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    Rufus the Feraligatr (WIP until updated format is in place)


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    Rufus the Feraligatr (WIP until updated format is in place) Empty Rufus the Feraligatr (WIP until updated format is in place)

    Post by Phoenix Tue Jun 07, 2016 2:56 pm

    Rufus the Feraligatr (WIP until updated format is in place) 160Feraligatr

    Level 53
    Crunch, Ice Fang, Slash, AncientPower (Egg)
    Often lost in thought
    National Dex No./Species;
    #160 Feraligatr / The Big Jaw Pokémon
    Pokédex Entry;
    It opens its huge mouth to intimidate enemies. In battle, it runs using its thick and powerful hind legs to charge the foe with incredible speed.
    Hatched by a breeder of feraligatr, Rufus’ batch was destined for the pet market in the Sinnoh region. Never meeting his parents, the newborn totodile was whisked away from any possibility of a family to an illegally run store on the outskirts of Veilstone City. Rufus spent just over a week in the grubby cage alongside two of his siblings, the trio constantly fighting over food, sleeping area and time allocated in the small, stagnant excuse for a pool. Over these few days, Rufus was singled out as the weakest and soon grew determined to grow strong to achieve what he believed he deserved. When Rufus was finally taken from his enclosure, he was sold to a young couple living in the city, searching for nothing but a docile pet, a trophy creature.

    Ecstatic at having his own humans, Rufus was soon introduced to his new home. The couple lived in a mansion, every other room fitted with an aquatic enclosure displaying all manner of pokémon species. The displays were spacious and well-cleaned, but as the totodile was led to his tank, he couldn’t help but notice the pity in the inhabitant’s eyes that he passed. It was enough to unnerve the totodile, possibilities of escape flashing through his mind – but it was too late. The youngster was dumped into his tank, the main attraction of the couple’s second living room. Whilst the food was of good quality and his enclosure was spacious, boredom was overwhelming. If solitude wasn’t enough, the young totodile’s distress was only heightened by the faces peering at him through the glass. He hated it.

    Over time, the couple grew weary of the cutesy little croc, instead eager to display a more impressive, aesthetically pleasing creature; so, they began stuffing Rufus’ food full of rare candies. Rufus didn’t notice at first, but as he felt his body grow stronger, larger, he was ecstatic at the possibility of evolution. To speed up the process, live food was soon thrown into the tank – usually rattata or pidgey that gave Rufus the chance to battle against and eventually consume. He was barbaric in his killings. Still only a child, the totodile ripped his victims to shreds, consuming them without a flicker of remorse. Just over a month later, Rufus evolved into a croconaw. Whilst the couple were eager to show off their newest display, Rufus was still unsatisfied. He desired freedom, growing weary of the same environment and lifestyle. He’d swim, sleep, feed and then the process would repeat in an endless cycle.

    As he was nearing his final evolution, Rufus managed to break free from his enclosure. It was the first time he’d been out of the tank in years, an opportunity to escape life as a trophy and immediately, he was on the hunt for the exit. However, on his voyage, he was approached by the couple’s ‘lap-cat’, a persian that believed he ran the place. He was just as shocked as Rufus was and immediately raised the alarm, screeching before launching himself at the frightened croconaw. Rufus fought out of instinct, adrenaline running through his veins as he almost effortlessly tore the feline in half. The hallway was decorated in a layer of crimson as Rufus turned to the terrified humans, dumbfounded as he held the persian’s head in his claws.

    Rufus was quickly knocked out, a harsh blow to the head finding him encased in darkness. The humans wasted no time in restricting the croconaw to a pokeball, unsure of how to approach the situation. Rufus was obviously too dangerous to display, but handing him to the authorities was a ludicrous idea – they wouldn’t risk losing their other pokémon on terms of cruelty – so, they simply flushed his pokeball down the toilet.

    Rufus broke free from the pokeball a few hours later to find himself in the dark, moist environment of the city’s sewer system. Alarmed at the sudden shift of location and the horrendous smell, the croconaw tried to piece together what had happened. He spent days wandering the winding canals of filth, utterly alone in the gloom, except for the occasional glimpse of the odd rattata. He soon came to believe that there was no escaping this place, but unlike his tank, life in the sewers offered adventure, freedom and the chance to train. There was always a passage he hadn’t investigated, the murky waterways spanning for miles as he claimed this strange land as his own. The croconaw adapted to life in the sewers, consuming those who graced his territory and roaming the canals with a grin on his face. He evolved a month later.

    Rufus lived in the sewers for just over a year, totally alone as he went about his business. He managed to keep himself occupied, but the loneliness was driving him mad. Having been alone almost all his life, all Rufus truly wanted was some company. His prayers were answered when a light suddenly fell down to his haven. It was almost blinding, but it revealed a ladder running up to the circular opening. Excited at this happening, the feraligatr watched in silence as a number of humans armed with lanterns descended to his home. His joy got the better of him as he rushed towards the strangers, eager to befriend them – but he must’ve startled them. They began screaming, fighting each other to get back up the ladder. Rufus was gutted, reaching to pull them back to give him the attention deserved. He didn’t understand why they were so desperate to flee, but he refused to let them leave without him. One fell from the ladder, landing with a crack to lay motionless on the platform. He knocked one hard into the wall, accidentally breaking the human’s spine and the final man escaped out of the manhole, albeit missing a leg. Rufus followed him, awkwardly climbing the ladder to emerge in the city centre.

    The light was blinding. Rufus was at first tempted to return to the world he knew best, but the human scrambling away from him captured his attention. He followed the thick trail of blood until the man collapsed in a pool of red liquid. Rufus just sat there, smiling down at the dying man, pleased to be in the presence of another being. Of course, the human died in a matter of minutes – the substantial blood loss bringing his suffering to an end, but the feraligatr was reluctant to accept the truth. He carried the corpse around with him for a few days, surprised at the loneliness of the city. He’d always heard it was bustling with people, but all that remained were a few decrepit buildings, blood splattered pavements and large volumes of bodies. Was the world as lonely as the sewers? Disappointed at the supposed ‘reality’, Rufus ate the human before moving on through the region, at least grateful for the change of scenery.

    The lonely feraligatr now wanders in search of survivors to call his friends, totally oblivious to the fact that the world had been racked by the epidemic.

    User Note;
    - Rufus has completely lost his sense of smell from living in the sewers.
    - Rufus doesn’t know his own strength, having accidentally killed many in the past that he has tried to befriend. He doesn’t mean to hurt people; although, if they threaten to abandon him, he will make sure they never leave, even if he has to remove their legs to ensure it.
    - The feraligatr never had an education and has never been around other pokémon long enough to develop any kind of social skills. Due to this, Rufus speaks in short sentences, often replying with a single word. He has the vocabulary of a toddler, despite being in equivalent of his early twenties.
    -Adopted from Orphanage. Original profile belonged to Snitch (I miss you doll)

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