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    Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone]


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    Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone] Empty Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone]

    Post by Kitty Tue Feb 21, 2023 9:50 am


    Text Color wip
    Theme(s) wip
    Item Lumina has amassed several items that she keeps in her own small corner of the Veilstone mall. These items range from books to blankets, canned goods and spices, spare clothes, and other necessities. She has been fortunate to scavenge many essentials through hard work, but she does does not hoard her belongings nor does she have more than needed.

    Canvas backpack:
    Metal water bottle, Thermos
    Hunting knife
    Needles and loose threads, fabrics, bobby pins
    Campfire cooking equipment
    Basic first-aid essentials, human and pokemon
    Duct tape
    Sketchbook, Worn-down pencil
    Small pouch containing bottle cap collection
    Smoke balls, Skitty tail distraction

    Weapons wip
    Gender Identity She/Her/Hers
    Birthdate May 15th
    Age 22 yrs old
    Species Human
    Weight 120 lbs
    Height 5'7"
    Region of origin Sinnoh
    Occupation Ranger
    Party Rafael is Lumina's only remaining Pokemon. Lumina does not talk about her Purugly or Leafeon nor will she mention their names if she ever must talk about them. She is extremely close with Rafael and he rarely leaves her side, staying out of his Pokeball almost constantly. The two share a very playful friendship and have unbreakable loyalty to each other.
    Pkm 1
    Lumina the Ranger [Veilstone] Nitemare_zpsh79ew0kq_by_gayspacekitten-dc2kkgr

    Name: Rafael [he/him]
    Text color:
    Species: Nitemare

    Pkm 2

    Pkm 3
    Pkm 4
    Pkm 5
    Pkm 6
    History I've always felt connected to the woods. To the wild, to the mysterious, to the hidden and untouched. My parents and I lived in the middle of nowhere my whole life. We didn't have a TV, I had never used the internet, no one delivered newspapers to us way out there. I liked to read books, though - all sorts of books. My favorite were the adventure kinds of books, fiction or nonfiction, about Trainers going on journeys to collect Gym Badges and the all perils they faced traversing the unknown along the way. I liked to take my books to a certain spot out miles away from home; There was a big fallen tree with a little stream next to it. I would sit there for hours and just read my books, page after page, imagining what it would be like to be one of the Trainers in the stories. Sometimes I stayed out so late that it was dark before I got home. Dad would come looking for me with his Pokemon. He was never angry - though my mom was worried sick - he just asked me about the stories I'd read and let me gush about them the whole way home.

    It's really no surprise that I became a Ranger as soon as possible. I never did get giddy or nervous about it, I just sorta started doing it, it just felt... right. It felt natural. I spent a lot of time away from home, weeks or more on end, but it was important to my parents that I was happy. And I was - I was happier than I had ever been. I had my dad's Rapidash and... I caught some Pokemon of my own, too. They're not around, anymore.

    I lost my family young. I didn't find out about my mom's passing for about a week. She had been sick and she... she didn't want to worry me. Instead, she shocked me. Then there was my dad. He couldn't handle being alone and got into some stupid, drunken accident. Then I guess I sorta lost myself, too. I roamed through makeshift shelters and abandoned shacks, letting the pines hide me from the world. I lived off the land around me and I didn't need any help or pity. It may sound cruel, but looking back now, it was for the best... My parents lived and died a normal, innocent life. How many of us can say that now?

    Despite all that, I still wasn't prepared for... all of this now. It happened really suddenly for me. I wasn't exactly following the news or the latest gossip. The first infected I encountered, I had thought it was this poor maimed creature on its last breath. It was absolutely mutilated. One of its eyes was hanging out of the socket, its guts were torn out, a leg was missing, there was just a hole in its face where it rasped for air. I didn't know what to do. At that point it had been the most gruesome thing I'd ever seen.  Then the Pokemon just... lunged up at me. It tried to stand on its broken legs, shaking and crumbling back down, jumping at me erratically with its teeth. I took some steps back and the damn thing tried to chase me. I braced myself with a machete at one point as it lunged and it just... cut itself in half. It was then, I think, that it really set in how not-normal this creature was; It still wriggled around at me with half its body missing, as if nothing had really changed. It was really traumatizing for a while... But now, it's pretty comical, if you think about it. I've seen so much worse since then.

