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    Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn))


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    Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn)) Empty Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn))

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    Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn)) T74VKMb


    Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn)) 2dtr69f

    Text Color #FEE5AC
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult
    Species #???|Rahneko|The Regal Pokemon
    Height 4`01"
    Weight 118.9lbs
    Pokédex Entry This pokemon once belonged to ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. It is known for its two tails and violence.
    Level 65
    Ability Limber
    Nature Brave
    Characteristic Strongly defiant
    Moves - Power Gem (learned)
    - Night Slash (learned)
    - Shadow Claw (TM)
    - Thunderbolt (TM)
    History A small Persian/Meowth family, owned by the wealthy Cousland family, was overjoyed the day their daughter came. Hers would be a life of luxury and peace, for the most part. For much of her life Kaeli and her eldest brother Fergus lived and trained with their father Bryce, her brother only leaving once in a while to be with his mate and young son. Kaeli was pampered as a kitten but never allowed herself to fall victim to sloth, her father teaching her from a young age the value of hard work. She was his only daughter, his pride and joy, and her training was necessary if she was ever going to be a lovely Persian like her mother and father. It took several years but eventually she evolved under the tutelage of one of the manor guard's Pokemon during one of their regular practice battles. But soon after evolving unrest stirred in the land. Cailan, the Arcanine sovereign of their lands Pokemon and the strongest Pokemon of the noble family, called her father and brother to battle when their lands fell to war. Her father's friend, a Liepard named Rendon Howe, was waiting for his forces to join her father's at their manor.

    It was also here that Kaeli met Duncan, a skilled Lucario who led an assortment of great fighters for their land, who suggested that the young Classy Cat would be a promising recruit-though her father quickly dismissed the option, much to his daughter's dismay. But as they retired for the evening no one knew what trials would shortly await them. In the dead of night, Howe's "late" men seized the manor, leaving Kaeli to wake and to fight her way out of her own bedroom. After making it to the end of the hall she found her mother who began to explain that her father is missing. A quick search revealed Fergus' son and wife murdered, along with the other guests and servants in the manor, including their owners. Kaeli's mother, saddened and outraged, suggested finding her father and escaping the manor before they too ended up like their family.

    They found the elder Persian gravely wounded in the kitchen with Duncan. Duncan had rescued Bryce but not before the fatal blow was delivered, and he apologized for not being able to do something sooner. But in their dire need, he asked once again to recruit Kaeli to the battalion, as it was the best chance of saving her life against Howe. Bryce relented, wanting his youngest child to tell Fergus what has happened so that their legacy could remain. Duncan offered to bring her mother too but she refused to leave her mate's side, who was too injured to move. Kaeli agreed to go with Duncan and with a lingering, sorrowful farewell she left the last of her family to their fate and vowed to seek out her elder sibling and warn him of the betrayal.

    She traveled with Duncan for quite a long ways before meeting up with the rest of the battalion, meeting even Cailan himself who led his people's Pokemon forces. Not really impressed with what was basically royalty in their lands she offered a bitter response to the welcome, informing him of her family's fall and the noble who betrayed them. Alarmed, Cailan offered to do whatever he could to help but warned that her brother was out with a scouting party and would not be back for a time. Angry and bitter she thanked the sovereign and went on her way with Duncan who asked her to find a Luxray in the camp named Alistair who would prepare her and the other recruits for their test.

    Alistair was...something. He was goofy and awkward, but it was endearing to see. He put his foot in his mouth several times as they spoke but it didn't matter to her, his lighthearted behavior eased her suffering soul. Their test was grueling but with no real leadership, or spine it seemed, among the other males Kaeli took charge of the party herself and led them through it with the seasoned expertise of one who had been at this for years. No one had any objections to it so she kept the leadership role even to the second half of the test...unfortunately she was the only one to survive it. But her survival named her an official member of the battalion and she was partnered with Alistair on her very first assignment. He was still odd, but was one hell of a fighter. Even though their mission, which was supposed to be simple, had more danger than they were expecting they made it out alive...sort of.

    The mission had actually been the turning point of a major battle in which their whole army fell to betrayal. She and Alistair were the only survivors despite their rather miraculous escape. Angry at being betrayed once more Kaeli swore to restore their lands from the terrible civil war it was plunged into from the death of Cailan at the battle, and to restore the name of those who fell in battle, who were blamed for the loss instead of the true traitor. With Alistair at her side she traveled the entire land gather families and Pokemon of all species and power to fight at her side, creating an army to replace the one that was lost at the battle. Along the way she and Alistair grew close, very close, until the Persian was sure she was in love. But with Alistair one was never sure if he was being serious or not, so when he finally confessed his feelings Kaeli immediately confessed the same. The pair were inseparable ever since.

