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Angeline Empty Angeline

Post by Angeline Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:10 pm

Angeline Tumblr_oc8mu490FB1uc5v85o1_400

Angeline Lovelace
Text Color e8a2b2
Theme(s) Bubblegum Bitch - Marina and the Diamonds||Blank Space - Taylor Swift
Item universal communicator; backpack in which are
-a spare pokeball
-rope and a pair of handcuffs
-baseball bat (it's short but stout)
-a few full restores
-food rations
-a sleeping bag
-chloroform and some rags
Weapons her Pokemon, the bat, and a knife in her belt
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She | Her | Hers
Birthdate April 1st
Age 24
Species Human
Weight 130 lbs
Height 5'4"
Region of Origin Orre
Religion herself
Accent American
Occupation Pokemon Trainer | Former Cipher Admin
Party Angeline has had all of these pokemon from the time she was young. Most of them are like-minded, but the Gardevoir is not. The name given to him by Angeline is meant to be mocking.
Pkm 1
Angeline 301
Angeline Luxuryball
Delcatty/Darla (F)
Text Color: d2a2e8
Level- 60
Type- Angeline Normal  
Ability- Cute Charm
Attack list-
-Sing (Start)
-Return (TM)
-Attract (Start)
-Payback (TM)
Pkm 2
Angeline 242
Angeline Pokeball
Blissey/Lacy (F)
Text Color: ffd8e6
Level- 57
Type- Angeline Normal  
Ability- Serene Grace
Attack list-
-Soft Boil (Learned)
-Heal Pulse(Learned as Riolu)
-Light Screen (Start)
-Healing Wish (Start)
Pkm 3
Angeline 282
Angeline Ultraball
Gardevoir/Princess (M)
Text Color: e8679a
Level- 55
Type- Angeline Psychic Angeline Fairy
Ability- Trace
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Moonblast (Start)
-Thunderpunch (Move Tutor)
-Ice Punch (Move Tutor)
**is missing the small pink horn on his chest, and thus is no longer an emotion radar
Pkm 4
Angeline 154
Angeline Pokeball
Meganium/Hibiscus (F)
Text Color: c6ff6c
Level- 58
Ability- Overgrow
Type- Angeline Grass  
Attack list-
-Petal Blizzard (Start)
-Poison Powder (Learned)
-Synthesis (Learned)
-Body Slam (Learned)
Pkm 5
Angeline 350
Angeline Timerball
Milotic/Aurora (M)
Text Color: 52cae8
Level- 57
Type- Angeline Water  
Ability- Marvel Scale
Attack list-
-Hydro Pump (Learned)
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Safeguard (Learned)
-Recover (Learned)
Pkm 6
Angeline 334
Angeline Healball
Altaria/Puffy (F)
Text Color: 2b78e8
Level- 60
Type- Angeline Dragon Angeline Flying
Ability- Natural Cure
Attack list-
-Dragon Pulse (Learned)
-Sky Attack (Start)
-Moonblast (Learned)
-Dragon Dance (Learned)
Quote "I'll so be waiting for you!"

"Heehee! Did you think I forgot my promise?"
Appearance -shorter pigtails now
-blue, low cut dress with a bubble pattern
-tight black shorts
-grey skirt
-blue leg warmers
-blue and white boots
-black belt
Angéline's Relationships:
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