    Then there were the people... That was really sad. All sorts of people fled to the woods, not just trainers but children, the elderly, just average every-day folks trying to find somewhere safe. People really underestimate how easy it is to die in the woods. They think it's as simple as leaving ribbons on trees or snapping branches, but in just minutes you can get turned around and lost. That's not even counting exposure and how easy it is to freeze at night, especially if it rains, and all the myths about how to build shelter or start fires. People getting lost was always a problem in the woods, but never like that. So many had fallen down hills or cliffs and gotten injured, or dead, dozens others I found ripped apart and begging for my help... I couldn't help them all. I found them everywhere. I... don't like to talk about it.

    The people that survived... they had to change. We've all changed. Even the kindest souls had to learn to turn a blind eye sometimes; Not everyone can be helped, not everything can be mended, sometimes things are just... beyond control. We've had to run, to flee, to make impossible choices that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Just putting down walking corpses was immensely difficult at first... How was I supposed to know they wouldn't get better, that no one would make a cure or come to save us all? It was me or them. It always has been. It probably always will be. We survive because we choose to... things aren't like they used to be anymore. A man threatened my life at a grocery store once, right in front of his wife and little boy, right when there were undead just outside... He had plenty of rations. He had plenty. I tried not to put up a fight, I tried to think of the child. I tried to negotiate. The guy just shoved me into some shelving. Some glass fell, cut me a little, but the noise... I fled when I could. It was instinct. I looked back and the kid, that little boy... God. There wasn't anything I could do. And all these years later, there's nothing I can do to forget it, either.

    Some people were always assholes. Fear multiplied in the new world, and so did greed, power trips, hatred... Most people, like that, they were too stupid to last long. But for the people who are smart, who choose to willingly be so vile, they revel in the new world. There aren't many of these people, but they aren't hiding either. They raid and pillage, destroy, toy with weaker survivors like their playthings. I've been mugged, beaten, held hostage, and worse... I used to never hate other people; Now there's some people I pray are dead. If religion is real, I hope there's a hell.

    I can't trust anymore. Thinking back on it, it's funny that I used to just trust instinctually. It's so easy to lie; All it takes is confidence. I met a... survivor - no, a coward. Survivor does not describe him. He was a grown man, but he was so short and malnourished he looked like a little kid. Like a lost deer in headlights. He called himself Bradley, he called himself starving, and he called himself grieving all his Pokemon... He called himself in need. And I helped him - I was barely getting by trying to provide for myself and my Pokemon in this hellscape, but I shared what I could with Bradley. I let him tag along with me like a scared puppy. Having someone to talk to... meant more to me than I realized. We were quick friends. Our luck ran out, as I should've known it would, and we got swarmed... My Purugly and Leafeon didn't make it. My Purugly got caught by the oncoming swarm and my Leafeon... didnt want to turn. Goddammit. Goddamn what I had to do to that Pokemon. Bradley was shit at running. He kept tripping over his own feet, panicking too much... He knew he wasn't going to make it. The fucker tripped me on purpose. It was Leafeon who helped me and got bit in the process. I tracked Bradley down after that. For a coward he was good at hiding, I suppose he had to be without any Pokemon to defend him. I should've been fast, but I wanted to hurt him... I should've killed him on the spot. My emotions got the better of me, Bradley got my gun, and that's how I lost my eye. I don't remember a lot after that... I have glimpses in my memory of stumbling around like an undead, this awful cold wetness on my face. A woman helped me. I don't know when or why, I just... have these fuzzy, dreamlike memories of her standing over me, touching my face gently, giving me water. I guess she had medical training of sorts. God, I'd never felt so vulnerable, so dead, and yet so... trusting. So content. Maybe it was just drugs she gave me, I don't know. I owed her my life - I still do. I always will. Her name is Theta and I've never had someone convince me of things so easily; I love her and also hate her for that. She picked up other straggler survivors after me, despite my warnings... but how could I argue against helping others, after what she had done for me?

