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    Elite Four Drasna [[Veilstone WIP]]


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    Elite Four Drasna [[Veilstone WIP]] Empty Elite Four Drasna [[Veilstone WIP]]

    Post by Silverishness Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:16 am

    Elite Four Drasna [[Veilstone WIP]] XY_Drasna

    Text Color 957043
    Theme(s) Madame Giollotine
    Items Large leather bag, sparse medical supplies, ammo, stash of food, water pouch, waterproof matches, whetstone, brush, hair ties, maps of various areas.
    Weapons Handgun, large machete and hatchet.
    Biological Sex Female
    Gender Identity She/Her/Hers
    Birthdate 06/02
    Age 52
    Species Human
    Weight 186.5 lbs
    Height 5'5"
    Region of origin Kalos
    Occupation Former Kalos Elite Four/ Former Duchess/ Vigilante
    Party Drasna's personal team functions a bit differently than her official Elite Four team. Drasna focuses on hard-hitting pokemon with devastating stats and attacks. Her Drakeon was found just after the Kalos League was destroyed and is currently leveling him up, so he's often out and by her side. Though he functions very differently than the rest of her team, he has found a niche as a much-needed cleric for her team.

    Her Altaria, Druiddigon and Noivern were killed in the explosion that destroyed the Kalos League.

    Here be fucking Dragginz.
    Pkm 1
    Elite Four Drasna [[Veilstone WIP]] Spr_6x_373
    Name/Gender- Tiamat [F]
    Text colour- D65C74
    Species- Salamence
    Level- 68
    Ability- Moxie
    Attack list-
    -Zen Headbutt (Learned)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Iron Tail (TM)
    -Crunch (Learned)
    **Carries Choice Band, used to hold Salamentite.
    Pkm 2
    Elite Four Drasna [[Veilstone WIP]] 2z7W6oS
    Name/Gender- Urchin [M]
    Text colour- 996B66
    Species- Drakeon
    Level- 60
    Ability- Mold Breaker
    Attack list-
    -Wish (Egg)
    -Substitute (TM)
    -Dragon Bond (Learned)
    -Toxic (TM)
    **Carries Leftovers
    Pkm 3
    Elite Four Drasna [[Veilstone WIP]] Spr_6x_706
    Name/Gender- Soleo [F]
    Text colour- BFA3C2
    Species- Goodra
    Level- 65
    Ability- Hydration
    Attack list-
    -Rain Dance (TM)
    -Rest (TM)
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    -Sludge Wave (TM)
    **Carries Damp Rock
    Pkm 4
    Elite Four Drasna [[Veilstone WIP]] Spr_6x_691
    Name/Gender- Maelstrom [F]
    Text colour- F76E7B
    Species- Dragalge
    Level- 69
    Ability- Adaptability
    Attack list-
    -Sludge Bomb (Learned)
    -Surf (HM)
    -Focus Blast (TM)
    -Draco Meteor (Tutor)
    **Carries Choice Specs
    Pkm 5
    Elite Four Drasna [[Veilstone WIP]] Spr_6x_635
    Name/Gender- Targaryen [F]
    Text colour- A65987
    Species- Hydreigon
    Level- 66
    Ability- Levitate
    Attack list-
    -Dark Pulse (Learned)
    -Draco Meteor (Tutor)
    -Earth Power (Tutor)
    -Flash Cannon (TM)
    **Carries Choice Scarf
    Pkm 6
    Elite Four Drasna [[Veilstone WIP]] Spr_6x_697_s
    Name/Gender- Laufey [M]
    Text colour- 3D5E8F
    Species- Tyrantrum
    Level- 68
    Ability- Rock Head
    Attack list-
    -Hone Claws (TM)
    -Head Smash (Learned)
    -Iron Tail (Tutor)
    -Dragon Tail (Learned)
    **Carries Life Orb
    Quote "I'd watch your tone, if I were you."
    History Drasna has led a mostly unremarkable life. Born in Kalos with frequent visits to Sinnoh, as a young girl, she was immersed in the grand myths of their world's creation, as well as tales of powerful dragons ruling. She had good parents, a good childhood, good schooling and a good journey. She retired from training for a while to simply learn more about the world and herself and soon disovered that her true passion was simply the wonder in which she held the world in.

    She spent a good time of her teen years and early twenties to travel and roam, finding herself waist-deep in rich culture and loved every moment of it. But as she saw more and different kinds of pokemon, specifically powerful dragons, the fire for training and battles that lived in her soul was rekindled. Once she got back to Kalos, she gathered her pokemon once more and dedicated her time to becoming one of the most powerful and fiercest trainers in the entire country.

    It wasn't long that she was soon offered a position as an Elite Four and of course, she gladly accepted. But being in such a position of power would be wasted if she were cooped up at the League all day-- when there weren't tournaments or challengers, she would often wander and travel the country, eager to teach younger trainers and ignite the spark for battles that thrived within her. It was a fulfilling experience to see a young child and their pokemon so invigorated, so motivated and sure that they would one day be in her shoes. She chased that feeling often, but of course, her duties at the League and to her Champion came first.

