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Atticus and Dio, the Arcanine and Reneon [inactive]


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Atticus and Dio, the Arcanine and Reneon [inactive] Empty Atticus and Dio, the Arcanine and Reneon [inactive]

Post by Silverishness Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:21 am

Atticus and Dio, the Arcanine and Reneon [inactive] AtticusandDio

Atticus and Dio
Hex Color Atticus (#EE8130)
Dio (#b39930)
Item None
Gender Male
Age Aged Adult
Young Adult
Species #059/ Arcanine, the Legendary Pokemon
#??? Reneon/The Pharaoh Pokémon)
Height 6'3”
Weight 341.7 lbs
60.5 lbs
Pokédex Entry Its proud and regal appearance has captured the hearts of people since long ago.
In ancient times, this pokemon was a constant companion for pharaohs and the royal families. If slaves were caught with one, they were put to death and the pokemon was adopted by the royals.
Level 50
Ability Flash Fire
Nature Serious
Characteristic Often lost in thought
Hates to lose
-Crunch (Prior Evolution)
-Fire Fang
-Extremespeed (Egg)

-Earthquake (TM)
-Quick Attack
-Sand Attack
History Atticus was born as a child of the law. As a small growlithe, he was brought into training with the canine forces, to become dependable deputies to the officers that served the cities of the pokemon regions. He grew a love for the law, the lines of logic and morality that kept the world from descending into chaos and anarchy. He graduated top of his class, his loyalty and calm head without peer. He was evolved for the honor of top dog.

His years of being a deputy were some of the best of his life, taking down criminals and enforcing the law that he so adored. His officer and he were close-knit, the former not even having to shout orders for Atticus to know what to do. They were in sync, in tune, and they worked together perfectly to bring down even the roughest of the rough. The wonder years ended, however, when a rogue criminal shot him in the hindquarter, ending his career as a deputy. The officer that owned him was as horrified and dismayed at his parter's loss that he resigned himself and took up the law in a different manner.

The officer soon became a prosecuter, and even if they weren't chasing down criminals, now they were bringing them to justice. Atticus, now sitting in court beside his beloved owner, poured over the meticulous lines of law with him, scouring the books for loopholes, definitions and precedents. Soon, should his owner have trouble finding something, Atticus' intense memorization of certain phrases and key words allowed him to help. He was as passionate as his owner, a fierce presence in the courtroom.

But of course, the worst occured. The city went into lockdown because of strange pokemon, and as the police's forces wore thin, Atticus and his owner took it upon themselves to protect and serve, just as they used to. They took out what seemed dozens, hundreds of the beasts when a stray attacked Atticus' human. The old leg wound rebelled, and gave the split second to the infected to kill his human. Agonized, Atticus managed to kill the beast, but had to leave his human's body behind in order to keep living.

He roamed, unsure of what to do now that he was alone for the first time in his long life. A strange power flung him to a new country though, and now he merely searches for something, anything, to hold on to. For a purpose.

Dio's earliest memories were that of a stuffy study and a plump old researcher, framed by the dim lighting of his lamp. The researcher was a professor, his speciality ancient cultures and religions. He thrived on the subject and spent countless hours pouring over old texts and maps, his little pet eevee simply there for companionship. He even dubbed her "Scareb", playing fun at the fact she used to skitter around like a little shadowing bug.

Dio was less than enthused.

He nearly never paid attention to her, giving her only pats on the head and small bouts of affection other than attending to her basic needs. She only knew the familiar sight of his hunched back, sitting in his study, researching God knew what. She came to resent him and his hermit-like exsistance, for she craved adventure and the outdoors. Eventually, he switched to field research, and though the change of pace and scenery was nice, the damage had already been done.

The researcher then took a small holiday to collect some artifacts from other museums to study, bringing them back with him. While most of them didn't interest Dio, once in particular fascinated her. A Pharaoh's hood; a powerful, bold piece with its glittering gold frame and accents, with small, gleaming gems lining the gold. She was in love. When the human wasn't looking, she took it from its safe place and put it on herself, and suddenly, she found the floor much further away than it used to be. She had evolved.

She expected the researcher to be angry, or upset at least, but no, he was estatic. The fabled, nearly mythic Reneon, brought back from the dead. He won grants, donations and other pockets of money from his newfound discovery -though he still had no idea how she evolved- and Dio was thrust into a life of light, attention and luxury. She ate nothing but the best, slept on nothing but the best, lived in nothing but the best. But even as her life was now free of neglect, she still yearned for something more... exciting. So, she escaped, and felt her first adrenaline rush.

