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    Legendary: Yveltal (Meeting)


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    Legendary: Yveltal (Meeting) Empty Legendary: Yveltal (Meeting)

    Post by Yveltal Sat Jul 30, 2016 1:00 pm

    Legendary: Yveltal (Meeting) Yvelta10

    Themes He Who Brings The Night
    Power of Darkness
    Pokemon Xerneas/Yveltal Theme "Epic Rock" Cover
    Item None
    Gender Genderless (masculine)
    Age Unknown
    Species #717, Yveltal, the Destruction Pokemon
    Height 19'00"/5.8 m
    Weight 447.5 lbs/203.0 kg
    Pokédex Entry "When its life comes to an end, it absorbs the life energy of every living thing and turns into a cocoon once more."
    Level Unknown
    Ability Dark Aura
    Nature Naughty
    Characteristic Proud of its power
    Moves Oblivion Wing (level)
    Dark Pulse (level)
    Phantom Force (level)
    Focus Blast (level)
    History Yveltal is a Pokemon that has soared the skies of planet Earth since long before humankind. He was a dark shadow swallowing up the light; a demon in Pokemon form, sucking the life force out of living creatures that his counterpart, Xerneas, had blessed them with. The two of them never quite saw eye to eye, often coming together to engage in cataclysmic battles in which neither were ever declared the victor. Despite their differences, the two of them maintained order and kept the world as it should be - Xerneas the giver of life, and Yveltal the vanquisher.

    There came a time, however, when Xerneas suddenly disappeared, leaving Yveltal to rule the world as he pleased without that Fairy type nuisance to thwart his work. The war that was already raging down below him only got worse when the Lord of Death descended to intervene. Chaos reigned as Yveltal went on a rampage, absorbing the lives of thousands of humans and Pokemon alike and becoming more powerful than he had ever been. Fires burned and the sky crackled with lightning as the Kalos region fell to its knees, nearing its own apocalypse. Satisfied with his work and full on enough life energy to sustain him, Yveltal descended into a deep sleep, letting his reign of terror write its way into the history books.

    Three millenniums passed, and little did Yveltal know that his resting place had been discovered, and that a man called Lysandre had plans for the slumbering legend. Yveltal slowly felt his consciousness returning as his power was drained to fuel the Ultimate Weapon, awakening just in time to discover that a young Pokemon Trainer called Calem and his friends were there to stop the Team Flare leader. The great avian spread his wings and screeched; he was not particularly fond of working alongside such pathetic, weak creatures as humans, but quite frankly, he was not about to let Lysandre destroy the world without his permission.

    Lysandre eventually fell in defeat, screaming out his anger for all to hear. Yveltal found it amusing that Calem thought for even a moment that the legend would go along with him on his adventures; he quickly changed his mind when Yveltal declared what would happen if he so much as took a Poke Ball out of his pocket.

    But Lysandre was not finished yet. Using what little power it had, he activated the weapon, and a massive explosion tore through the chamber. Yveltal extended his wings and attempted to take off, but the rockfalls impeded him and he found himself trapped underground with the remains of the weapon...and Lysandre himself.

    Seeing as Lysandre's exposure to Xerneas's power had made him immortal, Yveltal's many attempts to kill him were in vain. All the legend can do is wait in silence while the man tries to dig his way to the surface. Yveltal waits for the light to break through so he can finally emerge, finally spread his wings...and finish what he started all those years ago.

    The world will be mine.
    Appearance "Yveltal is a large Pokémon with avian and draconian traits. Its body is dark in coloration and is adorned with grayish patterns along the underside. Yveltal's wings and tails have three points extending along the edges, close to where they meet the body. There are five large claws on each appendage, three of which curve inwards. Yveltal's underside is bright red, with branching, black markings. Similar markings are present on Yveltal's head and neck.

    Yveltal has a pointed, beak-like snout. Black horns extend from above its blue eyes, with a sharply curved portion pointing forward and thinner prongs facing the rear. A feathery gray ruff encircles its neck and billows out over its back. Yveltal has small, birdlike legs with powerful talons. Like the rest of the underside, the legs are red with black adornments, and the talons are gray. Each foot has two toes facing forward and one pointing backwards. When Yveltal's wings and tail are fully extended, Yveltal resembles the Latin alphabet letter Y."
    Personality --Violent
    It goes without saying. Yveltal is never one to turn down a fight. He will rip and tear and blast his foes to pieces without a second thought. He relishes the sight of blood spilled by his own claws.
    (See above) Once he decides that he wants you dead, no amount of begging will change his mind.
    Yveltal enjoys making his prey suffer. It is rare for any of the avian's foes to have a quick death. He'll torture them until they run out of air to scream, and he'll do it with a grin on his face.
    Yveltal must rule; must be the top of the 'food chain', so to speak. Anyone who attempts to defy him meet their gruesome end. The avian is very manipulative, finding many ways to bend others into doing his will.
    Not much can get past Yveltal; he is difficult to deceive. The legend's quick-thinking mind saves him from making rash decisions. More often than not, he knows exactly what he is doing, and there is often some ulterior motive behind his actions - he tends to twist things so that it goes purely in his favor.
    Calling Yveltal 'vain' would be an understatement. In his head, there is nothing that could ever hope to surpass him. He is the overlord of the world; death's herald and doom's doors. He has the power to destroy, to maim, to kill, within his very being. According to him, there is no greater deity. He views other legends with distaste, branding them weaklings in comparison.
    Double-crossing or otherwise betraying Yveltal is a death sentence. No matter how far you go, he will find you, and will ensure that the traitor meets a slow and agonizing end.
    (See above) The concept of 'giving up' is foreign to Yveltal. He will not rest until his goals are complete.
    There are few other ways to describe him. He is right to bare the title of one of the world's most feared legendary Pokemon.
    User Notes --Never talks; speaks to others purely through telepathy.
    --Xerneas is his nemesis. They have fought many times in the past, but have always been equally matched. This angers Yveltal; Xerneas is his only obstacle to obtaining complete domination, and thus makes a very good effort to destroy the Fairy-type whenever he encounters him.


    Legendary: Yveltal (Meeting) Yveltal_by_countgate-d5r4t8u

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    Legendary: Yveltal (Meeting) Empty Re: Legendary: Yveltal (Meeting)

    Post by Victini Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:51 pm

    Um...something is telling me this is a bad idea, but, uh...



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    Post by Yveltal Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:05 am

    You have keen instincts, little thing. I suggest you fear the day when we will inevitably meet again...


    Legendary: Yveltal (Meeting) Yveltal_by_countgate-d5r4t8u

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