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    Kegan the Volcarona and Nikkolai "Nikki" the Vulpix ((Inactive))


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    Kegan the Volcarona and Nikkolai "Nikki" the Vulpix ((Inactive)) Empty Kegan the Volcarona and Nikkolai "Nikki" the Vulpix ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:38 pm

    Kegan the Volcarona and Nikkolai "Nikki" the Vulpix ((Inactive)) SyvoDer

    Kegan (Fiery one)
    Text Color DarkGoldenrod 1-#FBB117
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult, 29
    Species #637/Volcarona/Sun Pokemon
    Height 5'10"
    Weight 115.8lbs
    Pokédex Entry This Pokémon was believed to have been born from the sun. When it evolves, its entire body is engulfed in flames.
    Level 59
    Ability Flame Body
    Nature Calm
    Characteristic Often lost in thought
    Moves -Flamethrower (egg)
    -Psychic (egg)
    -Leech Life
    -Bug Bite
    History Kegan was hatched to a loving ranch breeder named Dean (who also happened to be the one who raised and cared for Phoenix the Ninetales) and was sired by his primary Pokemon, a stoic Vulcarona. His sire was Deans method of warming and caring for the eggs until they hatched, the Flame Body working well as an incubator. Through his father he was able to hatch with a decent fire move, Flamethrower, and the method they used for handling the eggs, Psychic.

    He was raised well, and was in the process of becoming a second helper in caring for the baby pokemon when Cipher came. The ranch was destroyed, and Kegan watched in horror as Dean was murdered by the ruthless thieves. He and the others were captured, though he never knew a few escaped, and were taken away. Many of them went to the labs, but the ones considered weak (like himself) were sold off for hefty prices. He wound up in the care of a former Cipher member who moved to Kanto.

    While he still missed Dean terribly, the man who had him now wasn't all bad, though he was pretty rough around the edges. He was hard on Kegan, but never pushed the little bug to do more than he thought was possible. With him, Kegan grew from a caregiver to a seasoned fighter, his only debilitation being his annoyingly long wait to evolve which made his stats fairly low. But he was getting closer every day, until the epidemic hit. Their small house on the islands was ravaged by Pokemon that would normally never travel together, all of them decaying and reeking of death. Kegan and his trainer's other Pokemon held them off as best they could, but in the end, only Kegan survived.

    When the last of his new family fell Kegan torched the house and fled, hiding in trees nearby as the undead either perished in the flames or took off after other prey. Great, now the island not only had zombies, they had flaming zombies. He stayed hidden until the nightmare had passed and the infected moved on before finally going back to the ashes of his home. Now that he was alone, he had no idea what to do.
    Appearance Kegan looks like a normal Larvesta. His piercing blue eyes always gaze knowingly from his hooded face.
    Personality Kegan doesn't usually get riled up, he is pretty calm most of the time. Due to his many years with Dean he still feels the need to care for younger Pokemon, especially eggs and hatchlings.
    User Notes -is pretty useful in a fight, and isn't afraid of putting himself in danger
    -Is struggling to become a Vulcarona so that his defenses won't be as low

    Kegan the Volcarona and Nikkolai "Nikki" the Vulpix ((Inactive)) EZCUnOI

    Nikkolai “Nikki”
    Text Color LightSteelBlue2-#B7CEEC
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Child, 6
    Species #037/Vulpix/Fox Pokemon
    Height 1’10”
    Weight 19.8lbs
    Pokédex Entry While young, it has six gorgeous tails. When it grows, several new tails are sprouted.
    Level 5
    Ability Flash Fire
    Nature Gentle
    Characteristic Likes to run
    Moves -Flamethrower (egg)
    - Faint Attack (egg)
    - Ember
    - Tail Whip
    History He was laid as an egg when Phoenix the Ninetails and Erebos the Houndoom still lived with Dean. Erebos was the first male Phoenix ever allowed near her after months of Dean trying to get her to breed, and after Nikkolai was conceived she never took another mate. Dean didn't mind, and set his Larvesta Kegan to care for the new mother and her egg. Phoenix had always been a brash, hot-headed youth, but Kegan was amazed to see how much her egg had changed her. When Nikki himself was hatched, a wave of calm washed over the Ninetales at the sight of her kit.

    Nikkolai was raised both by his parents and Kegan, mostly because Kegan had all the experience where as Phoenix had only ever focused on herself before. But she was a good mother, and Nikki loved her dearly. Unfortunately, he didn't have much time with his family before Cipher came. They attacked the breeding ranch and captured nearly all of Dean's Pokemon, leaving the breeder himself dead. A great sadness washed over the kit, and for the first time in his life he was alone.

    The Cipher grunts were cruel, and the scientist worse so. They kept him, and a few others he could recognize the scent of, locked in cages. From his spot he could see them dragging out a Snivy, one of the ranch Pokemon, and sticking them on this big line. The machine roared to life and after several painful screams and bright purple lights, the Pokemon he knew was no more. She had been such a sweet girl, but after that machine she began to act like a robot. She attacked anything on order and with a viciousness he had never seen. It terrified him.

    After about a week it was almost his turn, but then something terrible happened. Great beasts tainted by shadow and with blood red eyes tore through the facility. Nikki's cage fell to the floor as one of the humans tried to escape and he bolted as the door flew open. He never once looked back to see what the monsters where doing or where they had come from, he didn't care. All he wanted was to get back home to his family. But when he finally found his way back to the ranch, there was nothing left. Frightened and alone, he hid in the old ruins of what used to be Dean's house until a strange energy ripped through the air. When he awoke, he had no idea where he was. He just stayed where he was, like his mother always said to do if he ever got lost, and waited. But what he was waiting for was anyone's guess.
    Appearance Soft, pale silver fur adorns this supposed orphan. His amber eyes sometimes reflect a sadness that only comes from witnessing the destruction of his childhood home, and the abduction from his family. Is usually seen with a soft smile on his face with his tails bouncing and curled.
    Personality Is fairly open and kind, loves to meet new friends and is always willing to help anyone. Despite being so friendly, he is very soft spoken and polite, never one to make waves because he dislikes tension. He smiles to hide his pain, and tries not to dwell on it. He prefers to cling to “Uncle Kegan” because the bug helped raise him. It lets him believe that maybe his parents are alive somewhere.
    User Notes -Only son of Phoenix the Ninetales and her now deceased mate Erebos
    -Flamethrower was a TM known by both his parents, and his father knew Faint Attack, so they passed down
    -was taken by Cipher during the raid on Dean’s ranch and never got any further training
    -his transportation is in reference to Mewtwo’s freakout

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