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Captain Clover McCarthy


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Captain Clover McCarthy Empty Captain Clover McCarthy

Post by Maximum Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:50 am

Captain Clover McCarthy Tumblr_inline_oslt3rABzY1r82t0h_500
Lineart by Silverishness. Colored by me.

Captain Clover McCarthy
Text Color 3c6a46
Theme(s) Jump!
He's a Pirate
Cid's Theme
Item -Food for himself
-Food for his Pokemon
-His old Captain's hat
-Bandages, and other first aid supplies
-Universal Communicator
-Some rope
-All of this is stuffed into a navy blue messenger bag.
Weapons Spear, Javelins, gun of somesort, long knife
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His are his preferred pronouns. However he honestly doesn't care if someone calls him something else.
Birthdate June 1
Age 35ish
Species Human
Weight 200 lbs.
Height 6'6"
Region of origin Johto
Occupation Former Ship Captain
Party He's been fortunate not to lose any of his own Pokemon. Note the names. HE'S A FUCKING NERD, OOPS.
Pkm 1
Captain Clover McCarthy Noivern
Captain Clover McCarthy Pokeball
Gender- Male
Text colour- 2b9082
Species- Noivern
Level- 65
Ability- Infiltrator
Attack list-
-Boomburst (Start)
-Hurricane (Level)
-Tailwind (Level)
-Dragon Pulse (Move Tutor)
**Generally has a saddle on his back that makes travel more easy. It was a specially made one to not get in the way of fighting or flying. His shortened nickname is "Wendy."
Pkm 2
Captain Clover McCarthy 181
Captain Clover McCarthy Pokeball
Name- Glaedr
Gender- Male
Text colour- e0dc79
Species- Ampharos
Level- 63
Ability- Static
Attack list-
-Dragon Pulse (Start)
-Power Gem (Level)
-Discharge (Level)
-Flash (TM)
**Sometimes called "Gladdy."
Pkm 3
Captain Clover McCarthy 282
Captain Clover McCarthy Pokeball
Name- Shinryu
Gender- Male
Text colour- 295635
Species- Gardevoir
Level- 62
Ability- Telepathy
Attack list-
-Moonblast (Level)
-Psychic (Level)
-Heal Pulse (Level)
-Teleport (Level)
**Has some very faint scarring from abuse by his original owner. Often just called "Ryu."
Pkm 4
Captain Clover McCarthy 373
Captain Clover McCarthy Ultraball
Name- Grath
Gender- Female
Text colour- cd7f32
Species- Salamence
Level- 68
Ability- Intimidate
Attack list-
-Dragon Tail (TM)
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Thunder Fang (Start)
-Hydro Pump (Bred)
**Considers this pokemon as his adoptive mother and calls her Mom. Her family had the move Hydro Pump chain bred down to her.
Pkm 5

Text colour-
Attack list-
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 6

Text colour-
Attack list-
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Quote "Yeah, it's a girl's name."
Clover was born in Blackthorne to parents that were obviously not expecting a boy, but he was given the name they had picked out anyway. The act of spite was only one of the ways they showed their bitterness, but of course, the child was too young to understand it. They were extremely upset over the fact that their child wasn't what they wanted, and started neglecting to take care of him. One of the dragons that the parents owned, a Salamence, noticed what her trainer was doing and decided to take matters into her own claws. She grew attached to the baby, and then intimidated her own trainer to at least do the bare minimum of child rearing. Feeding, changing, and anything else that the large, quadrupedal dragon could not do was handled by his human parents, but any and all nurturing was handled by her. He knew that the humans were his actual parents, but the Salamence actually played with him and gave him affection, so he considered her "Mom."

When he was old enough to start playing with other children, he managed to adjust fairly well despite his strange upbringing. Though he did have to learn to not be as rough with other kids, and that some kids didn't like to play fight. He didn't realize why almost every kid gave him strange looks everytime he told them what his name was until one of the kids started making fun of it. He was initially confused about it, and his confusion only served to make the other kid spell out that Clover was a "girl's" name. He honestly had no idea why the other kid was finding this funny, and the other kid lost momentum with the insults when the target just didn't respond to them. Eventually, the kid just yelled at him one last time before running off, and Clover decided to ask his parents about it. They then informed him about how they had wanted a girl, but they got him instead. The harsh words hurt the child deeply, and he ran to the Salamence. The dragon was infuriated by the parent's words and actions, and she did her best to let him know that she loved him regardless. Her actions spoke loud enough for him to understand, and it cemented in his mind that the Salamence was a better parent than his biological ones.

