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    Faelan the Reneon ((WIP))


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    Faelan the Reneon ((WIP)) Empty Faelan the Reneon ((WIP))

    Post by Phoenix Thu Mar 17, 2016 1:48 pm

    Faelan the Reneon ((WIP)) AilureonEJ-1
    ((Temp image until recolor is finished))

    Theme Wolf’s Rain –Toboe’s Theme
    Text Color #FF7256
    Item None
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He/Him/His
    Age Adult
    Species #???/Reneon/Pharaoh Pokémon
    Height 3'03"
    Weight 62.5lbs
    Pokédex Entry In ancient times, this Pokémon was a constant companion for pharaohs and the royal families. If slaves were caught with one, they were put to death and the Pokémon was adopted by the royals.
    Level 44
    Ability Sand Force: During a sandstorm, Sand Force increase the power of Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves used by the Pokémon with this Ability by 30%. A Pokémon with this Ability will take no damage from the sandstorm if it otherwise would.
    Nature Lonely (+Attack, -Def)
    Characteristic Likes to run (Speed)
    Moves -Earth Power (LVL)
    -Return (TM)
    -Bite (LVL)
    Quote "Why does everybody have to fight about everything, argue and steal from each other all the time? I mean, it's a big enough world. Why can't we share it?"

    "Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s learning to dance in the rain."
    History WIP
    Bulbapedia "none available"
    Appearance Faelan is built like a normal Reneon, however his soft brown fur is a much paler shade than his average counterpart, with silver rings and warm amber eyes.
    Personality An idealist. Not a common trait these days, but to Faelan it is the most important thing in the world. Warm-hearted by nature, he is sympathetic and understanding when even most others would simply have abandoned hope. He tends to expect a lot of himself, and of others, but if reaching a certain target is very important to him he can assert himself with a doggedness bordering on obstinacy. While mostly reserved in personal matters, he will confide his thoughts and feelings to very few trusted individuals. He has learned to be a very good judge of character as events in the past have left him deeply hurt by rejection and criticism. He finds conflict situations unpleasant and prefer harmonious relationships, and will strive to mediate for a group if a conflict arises.

    Faelan is a loyal and reliable friend, and permanent relationships are very important to him as he is used to living in a pack environment. He is very affectionate but his personal needs often get pushed to the side in favor of assisting someone with their own. As far as new contacts are concerned he is approachable to an extent, but tends to keep to an inner circle of friends before including strangers. As he does not like conflicts he can hesitate for some time before raising unsatisfactory issues, but if it is time for them to finally be addressed he will make every effort not to hurt anyone as a result.

    Once Faelan has tackled a project, he will do everything in his power to achieve his goals. An excellent problem solver, he likes to get to the root of things and has a natural curiosity. When concentrating on something, he will do so one hundred percent - often becoming so immersed in a task that he forgets everything else around him. That is why he has survived this long.
    User Notes -Based on Toboe from Wolf's Rain

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