TM)
    Brick Break (TM)
    Thunder (TM)

    Ability- Static

    Nature- Sassy

    Characteristics- Likes to fight

    National Dex No./Species- #026 Raichu/The Mouse Pokémon

    Height- 2'05" (a little short)

    Weight- 75.8 lbs (PHAT)

    Pokédex Entry- If it stores too much electricity, its behavior turns aggressive. To avoid this, it occasionally discharges excess energy and calms itself down.

    Item- None


    McChu was one of the first pokemon caught by a novice trainer by the name of Sillez as a pikachu in Viridian Forest. Though he was a lazy pokemon too lethargic to put up a fight against getting captured, Sillez trained him hard and well, and destroyed any foe he was put up against. However, what Sillez didn't expect was the fervor the young pikachu had for battle.

    When they arrived in Celadon, McChu immediately wanted to evolve. And when he did, all of his bad habits exploded into bad behavior, and the new raichu was never the same. Sillez didn't mind, since she still loved him regardless, but to anyone unfortunate enough to face him in battle, he was merciless. Not only to the enemies, but sometimes even to his own teammates. Just for shiggles.

    The trainer and team made it to the Johto Pokemon League, and with a lot of effort, they won. The victory was short-lived, since Sillez came down with a terrible illness, and they went back to her home in Lavender.

    Once Sillez was on her last legs, she and her dragonite, Torrent, flew back to Johto one last time. However, the Infected tore her home apart while they were gone, coming in the night. McChu ran, leaving the others behind to the slaughter. As he roamed Kanto, a strange power brought him to a strange abandoned building in the middle of nowhere.

    User Note-

    -Is a selfish prick

    -Does kind of feel bad about leaving everyone

    -Misses his trainer, but not outwardly

    -Does not want to find any of his old team, since he knows they'd beat the shit out of him for abandoning everyone

    -Enjoys practical jokes and pranks

    -Enjoys making people suffer just a little bit

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    McChu, the Bastard Raichu (Fortree| Hoenn) Empty Re: McChu, the Bastard Raichu (Fortree| Hoenn)

    Post by Lugia Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:22 pm



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