The issue of his name and gender not matching up came up while at school many times, but no one could give him a good reason for why it was weird beyond gender constructs. It didn't make logical sense in his mind, so he normally disregarded it. Some of the kids didn't care after a while, but, of course, some wanted to make an issue of it. Eventually, he got tired of just ignoring it and decided to start messing with his antagonists. Each time that they tried teasing him, he started twisting their words or going along with it. If he was called girly, he would then act overtly feminine just to make them uncomfortable and to confuse them. Despite this, he did fairly well in school for the short time he attended.

As soon as he was old enough to leave on a journey, he packed up and sneaked out with the Salamence's pokeball. One of the dragon trainers that he had watched the adventurous boy grow gave him a Noibat to be his official starter, and he left his hometown and never looked back. The Noibat was named Highwind, after a reoccurring name in a series of games he liked playing. He quickly fell in love with the trainer lifestyle, and he wasn't sure which he loved more, battling or travelling. One would think that he would have focused on dragon given his hometown and the two pokemon he had, but he found he was just as interested in other pokemon types. As soon as he saw a Mareep, he wanted to hug one, and the first one that allowed him found the boy amusing and allowed him to catch him.

A few weeks after catching Glaedr, Clover was battling some other trainers his age on the edge of a town when an older boy caught his attention. He didn't think much on it then because there were several other trainers that he was wanting to battle before heading to the Pokemon Center for the night. When he went into town later that afternoon, he heard yelling, and wondering what was going on, he followed the angry voice. There he found the boy from earlier shouting at a cowering Ralts in front of several other trainers Clover's age. Clover didn't have to stand there long to find out what the boy was angry over; apparently the Ralts was having issues keeping up with the other Pokemon the boy owned. The boy had beaten the other trainers, but the Ralts hadn't been able to contribute at all and got knocked out quickly.

Deciding he didn't like this trainer's tone towards his pokemon, Clover challenged him to a battle with the Ralts as a prize if he won. The older boy thought the fight was going to be easy due to Clover's age, but Clover decided to bring out the Salamence. He normally never fought with her, for he felt like it would be cheating to bring out a Pokemon he didn't train, but he made an exception for this fight. Due to the amount of witnesses to the deal and battle, the boy couldn't back out of his agreement after thoroughly getting his ass kicked. Clover took the Ralts with him to the Pokemon Center, and after explaining what happened, the Nurse told him to keep the young Pokemon. He named the Ralts Shinryu, and the Ralts really couldn't believe his fortune. He never thought that anyone would care enough about him to take him away from the horrible trainer, and then give him a name.

After that, his journey through Johto was relatively uneventful, but he still enjoyed meeting new people and seeing new places. Eventually, he went over to Kanto to see what was over there, and he stopped in Vermillion City. While in this city, he explored the docks and started loving the idea of traveling on boats and seeing new regions. This lead to him asking around for jobs on boats, and he eventually got one on a cargo ship. For the next several years, he worked for and on various boats and saw the ports of various regions. He started at the bottom of the totem pole, and this allowed him to build up physical strength. However, he was able to climb up the ranks with his determination, quick wit, and personable nature, and this caught the eye of one of the captains he worked for. The captain took him under his wing eventually, and began to train him to be the captain of the ship. The old captain eventually retired and allowed Clover to take his place, and everything was good for a few years. Clover enjoyed his job, and life was good as far as he was concerned.

Then the world went to hell in the middle of a long distance cargo run. They had gotten some frantic radio calls, but most of them cut to static before much sense could be made. It wasn't until the ship was attacked by a rotting corpse of a Gyarados that they realized what the problem was. The Gyarados tore the ship apart and killed anything that it saw moving. Clover managed to save his Pokemon and told Shinryu to take his pokemon, see if he could find anyone else, and then Teleport away. He was going to try distracting the undead beast as well as he could, but Shinryu was not willing to lose his trainer. The Gardevoir instead grabbed Clover and teleported away instantly. When the teleport finished, they were on land, far away from the ship, and Clover was extremely angry over Shinryu's disobedience.

