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    Yami the Black Liepard [Under, Ace]


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    Yami the Black Liepard [Under, Ace]  Empty Yami the Black Liepard [Under, Ace]

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    Yami the Black Liepard [Under, Ace]  LwJ03o6

    Yami the Liepard
    闇 - Darkness
    Theme Yu-Gi-Oh! Original Theme
    Text Color 574c39
    Item Worn collar
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Cisgender Male
    Age Mature Adult, close to Aging
    Species 510 Liepard, The Cruel Pokémon - Dark Type
    Height 3'03"
    Weight 94.2 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon Black2:: Their beautiful form comes from the muscles they have developed. They run silently in the night.
    Level 43
    Ability Limber
    Nature Hasty
    Characteristic Likes to Relax
    Moves - Night Slash (Level up)
    - Iron Tail (Tutor)
    - Thunder Wave (TM)
    - Shadow Ball (TM)
    Quote "Hey! What's up, what's this? Man that thing is weird! Ah.. Okay, well, that was cool."
    "Well isn't this a pretty rockin' place! Man, a fella' could get used to this."
    "...Did you hear that? I swear I just heard someth- Wooaahh, look at that thing! You see that thing? Wow!"
    History Born in the streets of Unova the tiny black Purrloin's first few months of life were a struggle. His mother could barely feed all her kittens, and when the small black one wandered off it was not a surprise the mother cat had already moved on in search of food. Alone, frightened, and defenseless the kit would of surely perished had a good samaritan not found him. Scooping him up in her arms she brought him to a friends Pokemon rescue for immediate care.

    Between the combined effort of volunteers and staff he was nursed back to a respectable health. The black Purrloin quickly became a favorite at the rescue, always a fun, lively spirit among their older residents. Their 'Little Darkness' as they would say would always find a way to lighten the mood. They kept him as long as they could, giving him all his vaccines, helping him put on weight, and socializing the tiny cat, but within days of being put up for adoption he was snatched up. A father and his young son pair adopted the kitten, and while it was the rescue's goal to see their Pokemon go out it was still a bittersweet moment.

    For newly named Yami, however, life couldn't be better. The boys were immediate best friends and the pair did everything together. They played, explored, lazed about, and lived life to the fullest. As the child was too young at the time to be an official trainer Yami was, for the most part, simply a pet. Occasionally the boy would get in a squabble with another kid and they would battle, or he would explore the nearby woods and have the cat for company and protection. For years the feline was only a happy companion, so when the day came for the boy to finally become a trainer it was a massive change.

    They hit the ground running. Eager to get right into it Yami and his newly initiated trainer dove straight into their regional journey. With Yami being his only Pokemon the beginning was rough. The human struggled to make any head way for a while but was not to be discouraged. The cat may of been inexperienced and slow but he did not want to disappoint and gave it his all. Training hard and valiantly the pair eventually made progress and were able travel further and further away from home. Together they challenged trainers, nature, and gyms alike, surpassing some while admitting defeat to many others. For years they trained, saw, explored, and enjoyed their time together, but eventually the boy felt a new calling. A deep yearning inside him insisting he make a new choice and together they returned home.

    The boy, now grown into a fine young man, had a new dream he wished to follow. Wanting to do something more with his life he enlisted in the military. While they offered Pokemon-partner formations he knew he could not subject his cat, who was now growing a tad old, to such harsh conditions. After fighting his way through their journey the feline deserved a good rest. With a heartbreaking goodbye he bid farewell to his best friend and the Liepard was left alone. While the father was still there it wasn't often he was home. He worked as a trucker, spending long trips away from home driving supplies all over the region. As the weeks and months ticked by he felt bad for his son's pet, all alone in the house with no one to keep him company. With his boy away, and without his permission, the man decided it would be best to give the Liepard up to the rescue once more.

    They took him in a heartbeat, but it was not like Yami remembered. Though his early memories were fuzzy those that he had of the rescue were filled with warmth, happiness, and love. Now, as a much larger and more powerful Liepard, and though he was still the sweetest thing ever, even those that remembered him were intimidated. It was customary to keep larger Pokemon like that in their Pokeballs, but Yami had never been properly acclimated to the dark space. He grew stressed beyond belief, and was filled with a trapped sensation that only grew worse with each return. At the adoption displays he would be placed in a cage instead which, unfortunately, was even worse. He could physically see his prison, and the people that walked by would either stare in fear or try to prod him. The big cat would huddle in the corner, cry, or pace, never 'showing well' and always getting passed over. It was hell.

