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Captain Clover McCarthy


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Captain Clover McCarthy Empty Captain Clover McCarthy

Post by Maximum Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:50 am

Captain Clover McCarthy Tumblr_inline_oslt3rABzY1r82t0h_500
Lineart by Silverishness. Colored by me.

Captain Clover McCarthy
Text Color 3c6a46
Theme(s) Jump!
He's a Pirate
Cid's Theme
Item -Food for himself
-Food for his Pokemon
-His old Captain's hat
-Bandages, and other first aid supplies
-Universal Communicator
-Some rope
-All of this is stuffed into a navy blue messenger bag.
Weapons Spear, Javelins, gun of somesort, long knife
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His are his preferred pronouns. However he honestly doesn't care if someone calls him something else.
Birthdate June 1
Age 35ish
Species Human
Weight 200 lbs.
Height 6'6"
Region of origin Johto
Occupation Former Ship Captain
Party He's been fortunate not to lose any of his own Pokemon. Note the names. HE'S A FUCKING NERD, OOPS.
Pkm 1
Captain Clover McCarthy Noivern
Captain Clover McCarthy Pokeball
Gender- Male
Text colour- 2b9082
Species- Noivern
Level- 65
Ability- Infiltrator
Attack list-
-Boomburst (Start)
-Hurricane (Level)
-Tailwind (Level)
-Dragon Pulse (Move Tutor)
**Generally has a saddle on his back that makes travel more easy. It was a specially made one to not get in the way of fighting or flying. His shortened nickname is "Wendy."
Pkm 2
Captain Clover McCarthy 181
Captain Clover McCarthy Pokeball
Name- Glaedr
Gender- Male
Text colour- e0dc79
Species- Ampharos
Level- 63
Ability- Static
Attack list-
-Dragon Pulse (Start)
-Power Gem (Level)
-Discharge (Level)
-Flash (TM)
**Sometimes called "Gladdy."
Pkm 3
Captain Clover McCarthy 282
Captain Clover McCarthy Pokeball
Name- Shinryu
Gender- Male
Text colour- 295635
Species- Gardevoir
Level- 62
Ability- Telepathy
Attack list-
-Moonblast (Level)
-Psychic (Level)
-Heal Pulse (Level)
-Teleport (Level)
**Has some very faint scarring from abuse by his original owner. Often just called "Ryu."
Pkm 4
Captain Clover McCarthy 373
Captain Clover McCarthy Ultraball
Name- Grath
Gender- Female
Text colour- cd7f32
Species- Salamence
Level- 68
Ability- Intimidate
Attack list-
-Dragon Tail (TM)
-Flamethrower (TM)
-Thunder Fang (Start)
-Hydro Pump (Bred)
**Considers this pokemon as his adoptive mother and calls her Mom. Her family had the move Hydro Pump chain bred down to her.
Pkm 5

Text colour-
Attack list-
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Pkm 6

Text colour-
Attack list-
**Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
Quote "Yeah, it's a girl's name."

Accent Has a bit of a scottish accent
Appearance Captain is an incredibly tall and muscled adult male. He's been fortunate to not have issues with food, yet, so he is not underweight. He has bright green eyes usually accompanied with a smile. A can-do attitude permeates his entire being. He keeps his bronze colored hair short and wild; he doesn't care too much as long as it stays out of his eyes. He doesn't care too much about saying clean-shaven, but he does ensure that he never has a full beard. He has a set of goggles that he generally keeps on his forehead if he's not in the air. He currently wears a light blue short sleeved T-shirt, brown cargo pants, with dark leather boots. It is highly likely these boots are steel-toed boots. He also has a dark blue aviator jacket that he wears while flying or when it gets too cold. He generally always has his messenger bag on him and his spear in hand.
Religion He pays lip service to higher powers, especially to legends that have a reputation for controlling weather because it would be foolish to piss off someone who could decide to fuck the weather up for your ship. Continues to do so but for other reasons.
Affiliations None yet
User Notes -Ace as fuck, Never really explored romance, though he's pretty sure he wouldn't care about the sex of someone who did manage to catch his interest.
-Loves fucking around with people's perception of his gender
-Yes, he knows he has a girl's name. No, he doesn't care. But if you try to make an issue of it, he will make you feel like an ass at the end or lead you into a circular conversation that makes you rip your hair out and leave.
-Even when he was working on the ship, he still kept up battling.
-Often just goes by Captain

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