It wasn't so much that he was mad over the disobedience itself, but he was guilty and angry that he had abandoned the men, women, and Pokemon that might have still been on the ship. As the saying goes, a captain goes down with their ship. He was unable to confront the Gardevoir over the matter for a while, however, for infected and undead rampaged and survival became top priority. Later on, they found a universal communicator, and with the technology, Clover was finally able to hear Ryu's side of the story. The two eventually settled the matter as differences of opinion, and Clover decided not to hold ill will towards Ryu about it.

Clover decided to stay on the move, in the hopes that undead would leave him alone if he didn't stay in one place for too long. The fact that his streak of wanderlust was a mile wide helped with that decision, but he knew that he can't stay on the move forever. If he ran into other people, it might be a good idea to team up.

Accent Has a bit of a scottish accent
Appearance Captain is an incredibly tall and muscled adult male. He's been fortunate to not have issues with food, yet, so he is not underweight. He has bright green eyes usually accompanied with a smile. A can-do attitude permeates his entire being. He keeps his bronze colored hair short and wild; he doesn't care too much as long as it stays out of his eyes. He doesn't care too much about saying clean-shaven, but he does ensure that he never has a full beard. He has a set of goggles that he generally keeps on his forehead if he's not in the air. He currently wears a light blue short sleeved T-shirt, brown cargo pants, with dark leather boots. It is highly likely these boots are steel-toed boots. He also has a dark blue aviator jacket that he wears while flying or when it gets too cold. He generally always has his messenger bag on him and his spear in hand.
Religion He pays lip service to higher powers, especially to legends that have a reputation for controlling weather because it would be foolish to piss off someone who could decide to fuck the weather up for your ship. Continues to do so but for other reasons.
   He's used to having to shout for many reasons, so his volume control is a little messed up. He sometimes has to be reminded to be quiet.
   Believes that life is too short to stay serious all the time.
   Sticks to his friends regardless of the circumstances. This is what causes some tension between him and Ryu since Clover is willing to stay with friends until death.
-Willing to give everyone a shot
   No matter what someone did in the past, what matters most is the here and now.
-Gets a primal thrill out of fighting
   He enjoys fighting. Pokemon battles, or actually getting involved himself. As terrifying as a zombie apocalypse is, the fact that he and his pokemon can fight back brings him a certain feeling of safety.
-Calm under pressure
   He was on the sea for enough time that thinking on his feet is second nature.
-Good secret keeper
   If something is said to him in confidence, it would take drastic circumstances to make him spill it.
-Loves trolling people
   He doesn't pull practical pranks, but he has a love of puns. Often pulls them out for a quick gag. Twists words and phrases to rile others up.
-Smarter than he lets on
   As a man of action, it isn't always obvious that he is intelligent. He's very good with coming up with battle strategies under pressure, and he can come up with clever ideas to get out of situations.
-Killing it now and asking questions later is either a problem or an asset depending on who is asking
-Vindictive Anger
   When he does get angry, it isn't pretty. If it happens in a fight, sometimes he'll get carried away when inflicting damage.
   He tries to get along with others and is generally nice. Has a ready smile for almost anyone.
   Sees the best of any situation. As long as he's alive, there's hope.
-Despite his optimism, he is aware of the danger he is in
   But he equates it to being a sailor. Sometimes the sea is a cruel mistress.
   His stuff is his, and he doesn't take kindly to others trying to steal from him. He knows that sometimes people are desperate, but stealing instantly sours his mood towards anyone who tries.
-Tries to combat this by being generous.
Affiliations None yet
User Notes -Ace as fuck, Never really explored romance, though he's pretty sure he wouldn't care about the sex of someone who did manage to catch his interest.
-Loves fucking around with people's perception of his gender
-Yes, he knows he has a girl's name. No, he doesn't care. But if you try to make an issue of it, he will make you feel like an ass at the end or lead you into a circular conversation that makes you rip your hair out and leave.
-Even when he was working on the ship, he still kept up battling.
-Often just goes by Captain

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