    Still, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, for another Bradley to come along... I hate myself for growing attached to some of the strangers we've helped. Mike is like the brother I always wanted - funny, annoying, kind, brave... but naive; Like Theta, Mike hasn't lost his hope yet. The old man with us is a walking liability, but god if he doesn't know how to cheer us up no matter what. We've all cleared out the Veilstone mall together and against my will the three of them let even more people huddle together under its roof with us. It's a goddamn infestation. Part of me enjoys caring for them, I'd be lying if I said I didn't... I cook for us, I scavenge for us, I cut down undead for us... It's the most purpose I've felt in ages. But in the end, I know I'm only hurting myself more; This place is a fucking ticking time bomb. I want to be ready when it goes off, but I know I won't be... none of us will.
    Accent North American. Lumina speaks with a smooth, silvery voice and rarely shouts; When speaking sternly, her voice tends to lower even further rather than raise angrily.
    Appearance wip
    Religion wip
    Personality Lumina is soft-spoken and poised, filled with a quiet determination. Though timid and meek in her youth, Lumina's survival has shaped her into an intelligent and quick-witted woman commanding of respect. She is self-reliant to the bitter end, trusting only in her own instincts and opinions. When faced with threats, she does not hesitate to fight dirty both physically and mentally, and she is brutally unforgiving of slights against herself or those she cares for.  She loves few people enough to call them her friends, but still believes those friends will eventually turn on or fail her. Still, the few friends Lumina has are her only living family. Her life revolves around their happiness and their comfort in the epidemic. She is drastically more relaxed around these friends in both her demeanor and behavior, acting more like a mischievous teenager than a hardened survivor; Relentless banter, impish pranks and arm wrestling are some of her favorite ways to show affection. Lumina enjoys cooking for and caring for the needs of her fellow Veilstone survivors, even if she doesn't trust all of them; She is especially concerned for the Pokemon and for Alfie. Lumina can be naive of Pokemon to a fault, and is much faster at trusting them than she is of humans.

    Affiliations --Theta
    Lumina has been uniquely fascinated by Theta since the moment they met. Her physical strength and fighting prowess, her mercy and compassion, her confident and energetic personality, the list of things Lumina admires about Theta goes on and on. Lumina feels relatively safe with Theta and has very few walls up around her; She is second only to Rafael when it comes to those whom Lumina trusts the most.

    While Lumina was initially suspicious of Mike and irritated by his starkly different personality, she has since grown quite fond of him. She appreciates his positivity and kindness towards others, as well as his since of humor. Lumina enjoys the presence of Mike, albeit in small doses, and is very glad for his friendship with Rafael. It will take more time for Lumina to fully place her trust in Mike, however. Still, the two have developed a relatively sibling-like dynamic, bickering and butting heads often yet looking out for each other all the same.

    Lumina does not know Alfie well, but she is deeply concerned for his physical and mental health due to his age. She tries to respect his "shyness" the best she can while also offering him extra necessities like blankets and food.

    User Notes --One of my oldest OCs
    --The correct pronunciation of her name is Lou + Mina / Loo-Me-Nah
    --Asexual Lesbian
    --Restless, doesn't like being alone in her thoughts
    --Aggressively competitive and over-eager in competition, even board games
    --Likes to collect teeth, claws, and other "trophies" from defeated Undead; The action helps her normalize and cope with putting them down
    --Suffers from sleep and nightmare disorders, often waking screaming

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