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    Dawn the Gentle Dragonair (Hoenn, Lavaridge)


    Dawn the Gentle Dragonair (Hoenn, Lavaridge) Empty Dawn the Gentle Dragonair (Hoenn, Lavaridge)

    Post by Guest Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:01 am

    Dawn the Gentle Dragonair (Hoenn, Lavaridge) Dawn10

    Name: Dawn
    Text Color: #0059D6
    Item: None
    Gender: Female
    Age: Late Teens
    Species: #148/Dragonair, the Dragon Pokemon
    Height: 13 ft. 1 in.
    Weight: 36.4 lbs.

    Pokedex Entry: If its body takes on an aura, the weather changes instantly. It is said to live in seas and lakes.
    Level: 33
    Ability: Shed Skin
    Nature: Gentle
    Characteristic: Likes to Relax
    -Dragon Pulse (egg move)
    -Dragon Tail

    'I can't believe the news today. Oh, I can't close my eyes and make it go away.'

    Dawn was born in the wild of Hoenn to a Salamance father and a Dragonite mother. Being the couple's first and only child, they fell in love with the little Dratini instantly and gave her the name Dawn, since the sun rose when she was born. The Dratini was kind to everyone she met, and she had a lot of friends in the wild. They would often battle each other for fun and not out of hate. They were more friendly battles, not wanting them to get too out of hand.

    One day, a hunter was going after Dawn. He had a Houndoom and a Mightyena with him that he used to attack the dragon type. However, the Dratini's parents fought back, not wanting their little girl to die after waiting a long time to finally have a child. The two on two battles was brutal, bloody, and cut short by the hunter's pokemon killing Dawn's parents. Her worst fears had come true; her parents were dead. The incident made something inside of the Dratini snap. She let loose a Dragon Pulse attack at the hunter's Houndoom, shortly followed by the Mightyena. Scared at her power, the hunter fled with his two pokemon. Dawn two attacks were just enough to make her evolve into a Dragonair. Wrecked by the guilt of not being able to help her parents, she left her home and left her friends behind, not giving them a reason why she was leaving.

    Shortly after she left, a harsh snowstorm came. The snow was taking its toll on Dawn. In an attempt to survive, she looked for shelter, and found it in the form of a cave. The Dragonair decided to stay in there until the snowstorm passed. However, she soon realized that she was not alone. She saw a little girl in the cave. Curious, Dawn approached it and saw that it wasn't moving. Thinking that she was just cold, the Dragonair wrapped her body around the girl to keep her warm. The girl still didn't move. Dawn thought that hypothermia had reached the girl before the Dragonair did. Not wanting the human's body to be eaten, Dawn charged up a Dragon Pulse attack. When it was good and powerful, she unleashed it, hoping that the result would creamate the human.

    A huge shock came to her. Dawn never took into account that the girl may have been in a deep sleep. As soon as she unleashed the attack, the girl woke up screaming. It was cut short by the attack, which fatally wounded her. The Dragonair just couldn't believe that she had killed a human. Tears streamed down her face, and a cloud of guilt loomed over her head. All she hoped for was that this was all a dream. But it wasn't, sadly. Dawn had killed a human. A little girl, full of life.

    Dawn carried her grief into the epidemic. As much as she wanted to never kill a creature again, she realized that killing was necessary for survival in these times. The Epidemic is now torturing the Dragonair, making her do something she never wanted to do; kill.

    Appearance: Dawn is a normal Dragonair.

    -Dawn is very friendly and kind. When she becomes friends with someone, she becomes very close to them. With that being said, however, she also has a fear of romance and falling in love, because she believes that if she falls in love, she will have a child and will end up being dead, just like her parents.

    -Despite a fear of romance, Dawn loves children. She is very gentle with them and loves how full of life they are. Though she may never want one, Dawn knows how to take care of kids using methods her parents used.

    -Dawn's main pet peeve is anyone who treats someone like shit for no good reason. She believes that everyone deserves a chance and shouldn't be judged based on appearance or personality.

    User Notes:
    -Based off of a short story written by a friend outside of EJ.
    -Quote comes from the opening line of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2

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    Dawn the Gentle Dragonair (Hoenn, Lavaridge) Empty Re: Dawn the Gentle Dragonair (Hoenn, Lavaridge)

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