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    Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite))


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    Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite)) Empty Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite))

    Post by Phoenix Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:18 pm

    Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite)) CNHQFgF

    Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite)) XwFwMQx

    Lexa (meaning "Defender of Mankind")
    Text Color #EE9A4D (Sandy Brown)
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age 25
    Species #257/Blaziken/Blaze Pokemon
    Height 5'09" (slightly short)
    Weight 108.2lbs (a little overweight for her size but it is all muscle)
    Pokédex Entry It learns martial arts that use punches and kicks. Every several years, its old feathers burn off, and new, supple feathers grow back in their place.
    Level 59
    Ability Blaze
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Capable of taking hits
    Moves - Earthquake (TM)
    - Fire Punch (learned)
    - Blaze Kick (learned)
    - Brave Bird (learned)
    History The small Torchic was born at a breeding ranch in Hoenn that supplied starter Pokemon to the professors. She was never going to make it to the professor's lab, because a shipment was attacked by Team Magma and she, and several of her siblings, were taken. Though, they were only forced into Team Magma's company for a short time for not even an hour later a group of Pokemon Trainer's forced them to give back the Pokemon they had stolen. During the battle, the young Torchic did her best to fight with the Trainers to break her brothers and sisters out of confinement, and it caught the attention of one of them. A female with incredibly long blonde hair that was tipped in red  noticed the way the Torchic risked her own safety to free her siblings and sent her own Pokemon, a Charmeleon and a shiny Ninetales, to aid in the assault. The battle was over quickly, Team Magma driven off, and the Torchic were carefully loaded into a truck to be sent to the Professors, however all but one refused to get on the truck. She stood proudly before the blonde female, chirping and ruffling her feathers, sensing the Trainer's heart and trying to thank the female for everything she had done for her family. The Trainer smiled warmly and knelt down, gently patting the Torchic's head, and offered to take her back to her gym. It was then she learned the female was called Fenix, and was actually a Gym Leader who had taken over her grandfather Blaine's Gym in Cinnabar. The small Torchic happily accepted such a noble task as defending a Gym.

    Fenix returned home not long after that, taking the chick to come live at the Gym. She named the Torchic Lexa, which Fenix told her meant 'defender of mankind', and Lexa bore the name proudly. Lexa was soon put into training with Fenix's team and took to the task of learning how to be a Gym Leader's Pokemon. Lexa was a natural, though most of her fire attacks held no power because of her low Special Attack. Despite being a Fire Trainer, and the leader of a Fire Gym, Fenix wasn't angry. She knew what Lexa would become and taught her a few other moves to accent her Physical power versus her Special, and it worked wonderfully. When Lexa evolved into a Combusken, she began to learn how to use her new limbs to deliver full power in her Physical moves, and Lexa's natural gifts for intuition made her abilities in martial arts excel above the rest of Fenix's team, who were all mostly Special based. Only Cathal, now a Charizard, was able to keep up with her once she evolved into a Blaziken.

    For years things went on this way, and Lexa was happy. She was able to care for the young apprentices in Fenix's care, and their Pokemon, and when anyone challenged the Gym she and Cathal were always the powerhouses that the Trainer had to face at the end. Fenix herself had a tendency to take off from the gym from time to time to explore other regions and help out where she could, all the while collecting new Pokemon for her Gym. For the longest time, Lexa was a constant companion on those trips, until one fateful day Fenix was attacked by a wild Skarmory. Lexa and Kyuubi, the shiny Ninetales, were easily able to take down the Steel bird and Fenix was able to capture it, but Lexa was badly injured during the fight. Her hip had been completely sliced open by the shard points on the bird's wings and had to be carried home on Cathal's back. Lexa never traveled again after that. Now retired, and the wound healed, she mostly stayed at the gym to help train the apprentice's Pokemon. Though it often gave her trouble when over exerting herself, the Blaziken often seen with a limp when it hurt, the apprentices knew not to train with her that day It didn't stop her from teaching them and their Pokemon, however, because she was still able to explain to the Pokemon how to do something even if she couldn't show them.

    Lexa took up residence with another of Fenix's home bound Pokemon, an Absol named Anastasia, and worked to protecting the Gym and house with the white feline. Anastasia quickly became one of Lexa's best friends, as their personalities were very close and they had the same goals to protecting their Trainer. When Fenix left for the Johto region Anastasia was charged with protecting the house and Lexa was to keep an eye on the Gym and the apprentices. When Fenix didn't return home, Anya and Lexa were very troubled, not sure what to do about their missing Trainer. None of her Pokemon that remained at the gym knew what to do. When the Epidemic reached them, the Gym was hit hard, and Lexa fought with several of the apprentices to keep the infected at bay. They seemed to be succeeding in keeping the infected out of the Gym until a strange energy rippled through the air and snatched Lexa. She screamed in horror as she was taken from her charges, desperate to try and stay to help defend them, but the next thing she knew she was standing in the middle of another city still screaming. It took her a while to get her bearings, but she soon realized she was in Sinnoh, one of the last places she visited before her injury. With no idea how to get back to the Gym, or even just to Kanto in general, Lexa set out to find someone who might be able to take her home.

