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    Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*))


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    Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*)) Empty Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*))

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    Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*)) TyandZenyt-2

    Text Color #EE3B3B
    Weapons .22-caliber pistol, Kodachi
    Item Single Pokeball on his belt for Tisiphone, two boxes of ammo, a few MREs
    Gender Male
    Age Adult, 30
    Species Human
    Height 5'10”
    Weight 127.9lbs
    Occupation Rocket Admin, Trainer, Strategist
    Pkm 1
    Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*)) Direyenaspritesize
    Tysiphone “Ty”-
    Level 50-
    Attack List
    - Ice Fang (breed)
    - Bite (learned)
    - Assurance (learned)
    - Snarl (TM)
    History Life was never easy, he learned that early on. Born to a single mother in very poor neighborhood for the longest time Zenyt's remarkable intelligence took a long time to notice In fact, no one noticed the boy at all let alone his capabilities. At times it was like his mother forgot she even had a kid, going off on dates or jumping from job to job often leaving the toddler to his own devices. His mother never noticed when he started talking earlier than he was supposed to, or that he was teaching himself to read with cereal boxes and her magazines, nor did she notice when he started practicing how to make those words by using his crayons to write on the wall. Zenyt was also very small for his age, and scrawny from lack of food and care, so the other kids in the neighborhood would pick on him constantly. He ignored it for the most part, but some of the altercations could get violent when they ganged up on him. Not that his mother ever noticed her son coming home with black eyes or bruises everywhere. The one time she did notice was when he brought home a broken arm but somehow it wound up being all his fault.

    For the first few years of his scholastic life he got bored easily, finding it easier to not bother to do the assignments at all since he discovered already knew all the answers. He tended to 'act out' his frustrations, as the counselors called it later on, by creating mischief. Graffiti, talking back in class, general disruptions, but they were all passed off as childhood shenanigans. The day he set the boy's bathroom on fire though...that was what finally got him noticed. Expelled from the school and charged with arson the youth found himself in a center for 'troubled children' where his unique gifts were finally noticed. The counselors and therapists saw how easily education came to Zenyt and how he was able to memorize great amounts of information down to the tiniest detail and still recite it perfectly. He was working years beyond his grade level so they started him in a tutoring program. For the first time in his life, Zenyt felt like he was getting somewhere.

    When he was 11 he won a scholarship to a prestigious private institute for gifted and genius children and it was there he discovered Pokemon. Finally having an outlet for his vast intellect and keen sense of adventure the youth threw himself into the world of strategy and battling, earning quite the praise from one of his professors. This particular teacher was actually a recruiter for the growing organization of Team Rocket who was assigned to the gifted school to pick out future scientists for their expansion. Zenyt showed great promise. Despite his high level of intelligence it was too easy for him to ease he way into the boy's good graces by playing the father figure, knowing that Zenyt had never had one in his life before. By the time he was ready for graduation he already had the blue haired youth well set on the path to joining Team Rocket.

    At 13 he was already in college. He had gotten himself emancipated from his mother and stayed in the dorms, preferring to keep to himself seeing as how everyone else there was an easy decade older than him. Much like when he was a child, he was picked on by several of the older students for his mind and preference of Pokemon over human companionship. But they couldn't have been more wrong, since Zenyt never kept a Pokemon for long. He was looking for a Pokemon he could work in sync with, not just one that would take orders. He needed one that was like him...but where would he ever find such a creature? Keeping his plans to find the perfect Pokemon to himself Zenyt went about his studies, graduating with honors a short 3 years later.

    In less than a year, he was in Rocket. He had to start at the bottom, of course, but he didn't stay a grunt for long. Easily moving in with the scientists he began earning praise for his high skill in strategy and planning, moving large numbers of stolen Pokemon always without detection. Rising through the ranks was easy after that, attaining the level of Rocket Admin before he was 20, but he still had the odd habit of not keeping a Pokemon for longer than a few months. Until he saw a Poochyena that changed everything. She belonged to one of the grunts but she was worth so much more than the human who handled her. Smart, powerful and completely ruthless. Ignoring the protest of the Grunt he took the Poochyena as his own, naming her Tisiphone, and introduced her into his team and fighting style. She flourished, evolving quickly and taking over his team, and at last Zenyt knew he had found his perfect Pokemon. He and Tisisphone worked so well together, oft times he was sure that the hound knew exactly what he was thinking and what he wanted so he would leave her to her own devices on several of their missions. She never disappointed. Only once was he ever foiled in one of his master plans, but that was of his own folly.

