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Angeline Empty Angeline

Post by Angeline Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:10 pm

Angeline Tumblr_oc8mu490FB1uc5v85o1_400

Angeline Lovelace
Text Color e8a2b2
Theme(s) Bubblegum Bitch - Marina and the Diamonds||Blank Space - Taylor Swift
Item universal communicator; backpack in which are
-a spare pokeball
-rope and a pair of handcuffs
-baseball bat (it's short but stout)
-a few full restores
-food rations
-a sleeping bag
-chloroform and some rags
Weapons her Pokemon, the bat, and a knife in her belt
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She | Her | Hers
Birthdate April 1st
Age 24
Species Human
Weight 130 lbs
Height 5'4"
Region of Origin Orre
Religion herself
Accent American
Occupation Pokemon Trainer | Former Cipher Admin
Party Angeline has had all of these pokemon from the time she was young. Most of them are like-minded, but the Gardevoir is not. The name given to him by Angeline is meant to be mocking.
Pkm 1
Angeline 301
Angeline Luxuryball
Delcatty/Darla (F)
Text Color: d2a2e8
Level- 60
Type- Angeline Normal  
Ability- Cute Charm
Attack list-
-Sing (Start)
-Return (TM)
-Attract (Start)
-Payback (TM)
Pkm 2
Angeline 242
Angeline Pokeball
Blissey/Lacy (F)
Text Color: ffd8e6
Level- 57
Type- Angeline Normal  
Ability- Serene Grace
Attack list-
-Soft Boil (Learned)
-Heal Pulse(Learned as Riolu)
-Light Screen (Start)
-Healing Wish (Start)
Pkm 3
Angeline 282
Angeline Ultraball
Gardevoir/Princess (M)
Text Color: e8679a
Level- 55
Type- Angeline Psychic Angeline Fairy
Ability- Trace
Attack list-
-Psychic (Learned)
-Moonblast (Start)
-Thunderpunch (Move Tutor)
-Ice Punch (Move Tutor)
**is missing the small pink horn on his chest, and thus is no longer an emotion radar
Pkm 4
Angeline 154
Angeline Pokeball
Meganium/Hibiscus (F)
Text Color: c6ff6c
Level- 58
Ability- Overgrow
Type- Angeline Grass  
Attack list-
-Petal Blizzard (Start)
-Poison Powder (Learned)
-Synthesis (Learned)
-Body Slam (Learned)
Pkm 5
Angeline 350
Angeline Timerball
Milotic/Aurora (M)
Text Color: 52cae8
Level- 57
Type- Angeline Water  
Ability- Marvel Scale
Attack list-
-Hydro Pump (Learned)
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Safeguard (Learned)
-Recover (Learned)
Pkm 6
Angeline 334
Angeline Healball
Altaria/Puffy (F)
Text Color: 2b78e8
Level- 60
Type- Angeline Dragon Angeline Flying
Ability- Natural Cure
Attack list-
-Dragon Pulse (Learned)
-Sky Attack (Start)
-Moonblast (Learned)
-Dragon Dance (Learned)
Quote "I'll so be waiting for you!"

"Heehee! Did you think I forgot my promise?"
Angéline's story begins, surprisingly enough, in Pyrite, Orre; her father, a rich Phenac socialite, had passed through the decrepit city and partied a little too hard to forget the stress of his wealthy parents' expectations along the way. Seeing an opportunity to escape poverty, her mother blackmailed her father and so the two were married, their two children living in wealth and comfort. From her earliest years Angéline craved intimate attention that few were willing to give her, and to fill the hole left by the lack of a family's love, she bossed around the family servants, attempting to use material wealth and power as a bandaid. Of course, such a thing only works for so long, and in her late teens she became involved with Cipher and their second attempt to take over the Region. Having been fascinated by the group the first time they cycloned through Orre, and pleased by the way the Cipher had brought a little excitement into her otherwise dull life, she bullied her brother into joining Cipher with her, taking on the alias Lovrina. Her wealth and prowess with Pokemon soon proved an asset to the group and she became one of its admins; like all the other admins, however, she failed to stop Michael from ultimately succeeding in putting a stop to them.

Her family's assets seized, she fled to another region, living decently enough on the money she'd squirreled away there. Despite having gotten off pretty scot free, she stewed in anger over how much her life was disrupted by a single brat with a savior complex, itching for an opportunity to get back at him, or to at least cause mayhem again. With that not being an option, and recalling how Greevil just... gave up because of "the power of love" bullshit, she considered trying to find that bullshit for herself-- maybe there really was something inherently good that she was missing, something so good a man would throw away his life's work. She acquired a string of ex-lovers, unable to hold down a mate because of her selfish, bratty, childish nature. Though she longed to love another human, she simply couldn't stop loving herself more.

