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Shock the Electrike [WIP]


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Shock the Electrike [WIP] Empty Shock the Electrike [WIP]

Post by Catalyst Mon Nov 02, 2015 12:24 am

Shock the Electrike [WIP] PswAO8y

Text Color BCE937 Chartreuse Verte
Item None
Sex/Gender Male/Masculine (he, him, his), Agender (they, them, theirs)
Age Young adult (About 19)
Species #309/Electrike/The Lightning Pokemon
Height 2'00"
Weight 33.5 lbs
Pokédex Entry It stores static electricity in its fur for discharging. It gives off sparks if a storm approaches.
Level 39
Ability Lightning Rod (Draws in all Electric-type moves to boost its Sp. Atk stat.)
Nature Quirky (+N/A, -N/A)
Characteristic Impetuous and silly (+Spd)
Moves - Bite (Learned)
- Volt Switch (TM)
- Discharge (Egg)
- Double Team (TM)
He was born into the wilderness of Kanto, to a pack of mixed but strong canid Pokemon. His Arcanine father, Zephyr, was the pack leader, and his Manectric mother named Juleste was his beloved mate. From the time he was young, the rest of the pack respected him as a superior, even for as small as he was - they respected his father in such a manner and treated his son like such. He was loved by all of the pack as their leader-to-be, and they often would take care of him and give him small bits of their wisdom. Zephyr was one of the packs favorite leaders. Among the Pokemon who were considered his family regardless of blood, Zephyr's second in command - Medius - was the Electrike's battle mentor.

As the Electrike grew up, life was pretty kind to him. Things were pretty peachy, with most of the pack proud of him and his ability to learn and accept wisdom. Things only started going wry once the young prince was almost to pubescence. For a bit, his father seemed to be getting rapidly ill. To the point of losing his mind. Often, he would wake to find Zypher unleashing his brutality on Juleste. Being small by comparison, she was no match for him as he held her down and physically abused her, verbally abused her and threatened to kill her. For the sake of her child and the rest of the pack, she stayed quiet about the recent development of his violence. After he was convinced to leave her alone, she would cry to herself. More often than not, Shock was around and would come to comfort her. As this went on, she herself quickly descended into sickness.

It was one afternoon at a pack gathering where the incident happened. Zephyr was in quite a normal and temperate mood when he led Juleste to the side and away from the group. Shock, curious and questioning, followed them without a second thought to the idea something may be wrong. As he walked up, his parents angry yelling turned into violent yelping as Zephyr attacked. He appeared just as his jaws easily crushed her neck, blood pouring onto the ground. She almost immediately died, in her last moment she looked at her son and grunted at him to run. In horror, the puppy screamed out for his mother and Zephyr almost immediately went after him. He caught him under his paws, stepping on him in increments and relishing his gasps of asphyxiation. Just as the big dog was ready to crush his ribs in, the pack's warriors had come the pup's aid and managed to tackle the royal dog to the ground. He bellowed screams of protest as the others sunk their claws and teeth in to neutralize him. Medius swept him up from the ground as he barely regained his consciousness, running with him scruff-in-mouth. Medius's mate met up with them, and the pair ran away with their surrogate son. Unbeknownst to all three of them, Zephyr managed to kill the warriors, and afterwards mercilessly went after the rest of the pack and slaughtered them effortlessly. The inflicted wounds were not in vain, for as the Arcanine finally crawled off after his murdering spree, he bled out his life with his last few heartbeats.

When the only three survivors were far enough away, they relaxed - the sounds of the pup's crying bringing them to slow down. After an hours time of recovery, Shock cried his last musterable tears in his present trauma. Soon they would have a new life away from anything remnant of their previous lives. For the next few months, the family lived as strays in Celadon city and lived off of the kindness of strangers. As any strays hoped, they were taken in by humans - the two dog evolutions had lived with humans before they lived with Zephyr's pack. Medius was a Houndoom, Aelis was a Ninetales. They easily settled into their new lifestyle, and Shock had a somewhat rough time adjusting to the life of being parented by humans. After time, he did eventually begin to like it. His human, a young man named Axel, worked at a Pokemon Daycare and would often bring him to socialize. To identify his Electrike - who he had bestowed the name Shock - he got him a nice orange collar decorated by an Everstone. Unfortunately for the pup, most of his peers didn't take kindly to him. He was often bullied and ridiculed for his lack of social correctness and his quirks and eventually it led him to gain a hardened exterior. Soon, the bullying didn't phase him emotionally and he remained primarily friendless but prefered that way. He did have one friend, Blue the Phanphy. More often than not, Blue would stand up for him. Shock insisted it was okay, but Blue adamantly protected him.

As life went on and he grew up, the infection spread like wildfire. Eventually, there was a time that Axel left the house and then failed to ever return. For as passionately as the family loved their parent, they couldn't wait longer than three days. They left, wandering the streets of Celadon only long enough to avoid the onslaught of undead that was brought into the city. They were suddenly forced to fight off rabid Pokemon, and most every time managing to slip away without injury. One time did come where Medius and Aelis commanded Shock to run as they fought off attackers. As consequence, Shock got separated from them and never happened to see them again. He wanders past the border of Kanto and Johto, slaying any matchable undead he comes by, swearing revenge for Axel, Blue, and both sets of his parents.
His coloring is slightly more vibrant than a common Electrike. He has yellow on the tips of his head-fur, his tail, and his paws are bootied with yellow and followed by a lighter, cucumber-green highlight. His scruff fur is also this green color. The insides of his ears are orange and fluffy, and his eyes are a topaz-colored hue. Their sclera are a soft yellow-orange. His chest has a yellow shape on his chest, from his pectoral chest muscles to slightly under his belly-button. It's shaped like an axe blade.
Shock is a bit of a goof-ball. (Ok not a bit, he's stupidly silly.) He finds himself humorous, and his humor leads him to look flippant but he is quite adamant. He is incredibly passionate about his parent's deaths and he wishes to avenge them and take down the infection. He is realistic enough to know he can't do that alone or even possibly at all, but it's a secret desire he wished to fulfill some day. So in consequence, he has a rebel mindset and destroys whatever undead crosses his path that is strong enough for him to beat. He's usually laid back, but tends to have PTSD over near-death situations. Due to years of peer abuse, he lacks a lot of self-confidence. Often, he's emotional under certain circumstances such as other in emotional distress but often times when he's feeling strong-willed he will be able to retain his calmness.
User Notes •Based off an OC of mine by the same name.
•Inspiration songs: First of Me, When She Loved Me, Zelos's Theme Song (ToS), Zelos's Theme (Serious Arrangement) (ToS), Fatalize (ToS), Fatalize (Remix) (ToS),


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