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Kira the Reneon [Unova, Floater]


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Kira the Reneon [Unova, Floater] Empty Kira the Reneon [Unova, Floater]

Post by Min Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:46 am

Kira the Reneon [Unova, Floater] AilureonEJ11copy

Kira Faberge
Text Color #60AFFE, la maison bleue
Item Jewelry
Gender Female
Age Mature Adult [34]
Species #??? Reneon, the Pharaoh Pokemon
Height 3'3" / 0.91m
Weight 62.5 lbs / 28.35kg
Pokédex Entry In ancient times, this pokemon was a constant companion for pharaohs and the royal families. If slaves were caught with one, they were put to death and the pokemon was adopted by the royals.
Level 63
Ability Sand Stream
Nature Naughty
Characteristic Proud of its power
Moves - Earthquake [Learned]
- Iron Tail [Tutor]
- Bite [Learned-Eevee]
- Sand Tomb [Learned]
「Here, kitty kitty!」
「That's too much demon blood! ☆」

The cold winds and raging blizzards of a wintery St. Petersburg, Russia, was her birthplace. Born from her egg on a waning moon, Kira was the first and only daughter of two seemingly proud parents. A male Glaceon and a gorgeous female Eevee, the two were owned by a descendant of the renowned Fabergé family. On that night, everyone was ecstatic and the house bustled with life, preparing to greet the little kit into the world. From the moment she was born she was wrapped in luxury, silk blankets of the highest grade and only the best Mareep wool became her bedding--the softest plumage of a Swanna and the most beautiful pelts of a Sentret lining her bed. Even her room was massive, walls painted by only the finest of artisans to depict what the normal-type could only assume was an interpretation of a eden. 

Of course, a life of luxury always came at a hefty price. As the sole child of the family, she was to inherit and represent their lineage--and as soon as she was of age, she was forced to attend meetings and gatherings on a daily basis. Desperate to make sure their daughter knew how to be a proper lady, her father had taken precautions to ensure her behavior. Never did a single act of misconduct go without punishment, the child beaten for even a slip of tongue. Kira hated being proper, it was too restricting, too suffocating--every few days she would spy from her window children bounding through the snow with little care for the world. Why couldn't she just be like them? No matter how persistently she questioned, an answer never came, and she reluctantly resigned to her fate. 

She began to become desensitized, soon finding that she felt little to no remorse for anyone. During the daily meetings and social events, she had soon realized how...boring everything and everyone was. They all looked the same, spoke the same, all had that same greedy look to their eyes. Speaking of how traumatic their superficial problems were, Kira honestly couldn't care less about how how a lady tore a claw! Although reluctant to, she played along with society's expectations of her, not wanting to suffer at the paws of her father nor to be shunned and outcasted. However, the monotonous life easily made the Eevee anxious to make drama, true drama--something to add new colors to all this monochrome! Inviting her mother to a walk in their indoor gardens, they walked together to the stairs, before the child swept her parent off her paws and sent her rolling down the stairs. She watched in amusement as the female screeched and howled, skull colliding and cracking as she hit a wall. It wasn't long before the commotion attracted her father and their trainer, both horrified to find the dead body of the fox. The Glaceon had immediately caught the child's smug, almost shit-eating grin, and without hesitation grabbed her by the scruff and flung her to the wall, freezing her paws to the carpet floor before knocking her out.

When she awoke, a servant had filled her in on the information. Their trainer had told the media that it had been an accident, and that there had been nothing they could've done. He had also mentioned that they were moving away from their snowy country and to Kanto. Kira was ecstatic to know that the outside world had been thrown into uproar by the sudden death and moving. Her father's abuse had significantly become worse, her wounds and bruises starting to get harder to hide under her thick fur. On the day of the move, she eagerly boarded the plane with her master, and slept through the flight. Upon awakening, she had found herself in a much warmer climate, in a land where trees still held their leaves and the sun blazed above. Their first destination in the region was a mansion near Viridian Forest, and there was where the Eevee made her first companion. He was an Eevee, just like her. Wide-eyed and curious, so different from society's expectations yet refusing to bend to them. His name was Luzige, and the female quickly grew fond of him.

A few years after their arrival in Kanto, her father had passed away to disease, and her trainer soon arranged her to mate with a handsome purebred Jolteon to keep the bloodlines going. Kira seemed to accept the idea, and went ahead with the plan. The Jolteon was handsome indeed, but as boring of a personality as they come. Even his voice was monotone, a broken record sounded better than him! After ensuring that the electric-type's fame and wealth would all go to her in the end, the Eevee had made quick work of the electric-type. In his sleep she stalked towards him, silencing him by ripping open his throat with her own claws. Of course, she was smart enough to leave no trace, hiding his body and cleaning off all the blood using her own means. To society, her mate had simply 'gone missing'. A few days later she had looked for Luzige again, hearing of his recent news and cannibalistic tendencies and offered up the dead body of her lover to him. She was surprised to see how readily and efficiently the male devoured the carcass, and after some pleading on Luzige's part, agreed to bring more bodies as she got them.