    One day, after a particularly awful battle that left the Persian morally confused, he gave her a lovely Moon Stone. Though the poor Luxray had no idea what it was he thought she would like it, and Kaeli adored him for it. One of their followers had an old silk band that he fashioned into a collar for her, allowing the stone to hang around her neck as symbol of Alistair's love. She wore it even into battle where the Luxray was always at her side. With her new friends and her army she marched on the main city, fighting the whole way to the castle, and challenged the traitor to a showdown. She claimed Alistair the true heir to the sovereignty of their land's Pokemon as he was Maric's only surviving heir, Cailan's half brother, which was a fact he had only confessed to her after they had fallen in love. The traitor refused Alistair's right so Kaeli was forced into a dual with him as his champion, in which she emerged the victor. But that was not all she emerged as. As the final blow was dealt a white light surrounded the Persian and filled the room. The light of evolution. Her Moon Stone collar melted away and her body morphed and changed to a species once thought lost to her kind.

    Standing before the city and its Pokemon was a new Rahneko, who once again claimed Alistair their sovereign and herself his mate. Together they ruled for many years, their kind flourishing in the new peace after the civil war, until the Epidemic hit. She and Alistair fought hard to defend their land but the numbers were too many, several of their fallen comrades getting up again only to turn on them. Finally they had to retreat and regroup, but just before they were ready to try again a strange power tore through the land and cast them all in different directions. Kaeli awoke to find herself alone in a strange land, with no home and no Alistair. She worried for her mate and tried to find him but got caught by an undead swarm. She fought nearly an entire night to keep the demons from getting to her and when the last of them finally fell and she collapsed from exhaustion. It was only when the light of dawn broke across the field that she saw him, her mate, coming for her. She smiled at him as he approached, and tried to rise to great him, only to have him tackle her back to the ground and curl around her desperately. He had been as worried as she had been, and upon seeing her injuries refused to let her stand until she was rested.

    They didn't leave each others side again after that. They couldn't for fear of losing the other. They wanted to find their way back home to protect and free their lands from the undead hordes, and on their journey ran into two great Griffon Pokemon that turned out to be evolutions of Alistair's line. Luxyaras. They had formed and order dedicated to wiping out the undead, which they referred to as Darkspawn, and ending their blight across the regions. After forming a fast friendship with the two brothers Kaeli and Alistair were inducted into the order and vowed that on their journeys would protect those they could from the undead and kill as many as they could find until they were either no more or their origin was discovered and destroyed. And so to this day they remain, dedicated Grey Wardens and warriors of peace everywhere they go.
    Appearance Sleek and powerful this feline stands proud before all who behold her. While smaller than her kind's average size it isn't noticeable until she stands beside her much taller mate. She is well groomed but muscle and a great strength hide beneath her silken fur.

    Her ruby eyes can hold warmth and love but can easily switch to piercing calculation. They are the eyes of one who has known death and faced it without fear. Where once a glittering coin or gem from her previous evolutions sat, now rest a glittering collar and bangles that they have transformed into, keeping her status as a Regal Pokemon.
    Personality Kaeli is a confident female with a strong sense of right and wrong. She will be one of the first to jump in and protect someone too weak or injured to defend themselves and the first to turn on a traitor. She has lived through war and it shows in the way she stares down even the most powerful of foes, unflinching and unyielding even in the face of death. Her claws are razor sharp and her mind even more so, often strategizing a way to subdue or kill a foe with minimal losses to her own side.

    Though she came from wealth and luxury she has always believed in working hard, a trait instilled in her by her father. She will toleratem and sometimes befriend, those who prefer to do for themselves rather than others but she doesn't openly advocate it. She will not, however, tolerate those who take advantage of those weaker than them and she will fight to the death to defend those who are innocent.

