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    Resistance: Bill Repair_Plot (Lead)


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    Resistance: Bill Repair_Plot (Lead) Empty Resistance: Bill Repair_Plot (Lead)

    Post by Bill Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:05 am

    Resistance: Bill Repair_Plot (Lead) 150px-Bills_Maintenance

    Resistance: Bill Repair_Plot (Lead) 125px-FireRed_LeafGreen_Bill

    Bill Cipher
    Text Color #CC99CC
    Theme(s) Blue October - Jump Rope
    Item Toolbox with numerous tools, a stock of healing items for his Pokemon and a med kit for himself, food rations, a necklace that also holds his wife's wedding ring, and a memento from his passed daughter
    Weapons His Pokemon, a wrench if need be
    Gender Male
    Age 33
    Species Human
    Weight 116lbs
    Height 5'02"
    Occupation Poké Maniac, Storage System developer
    Party Only his favorite Pokemon, all male except for Flareon who is female
    Pkm 1
    Resistance: Bill Repair_Plot (Lead) 196
    Species- Espeon
    Level- 39, Calm/Good perseverance
    Ability- Magic bounce
    Attack list-
    -Bite (Level up via prevo)
    -Psybeam (Level)
    -Telekinesis (TM)
    -Return (TM)
    Pkm 2
    Resistance: Bill Repair_Plot (Lead) 197
    Species- Umbreon "Brian"
    Level- 39, Adamant/Good endurance
    Ability- Synchronize
    Attack list-
    -Protect (TM)
    -Dark pulse (TM)
    -Heal bell (Tutor)
    -Return (TM)
    Pkm 3
    Resistance: Bill Repair_Plot (Lead) 134
    Species- Vaporeon
    Level- 31, Sassy/A little quick tempered
    Ability- Water absorb
    Attack list-
    -Aurora beam (Level)
    -Aqua ring (Level)
    -Acid armor (Level)
    -Water pulse (Level)
    Pkm 4
    Resistance: Bill Repair_Plot (Lead) 135
    Species- Jolteon
    Level- 32, Lonely/Strong willed
    Ability- Volt absorb
    Attack list-
    -Thundershock (Level)
    -Volt switch (TM)
    -Pin missile (Level)
    -Double kick (Level)
    Pkm 5
    Resistance: Bill Repair_Plot (Lead) 136
    Species- Flareon
    Level- 33, Jolly/Nods off a lot
    Ability- Guts
    Attack list-
    -Fire fang (Level)
    -Quick attack (Level up via prevo)
    -Fire spin (Level)
    -Smog (Level)
    Pkm 6
    Resistance: Bill Repair_Plot (Lead) IpEyqa0
    Species- Phanteon
    Level- 16, Timid/Somewhat of a clown
    Ability- Cursed body
    Attack list-
    -Will-o-wisp (TM)
    -Energy ball (TM)
    -Thunder wave (TM)
    -Hex (Level)
    Quote Hiya! I'm a Pokémon... ...No I'm not! Call me Bill! I'm a true blue Pokémaniac!
    History Born in Goldenrod, Johto, Bill grew up with his mother and father, soon becoming a protective older brother to his baby sister Alicia. His mother took great care in teaching respect to her children, being an ex Kimono Girl in her younger times, and his father made sure they knew and understood the amazingness of Pokemon. While his sister did not show much interest in raising, Bill's father gifted him a pair of Eevee, which the boy raised with pride.

    In time Bill would learn the rewards of hard work, and from a young age he proved to be a prodigy with tools and working with his hands. His Eevee partners by his side, his parents encouraged him heartily and were amazed at what their son was able to accomplish. He went to school, something he took pride in, and learned to hone his skills further. He was making regular trips to Kanto for his studies by the time he was a teenager, and inventing new technology before his 20's.

    Umbreon and Espeon evolved during these trips, Bill's pride and joy. He soon took up a breeding facility for Eevee on the side, keeping another four on his person when allowed to. His crown achievement was the beginning of the teleportation technology, something he only first got to work while in Kanto that time of year. It backfired, leaving him stranded for two days in the wrong body, until someone showed up and helped him. The trainer was named Red, and in thanks Bill gave him a ticket to some fancy boat party. He was not interested, might as well let the kid go if he wanted to! He also met another boy, Blue, in the same time, but he was much less friendly than Red had been.

    It was not long after, returning to Goldenrod, that Bill met the love of his life, a beautiful flower girl named Jennifer. She was new in town, and poor nerdy Bill did not know how to talk to the girl without making a fool of himself. Thankfully, Alicia was still at home, and helped her older brother court the pretty lady. In only a few years they were happily married, having moved permanently to the cottage in Kanto's Route 25. Alicia moved to live with their Grandfather in Fuchsia, their parents staying in Goldenrod to relax without the kids.

