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Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Lumiere the Dragonair


    Lumiere the Dragonair Empty Lumiere the Dragonair

    Post by Guest Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:25 pm

    Lumiere the Dragonair 30xj0bm




    Dragon Tail
    Dragon Rush
    Aqua Tail
    Flamethrower (TM)

    Shed Skin- If the user is burned or poisoned, Shed Skin will cure the user before any burn or poison damage is dealt.


    Alert to sounds

    National Dex No./Species-
    #247 (Johto)/ The Dragon Pokemon

    Number, Name of Pokemon, Type of Pokemon-
    #247, Dragonair, Dragon Type


    36.4 Lbs

    Pokédex Entry-
    It is called the divine Pokémon. When its entire body brightens slightly, the weather changes. (Crystal)

    (on the left side of her face so its not showing)


    The light of a thousand moons shines brightest in the darkest hour

    Light, the embodiment of everything good and sacred in this world. Many lost the gift to see light shine through the darkness long ago. Though many are lost to the sacred lights, Lumiere has a gift all Dragonair’s posess. She sees the lights as bright as day and cherishes them in the world she sees in darkness and has seen in darkness since a young age when her trainer and life partner were killed right before her eyes trying to save her. Instead of being bitter and angry, she takes this as a motivation to keep fighting. She fights for the ones lost and the ones living that echo a beautiful light around themselves. Those lights make up the key of her existence.

    The lights she speaks of are the auras that surround the living. Dragonair’s emit their own auras to control the weather but Lumiere was blessed with the gift of seeing the auras of others. This gift started as she awoke from an egg and looked into the eyes of her future love. He taught her how to be a Dratini and live with the others and, when their female trainer came to catch a Dratini, the two leaped at the thought of traveling together and willingly went with the trainer. Many, many months later. The Epidemic hit.

    The trio were just getting into Johto port after they had taken a vacation to the Hoenn region. The water around them bubbled and emited a horrid concotion as the landed on the cost with the rest of the passengers. The city they docked in, was completely destroyed beyond recognition. Bodies of Pokemon and human alike dotted the streets with sights and smells of decay. The three went to investigate and find any survivors when it happened. A huge Tyranitar came out of no where.

    Its body, a mass of blood, decaying skin, rotting flesh, and entrails was massive despite its condition. Lumiere and her lover immediately took up post to save their trainer but their trainer stepped in front of Lumiere and pushed her back. The two, her trainer and her lover, looked to Lumiere and told her to leave but she didn’t want to leave them to die. They finally made her leave and, while Lumiere had taken to the sky, the Tyranitar had unleashed such a powerful Hyper beam that it sent shard of stuff flying at her including a shard of Everstone which embedded into the left side of her face causing her to never evolve.

    Lumiere swore she would make the best of their sacrafice and her first journey took her to a pokemart which specialized in TM’s. Finding what she was looking for, Lumiere used a Flamethrower TM on herself in hopes of burning the infected alive. So far her strategy has worked and she lives but one can only wonder, in such a world as this, if we aren’t all doomed at some point in our lives.

    The darkest hour however, tends to blanket the light and smother its existence

    User Note:
    -She is motivated by the loss of her trainer and lover and would stop at nothing to protect others.
    -She will never evolve but she has never wanted to.
    -Lumiere likes to make storms to hide from infected and save her friends

    Theme song:

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    Lumiere the Dragonair Empty Re: Lumiere the Dragonair

    Post by Mewtwo Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:10 am

    Approved, your turn will be after the Persian.


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