Once she was outside, panting, hidden away from her sparkling prison, she knew where she belonged, what she was born to do. Live. The wave of euphoria that got her heart and blood pumping was addictive, and she wanted more. So, she ventured out into the world, seeking that high again.

She was soon discovered and caught by a rogue trainer, who gave her a new name, the one she kept with her, abandoning her previous existence fully. She was trained rigorously, brought into Orre for the Colisseum battles. She excelled on the battlefield, loving the rush she got from nearly getting maimed or burned. However, as she advanced in ranks and levels, she began to get bored, as no one was able to knock her down anymore. Once the thrill was gone, there was nothing for her. She escaped, and began to travel on her own, looking for something to give her a new rush.

It was then that the Undead Plague began, scouring the regions with their filth. The world was cast into chaos, and only the strong were the survivors, like some sort of freakish Battle Royale. However, instead of cowering, Dio rose to the challenge and fearlessly walked through this new age, laughing and spitting in its face. Like some worthless dead were going to kill her. However, the plague has given her spark back, her rush. She only hopes that it doesn't become a bore like everything else.
Appearance A proud, confident being, Atticus walks straight and calmly, his face only showing the stress of his previous ventures. When he is not in battle, he is somewhat slow with a slight limp, showing his age. However, when in the heat of battle, his moves are concise, planned and decisive. Sometimes, his old leg wound acts up. Otherwise, he's a fairly normal Arcanine.

Chocolate fur glistens healthily over lean muscle, Dio's golden accents shining in the sun. Her dainty paws are accustomed to dirt and blood, but are usually groomed meticulously. Dio has an air of confidence, accustomed to winning and getting her way. A coy smile plays at her lips, as if she knows something her victims do not. While she is a smaller pokemon, any onlooker can guess that she is not to be messed with.
Personality Atticus has, above all, a strong moral center. Justice is nearly his religion, seeing the world with criminals, victims, and those that are caught in between. An old soul, he goes through the world with a steady mind and body, preferring to keep to himself rather than force his ideals on others. His sense of virtue is important to him, but he is not the sort of pokemon to force his opinions on others. He enjoys the variety of life, liking to observe more than take part.

He is not one to take bickering or all-out negativity lightly, nor anything less than open-mindedness from those closest to him. Should a conflict arise, he will seek to quell it through his calm demeanor and words; his "retirement" years had been spent speaking and talking and is now used to a verbal conclusion to most arguments. He knows this isn't possible all the time, but is his preffered method.

Atticus is patient, and therefore very hard to upset or anger. He understands people and pokemon come from all walks of life, and in order for peace to thrive, the masses must embrace this sort of thinking. Not one to preach, he simply gives his opinion in a non-condescending manner, hoping that his efforts will not be in vain. He is extremely easy to get along with; friendly, calm and warm. He is a father-like figure to any who seek one, as he mimicks his owner's demeanor.

The first and foremost trait of Dio's is her hunger for a rush, for excitement. She craves for her heart to pump, for the loose, jittery feeling in her limbs. While she is usually an analytical sort sober, once she has gotten into her rush, she becomes a frenzied beast, a maniacal flurry of teeth and attacks.
However, once the rush is gone, she is a quieter, watching sort, enjoying her time to observe the others around her to pick up their weaknesses and eventually exploit them. She does not care for morality and has never known love for anything but herself and her own needs. She is selfish, concieted, manipulative and completely ok with it.

User Notes -Loosely based off of the character Atticus Finch from "To Kill A Mockingbird".
-He cannot truly read, but years of studying books with his owner has given him some insight into the English language. He recognizes only certain words that pertain to his trade. He is not fluent by any means, nor can he speak English.
-His normal speech is soft, but concise.

-Adrenaline junkie
-Is used to getting her way, and tends to be bitchy when she doesn't. However, she will do everything in her power to get her way.
-While she tends to be warm to others to get on their good sides, she is very cold and ruthless. One of the hug you and stab you in the back sorts.
-Has a small obsession with jewels and gems


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Atticus and Dio, the Arcanine and Reneon [inactive] PCP637Atticus and Dio, the Arcanine and Reneon [inactive] 635Atticus and Dio, the Arcanine and Reneon [inactive] 196

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