    Along the way she re-encountered a frightened and certainly changed Anubis. Having lost his collar the small Riolu quickly evolved into a Lucario during their separation and events had caused him to become quite a bit more timid than he used to be. Her protective instincts kicked in and she took Anubis back under her wing, offering support and love to her younger charge as she had when he was first brought to the gym. It took weeks of traveling before he admitted to everything that had happened, including Fenix's death, but they fought through it. Convinced that they still needed to try and get home, back to Cinnabar Gym, to find any more of their fellow teammates who may have survived they wander the regions hoping against hope that some of their family may still stand.
    Appearance Crimson feathers accented in sand, soft dark blue eyes filled with concern, and an inner power that seems to lurk deep within. These are what one would first see when looking at a Blaziken such as Lexa. The ragged scar on her left hip, trailing from just above her pelvic bone to halfway down her thigh, is a pale pink in stark contrast to the deep red of her feathers. If stood next to any other Blaziken, she would appear shorter than average, and smaller in frame. But beneath her feathers lies a muscular frame that is the true power behind her strength.
    Personality She places great importance on having things orderly and systematic in the outer world. But within herself, she operate on an intuitive basis which is entirely spontaneous. Lexa know things intuitively, without being able to pinpoint why, and without detailed knowledge of the subject at hand. Usually right, and she usually knows it. Consequently, Lexa puts a tremendous amount of faith into her instincts and intuitions. She is what is known as a Protector, her personality wrapping around her uncanny insight into people and situations. She can get "feelings" about things and intuitively understand them, such as knowing when a companion or loved one is in danger even if they are miles apart. Often scorned and scoffed at, she herself does not really understand her intuition at a level which can be verbalized. Consequently, she is very protective of  her inner self, sharing only what she chooses to share when she chooses to share it. A deep, complex individual, who is quite private and typically difficult to understand. Lexa can be secretive, but not to the point of being untrustworthy.

    But, as a protector, she is as genuinely warm as she is complex. Lexa holds a special place in her heart for people whom she is close to, who are able to see her special gifts and depth of caring. Very concerned for people's feelings, she tries to be gentle to avoid hurting anyone. After retiring, she became sensitive to conflict, she cannot tolerate it very well, and situations which are charged with conflict may drive the normally peaceful Blaziken into a state of agitation or charged anger. Lexa is a natural nurturer; patient, devoted and protective. She has high expectations of children and loved ones, and pushes them to be the best that they can be. This can sometimes manifest itself as being hard-nosed and stubborn. She is not good at dealing with minutia or very detailed tasks and will either avoid such things, or go to the other extreme and become enveloped in the details to the extent that she can no longer see the big picture.
    User Notes -One of Fenix's team
    -She is struggling to find her way back to the Gym and prays that the apprentices are still alive
    -Worried for Fenix and the rest of her Pokemon, and had sensed that some of them are in danger. Sadly she had to accept the fact of her trainer's death when Anubis told of her burial.
    -Refuses to think about the possibility that any of the rest of them are dead
    --Upped level a bit to account for a year of traveling across reagions

    Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite)) Ts7q4qD

    Text Color #5EDA9E
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #448/Lucario/the Aura Pokemon
    Height 3'07" (a little short)
    Weight 105.2 lbs
    Pokédex Entry By catching the Aura emanating from others, it can read their thoughts and movements.
    Level 54
    Ability Steadfast
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Strong Willed
    Moves - Aura Sphere (learned)
    - Focus Blast (TM)
    - Force Palm (learned)
    - Blaze Kick (egg move)
    History Abandoned as an egg, he was found by Fenix, a kind-hearted young woman with a passion for fire Pokemon. Curious as to what could be inside, she decided to try and hatch the poor thing inside. She was very surprised when a small, runt of a Riolu popped out from the egg. Fenix fell in love with the little one, despite the fact that he wasn't a fire type, and named him Anubis because of his jackal-like appearance. Anubis fell in love with Fenix immediately. He bonded to her as he would a mother, and so she was to him. He was shy, easily frightened, and preferred to either be carried by his trainer or to always hold her hand if he was to walk. The only other Pokemon on her team he would even let near him was Cathal the Charizard. Despite the fact that he was a fierce fighter and a powerful Pokemon, Cathal had a good soul and Anubis could see it. That and he protected the little Riolu from the fiery-spirits of the rest of the team. They were rash and prone to violence, and this scared the already easily startled Anubis.

