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    Ichiro the human


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    Ichiro the human Empty Ichiro the human

    Post by Maximum Thu Oct 14, 2021 2:10 am


    Ichiro Takahashi
    Text Color 05B8CC
    Theme(s) Dear Wormwood by the Oh Hellos
    Item -Book on aquatic Pokemon. Specifically bookmarked on sections involving the Pokemon he now has in his possession.
    -Universal Communicator
    -Survival shit (Backpack, sleeping bag, canteen, etc)
    -Water Stone for when Shogg feels comfortable evolving
    -Jar of Honey
    -A few small fictional paperback books
    -Pencils and a notebook
    Weapons -Hatchet
    Gender Identity He|Him|His
    Birthdate March 11
    Age 23 years
    Species Human
    Weight 150 lbs
    Height 5'11"
    Region of origin Sinnoh
    Occupation Former College Student
    Party These Pokemon were all in the possession of the creepy old man, and when he and Rei busted the Pokemon out, they had nowhere else to go. Since he was the only one who had the room for five Pokemon, and they didn't want to be seperated, he ended up as the primary caretaker as he and his friends tried to find their former trainers.
    Pkm 1
    Ichiro the human Tumblr_inline_pdcas9diJQ1r82t0h_100
    Name- Kroova
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- FF7216
    Species- Vaporeon
    Level- 35
    Ability- Water Absorb
    Attack list-
    -Ice Beam (TM)
    -Scald (TM)
    -Haze (Level)
    -Swift (Pre-evolution Level)
    **Contest Pokemon stolen and sold to the old man. Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 2
    Ichiro the human Tumblr_inline_pkfphkkPhu1r82t0h_100
    Name- Tiria
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- 344152
    Species- Dewgong
    Level- 38
    Ability- Thick Fat
    Attack list-
    -Aqua Ring (Level)
    -Brine (Level)
    -Aurora Beam (Level)
    -Signal Beam (Level)
    **Caught in the wild by shiny hunters and sold to the old man. Not a proper shiny, but is colored differently for a dewgong. Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 3
    Ichiro the human Tumblr_inline_pkc1m1Yxhb1r82t0h_100
    Name- Lutra
    Gender- Female
    Text colour- DCA2CD
    Species- Primarina
    Level- 45
    Ability- Torrent
    Attack list-
    -Sparkling Aria (Evolution)
    -Hyper Voice (Level)
    -Moonblast (Level)
    -Sing (Level)
    **Battling Pokemon that was stolen and sold to the old man. Unusual colors for a Primarina. Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 4
    Ichiro the human 350-f
    Name- Triss
    Gender- Nonbinary
    Text colour- BCD2EE
    Species- Milotic
    Level- 32
    Ability- Competitive
    Attack list-
    -Water Pulse (Evolution)
    -Recover (Start)
    -Dragon Tail (Level)
    -Aqua Tail (Level)
    **About half the size of a normal Milotic due to inbreeding and awful conditions. Claustrophobic. This Pokemon was purchased from awful Pokemon breeders and was in the old man's possession for several years. All the levels were gained in the time Ichiro has trained them. Normal Shiny for a Milotic. Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 5
    Ichiro the human 515
    Name- Shogg
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- F3E88E
    Species- Panpour
    Level- 33
    Ability- Gluttony
    Attack list-
    -Scald (Level)
    -Acrobatics (Level)
    -Fury Swipes (Level)
    -Bite (Level)
    **He was supposed to be the newest addition to the aquarium, but escaped into the grounds. Actively tried to help the Pokemon escape, but couldn't. When Ichiro and crew stumbled onto the scene, took the opportunity to help when he could and guide them towards the locked and drugged up Pokemon. Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 6
    Text colour-
    Attack list-
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Quote "You know when I said I'd like to avoid my parents a little longer, I didn't mean like this.
    History -First born child of parents who made it very clear they had high expectations from him and demanded nothing less than his absolute best
    -Pushed him academically, and he, not knowing what else to do and wanting to please them, pushed himself hard enough to constantly get high marks. Was able to skip a year because of this.
    -Ended up making his social life nonexistant because he was constantly pushed towards harder things with no room for anything outside of academics.
    -Completely overshadowed his younger siblings' achievements as they were all pushed towards the same standard as Ichiro. Jiro and Saburo were immensely bitter over it and would try to sabotage him and even each other.
