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    Drake vs. Mondays


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    Drake vs. Mondays Empty Drake vs. Mondays

    Post by ShadowCharizard Sat Apr 01, 2023 5:22 pm

    "Huwagh, a beautiful morning. Well better see what the joke of the day is." Drake wakes up and stretches out. The bird pokemon was chirping, the sun was shining and the mansion was bustling as usual with butlers and maids. His human brother was already up and at school and Drake got to sleep in. Drake thought this was a perfect day but he missed one important issue of the day. It was a Monday. This was the first Monday that Drake would hate for the first time in his life. The Charmeleon walks over and looks at the calendar. He was told that every second square was a monday and that it was the second day of the week. Coming out of his room, his mother was wearing her expensive collar that had a diamond on it. "Mother? Can I go do something today?" The Charizard looks at her son and smiles a bit before giving him a hug. Something was a bit off today and Drake didn't know what it was. "Just take it easy today Drake, just think of today as a day you get to relax from walking around all day." Relax? Who has time to relax when there's more things out there to learn and more people to talk to. Something was clearly going on. Drake then looks at his mother before giving an awkward smile back. It wasn't like her to hug him in the morning nor was it like her to hug him at his age now. She walks off and Drake then goes down stairs to the main hall. Henry of all the butlers had came up to Drake. "Master Drake, sorry if I didn't wake you earlier, you was looking very tired but young master Alex had to get to school early for a book fair." The charmeleon remembered that Alex had a book fair today but he wasn't sure if it was this morning or after school but now he knows. Not that reading was something he enjoyed since reading human language to him was like dividing by zero. Speaking it was easy but reading it? He'd rather pass. "I must head off to inspect the gate, enjoy your morning Master Drake. Oh, your father is looking for you." What did he mean by that? Unless... This then ticked in his head. Training with his father who is strong and very rough with training.

    Drake quickly turns and tries to run back to the stairs only to run right into his father. "Well, hello Drake. Right on time because its time to train today. Don't try to get out of it because we're going to do this every monday of the month." The Charmeleon had long since dreaded on when. Now each Monday will be something he'll hate for the rest of his life.

    Monday, May 3rd

    Going outside and into the backyard, Drake was very nervous. His father was in a sense, very claws on in his training. Drake tried think of some way to make his father not be so rough but rough was an understatement. I'm going to die! Father's literally going to kill me with his training! I should have stayed in bed today! Damn it! The Charizard cracks his neck before cracking his knuckles.

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