    Eventually they placed him into foster care, making sure to keep him cage free as much as possible while keeping the foster parents safe. The Liepard recovered himself within these homes, always bouncing back to the relaxed cat he was, but he still never behaved well at the adoption shows. After a while the rescue didn't think the stress was worth it and just stopped showing him. His chances of getting a home were cut severely, and as the months ticked by and by the staff started to wonder if he would ever get a home.

    By some stroke of luck and word through the grapevine a new family heard of his plight. He was an adult torn from his home and thrown in a weird environment, he was not misbehaved but a frightened creature. A free roaming, protective pet tossed into a cage.. With word of Yami having even the slimmest chance at a home they pulled all the stops and the Liepard was adopted within the next few days. Released into a home, and the Pokeball put far away, he could tell this place was different. It was permanent, it was.. home. Turning to face the girl that had given him his freedom the Liepard knew he would do all in his power to protect her, to show his thanks, and his love. Like his boy before her, they did everything together, forming an immediate and deep bond. Happiness had returned to the Liepard's life.

    Sadly, the good thing came to an abrupt end. The Epidemic struck the world and the family fled in terror. Amidst the panic they all got separated, the Liepard winding up alone on foreign streets. Completely disorientated and alone Yami took off in a random direction, determined with all his being to find his new family once more.
    Bulbapedia "Liepard is a slender, purple feline Pokémon speckled with yellow rosettes. Its fur patterning is considered attractive to many Trainers. It has a pink "mask" marking over its eyes, a pink nose, and small yellow markings over its green eyes. It has two pairs of long yellow whiskers, and a tufted yellow underside. Its lower legs are yellow, and each small paw has a pale pink pad. It has a long, curving tail with a sickle-like shape toward the tip. Liepard has well-developed muscles that allows it to run silently and strike opponents from behind. It has also been known to vanish and reappear without warning. "
    Appearance Yami's pelt is a shimmery black, strikingly darker than most Liepards. The only noticeable marks in his solid black pelt are the whitish, thinning patches of his eyebrows, a brown tint to his scruff and shoulders, and the whitish tip to his tail. His eyes are a greenish-gold color that stand out against his dark fur, along with his worn green collar. His nose, pads, and whiskers are also black. A couple of gray hairs from age are starting to crop up at the bottom of his spine, top of his head, and back of his ears.
    This Liepard is a bit stockier and heavier then most of his species. Instead of the usual lithe and limber frame he is a stout, squat, and dense, with a sturdy weight behind his form. Fur grows thickly between his pads giving him toe-tufts and exceedingly quiet steps. He carries a goofy grin.
    Accent Naturally loud, booming voice
    Motivation Find his special person again
    Personality - Cheerful, optimistic, goofy, lighthearted, expressive
    - Blunt, abrupt, to the point,
    - Honest, open, easily amazed,
    - Claustrophobic, incredibly so. Any small space, closing door, or blocked exit brings an immense amount of stress
    - Tired, sleepy, and often has small hallucinations. May try to mini-nap. Light sleeper, restless,
    - Does not act is age, childish, a little slow to learn, not the brightest, somewhat sheltered, ignorant
    - Talkative, loud and very vocal, may have quiet moments but generally likes to run his mouth, annoying
    - Unaware of his own size, still thinks himself a tiny Purrloin and doesn't realize his size, weight, or strength
    - Charming, charismatic, easy to get along with if not a bit overbearing
    - Affectionate, friendly, welcoming, warm,
    - Likes things on his terms, a little standoffish, can be hesitant to interact but loves to observe, full of himself, proud
    - Makes heavy first impressions, forgiving, forgetful
    - Relentlessly determined, does not give up, can not be told off for long, extreme denial,
    - Lost puppy, problem child, very protective
    Birthplace Nacrene City, Unova
    Name Origin Japanese for darkness.
    Came with a name given to him by a 10 year old boy. Most likely named after said Yu-Gi-Oh character.
    User Notes - Based off my recently adopted cat with the history being adapted from his.
    - Being his trainers only Pokemon Yami's level shot up very quickly during their travels. He was also constantly out of his Pokeball for the human's protection, thus he never got used to the capture device.
    - For clarity, his TM's/Tutor moves were learned during his travels with his trainer. They were meant to supplement his moveset while leveling but ended up staying.
    Development Notes They're coming back, right?

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