    Bill had a child in the coming years, one he and Jen named Olivia, a beautiful baby girl. His Umbreon and Espeon helped raise the baby when her parents were too exhausted, and soon he found a safe, healthy way to balance his research, family life, and Pokemon. As Olivia grew older, Bill took in another three permanent partners, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon. Things were good for a long time, almost a decade of peace before the world ended.

    Bill had just adopted a new Eevee when the unthinkable happened. With the call going out to the most valuable members of society first, Bill was somehow able to get Jen and Olivia safely to the fortress at the Indigo Plateau without any casualties. Only able to watch the world burn around him, Bill for the first time struggled with real depression, his family and Pokemon the only thing keeping him going. Inventing was not possible with so few supplies, and while he was in charge of most of the machines in HQ, it just was not enough.

    It came to a head only a year into hiding, when a malfunction with one of the generators caused an explosion that costed Olivia and Jennifer's life. His only Eevee also died in the blast, but he somehow was able to come back to him, as a spectral Phanteon. Bill grieved for a long time, his friends at HQ only able to show so much support, but in time he knew that there was only one course of action. He had to go out and find a purpose, and he would start with his personal pride and joy- the Power Plants!
    Appearance Healthy despite the hardships, Bill keeps himself strong and fit. He has matching chocolate brown eyes and hair while his pale skin has tanned after the years of working in the sun after the fallout. He carries a classic toolbox with him, a belt holding various other of his favorite items around his waist. He wears a lapis lazuli necklace with his wedding ring on the same chain in memory of his lost wife. Bill carries a small Umbreon stuffed animal as well, the head and ears oftentimes poking out of his pocket. Overall his appearance is scruffy but clean, loose pants and a button up shirt. He is almost exclusively smiling, with Brian and Espeon out at his sides.
    Personality A truly amiable nature, Bill has trouble being harsh or cruel. The state of the world has not hardened him, and he will still give all he can to help someone if they are in a state of need. Generous, he can sometimes be too much so and give away more than he has. Due to this, Bill is susceptible to being tricked easily. Thankfully, Espeon and Umbreon both look after their trainer and are able to keep him out of too much trouble. Most of the time.

    Bill is a tech geek at heart. He thrives off of doing things with his hands, creating new things and watching them work. An inventor, he is all too accustomed to failure, and thus knows how to take that in stride. Borderline painfully optimistic, Bill refuses to look at the negatives and focuses solely on the good, as small as it is. Sometimes all he can do is remind himself that he is alive, and his friends are too. However, this has dubbed him as annoying to more cynical or cold survivors and as such Bill is also used to being snapped at or told to bugger off.

    Due to taking life in stride, Bill can seem uncaring or numb to the past. This however is untrue. He still misses his family, their loss weighing heavily on him, but Bill refuses to let their lives be in vein and resigns himself to help people as much as possible in the meantime. He will not hide his past, openly talking about if asked, but is not one to focus on himself or his pain for long, and will soon bounce back.

    Bill loves Pokemon, having spent his entire life researching them, how to be closer to them, and how to make their lives easier. Before the epidemic, he gave away a lot of his money to organizations, donating in any way he could to help abused or abandoned Pokemon. He has a not-very-secret soft spot for the Eevee line, Espeon and Umbreon being his favorite. Respective and playful, depending on the interaction, Bill is happy to meet and talk to any Pokemon he comes by that isn't aggressive. However he does not have the heart to harm those who do attack him, especially healthy ones, and relies on Espeon and Umbreon to get him out of it unscathed.
    User Notes -Southern accent
    -Lactose intolerant
    -Birthdate is December 31st
    -His necklace matches Gary Oak's, but is instead blue and gold and also has his wedding ring
    -He keeps a beanie baby of an Umbreon, that was his daughter's, and her favorite Eevee evo
    -Espeon and Umbreon are rarely not out of their Pokeballs, all six are usually out when things are safe
    -Umbreon was not nicknamed until Bill's daughter started calling him "Bri" and clung to him a lot due to being her favorite. Umbreon was okay with taking an official nickname and they made Bri short for Brian, a name he now wears proudly after Olivia's passing
    -Bill also has several friends that share his interests in computer technology. One of them is Celio, his old friend from One Island in the Sevii Islands. He is also close with Lanette and Bebe, the storage system developers of Hoenn and Sinnoh, respectively. He is stated to have requested Cassius control the Storage System of Kalos in Generation VI.
    -Bill was at HQ for about two years before leaving, his family's passings happening about a year after getting there.
    -Huge shoutout to Zapdos in helping me with the profile!


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