    -With no one in or out of the family to really talk to, Ichiro holed up in his room in what little free time he had.
    -It wasn't until he went off to college and experienced freedom and blossoming friendships that he started to feel like something was wrong with his old life
    -He finally had the time to do things he wanted, and by excusing his first year as just "taking care of pre-reqs" He was able to foster a social life. His new friends encouraged him to take breaks and hang out with them, and he found it very difficult to say no.
    -He still threw himself into his academics with more fervor than his friends, but he didn't feel nearly as burnt out
    -Parents were not happy because his grades had dropped from perfect to lower As, but with distance, their disapproval didn't matter as much.
    -One of his favorite professors was going on an archaelogical trip into Mt. Coronet, and she wanted to invite Ichiro and his friends along to observe. They had expressed immense interest in Sinnoh's history, and with such bright students, it was win/win.
    -Ichiro begged for the extra time away from home once finals were over, and they allowed it. It would only be an extra week.
    -The extra week turned into a nightmare lasting longer.
    -They had gotten lost on the way to the dig site, and their car broke down on a road where they couldn't get a cellphone connection.
    -After trying to restart the car on their own, they had been ready to walk back down the road to the last village they had passed through. This is when an older man in a beaten truck happened to pass by them. The walk to the town would be hazardous at night, and the old man lived close by. While wary, they took him up on his offer and rode with him to a worn down house that had seen better days. Ichiro and Rei had noticed that the strange man was friendly towards them, but there weren't any red flags that they could see.
    -Rei and Yuki shared a room for the night while Ichiro and Ryuto did the same. For their own safety.
    -Nothing happened at night, but they all felt they needed to get out as soon as possible. Which was then hampered by a dense fog that wouldn't go away.
    -After some debating, Yuki and Ryuto borrowed Rei's flyer to get to the town faster.
    -Which left Rei and Ichiro at the house. The old man had to step out, but he was still around on the grounds.
    -They wandered around the house since they had nothing else to do
    -Found some interesting books to read involving local legends and such.
    -They thought it was a little odd that there were so many about mermaids, but they thought it was just an interest.
    -Until the old man came back with a weird look in his eyes. Spouts some raving nonsense about them being mermaids in human disguise, and then locked them in the room that doubled as a library.
    -With some creative thinking, and brute force, they were able to get out of the room itself, but with Rei's Pokemon missing, they couldn't just leave. She insisted on finding her Pokemon first, which Ichiro couldn't argue since they were sitting ducks without them.
    -By some miracle, they didn't run into the old man, but instead of finding Rei's Pokemon, they found something else. In the shed, there was a giant aquarium containing four Pokemon. Most of them were unsual colors for their species, the Milotic looked tiny, and they all looked like they were all very unhealthy. The container, while large, really wasn't big enough to fit all of these Pokemon in comfortably.
    -Horrified, they tried to find a way to get the pokemon out of there when they heard the door slam shut and lock. The old man taunted them again before supposedly leaving them for later.
    -Ichiro tried to brute force the door, but nothing worked, and the hinges were not on their side.
    -Despairing, they decided to open the aquarium. The pokemon immediately started to clamber out except for the Milotic, and though they all still had a sickly appearance, they all charged the door.
    -Needless to say, the old man was very displeased to see his precious mermaids escaping. He didn't have a chance to threaten them before the Primarina screeched at him, knocking him on his ass, and the Vaporeon pinning him with their teeth.
    -Rei was able to steal her Pokeballs back from the man, and while she yelled at him, Ichiro went back to the aquarium to coax the Milotic out.
    -They had dragged him and other Pokemon out into the fresh air by the time Yuki and Ryuto had come back with reinforcements.
    -The rest of the adventure passed in a blur. He talked to so many police officers as the story had to come out and charges being pressed.
    -What he hadnt really expected was that he was given temporary custody over the Pokemon as they all latched onto him and Rei. Rei didn't have the room for so many pokemon, so she passed it onto him while volunteering to help. The Milotic was especially attached to Ichiro.
    -By the time he was finally able to contact his parents, they were livid about him disappearing like that. He didn't tell them what he had gone through, because that would make him admit to having Pokemon. Even if it was temporary.
    -He ended up making a lie about needing to stay longer for reasons, but they were extremely unhappy, and he was not looking forward to the confrontation when he returned.
