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Mike Maxwell [Veilstone|Sinnoh]


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Mike Maxwell [Veilstone|Sinnoh] Empty Mike Maxwell [Veilstone|Sinnoh]

Post by Abysswalker Thu Aug 04, 2022 10:13 pm


Mike Maxwell
Text Color FD7E24
Theme(s) Civilian [Wye Oak]
Item •Black leather wallet (contains his ID and a few photos of himself and his brother), a peridot ring, his old badge case with six Hoenn badges inside, an Alolan Persian plush

•His old camping backpack, extra clothes, a flashlight and batteries, provisions for himself and his Pokemon, first aid supplies, a multitool, two packs of matches, large metal water bottle, small collection of Pokemon medicine
Weapons Keeps a knife for self-defense; used to have a gun, but it’s lost to him now (he’s still mad).
Gender Identity Trans man (he/him)
Birthdate August 1st
Age 27
Species Human
Weight 246 lbs
Height 6’1”
Region of origin Hoenn | Oldale Town
Occupation Dark-type trainer
Party shh I’ve been playing Hades
Pkm 1
Mike Maxwell [Veilstone|Sinnoh] 262
Name: Saturn (he/him)
Text colour: FFCCFF
Species: Mightyena
Level: 52
Ability: Intimidate
Attack list:
-Crunch (Level)
-Poison Fang (Egg)
-Fire Fang (Start)
-Sucker Punch (Level)
Pkm 2
Mike Maxwell [Veilstone|Sinnoh] 229-f
Name: Nyx (she/her)
Text colour: 864242
Species: Houndoom
Level: 49
Ability: Flash Fire
Attack list:
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Dark Pulse (TM)
-Nasty Plot (Start)
-Sludge Bomb (TM)
Pkm 3
Mike Maxwell [Veilstone|Sinnoh] 359
Name: Persephone (she/her)
Text colour: 443D66
Species: Absol
Level: 51
Ability: Super Luck
Attack list:
-Night Slash (METHOD)
-Swords Dance (METHOD)
-Psycho Cut (TM)
-Detect (Level)
Pkm 4
Mike Maxwell [Veilstone|Sinnoh] 197
Name: Victor (he/him)
Text colour: F9F4EE
Species: Umbreon
Level: 47
Ability: Synchronize
Attack list:
-Dark Pulse (Level)
-Confuse Ray (Level)
-Moonlight (Level)
-Protect (TM)
Pkm 5
Mike Maxwell [Veilstone|Sinnoh] 133
Name: Hypnos (he/him)
Text colour: 7F914B
Species: Eevee
Level: 15
Ability: Run Away
Attack list:
-Quick Attack (Level)
-Detect (Egg)
-Sand Attack (Level)
-Baby Doll Eyes (Level)
•The newest addition to the team, and the only Pokemon who joined after the epidemic began.
Pkm 6
Quote ”It’s easy to say you’ll do the right thing. Hell of a lot harder to actually follow through.”

(I’ve split his history into multiple spoiler tags as it makes it easier to read, at least to me. Hope that's okay!)

pt. 1:

pt. 2:

part 3:

•White, though not pale due to how often he spends time in the sun
•Fluffy dark brown hair and green eyes
•He doesn’t grow a whole lot of facial hair, but there’s enough there for a nice scruffy look. Keeping it decent looking is part of his routine even now, as it helps with the dysphoria regarding his loss of access to HRT. (Just in case it’s an issue, for anyone not aware, being off T doesn’t stop facial hair growth as it’s one of the permanent effects, so this isn’t unrealistic)
•Wears a black jacket, an olive tee underneath, black boots, and denim pants (think the kind workers use, not the fashion type). Also has a peridot ring on his right hand.

+Kind, genuinely affable towards others; when in the right mood, he loves to talk and joke around with people. positive and encouraging, but with the right person (such as Lumina) Mike takes on somewhat of a sibling role; joking teasing, mock fighting, being endearingly annoying
-this is natural for him, as he once had this same dynamic with his brother and adopted it again with Danny Bright

+A lot of his past trauma centers around being ignored, neglected, and otherwise treated as a non-person, so his anxiety tends to revolve around this; being brushed off or met with silence, etc has him immediately begin to panic internally, wondering what it is he has done wrong
-Self blame is his gut instinct for many situations, especially triggering ones; Mike is no stranger to criticizing or holding himself to a higher standard than he would other people

+Tries to act as an emotional support, especially when people around him are obviously depressed or when tensions are high; if someone approaches him wanting help or needing a person to vent to, he won’t turn them away
-This ties in with him being a mediator of sorts; knowing how delicate their situation is, Mike will try to diffuse conflict whenever he can, especially if there’s a risk of violence breaking out

+Has a consistent tendency to repress his own pain, seeing his own feelings as a burden best not placed upon anyone else; striking a balance between his own needs and those of the people around him is not something Mike is any good at. Even when he’s barely able to function due to depression, he’ll try to push through it anyways
-Definitely trapped in emotional burnout, but is in denial of this. Refuses to acknowledge that his mantra of not thinking about it is very unhealthy

+Having been mostly neglected by his parents and shown care and compassion by the others in his hometown instead, Mike has grown to be a communal person who cherishes strong ties within a group, and becomes withdrawn/listless if deprived of this; feels a responsibility towards Veilstone as a whole, and tries to help meet the needs of the residents
-This includes making sure newcomers are less overwhelmed by their new home
-He’ll willingly take on unwanted and/or physically demanding tasks to keep others from having to do so

•Is extremely empathetic in the literal sense; he cannot help but try and connect emotionally to other people regardless of who they are, and sometimes that means he has strong emotional reactions to shitty people. Mike sees this empathy as a curse, an unwanted poison that makes him closer to the sort of person he would despise
-So sensitive about this, he very likely would snap at someone if they praised him for his empathy
-Hates anything involving secondhand embarrassment and/or schadenfreude  

•The epidemic has added a great deal of fear and shame centering around his disability, as Mike has no way of knowing upfront whether someone will accept him or be ableist instead; he worries over being judged as useless, so he tries to hide it as much as possible. This includes silently enduring pain, or concealing his struggles to write, things of this nature

•Deeply ashamed of his past, particularly the accident that claimed his parents’ lives and the countless years of trauma that followed. Mike does not outright say it, but he feels like little more than a failure who did nothing with his life, wasting it instead on pointless distractions and endless mental health episodes. Perpetually feels empty inside because of this
+If he talks of his past, it’s the ultimate show of trust for Mike

+Deeply misses his family and best friend beyond words, in particular his twin. If Mike was given the chance to go back in time and find a way to keep them from drifting apart, he’d accept in an instant. As it is, he’s constantly wracked with guilt, regret, and hopeless grief


too many affiliations aaa:

User Notes •Note about his disability: he has long-term effects from head trauma in his youth. Main symptoms are: loss of concentration/sudden disassociations from reality, difficulties with short term memory, photosensitivity (migraine trigger), motor control issues


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