    Since mating and ruling beside Alistair her grief and fury over the loss of her family has lessened, though she still thinks of them often. Since discovering that her elder brother made it out alive, and even regained rule over their home as the family's lead pokemon, she has had some peace. However since the Epidemic she worries for his safety once again, fearing the thought of coming across him as one of the Undead.
    User Notes -Based off of my Warden from Dragon Age: Origins
    -High Beauty was groomed into her during her years living with her family, she only needed Alistair's Moon Stone to evolve

    Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn)) Pbucket

    Text Color #63D1F4
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #405|Luxray|Gleam Eyes Pokemon
    Height 5'07"
    Weight 102.6 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Luxray's ability to see through objects comes in handy when it's scouting for danger.
    Level 60
    Ability Rivalry
    Nature Bashful
    Characteristic Somewhat of a clown
    Moves - Protect (TM)
    - Fire Fang (egg)
    - Thunder Fang (learned)
    - Discharge (learned)
    History Alistair was hatched alone, never knowing his mother. He grew up being told he was a servant Pokemon's child who died giving birth to him, and even his supposed sister believed the tale and hated Alistair for killing her mother. Early on he was raised by a wealthy man named Eamon Guerrin, for a time, but not in the true luxury of the household. The young Pokemon was rebellious and wild and often was left to sleep and live in the barns with the animals. Eamon's wife didn't care for Alistair, angered by her husband's affection for the wild Shinx, and forced her husband to send the boy away. Not willing to incur his wife's wrath he did as she requested and sent Alistair to a church that took in stray Pokemon to train and protect the chapels. Little did his wife know, the reason Eamon took such an interest in the Shinx was due to his lineage. His true sire was Maric, and Arcanine belonging to his sister's family. His sister had married the wealthiest man in their city, their family actually running the land on which they all lived, and Maric was considered to rule over the Pokemon of their land just as his sister's family reigned over the humans. Eamon sheltered the boy to hide his existence from Rowan, Maric's mate, lest she try to kill the boy for her mate's infidelity, despite Maric actually loving Alistair's true mother who yet lived in secret. Maric and Eamon knew an illegitimate son could threaten Maric's only legitimate son's right to succeed.

    In his new home, Alistair was trained to become a guardian for many years by the church, learning most of his skills and achieving his evolution as a Luxio. However, he found himself to be ill-suited to a life of religious devotion. When Duncan, a skilled Lucario and friend to his real father, found him the Luxio was desperately unhappy. During a tourney held to honor the battalion Duncan led, a group of people and Pokemon dedicated to protecting their great land, Duncan decided to recruit him. Alistair was not the most skilled fighter, and was bested in most of the competition, but despite this Duncan admired Alistair's character above the other Pokemon present. Sensing that he had a good and loyal heart, Duncan tricked the church to hand Alistair over to the battalion before he took the sacramental vows to belong forevermore to the church.

    Several months passed and after a grueling test Alistair was inducted into the battalion. During this time he began to see Duncan as a father figure, the male taking the Luxio under his care and teaching him everything he needed to know. It was thanks to Duncan he finally reached his final evolution and stood proudly as a Luxray at Duncan's side as his right hand. One day, during a new recruitment test, he met the one Pokemon who would change his life forever. She was a beautiful Persian named Kaeli, and though she had just suffered the tragic loss of her entire family, she was friendly towards even though she remained a bit distant.

    Despite her grief she still managed to crack a few jokes with Alistair, causing the male to feel more accepted than he had in a long time, and didn't care at all for his upbringing in the church. She was perfect. Smart, capable, and a brilliant leader. Though the youngest in her recruitment class, and with the least practical experience, she took lead with ease and got her group through the first stage of their task in a flash. Unfortunately, the true test saw her as the only survivor, causing Alistair to offer at least one prayer to her safe return.

    It wasn't long before they were caught in a great battle that tore the land apart in a civil war, Maric's son and current sovereign Cailan perishing in the feud. The battalion was blamed for the upheaval and those that didn't participate in the battle were cast out though the true fault led with the father of Cailan's mate, who betrayed them all and turned his Pokemon back when the enemy descended. The only survivors of the bloody field itself were Alistair himself and Kaeli, and the knowledge that Duncan had perished cut the feline deeply. Kaeli was his only comfort and he clung to that relief desperately. Due to the loss of their forces he and the Persian were forced to recruit several families of Pokemon and humans that normally would never work together in order to take on the true traitor.

