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(ACE) The FROST Team


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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by Dandelion on Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:25 am

Outside Frost Cavern || Dawn
Clover 53 || Kolven 30

There was a slight pause, then a motion in the trees that the cat recognized. “Yeah, it’s me, Kolven.” A puff of relief gasped from his maw, a smile finally appearing on his face as she started to jog her way over to them. "Thank goodness," he breathed, meeting her halfway. “Is there anything I can do to help?” She asked, ready to offer what help she could despite having just tended to business. What a trooper.
But that help probably wouldn't be what Rae expected, as several of them including Kolven picked up on paw steps. He stiffened, listening intensely, but the undead at his side was not interested in some faint noise. Her claws slide out and she churned up the snow at her feet impatiently, a noise that was just loud enough to prevent Kolven from hearing. He grumbled in annoyance, and shouldered her gently to stop, but conversation quickly overtook the quiet and the sound was lost.

"Someone approaches over there." Ark summed it up simply, and as Clover started to growl the tom took action. Rounding the female so he was between her and the sound Kolven hushed her. Breathing with his mouth open, he tasted for anything unusual, but only the metallic tinge of blood touched his palate. "I can only smell blood," he murmured, nudging the female back as she continued to try to go past him. Of course, that didn't mean it wasn't an undead, but for now he couldn't draw any conclusions.

Drake asked if Rae had other Pokemon out and another possibility was opened. Venge was by the human's side, like Kolven remembered, but had she summoned another of her team? I never saw. Maybe? Another step of crunches, and Clover was trying to pad off into the trees. She was persistent, digging her paws deep in the snow and tugging against her brother's hold as he roughly shouldered her back. Why did he stop her? "We need to move," Kolven warned them, though that should have been clear to everyone. "Something's not right about this place."

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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by NightDaze on Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:05 pm

Outside Frost Cavern | Dawn | (14)

As pleasant as reuniting was with the group was, that comfort wasn’t meant to last very long. The entirety of the Pokémon standing in the harsh wintry landscape were suddenly on high alert, picking up on something the human’s ears couldn’t quite catch. Dread balled up in her chest-- There were so many possibilities at this point, she was unsure what to address first. What should be addressed at all?

"Do you got anything useful in case we do run into the mightyena?"
Rae popped back into reality rather than playing fifteen scenarios through her mind a minute. She grabbed at her backpack in haste rather than reason, which would come a second later when she realized she didn’t have a gun or the knowledge to use it. She loosened her grip on her backpack and fidgeted with Venge’s collar with the newly freed hand. “I don’t have a gun,” she responded, “but I have knives and my Pokémon are easily more potent than a firearm.” Well, when she could command them with a clear mind. Losing a partner tended to disorient you a bit…

"Someone approaches over there."
The Luxray’s voice -- no, his words -- shot a chill down the girl’s spine, which was saying something for a native Snowpointer. She followed his eyes to a shape hidden under the dense shading provided by the thicket of trees. It was pressed to the snow on it’s belly, which was a very Vendetta thing to do-- but calling out to it would end in trouble if that wasn’t her hound-- With a pack of Mightyena wandering, they were prey in these godforsaken parts.
"What is that? I can't really see well with the trees making cover. Hopefully they aren't hostile, but if they are then I'll give them a little poison to make them regret it." The Charmeleon spitting Toxic on her… at best, she’d have serious scarring… at worst, she’d be a puddle in the snow…

“Wait!” She barked in a hushed whisper, keeping her eyes locked on the shape. The silhouette shifted every so subtly. “Please don’t.”
"Rae, is your other partner close by? I would feel bad if we attacked without knowing." The girl nodded ‘yes’ to Drake, straining to catch something identifying about the creature. “My Houndoom is scouting, it may be her. If I call her, she’ll come back but-- the mightyena…”

The warm fur beside Rae’s legs disappeared as Venge trudged through the thick snow. Right at the creature. “If it’s a Mightyena, I’ll kill it and catch up.”
Venge stalked, as predatory as the creature watching her, until she was sufficiently close to slap a mound of snow onto it’s body.


The hound rose from the snowbank, glaring accusingly at her fellow Dark-. “Come on. No more playing king of the jungle.”
“No, that's what you do to satisfy your sadism kink.” Vendetta snapped back at the Absol with a huff.
The dog strode alongside Venge to Rae’s side, making no eye contact with anyone in particular.
“Sorry, Raver,” Vendetta said. “I didn’t know who they were.” The girl patted the pup’s head. It wasn’t Vendetta’s fault. Living with Raver for their rougher years could make the kindest soul a cynical mess of distrust and overcaution. Well… except Rae’s herself.
“You’re fine. I need your ears up though.”

