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    Seth the Blaziken (Origin Team)


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    Seth the Blaziken (Origin Team) Empty Seth the Blaziken (Origin Team)

    Post by Nightfall Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:18 am

    Seth the Blaziken (Origin Team) KhJ1zx
    Image by Cedric

    Item None at present
    Gender Male
    Age Geriatric
    Species #257 Blaziken, the Blaze Pokemon
    Height 6'07" (tall)
    Weight 114.6lbs
    Pokédex Entry "Blaziken has incredibly strong legs - it can easily clear a 30-story building in one leap. This Pokémon's blazing punches leave its foes scorched and blackened."
    Level 70
    Ability Blaze (powers up Fire-type moves when low on health)
    Nature Adamant (+Attack, -Sp.Atk)
    Characteristic Good endurance (+Def)
    Moves Aerial Ace (TM)
    Flare Blitz (level up)
    Earthquake (TM)
    Sky Uppercut (level-up)
    History Seth was born a long time ago in Hoenn, and lived under the care of the Professor. He, like many others of his species, had been bred to be given to a human as a starter Pokemon. It wasn't long until a boy called Jack entered the lab, eager to begin his journey. It was a nerve-wracking few minutes as Jack considered his options, but he eventually chose the young Torchic and left with him for Oldale Town. He called him Seth, after his late father.

    Seth and Jack went on an exciting and often thrilling journey through Hoenn together, catching many Pokemon and making a lot of new friends. Seth simply loved this life and the many twists and turns it offered him, and loved Jack immensely. Their journey took many years, and it was a pleasure for Seth to see Jack growing up into a confident young man before his eyes. He too, was maturing, and had fully evolved into a powerful Blaziken by the time he was an adult.

    After they had collected all of the Hoenn Gym Badges, Jack decided that he try and take on the Elite Four. They fought their way through Victory Road and eventually reached their destination. After a pep talk from a nervous Jack, Seth was ready to do all he could to help him reach his goal. The battles were intense, but the team held on until the end. They reached the end and began their battle with a young but powerful Dragon-type user called Drake. Despite their efforts, the team fell to Drake's mighty Salamence, and Jack was forced to leave without his title of Champion.

    After their loss, the group's morale was at an all time low. Seth was disappointed that he couldn't fight as well as Jack had needed him to, and was worried that the loss would reduce his Trainer's confidence to nothing. Jack, however, proved him wrong, and began to train his team harder than ever before. In a few months, the team had its usual shine back, and they felt just about ready for anything. Satisfied that his Pokemon were ready, Jack prepared to journey back to the Pokemon League.

    However, on the way they met a Trainer with a huge, aggressive-looking Garchomp standing at her side. Having never said no to a battle, Jack agreed and sent Seth out to fight. It all looked as though it was going well, until the large dragon suddenly lost its temper and charged at Seth, clamping his jaws around his right hand and tackling him to the ground. Seth screamed and struggled as the Garchomp's sharp teeth sank deeper and deeper into his skin. Its mouth moved up towards his elbow and, in just one massive bite, crushed the entire lower portion of his right arm. Howling in agony, Seth continuously pummeled at the Garchomp's head with his good arm, but his strength was beginning to dwindle. As he lost consciousness, the last thing he heard was Jack shouting and begging them to stop.

    Seth was rushed to the nearest Pokemon Centre and sent straight to the operating theatre. Jack could only sit in the waiting room and pray that his closest friend would pull through. It was an agonising 12 hours, but eventually a nurse entered and told Jack that Seth had survived and that he could see him. Rushing straight to the ICU, Jack's stomach plummeted at the sight of his first Pokemon lying on a bed covered in wires and tubes. As he entered, Seth stirred and weakly smiled as he saw his Trainer approach. His vision began to clear, and he was puzzled at the expression of pure horror on Jack's face. Concerned, Seth raised his right arm for Jack to hold his hand ... only for his entire world to come crashing down on him as he noticed that he no longer had a hand on that side - just a bandaged, bloodied stump from his elbow downwards.

    Both of them were devastated. Seth lay on his bed and sobbed while Jack could only hold his other hand and constantly reassure him that everything would be all right, even though he himself was constantly in tears. Seth had to stay at the Pokemon Centre for another 2 months before he was allowed to go. As he left, he could only stare blankly down at his useless stump, practically watching his days of battling come abruptly to an end.