    During one major shipment his Tisiphone had earned him a spot in the Boss's eye when she evolved into an evolution unknown for her species. And she had killed a double-crosser in the process. Zenyt was commended for both the discovery and the quick disposal of the traitor, raising his rank even further. He was practically an executive, and it was glorious. Tisiphone's intelligence seemed to have grown even further with her evolution and soon she became Zenyt's only Pokemon. He didn't need anyone other than her, only recruiting Grunts and their Pokemon when he had a job that needed multiple hands or fangs. For years they went like this and their lives of separating trainer's from their Pokemon gained Team Rocket great power, having the pleasure of being at the heart of nearly every operation.

    Until the Epidemic hit and turned the world upside down. He and his beloved Tisiphone wound up separated from the rest of his Grunts during an Undead raid, forcing them into hiding. Miles from the nearest Rocket HQ they had to settle for moving to one of the more obscure bases. Taking into consideration their location Zenyt decided the best course of action was to head to Viridian, to the Boss's old gym which still housed a Rocket Base. On their way they wound up under the attack of a flock of Undead Murkrow, and in the blind confusion they ended up splitting into different directions. When he had dug his blade into the last of the rotting birds Zenyt found himself without his Tisiphone and was completely distraught. Worried for his girl he backtracked to his original position and searched high and low, but could find no trace of her. It took him a few moments to settle down his panic but he did realize that if he couldn't find her then she could still be alive. Deciding to head for Viridian, since that is what he would have done in her stead, he set out to find not only his Rocket companions but also his dearest Tisiphone.
    Appearance Zenyt sports a sleek frame toned with a musculature you wouldn't expect in one so mentally gifted. While classified as a genius, he still is extremely athletic and it shows heavily in the definition of his muscles without the bulk of what would be considered a 'jock' body. Though not overly tall he would still classify as average settling just two inches under six feet, but his narrow waist and long limbs can give him the first appearance of being lanky.

    He is somewhat fair skinned, but he has a distinctive deep red tattoo on the right side of his face that enhances the sharpness of his facial features. His hair is a dark blue settling just above the small of his back. He often keeps it loosely tied back with a single ribbon just above the end of it. Unfortunately this leaves his bangs falling in his face most of the time Sharp, narrow eyes pierce through thinly framed glasses, the pale yellow/gold iris's framed by long lashes that sparkle when faced with a challenge. Usually Zenyt wears a serious or stern expression that in no way takes away from his intelligent appearance. His smile is more of a smirk and is generally reserved for Tisiphone alone.

    Zenyt is very professional but knows that out in the field he can't be all business so he keeps it a little more comfortable. However, thanks to being separated from Ty and with being on the run for his life, his outwear has been left to dirty and fray. Generally seen in dark slacks, a white button down shirt, a black trench coat, belt, and black polished dress shoes. Though his shoes have long since lost their luster since the Epidemic. His weapon of choice is a gun but as ammo is limited he is also adept with a blade, keeping a kodachi sheathed on his belt. He does his best to keep it well sharpened as a lone human with no Pokemon has to fight for his life more than once a day.
    Personality Zenyt has a compelling drive to understand the way things work. Good at logical analysis, he likes to use it on practical concerns. His favorite hobby is to take things apart and see the way they work. Along with his mechanical side he also has an adventuresome spirit. Attracted to motorcycles, airplanes, sky diving, surfing, etc. he thrives on action, and comes across as totally fearless. Fiercely independent, he has only ever allowed one creature to share his personal space. His beloved Tisiphone.