That had marked the beginning of Kira's job, secretly snatching bodies of the dead or simply creating them herself and feeding them to Luzige, whom resided near the Viridian Forest. It wasn't long before the female became well-known to the surrounding gangs, the Eevee soon becoming a middle-women in the disposal of corpses. She had quickly grown to like this job, she didn't need to be so uptight or formal to her clients, and she could roam around freely without restrictions. She had done this by night, while during the day she had pretended to mourn and cry for her lost mate--who's body had never been found. A few months after the incident, she went ahead to look for more suitors to increase her fame and wealth, finding great delight in playing with all the males that so readily lined up to become her lover. Her trainer had soon picked out a new suitable mate for her, and as the applicant lived in Unova, they decided to take a cruise ti the region.

It was in Unova she had met Claude, a wily Zoroark who preformed on the streets. She first encountered him in Castelia, and quickly became interested in him. The feelings weren't reciprocated, however, the dark-type barely caring about the Eevee. However, he was more than willing to give the female information and whatever she'd like, for a hefty fee, of course. This was how she had learned more about the illusionist, taking advantage of the opportunity to force him to talk about himself. From Claude, Kira had also learned of a rumor--one that told about how in ancient days there was supposedly a ground-type eeveelution, one of nobility and wealth. Wanting to become one of these rumored evolutions, the female dragged her trainer to the Desert Resort to do many trial and errors, and soon she evolved after donning a Pharoah's Hood and battling several times. Satisfied by the outcome, she had motioned to go back to Claude to show herself off, but stopped short when panicked screams filled the route and rabid Pokemon tore through the landscape. The Reneon didn't even hesitate when she left her human behind, bounding to Castelia to find the Dark-type.

However, Claude had vanished completely. Whether he had fled or illusioned himself was beyond the Reneon, but she didn't care. This was an exciting new world of havoc and despair! Never had she seen such delicious, pure terror on another's face, and happily she started her journey around Unova to survive.
Appearance A slim, beautiful Reneon whom bears blue eyes "as cold as the river Styx" and "as deceitful as a Zorua". Kira is always grooming herself, making sure her pelt is of the finest caliber--and she will accept no less! Any debris or dirt that gets into her fur will easily make her frustrated and on edge, and she absolutely despises getting blood on her. (It's a pain to clean off!) She enjoys decorated herself with the finest of jewels and the prettiest of flowers, the latter she replaces whenever they begin to wilt. She doesn't often decorate herself with flowers, however, because she's too busy stirring up some kind of trouble to stop and place blossoms in her fur.
Personality Although seemingly a rather cheery, amiable Pokemon, Kira is far from that. She is cold, hard, and determined to rip everything you've ever cherished away from you and force you to her bidding. She feels absolutely no remorse nor empathy for others, and has a hard time understanding the ways of survivors. (Mourning for the dead, protecting their friends, etc.) She carries malicious intent, and has absolutely no problem spilling lies from her lips and planting the seeds of discord among any living she passes by. Although she may dislike getting her paws dirty, she is not afraid of killing or harming others and will very easily jump at a chance to do so.
  • Luzige the Arachneon

      Kira is very good friends with Luzige, as they had worked together on many occasions in the past and his ability to get work down without questions nor complaints had made him the Reneon's preferred go-to male for disposing of her trash. Although they hadn't contacted each other in a while, she still thinks very highly of him.

  • Claude the Zoroark

      It would be an understatement to say that Kira absolutely adores Claude, and often refers to him using humiliating nicknames. (Sweetie-poo, Foxy, Sugarbuns, etc.) She knows the Zoroark inside out, and is very well aware of the illusionist's gender secret and past. She tends to antagonize him, more often than not, and likes to call out every instance of hypocrisy Claude commits.

  • User Notes

    • Her Iron Tail tends to shape her tail into a more blade-like appendage.
    • Although not mentioned in her history, she underwent vigorous training under her father's supervision to become strong. They not only wanted a daughter who was proper and beautiful, but someone who had unmatched strength. She continued this training on her lonesome after her father's passing.
    • The tutor move was learned from a professional tutor in Univa, one that her human hired himself.
    • All her jewelry was crafted by her trainer for her specifically.

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    Ready for approval!

    Although for some reason I feel like I'm missing something...

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    Mature Adult is over 40, she is still just an Adult.

    But that is my only note (if you are missing something it is probably just a note to yourself since I see nothing missing lol)



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