    During their journey Alistair began to fall in love with Kaeli but every time he tried talking to her it usually came out with his usual dumb humor or an embarrassing fumbling with his words. But this didn't matter to the Persian, who seemed to see through his normal clumsiness and fell in love with him in turn. The night she finally became his was the happiest night of his life. After a rather awful encounter with the enemy he found Kaeli becoming depressed and distant so he gave her a special gift he found for her, a sparkling stone that shimmered like metal yet was obviously made of ore. He had no idea it was a Moon Stone but Kaeli had loved it nonetheless, getting one of their friend's to fashion a collar where she could wear it all the time. As they traveled they recruited many companions to help along the way but the only one who stayed by the Persian's side constantly was him, and he cherished every moment he spent with her.

    The journey was long and arduous but eventually they reached the capital. Kaeli demanded that Alistair take his rightful place as Maric's successor, after having confessed to her that his birth was a well kept secret, and when his right was denied she challenged the traitor to a dual. It was his beloved who emerged victorious, and as she delivered the fatal blow a stunning light surrounded her. Her Moon Stone collar melted away and when the light faded a brand new feline stood before the people and Pokemon of the land. She returned to his side, naming him sovereign as Maric's only surviving child, but when she also named herself his mate at his side in front of the entire city Alistair could have died from happiness. The humans who had owned his great Arcanine father and half-brother had perished in the civil war, but Eamon had survived. He took over the lands as a just and fair ruler, once again taking Alistair under his care for he and Kaeli had saved his only son from a dream eating Haunter plaguing the boy. As sovereigns they oversaw the Pokemon of the lands just as his father had before him, and with Kaeli at his side their kind flourished. Pokemon and people lived in harmony for many years and they thought the peace would remain forever, until the Epidemic hit.

    It came swift to their land, the infection spreading like wildfire and laying much of the land to waste. Try as they might to combat the undead foes, more kept coming and Alistair was forced to retreat with his beloved. They were just starting to regroup when a strange energy tore through the land and cast everyone in different directions. By the time he awoke he found himself in a strange land he had never been in before and he couldn't find his beloved Kaeli. Panicked he searched for two whole days before coming across her in a field of dead bodies. She was exhausted, but alive, and gave him a dazzling smile when she saw her mate approaching. His heart almost melted at the sight and he cuddled his mate close, not willing to let her leave his side ever again.

    After letting his mate recover for a time they set out to try and find their way back home, and on this journey encountered two brothers that had taken a never before seen branch of Luxray evolution. The griffons called themselves Grey Wardens and went from region to region taking out blighted creatures, referring to the undead as Darkspawn and claiming that their taint needed to be purged from the world. The two were great company as they traveled and Alistair truly enjoyed the company of Carinus, the younger brother, as he had a very similar sense of humor to the Luxray. He and Kaeli accepted the offer to be brought into their new order of Pokemon and vowed that they would fight the blight until their dying breath and work to save their world as best they could. So together they travel, fighting their way home and stopping to help any in need who may require the services of a Grey Warden.
    Appearance Alistair is tall for a Luxray, with an athletic build that shows even through his shagged pelt. While normally colored for his species, his mane is kept pretty well and generally doesn't stray too much from its style unless he is charging electricity. He is often seen with a goofy smile or awkward expression.
    Personality Playful and compassionate, this Luxray holds a great respect for his people and his beloved Kaeli. While he holds the title of sovereign, it is usually her he defers to for decisions and action. He is not above getting his paws dirty and is more willing to go to the streets and stay with the common folk than sit in the lap of luxury. He is humble and modest, believing that his life should be lived for everyone and not just for himself which is why he joined Duncan in the first place.

    Since becoming sovereign he has gained more confidence in himself, proving a just and fair leader. He studied governing in order to try and help his fellow Pokemon live better lives but often most of his ideas come from still taking the streets and mingling with the normal Pokemon. He has always felt more at ease with common Pokemon and still sees himself as one despite his title, having been raised as one of the regular people his whole life.

    He gets flustered and uncomfortable easily, but has a strong sense of morals that often lead him into a rock and a hard place. He cracks jokes at the most inappropriate times but it is more a defense mechanism for when he gets uneasy, though it is an odd sense of humor that not everyone gets. He is still somewhat childish and acts like a big kid when Kaeli lets him get away with it, but his heart is always in the right place.
    User Notes -Father was an Arcanine, Maric
    -Based off of Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins

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    Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn)) Empty Re: Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn))

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    Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn)) Empty Re: Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn))

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    Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn)) Empty Re: Kaeli the Rahneko and Alistair the Luxray ((Fallarbor, Hoenn))

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