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    Sofia the Vulpix ((Inactive))


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    Sofia the Vulpix ((Inactive)) Empty Sofia the Vulpix ((Inactive))

    Post by Phoenix Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:16 am

    Sofia the Vulpix ((Inactive)) Dl1lQJw

    Text Color #BF5FFF
    Item Amulet of Avalor (actually just a Dusk Stone)
    Gender Female
    Age Late Teen
    Species #037/Vulpix/Fox Pokémon
    Height 2'00”
    Weight 21.8lbs
    Pokédex Entry As each tail grows, its fur becomes more lustrous. When held, it feels slightly warm.
    Level 25
    Ability Flash Fire
    Nature Gentle
    Characteristic Highly Curious
    Moves - Tail Whip (learned)
    - Return (TM)
    - Confuse Ray (learned)
    - Flame Burst (learned)
    History Sofia had a very normal childhood, born to a lovely Ninetales mother and handsome Umbreon father the little Vulpix hatched without a care in the world. At least, until her father died. She was still very little when they lost him, her mother forced to hunt and provide for her little one any way she could. But as soon as Sofia was big enough she insisted on joining her mother to help out, not wanting to be a burden to the only family she had left. It was on one of these hunts that mother and daughter came across a large expanse of land with a proud manor sitting in the center of it all, several Pokemon roaming and working the grounds with their humans.

    One of them a proud Ninetales with two little kits running around him.

    Sofia's mother caught the eye of said Ninetales and upon seeing the pair went to greet them, offering kind words and even food to the hungry vulpines. Not wanting to receive handouts Miranda, her mother, offered for them to work for it. Intrigued by this sense of pride in wild Pokemon the Ninetales, whom Sofia learned was named Roland, took them to his master and a deal was struck. Upon seeing Sofia's strange pelt coloring the human immediately agreed to take the family in and within moments the shiny Vulpix found herself contained within a Pokeball.

    Days rolled by into months and as mother and daughter worked Sofia began to notice a bond forming between her mother and Roland. Wanting her mother to be happy she pushed for the other female to open up about her feelings and after a few more months Sofia found herself within a new family. She really enjoyed her new stepfather and stepbrother, though as much as she wanted to be friends her new stepsister took some time getting used to the new Vulpix in the house. After several pranks and arguments the pair eventually worked out their differences but Sofia's wild upbringing still would sometimes clash with Amber's more luxurious upbringing.

    One day Roland and his human offered Sofia a lovely new necklace to accent her unusual pelt and at first she was completely uncomfortable wearing such a rich new trinket. Terrified she would break it she tried to take it off but Roland stopped her. To try and make her feel better about the gift he made up a story about the mystical power the stone inside held and that she was going to be entrusted with guarding it, and to never take it off. Convinced of the story the child nodded enthusiastically and promised to always wear the enchanted gift.

    Years went by and Sofia grew lovely and strong while still keeping her determined spirit and kind heart from her days in the wild, ingraining them with her new education and resources as a wealthy kept Pokemon. She made many friends among the Pokemon that lived on the grounds and in the surrounding wilds, even some friends that came from far away to visit her humans once in a while. It was charmed life...until the Epidemic.

    They didn't get news of the virus until too late, several of the wild Pokemon acting strangely around the manor causing suspicion long before the alerts came. When her parents turned, however, Sofia's heart broke. She came into her sister's room to find both Amber and James, both already Ninetales like their parents, lying broken and bloody on the ground with their parents standing red eyed over them. As her mother turned slowly to her as Amber's blood dripped from her jaws Sofia let out a terrified scream and ran from the manor as fast as she could. Hiding in the garden shed for what felt like forever she waited out the initial Undead raids on Hearthome and her home before sneaking back into the main house.

    For almost a year she survived on her own before she ran out of food to scavenge in the surrounding area, forced to scout further and further into Hearthome itself before realizing one day she would have to abandon the manor completely. It was heartbreaking to leave the place she had called home for so long but she knew it had to be done so with heavy heart Sofia set out from the manor into the main city of Hearthome to try and find a new place to survive.
    Appearance Sofia is a young teen, though average in height for her species, who has beautiful auburn hair atop a luxurious lavender and white pelt. She has large blue eyes and soft fur that she tries to keep nice but doesn't get upset when it does get dirty. She knows it happens and has plenty of patience to wait until a bath can be obtained.  Around her neck the Amulet of Avalor, a gift given to her by her mother's new mate. She was told that it has a special ability and to never take it off, she has struggled hard to do just that.
    Personality While cute and beautiful, Sofia is rather clumsy but has a pure heart. Since she was originally a mere commoner, she retains a very carefree persona, and was once seen to enjoy sliding down the rails of the staircase. Her outcast-esque behavior often puts her at wits with her stepsister Amber, but she has always worked to be friends with her new family and does her best to fit in. It just doesn't always go as planned.

    She always works hard at everything she does and doesn't let what other say get her down. Sofia will always try to help someone in need, even if they were cruel to her in the past, and never judges based on appearances. This little Vulpix always believes in the good in others despite everything she has seen since the Epidemic.
    User Notes -completely based on Sofia from 'Sofia the First'. Yeah I'm that childish lol. I made her older, however, to serve my RP style better
    -Lineart for Vulpix was listed as free to use as long as credit was given: Original Lineart on DA by Aqua-the-motail, colored by yours truly
    -I drew and colored the Amulet myself, amulet came out kind of derp but I am damn proud of the stone's color lol
    -level was low for her age but since the Epidemic she has had to fight for herself more than a few times, especially trying to protect her Amulet

    Sweetly returned to me by Vince, and I am greatly appreciative for it <3

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