    Loyal to his causes and beliefs, he still believes it true that Rocket is the way of the future and is actively seeking Giovanni to follow him. Although, he doesn't actually respect the rules of the "System", preferring to follow his own rules and guidelines for behavior faithfully. Will refuse take part in something which violates his personal laws.  Most of this extremely loyalty is to strictly to Tisiphone and Rocket.
    Zenyt likes and needs to spend time alone, because this is when he can sort things out in his mind most clearly. He absorbs large quantities of impersonal facts from the external world, and will sort through those facts, making judgments, when alone.
    His strong technical skills lead him to be an effective technical leader within Rocket, and was one of their top strategists. He can best focus on details and practical things. He has an excellent sense of expediency and grasp of the details which enables him to make quick, effective decisions. However, when over-stressed, he may exhibit rash emotional outbursts of anger, or on the other extreme may be overwhelmed by emotions and feelings which he can feel compelled to share with people (often inappropriately).
    Despite stress, Zenyt is excellent in a crisis situations. He is happiest when centered in action-oriented tasks which require detailed logical analysis and technical skill. He takes great pride in his ability to take the next correct step and his close relationship to Tisiphone leads her to play off of his strengths with remarkable ease.
    User Notes
  • -In case it isn't clear, lol, he is very obsessive. And most of it centers around Ty
    -Rocket Admins (Executives) are all named after types of Rockets, their names based on all languages. Zenyt is one that I created and his name is based off of a Russian Rocket called a 'Zenit'

  • Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*)) Xlxyed

    Tisiphone aka "Ty"
    Text Color #D19275
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Adult, Late Twenties
    Species #???/Direyena/The Dire Wolf Pokemon
    Height 5`01"
    Weight 162 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Its horns are used to show authority, and it emanates a scent that alerts its pack when in danger. these horns are highly prized, but rarely gotten by poachers.
    Level 50
    Ability Intimidate
    Nature Hardy
    Characteristic Proud of its power
    Moves - Ice Fang (breed)
    - Bite (learned)
    - Assurance (learned)
    - Snarl (TM)
    History Ty doesn't remember much of her life before Team Rocket, not that she really minds. She was captured as a young pup and raised to be a ruthless fighter capapble of unspeakable acts without even batting an eye. By the time she was three she had already killed her first human, serving her trainer dutifully in the capture of said human's Pokemon. It was then that one of the newer Rocket Admins, Zenyt, took notice of her and decided that he would take her as his own. Under the authority of Zenyt she was given the name "Tisiphone" from one of the Furies in ancient Greece, a cruel irony since Tisiphone was actually the Fury who personified revenge and avenged murder rather than flat out committed it. She didn't much care for the new name, thinking it too pompous and wordy, so when around the rest of Zenyt's team she insisted on being called Ty.

    Zenyt taught her well and she quickly evolved into a Mightyena, soon becoming his primary Pokemon and taking the position of leadership within his team. Her quick mind and sharp fangs earned her the respect she deserved and with Ty at his side Zenyt was able to gain influence within Team Rocket. Ty was ruthless and cunning, generally able to take down an opponent before they ever had a chance to attack. She commanded large groups of grunt Pokemon whenever there was a big job to do and was usually left to her own devices during such times, known to work so in sync with her Executive that she often knew what he wanted without him ever having to tell her. Zenyt was a master in communications and tactical plans so whenever there was a big job to pull he and his team were usually involved at its core, and his style of planing and execution was eerily similar to the Mightyenas, so only once was he foiled. It was on one of these jobs that Ty found out about her species second evolution and was amazed with its results.