    Word soon spread of a problem in the other regions, however. A problem unlike any other that they'd ever heard; of crazed pokemon attacking others and corpses rising from the dead. They took heed to the danger reported in the other regions and tried to prevent the disease from spreading to their country, but all the efforts were for naught. Any refugees that were brought into the League were soon nothing but casualties; one day, without warning, the entire building exploded, burying most of the people within alive. Devastated and now homeless and vulnerable, Drasna took it upon herself to help the people of her country make the move to Unova while a number of other refugees scattered.

    Drasna felt unprecedented gratitude and loyalty toward Caitlin, the person responsible for taking in her people. However, Drasna knew there was more she could do to help. Now, she wanders, searching for food, water and supplies to bring back to the very needy refugees that relied on her.
    Accent American South
    Appearance Though Drasna generally strives for comfort, she has augmented her Kalesian Elite Four attire into something far more travel-freindly. She sports sturdy clothes fit for a temperate climate, though with her naturally warmer body grants her the ability to face a colder climate than a passerby might guess at first glance. Overall, she is healthy and fit, looking younger than her years would suggest. She also has natural bulk to her body.
    Religion Rayquaza/ Zygarde are often the ones she prays to most, but she sometimes prays to the Dragon Trio of Sinnoh in times of desperate need. Very devout.
     -Though she was mostly carefree and happy in Kalos, the Epidemic has drastically changed Drasna's gentle personality into one of pragmatism, hostility and dominance. She no longer shies away from her goal if it means the harm of a stranger.
     -The end justifies the means.
     -Absolutely believes in the Death penalty.
     -She has had to cut away at most of her emotion in order to keep logical and level-headed for her people.
     -Extremely practical and pragmatic, unwilling to be sentimental or allow it to stall her unless it pertains to her own pokemon.
     -Not prone to reckless behavior.
     -Typically can distance herself from a situation to see both sides, unless it's a personal matter.
     -Extremely so.
     -She lost almost everything when the Kalos League exploded. She cannot and will not abide by losing anything or anyone else.
     -Capable of being extremely violent in order to keep what she holds dear safe.
     -Strangely enough, she can't shake the maternal instincts, even after everything else has been stripped away from her emotional side. Despite herself, if she sees a child in need, of any sort, she has to help.
     -Loving to those that have earned it.
     -Once she opens up a bit to someone, she appoints herself as a sort of guardian to them.
     -See Protective.
     -Capable of using the environment to her advantage, as well as flaws in her opponents.
     -Very strategic.
     -Capable of imagining new uses for old things.
     -Drasna has immersed herself in old tales and myths of both Sinnoh and Kalos, as well as many different skills and vocations in her spare time from training. Always one to enlighten and educate herself, she has found much joy in Astronomy, History, casual Geology and Botany, and various survival skills that have definitely come in handy.
     -Always eager and willing to learn a new skill or bit of information.
     -Not interested in people's opinions, really, just facts.  Opinions get in the way.
    +Alpha Female+
     -She only answered to Diantha for a long time, and is not very willing to go backward.
     -She absolutely knows her power and how to weild it, as well as how to get her way. She will not be stopped. Not unless she wants to fucking stop.
     -Does not abide stupidity well. Caution, fine. Other logic, fine. Never stupidity.
     -Does not like to be challenged in her authority, nor looked down upon. If you look down on her, she'll make sure you don't have the eyes to do it again.
     -Doesn't trust strangers easy, but doesn't assume all of them are complete liars.
     -Prefers to refrain from giving many personal information; often doesn't give anything beyond her name.
     -Drasna, for a very long time, was a happy, loving person. Most of the points here are new or exaggerated traits that she has acquied in response to what happened in the Kalos League and her determination to help those in Unova. She does not like being like this. She does not like being so cold and indifferent and in times of extreme stress, the facade will wane and she will reveal the confliction of personality within herself.
     -She wants to be happy and ultimately, let this tyrant she has adopted fade into oblivion.
     -Has a well-formed and stable moral compass, but has to continually set it aside in order to do what she needs to do.
     -Very determined.
     -Her emotional detachment to herself leaves her more capable of atrocity than what she would normally be able to commit.
     -Very angry for what has happened to the world, to her home, to her friends and family and country.
     -This bitterness drives her, forcing her to commit emotional suicide to better function and avenge those she lost.
     -She bears no true guilt for what happened to Kalos; she knows there was nothing she could have possibly done to prevent it. Therefore, all of her anger and rage has been directed out toward the world and those responsible for it.
    Affiliations Diantha
    [url=Calem]Calem[/url] and [url=Serena]Serena[/url]
    [url=Malva]Malva[/url] and [url=Siebold]Siebold[/url]
    Kalesian Gym Leaders-
    User Notes -None so far.


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