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    Rhea the Motherly Kangaskhan ((Died in RP))


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    Rhea the Motherly Kangaskhan ((Died in RP)) Empty Rhea the Motherly Kangaskhan ((Died in RP))

    Post by Phoenix Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:14 pm

    Rhea the Motherly Kangaskhan ((Died in RP)) Y7V32fz

    Text Color #B87333
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Adult
    Species #115/Kangaskhan/Parent Pokémon
    Height 7’0 (barely shorter than normal)
    Weight 169.5 lbs
    Pokédex Entry To protect its young, it will never give up during battle, no matter how badly wounded it is.
    Level 50 (level up due to RP)
    Ability Scrappy
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Alert to sounds
    Moves - Outrage (level)
    - Mega Punch (level)
    - Crunch (level)
    - Sucker Punch (level up in RP, replaced Endure)
    History She was always a wild Kangaskhan, born and raised. She lived with her large family in one of the protected Safari Zones until poachers came and rounded up several of the sleeping mothers, tranquilizing them and crating them to ship to different regions. Safari zones and other facilities would pay heavily for Kangaskhan because they were such an endangered species, having no male counterparts. As such, they were great sellers on the black market. They would breed the females to random studs they had in with their egg group, so that when they sold them there would be a baby to double the price.

    Rhea hated being used like a common breeder, but she was one of the lucky ones, sold to a small preservation reserve as one of the only three Kangaskhan they had. Her child was a perfect joy when she hatched, and she hardly ever let her out of her pouch. She liked her human handlers but didn’t want them near her child. But the little one needed to move around once in a while if she was to grow up big and strong. It was on one of these rare occasions that the epidemic hit their region. She had barely turned her head for a moment, checking out a strange sound from a nearby tree line, when an infected Pidgeotto swooped down and took off with her daughter. Rhea was furious! She gave chase and hunted the bird down, desperate to get her child back. She threw rocks, fallen logs, anything to knock the bastard out of the sky. But all it did was drop the mangled corpse of her baby. Rhea held what was left of her little one in her arms and cried. Only burying her once the tears dried up and the choked sobs began.

    Afterwards, distracted by her mourning, she stumbled upon the bloody scene of another infected attack. Several different kinds of Pokemon, trainers, and even some of the preserve staff, painted the ground with their blood and bodies. It was horrific. But, somewhat hidden in the carnage, was a small egg. Rhea picked it up and noticed how cold it was. She held it to the light and saw a small form, and quickly put it to her ear to listen for a sound of movement, a heartbeat, anything. After a moment she almost cried out in joy, there was a faint heartbeat! She put the egg in her pouch to keep it warm and fled from the scene, not wanting to stick around to see if the eggs true mother was still alive. She caressed the egg softly as she ran. This was her egg now. Her egg, a little baby. Her new baby…

    ***Over time in the Great Marsh of Sinnoh she met several odd living Pokemon that she took under her care, treating them all as her children. Due to her traumatic insanity she started seeing them too as her real children and has become ridiculously over protective of them, especially Virgil the Liepard. Her goal was to get them all out of the Marsh because they were sitting ducks out in the open while infected still roamed freely in the preserve, but several attacks sidetracked them and now her egg has hatched inside the grounds making the little one vulnerable. She became quite terrified of the fact that her egg was actually an Oddish so she started to shun the little baby, and became wrapped up in her own mental anguish of having to remember exactly what happened to her real daughter.

    *****After eventually accepting Eliana she was infected by a flock of undead birds, trying to protect Virgil from them. Seth went off with her child and she had to beg her friend to end her before she suffered the life of an undead.
    Appearance Normal looking Kangaskhan, though slightly smaller than the average of her species.
    Personality -Normally pretty easy to get along with, quick to defend weaker Pokemon
    -Slightly crazy, a form of PTSD that caused her to black out the memory of her daughter's death, so Rhea believed the egg she carried is hers
    -like a normal Kangaskhan, if anyone touched the egg or even reached for it she would try to attack them
    -very kind and motherly to smaller Pokemon, but first and foremost is her baby
    -Not very fond of bird types since the incident, and especially now since the baby is weak to flying types
    User Notes Now that her egg has hatched she is remembering the trauma of losing her real daughter and at first, is going to shun the little Oddish
    -will eventually come to terms with her grief and take in her new daughter
    -Egg hatched in RP to be Eliana the Oddish, Eliana still alive

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