    -Which ended up never happening because a few weeks later, the Epidemic hit Sinnoh suddenly. Unable to contact anyone, he escaped with the Pokemon and his friends. Unfortunately, they had been split up, and Ichiro has to take care of these horribly traumatized Pokemon. Thankfully, they mostly know how to fight...
    Accent Neutral
    Appearance Messy and almost shaggy  medium length hair.
    -Hair is white
    -Taller side of average
    -Medium build, unlike his brother
    -Blue eyes
    -Denim Jacket
    -Black shirt
    Religion None
    Personality - Strong fear of failure
    Due to his parents expecting nothing but the best out of him, just the thought of messing up can paralyze him into not wanting to deal with whatever is in front of him.
    -Conflict avoider
    While he is aware of this and trying to work on it, his first instinct to dealing with aggressive people is to either bend over backwards to get them to calm down, or just avoid them entirely. He never could get his courage up to tell his parents about what happened since he knew they would just badger him over how the whole trip was a stupid idea wasting his time.
    -Sarcastic sense of humor
    He's less likely to show this to people he doesn't know, but it slips out.
    Despite his issues with his parents forcing academics onto him, he does enjoy learning. Especially about history, and loves talking about everything he's learned.
    Even if he doesn't really show it, he is deeply angry with how his and his sibling's childhoods were basically stolen from them.
    He feels as if he should have known better sooner. Maybe he could have done something before his life became confined to his room and school. Maybe he could have done more when Rei suspected something was wrong with the old man. Maybe he could have done something to keep his friends from getting split up during the apocalypse.
    Outside of his parents influence, he's developed into a person who enjoys taking care of others, and it really came out when five abused Pokemon were dropped in his lap. Sometimes this instinct manages to even overpower his fear of failing.
    -Awkard around new people, but is willing to make friends
    He can come off as overly polite at first due to training and nervousness, but over time, he will ease into more casual speak. Or it could happen quickly if the person manages to remind him of his friends.
    The Pokemon he travels with were horrifically hurt by a single human, and he wants to protect them in a way he wasn't able to protect his brothers.
    Affiliations -Shiro- Youngest sibling. Ichiro feels immensely guilty over being distant with the youngest of his brothers since Shiro ended up getting targeted so much.
    -Jiro- This sibling was the most bitter over being overshadowed, and Jiro tried his best to one up Ichiro however he could. At best, Ichiro was annoyed with Jiro,and some of the digs and attempts would truly anger him. However, time away from the toxic environment and learning how much his parents messed them all up has made Ichiro regret his tame animosity. Even if he rarely, if ever acted on it, Jiro was still hurt by their parents' constant comparisons. While he doubts Jiro would ever want to speak to him, he wants to at least apologize for his own part in making Jiro's life hell.
    -Saburo- While he was bitter about Ichiro being the winner no matter what, Saburo focused his frustrations on Jiro and Shiro. Unguarded projects and papers were ruined if he knew they existed. Ichiro was rarely affected by this, but now regrets that his inaction probably lead to Saburo's overly aggressive nature.
    -Note for all the brothers: Ichiro's regrets towards them comes from the fact that he had managed to reap all the benefits of being the favorite, and then never shared it. Even though he was not actively malicious, he feels that he let things fester when he should have said something. Even though he wasn't fully aware of this until later.
    -Rei, Yuki, Ryuto- Ichiro's closest friends. He owes them so much for teaching him what normal life was like outside of his shitty home life. Hell, they taught him that he had a shitty home life. The year of college with them was eye opening in so many ways, and even when the Epidemic hit, their lessons continued when they weren't just trying to survive. Rei's fearlessness, Yuki's kindness, and Ryuto's steadfast friendship were all anchors that he is missing dearly now.
    User Notes -The unusually colored pokemon are partially because I fell in love with some of the designs, so if I need to cut the numbers down, I can do that. The reason in story is that creepy guy really wanted them and got them off of a black market.
    -Base Primarina sprite is from the Sun and Moon Smogon Spriting Project, but I was the one who made the colors what they are for this alternate color.
    -Note: I haven't decided when I want to put the team I'm thinking of using him on, but his age for Current EJ Time (four years into the apocalypse) is supposed to be 23 (9 years older than Shiro).

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