When the epidemic broke out she was quick to flee as her home was destroyed, unsure of what to do with her life now that the whole world had changed so abruptly. Eventually she found someone who allowed her to stay in exchange for helping him track down what he needs for his work.  

She was all too happy to oblige because of who he is, what he wanted, and the quality of life he provided her with. And so now, years later, she finds herself hunting down a Pokemon that is probably way out of her league.
Appearance -shorter pigtails now
-blue, low cut dress with a bubble pattern
-tight black shorts
-grey skirt
-blue leg warmers
-blue and white boots
-black belt

  • bubbly
    -when in a good mood, she's a very happy, social person who loves being around other people and is energized from it
    -even though most of the time that energy comes from a place of enjoying the act of harrassing others or causing chaos, she can be remarkably civil when given a motive to be or even just when she's in a good mood
    -do keep in mind though that it's purely for selfish reasons-- if she's not after something, then she's only being happy and friendly because she has no reason at the moment to be anything else; that sunny disposition can be gone in moments
  • easily irritated
    -generally has little patience for anyhting she finds annoying, which can be just about anything-- from repetitive noises to someone being too enthusiastic for her tastes
  • hypocritical
    -see above, given that she can be enthusiasm incarnate when happy enough
  • sadistic
    -she loves causing pain and the power it gives her
    -it's one of the few things that actually validates her
  • kind of creepy at times
    -sometimes she'll just... stare at people
    -and not because she's confused
    - (it is usually to unnerve them; this is entirely on purpose)
  • spoiled brat
    -she is a little princess and adores the finer things in life, especially when she doesn't have to work for them
    -she will demand others satisfy her desires, so long as she senses it's safe to treat them like servants
  • not at all loyal
    -though she has some amount of loyalty to her pokemon, she has zero sense of it towards anyone else
    -human beings are mostly just tools to her, a means to an end, and she will treat them however it benefits her at the moment; if they no longer suit her purpose, she abandons them; if they have proven themselves unreliable or particularly irritating to her, she will discard them in the cruelest way she can manage, and sometimes this does mean bloodshed
    -it's debatable exactly how much loyalty she has to her pokemon; while she would fight to protect most of them, especially Darla, it's not clear how hard she would fight
    -likely would depend on circumstances and how likely fighting for them with endanger her own life
  • selfish
    -everything she does is entirely motivated by what would most benefit her
  • manipulative
    -she is very good at picking open just the right wounds and soothing the right scars in order to make someone believe she cares
    -her innocent appearance helps in this
    -however, her true nature sometimes reveals itself prematurely because she cannot always control herself
  • petty
    -oh absolutely
    -a true Mean Girls antagonist right here folks
    -however, her true nature sometimes reveals itself prematurely because she cannot always control herself
  • impulsive
    -not always the best at judging situations before rushing in
    -usually this applies to picking fights
  • sore loser
    -she tends to throw a bit of a tantrum when things don't go her way
  • childish
    -not always concerned with what is more important and sometimes is distracted by trivial matters
    -like grudges
  • loud
    -in both volume and mannerisms
    -there is nothing meek or shy about her
  • arrogant
    -is not new to biting off more than she can chew
  • bigoted
    -has already made up her mind about certain groups of people and has no qualms picking on anyone who is (or she percieves to be) a member of that group
    -she's very shallow in her convictions, though, and will typically go with the opinion of the majority of the group (so as to better fit in); she can hide her opinions fairly easily because of this, barring some circumstances
    -for example, she totally thinks lgbt people are all pedophiles and someone more principled would fight viciously about protecting lgbt people, since they believe otherwise kids are in danger; she, however, gives no fucks if kids are in danger if that means she's got a leg up in whatever situation she's in
  • Affiliations
    Angéline's Relationships:
    ♈ Her Boss: He's really creepy, but he's also providing her with a place to live and access to a lot of things she'd want, so she'll do what he asks... even if it's reluctantly.

    ♈ Naps: Her brother; she doesn't seem to think much of him and generally doesn't really care that she can't find him. Mostly she tries to put him out of her mind and is very successful at this.

    Eldes: Furious that he abandoned their cause at the end when they needed him most. She would not mind ruining his life, if he's even still alive at this point. She hopes he was devoured by the undead while still in prison.

    Michael: Unbelievably pissed that this little brat managed to destroy everything they'd worked so hard for, and perhaps a little jealous of his talent and how happy he seemed with the state of his life. She would love to exact revenge on him, but often forgets he even exists. There is too much going on right now.

    User Notes
    -the ending is rushed because I intend for who her boss is and what he's doing to be a surprise, so I can't talk too much about her life post-epidemic
    -thank you to Looker who let me steal code from him
    -thank you to Starbits for the image
    -Lovrina's name in the French version of the game was Angeline; I liked that name more, so I chose that as her true name instead and made the former an alias

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