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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by ShadowCharizard on Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:58 am

Outside Frost Cavern|Dawn

With the sounds of movement coming from two different directions, it was hard to concentrate on the one that needs their primary focus. Rae's response was at least enough to know that she doesn't have a firearm. “I don’t have a gun,” Long range wasn't in her interest, but what she said next had made it at least more of what kind of person she was in combat. “but I have knives and my Pokémon are easily more potent than a firearm.” So stabbing is more of her suit. Plus with her other pokemon it would be more easy to take down anything that gets in their way. Jack listened around some more, not picking up anything other than the two sources. Something didn't feel right. There was no way that the mightyena pack could of left some strays behind. That was until Ark spotted soemthing. "Someone approaches over there." Jack snaps his head to where Ark was looking towards. With no indication of any visual of what it was, the Pikachu waited to see what could be hiding.

The frigid air had whipped around lightly making it feel like death was watching and waiting to see what it can claim either side's fall. "What is that? I can't really see well with the trees making cover. Hopefully they aren't hostile, but if they are then I'll give them a little poison to make them regret it." Something caught Drake's eye as well and from the sound of it, he was going to attack if it came to that. The Pikachu had to quickly say something before an accident happened. “Wait!” Rae said in a hushed voice. “Please don’t.” This could get bad if he spit that toxic at the silhouette. "Wait Drake, I can hear something breathing." Luckily he can hear it barely, but the other sounds though. The wailing of an undead not to far could attract the mightyena any second and it could be bad. "Rae, is your other partner close by? I would feel bad if we attacked without knowing." That at least made things a bit more calmer with the charmeleon. Finn snorted with dissatisfaction as if he's wanting Drake to do something that he can get back at him. That bloke keeps catching himself before he does something. Mark my words Drake I'll find some way of getting back at you. Seemingly that Finn still wasn't letting go of his grudge against Drake.

Rae's voice had concern and with it abnormally quiet, other than what Jack could hear, she had every right to be concerned. “My Houndoom is scouting, it may be her. If I call her, she’ll come back but-- the mightyena…” Jack listened in to other areas that could be a potential hiding spot for an ambush. The sound of multiple footsteps crunching into the snow had made it likely that they aren't alone out there now. “If it’s a Mightyena, I’ll kill it and catch up.” Just like that Venge had stalked away out of sight. There was more movement going on that Jack could hear. Damn, sounds like its right in the path we need to go. Hopefully Ark can get a good eye on their positions. Venge came back with a houndoom of all pokemon. “Sorry, Raver,” Must be a friend of Rae's then, so it was safe to assume that they're friendly. “I didn’t know who they were.” The electric mouse nodded to the houndoom as if trying to say hello. “You’re fine. I need your ears up though.” An extra set of ears would actually make it easier to listen to where ambush points would be.

Jack finally said something that would catch everyone's attention. "I've caught some sounds that looks like its further downhill. I don't know if its just a stray mightyena or if its some of the pack trying to make an ambush." The fire fox couldn't disagree with that statement. So far its been eerily quiet and it was making it rather unsettling. "I don't like this mates, they might be playing with us." Normally undead just comes to anyplace they can find food. Unless they was not horribly rotted and can still think. "Could they have used something as bait? If that's the case then we're in for a rough time." Jack couldn't overlook that one. Was his trainer and Rae's missing pokemon just bait to spring a set up? "Damn it, Finn could be right. My trainer could be one or Rae's missing pokemon would of done it." Now they'd have to be ready to fight if things turned ugly.

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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

Post by Krajin on Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:17 am

Outside Frost Cavern | Dawn | 46

"Undead are not as cunning as you may think and the stench of rot.. can be picked up far and wide. Especially in the snow. However... with that one." He inclines his head towards the undead that was with them. "Might be difficult to discern which is what. Snow crunches under foot, but also dampens sound if someone knows how to disperse their foot print enough." He adds. The Luxray had a bad feeling about this and the idea of the living dead hunting them with cunning didn't settle well with him. The ones he had encountered often weren't bright, driven mad with hunger and rot as their brains were eaten by whatever it was that infected them. At least that is as how he understood it. The luxray crouched low and began to stalk forward slowly "A trap is only a trap if you are unaware of it." He carefully smeared snow on his form, rolling around on his sides and burying his face a little into it. The snow mixing with his black fur and helping him blend in. It didn't help much with his blue but.. the sky is blue and if he didn't present a silhouette on the crest of the hill they were travelling down, it'd be easier to avoid being spotted.

Thankful that Rae's pokemon was the one who was seen earlier, he could relax on not being flanked.. for now. He looked to them "Bunch up, keep close as a group. Naturally we move as fast as our slowest member. So if we do encounter them.. it could very well end in a fight. Be on your guard, brush up on snow in your fur. It'll help you blend in and break up your outlines, keep low to the ground. Includes the human." He would advise. That is all he could do for many of these folks, if they listened, they would listen and do. If not? Well.. that was their choice and it was nothing he could do about it. The Luxray flexed his claws, his forelegs and then began to slowly and carefully stalk forward. Keeping his slender, sleek form down low to the ground. Their path was ahead and the Mightyena were going to be waiting. He sniffed the air, his ears tuned for the breathing or.. lack there of.. of the Fallen ones.. the sounds of bones creaking and snow being crushed under foot. Maybe they lacked that strong muscle control and so wouldn't be able to sneak easily.

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Re: (ACE) The FROST Team

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