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    Gwyneira the Sneasel ((Inactive))


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    Gwyneira the Sneasel ((Inactive)) Empty Gwyneira the Sneasel ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:10 pm

    Gwyneira the Sneasel ((Inactive)) Dn103Ur

    Text Color #008B8B
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult
    Species #215/Sneasel/Sharp Claw Pokémon
    Height 2'08”
    Weight 58.3lbs
    Pokédex Entry This cunning Pokémon hides in the cover of darkness, waiting to attack its prey.
    Level 30
    Ability Inner Focus
    Nature Modest
    Characteristic Quick to flee
    Moves - Avalanche (egg)
    - Faint Attack (learned)
    - Icy Wind (learned)
    - Screech (learned)
    History Gwyneira was specifically bred, a young trainer wanting a Sneasel with a special move only learned through breeding paid a renowned master breeder to have his pair make an egg for him to hatch and train. But while Gwyn's breeding was successful, she hit that rare percent that her mother's Nature, using and Everstone, did not pass with her Father's moves. When the trainer had his newly hatched Sneasel examined and discovered that her nature did not benefit her special moves, and in fact hindered it, he became very angry and abandoned the young hatchling. The nurses at the Pokemon Center took pity on Gwyn and kept her around for a while, but one day a terrible ice storm forced the Center to evacuate and some Pokemon did not make it out of the storm.

    Gwyneira was one of them.

    Trapped out in the ice and snow poor little Gwyn was lost, scared, and hungry. It took wandering the wild for three days before she finally succumbed to hunger and exhaustion, but she did not expect to wake up again warm and dry. As the small Sneasel opened her eyes she saw around her a small clan of her own kind and its evolution led by a mated pair of Weavile. It turned out they had found the youngling in the snow and took her in to nurse back to health, leaving the Sneasel extremely grateful to the clan. They took her in without second thought, inducting her into their life and society with ease. While Gwyneira struggled to find her place within the clan she found something that she was good at that no one else in the clan had tried. Ice sculptures.

    It began one day when she came across a large, solid piece of ice that was formed during one of the practice duals between some of the younger males. Tapping on the ice lightly with her claws she saw how easily her sharpened appendages chipped away at the delicate structure without cracking it. Delighted, she began to scratch away until finally an image started to appear of one of the Weavile leaders. Pleased with his own likeness the male leader offered for Gwyn to use her talents to mark the territory of their clan with more than just their usual slash marks. Soon, the clan had their own symbol carved into the ice and snow all around their territory and while other Pokemon weren't sure of the strange designs they did know whose land it belonged to. The clan hadn't seen peace like that in a long time.

    But there were still attacks on their clan from time to time, and for that Gwyn was recruited to train with several of the others. They found that the attacks she knew, though somewhat confused as to how she obtained her egg move, weren't as powerful as they could be. So they taught her how to use the advantage of speed and ice to target her opponents without sacrificing power. Eventually she leveled up enough that her Attack power balanced out despite it being her slowest growing stat. Though physical attacks still didn't do all the damage that they could potentially do at least now they hurt.

    It took a long time for their home in the ice and snow, but eventually strange Pokemon started to appear and pick off the weaker clan members. These creatures were witnessed dying, but minutes later they were up again and attacking the clan, several of them becoming infected themselves. The only problem was that no one knew they were infected until it was too late. The clan moved territories to escape the demons, but led themselves right into a dead end when their own clan members started to turn and attack them. Even the leaders themselves turned into the Undead and began tearing apart the Pokemon they had spent their whole lives caring for and Gwyn was forced to flee.

    For almost a year she had been running from this strange plague, and while she has met a few living along the way most of them seemed to care more about themselves than helping a poor lost Sneasel. Without her clan all Gwyneira wants is to find friends, to not be alone anymore, but in this world it is proving more and more difficult.
    Appearance Gwyneira is perfectly average for her species, though she runs a bit small for the typical. Years of training in the wild have made her more lean than fatty and her coat isn't as lustrous as some of her other kind.
    Personality As her nature suggests, Gwyn is actually fairly modest. She tends to be quiet and reserved and seems difficult to get to know well, holding back her ideas and opinions except from those to whom she is closest to. She is kind, gentle and sensitive in her dealings with others and can be extremely perceptive and aware of them. She is usually penetratingly accurate in her perceptions of others, though she does not divulge any information that she gathers without the consent of said other.

    Warm and sympathetic, she genuinely cares about people, and is more likely to show her love through actions, rather than words. While strongly service-oriented in her desire to please she has no desire to lead or control others, just as she has no desire to be led or controlled by others. She prefers the feeling of living for each other rather than all for the benefit of one.

    More willing to pay compliments than receive them, she in fact tends to hide in embarrassment if she is offered one. She loves the beauty of snow and ice and often uses her claws to carve images in solid pieces of ice, and though many turn out quite lovely she refuses to acknowledge that they are any good, preferring others to form their own feelings and opinions about her art. Art, she believes, is open to interpretation and shouldn't be about what the artist was 'trying to go for'. She almost never gives herself enough credit for the things which she does extremely well.

    Gwyneira doesn't normally like fighting other living Pokemon, feeling that with the loss of her clan and the world being plunged into chaos it is better for others to try and work together rather than go at each others throat. This does not stop her from fighting anything that attacks her, however, and will defend others from the Undead without second thought. She knows she isn't the most gifted of fighters, but it does not stop her from trying to come to the aid of another.
    User Notes -Father was Weavile who learned by Avalanche by chain breeding through generations
    -isn't phobic, but has a slight fear of being alone due to her past abandonment and her clan turning on itself
    -is reluctant to approach other living due to others turning her away
    ---Lineart/Base for Sneasel was listed as free to use as long as credit was given: Original Lineart on DA by Yuria-san

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