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    ??? the Human + Buizel [wip]


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    ??? the Human + Buizel [wip] Empty ??? the Human + Buizel [wip]

    Post by Min Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:46 pm

    posting this so i don't forget about them...

    name: ryeomun? fuck im running out of good korean names (alt. "Reo" 리오/레오 for ease)
    young-mid twenties
    dfab, really doesn't care about gender
    korean diaspora
    unemployed university dropout, video game junkie
  • "lazy", unmotivated
  • seems like they don't give a fuck about anything
  • truth: they actually give a lot of fucks, especially obsessively worries over others regardless if they're on negative terms or not
  • hardworking and determined when they choose to
  • pre-epidemic they enjoyed sweets and ice cream. the apocalypse kinda ruined that
  • surprisingly really good at survival skills and strategies, probably from all those zombie games they played
  • very mellow demeanor, a little bit of a doormat
  • enjoys physical affection
  • despite an aloof nature, they're not the idealistic type. relies highly on logic
  • their hair was bleached blonde pre-epidemic, but with the lack of proper materials they haven't re-bleached since. so now you can see all the dark brown growing back

    adult, cis? male
    lvl 50
  • fucking asshole prick
  • snappy, extremely quick tempered
  • first instinct to being annoyed is to bite
  • because of that, trainer got sued a couple times at pokeparks. to prevent buizel from becoming an even bigger asshole, trainer decided to put a everstone on him
  • very compulsive, immediately jumps to assumptions and conclusions
  • almost always acts before thinking, especially for fights. he just jumps right in
  • a little larger than your average buizel
  • very physical moveset
  • honestly their expression is perpetually angry..
  • has a surprisingly large amount of respect for trainer. even if trainer is a lazy dropout who plays video games all day.
  • loves chin scratches
  • was at a shelter before trainer adopted them. was as the shelter due to high aggression and disobedience. was put on list to be euthanized before trainer adopted
  • trainer adopted buizel because they felt sorry for the lil' chap. eventually the buizel's rough play and reckless attitude kinda grew on them

  • trainer and buizel tend to have a lot of banter together. a lot of inside jokes, crude humour
  • despite their conflicted personalities, they work very well together. buizel knows how to get trainer motivated, and trainer knows how to control buizel's aggression
  • they're total bros tbh
  • you can tell they have a very close relationship with each other
  • both tend to get antsy when away from the other

  • both took to the epidemic a little...more calmly than expected
  • trainer was like FUCK YEAH NO MORE STUDENT LOANS, hoh shit zombies, "i think we're fucked, we're fucked? we're fucked. damn."
  • buizel was very unnerved initially due to the copious amounts of gore and death + potential to be infected, but eventually got used to it and had some fun punching skulls in
  • they also have a bet to see who lasts longer in the epidemic, which is more like a half-joke between them

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