    Ty was out scouting a warehouse district in Goldenrod when she saw one of the Rocket grunts they had brought with them stashing some of their stolen Pokemon into a truck. She knew that all of the Pokemon where supposed to sit in wait while the team waited for the ship to arrive so it went without saying that he was doing this without authority. Not only was he stealing from Team Rocket he was undermining her and her Admin's authority and that simply would not stand. With a loud growl she warned the grunt to stop what he was doing, and when he saw her he panicked. Sending out his own Pokemon to challenge the Mightyena he attacked and Ty was forced to deal with them first. The only one of his team that proved a challenge was his Gliscor, who got in a few solid hits to the hound, and finally she was fed up with him. She charged full force, latching on to his neck with her Ice Fang and ripped out the Gliscor's throat. What she didn't notice was that his Razor Fang, which had been tied to him with a string,  had gotten tangled around one of her fangs. With the last of the Grunt's Pokemon disposed of she went for the man himself, launching herself at him and knocked him to the ground, tearing at his face with her claws and fangs. She took care of him much the same way as his Pokemon, Zenyt showing up onto the scene just as Ty was sinking her fangs into the grunt's neck, but as she felt his life fade a brilliant light surrounded her and blinded everyone. When it faded, there before them stood a powerful new Direyena.

    Thrilled with his rare evolution Zenyt was quick to brag about her and gained even more prowess within the organization. Her natural instincts for leading served her even better as a Direyena and Ty used her new prowess with finesse. For several more years she and Zenyt ran operations that separated trainers from their Pokemon but now there was almost no one who could challenge her strength and quick mind. Then the Epidemic struck. She and Zenyt wound up separated from the rest of the Rocket Execs as they scrambled to protect Giovanni but they didn't lose faith. Deciding to move to one of their more obscure bases, Viridian being the main, they set out to regroup with the rest of Team Rocket. It was during this trip that a flock of the Undead Murkrow attacked them, causing the two to run in opposite directions. When the last of the birds were dead or flown away Ty tried looking for Zenyt but the man was nowhere to be found. But neither could she find any trace that he had been killed. She quickly decided the most logical solution was to keep heading for their Viridian base, because she was certain that is where Zenyt would be heading were he still alive.

    Appearance Firey passion burns in her crimson eyes, daring any to challenge her authority.

    Ty is a sleek, powerful Direyena. Though she is of average height and weight for her rare evolution she holds within her a fierce power that is easily read in the way she holds herself. He posture is always straight and tall, exuding superiority over those who encounter her. Her pelt is shagged but well cared for, gleaming in the light as she lunges for her prey, her claws are as sharp as knives and her fangs as deadly as any blade, and her curved horns have seen the innards of both people and Pokemon who have tried getting between her and her goals.
    Personality Ty is a forceful, decisive individual, with the tools to accomplish whatever goals she sets out for. A natural leader, she can make decisions quickly and is quick to verbalize her opinions and decisions to the rest of the world. She is assertive, innovative, and a long-range thinker with an excellent ability to translate theories and possibilities into solid plans of action. There is not much room for error in the world of Ty. She dislikes to see mistakes repeated, and has no patience with inefficiency. This sometimes causes her to become quite harsh when her patience is tried in these respects, because she is not naturally tuned in to people's feelings, and doesn't believe that she should tailor her judgments in consideration for them.

    Although not naturally tuned into other people's feelings, she has several strong sentimental streaks. Often these sentiments are very powerful to only her and have no meaning to those around her, so she hides them from general knowledge believing the feelings to be a weakness. Ty loves to interact with people, though it is usually not in a postive light. Her personality is labeled as an extrovert, energized and stimulated primarily externally. There's nothing more enjoyable and satisfying to Ty than having a lively, challenging conversation. She especially respects people who are able to stand up to her and argue persuasively for their point of view, only willing to concede the point if they do so. There aren't too many people who will do this, however, because her forceful and dynamic presence boasts a tremendous amount of self-confidence and excellent verbal communication skills. Even the most confident individuals may experience moments of self-doubt when debating a point with Ty.
    User Notes -Used the idea of the Viridian base from the games and Legend 1 team
    -Doesn't know her father, but he was a Glaceon

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    Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*)) Empty Re: Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*))

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    Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*)) Empty Re: Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*))

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    Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*)) RGgji6G


    Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*)) VictiniTisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*)) TGJeE
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    Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*)) Empty Re: Tisiphone “Ty” the Villainous Direyena and Zenyt the ex-Rocket Admin ((Ecruteak, Johto *Leader*))

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