    Between Cathal and Fenix, he learned to fight and fight well. He trained hard, and his trainer was thrilled to learn that he knew a fire move, Blaze kick, despite the fact that it wasn't normally part of his line. She said he must have gotten it from his father, not that Anubis had any idea who that was. Through their desire to protect Fenix, he and Cathal became as brothers. Cathal watched out for him if he thought the little one couldn't handle himself, but mostly let Anubis try to prove himself and set his own pace. Though he loved his trainer dearly, and was very happy, he kept refusing to evolve. Forcing back his bodies constant attempts at evolution was exhausting him, so he was thrilled the day Fenix gave him a silken collar with an Everstone embedded in it. He wore it proudly for several years.

    Then one day the most horrible thing happened, they were attacked while flying over Johto. A strange flock of birds with malice and hate filling their auras that was enough to make Anubis cringe. He and Fenix were knocked from Cathal's back and barely managed to get to the ground safely. Everyone in their team came out fighting, wanting a piece of these evil creatures. Cathal bade them run, as they watched their companions falling one by one. Anubis was going to protest but Fenix grabbed him up and ran. They hopped a boat heading out of Johto, one of the last on the docks, but their hearts were heavy. Everyone they loved had died right before them, Cathal was the only one left when they escaped and the little Riolu didn't hold out much hope for him. They docked in Hoenn and he and Fenix went to try and find a way home. But it seemed that the infection had been carried on their ship, and it soon ran rampant through Hoenn too.

    Anubis and Fenix struggled for a while, taking shelter where they could. But there was one fateful day, a day he would always remember, when an infected Mightyena came at them full force. The only way to stop it was to throw away his collar and force himself to evolve, and he had the power to take down the beast, however it was too late and Fenix was badly injured. For two days he watched the disease run its course through her blood, her cries of agony echoing in his mind. She suffered every moment, the woman he called mother begging him to end it, but he just couldn't. He watched her die, slowly, painfully, and the guilt weighed heavily on him even as he watched her draw in her last breath. Finally, the new Lucario rose up and gently carried her body into the mountain they hid by. There he had seen many graves and buried her in a small corner, marking it with a large stick. He had seen the other graves with trinkets and gifts so he tied her tattered scarf around the marker and placed his old collar upon it. Even inside the mountain it shimmered with light from the outside, casting dancing sparkles across the walls. Anubis almost thought it beautiful, but in his sorrow refused to acknowledge it. Unsure what to do now, he sits in wait by her side, ever her silent guardian.

    *****After meeting and befriending a Blaziken by the name of Suzaku, he was forced to collapse the burial ground he had made for his Mother, Fenix, completely devistating the Lucario. Fleeing with his new friend and a Nidorino named Pierce they encountered several undead including his dearest mentor and friend Cathal. Cathal attack just as his friend Suzaku turned himself, and the two waged a near war against each other which the sensitive male desperately tried to stop. But in the end Cathal only regained his former memories and requested that he not be forced to reside as a lifeless husk. Suzaku obliged and Anubis had to watch as his new friend killed his old one, before the fighting bird asked him to do the same. It broke his heart, but he did it, and in his horror over what he had done he was forced to flee.

    He came upon a strange town called Fortree and there met another of Fenix's pokemon, her Blaziken Lexa. He was so happy to have found a friend that he clung to her like a lifeline, often to the annoyance of a fellow traveling companion made up of a portly Raichu. Seeing Lexa made Suzaku's death still too real for him but somehow even Suzaku came back to life, the Lucario thrilled to see his savior and friend back and walking around even if the idea of him returning from the dead was a scary one. But their reunion was short lived as Lexa and Anubis were pulled from Fortree by an onslaught of undead. He has no idea if Suzaku is still alive but he has hope, and offers his prayers that one day they will meet again. But for now he follows Lexa, offering his support to her belief that the gym was still standing and that their friends were still there.
    Appearance Anubis is normal for his species other than the fact that he is slightly smaller than average. He often looks distant or sad unless he is in the thick of battle. Then his focus is undeniable.
    Personality Lonely and terribly shy, Anubis tends to hang back from others. Generally he will bond with only one other person or Pokemon and use them as a sort of rock for his mental deficiencies. But to that one person he is fiercely loyal and protective.
    User Notes -Worries for Suzaku and often wonders if his friend is still alright
    -has developed a nervous habit of scratching himself until he bleeds, often not even realizing he is doing it until someone stops him
    -Upped level slightly to account for traveling across regions
    -His father was a Blaziken, which gave him his egg move. He has no idea since Fenix found him abandoned as an egg.

    Lucario Lineart: Lineart was listed as free to use as long as credit was given: Original Lineart on DA by Elsdrake

    All art colored digitally by me.

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    Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite)) Empty Re: Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite))

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    Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite)) Empty Re: Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite))

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    Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite)) RGgji6G


    Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite)) VictiniLexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite)) TGJeE
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    Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite)) Empty Re: Lexa the Blaziken and Anubis the Lucario ((Sinjoh, Elite))

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