    In the days that followed, Seth fell into a deep despair. No matter how hard Jack tried to boost his morale and encourage him to practice battling with just one arm, he just couldn't will himself to even try. He became convinced that he had let Jack down, and couldn't bare the thought of his Trainer's journey to become Champion coming to an end because of him. He knew that he was holding him back, and would never be of any use to him the way that he was. It crippled him, but one day he decided that he was going to leave, in secret so that Jack would not try to stop him. One evening, he approached his Trainer and hugged him tightly, barely holding back the tears as he silently said his goodbyes and thanked him for the years of adventure. As night fell and Jack slept in his tent, Seth got up and wandered off into the darkness, never going back.

    For a long time, Seth debated with himself as to whether he had done the right thing, and thought several times of returning to Jack. He missed his Trainer so much it hurt, but he was determined that it was for the best and Jack would have no problem becoming Champion with the other Pokemon on the team. The Blaziken traveled Hoenn, avoiding battles whenever possible so he didn't mess up due to his handicap. One hot summer's day, however, Seth reached the base of Mt. Chimney and decided to challenge himself. He climbed the mountain to the summit using only one hand. He was exhausted, but realised that there must be some strength left in him for him to do that. He decided to live on the volcano's summit and train himself, determined not to fall behind on his training and become weak.

    Many years past, and over time, Seth was approached by many other Pokemon, both wild and previously owned by Trainers, who challenged him to a battle. Impressed by his skills, a lot of them asked him to help them to train - most of those that did had been abandoned by their Trainers for not being strong enough. Seth agreed, and spent most of the second half of his life doing just that. A small community appeared near to Mt.Chimney's summit, all consisting of Pokemon who trained with Seth regularly to stay strong. Many of them even considered him their leader, or master, and were willing to do whatever he asked. Throughout, Seth remained modest of the almost life-saving role he had performed for many of these Pokemon, and was glad that he was able to teach them all that Jack had taught him. Furthermore, as he slipped into old age, the training kept him fit and stong - never too old to fight. Even though Seth enjoyed his new lifestyle, there was not a day that went by when he did not think of Jack.

    But it was never to last. Mt.Chimney was one of the last places in Hoenn to get hit by the Epidemic, and came as a complete surprise. Hordes of undead invaded Seth's home, killing anything in their path. Desperate to save his friends, he ordered them to run while he held the horde off, but some of the braver and stronger ones insisted that they stayed behind to fight. It was a disaster; the undead outnumbered them and they were quickly overwhelmed. Despite Seth's best efforts to save them, his comrades died one by one, only to rise from the dead and turn against him. As a last resort, Seth let loose a massive Earthquake attack, crumbling the earth beneath the horde and sending them plummeting into the lava below. Seth wept as he fled, listening to the agonized screams of what used to be his friends as they were burnt to nothingness.

    Seth had no idea what to do after that, and wandered the region for a long time as he tried to figure it out. A brief moment of happiness occurred when he was reunited with one of his old students, an Accelgor named Quicksilver, but that joy was short-lived - the Purge swept Seth away to the other side of the region, leaving him alone once more.

    Now, he continues to wander, waiting for either a miracle or his own demise.
    Appearance Seth's most distinguishing feature is, without a doubt, the missing lower portion of his right arm. The Blaziken is tall and strong, his remaining arm and torso hardened with powerful muscles. A few of his feathers are beginning to fall out, but that does not falter his noble appearance and are barely noticeable.
    Personality Seth is the embodiment of kindness. Good-natured, gentle and polite, the Blaziken practically radiates warmth. His long life has provided him with great wisdom and a vast knowledge of the world, both of which he is more than happy to share with others. Towards other Pokemon, Seth is initially jolly and very courteous, always happy to meet a new friend. Despite this though, he can spot a troublemaker very quickly. He knows how to deal with them and will not hesitate to put them in their place.

    The old Fire-type is very sympathetic to the needs and feelings of others, and will always do what he can to help. Seth enjoys the company of others and feels a lot more comfortable in a group rather than by himself. While he is still capable of taking care of himself, he knows that it won't be long until his age takes its toll on him. Since he no longer carries out daily workouts and training sessions to keep himself fit, he has began to feel the strains of his great age in his limbs as they have started to stiffen and ache. This is a sensitive subject to him, and will only discuss his concerns with close friends. He knows very well that once his body succumbs to his age, he will not live for long.

    Despite this though, Seth tries his best to stay positive and is, overall, an optimist. Whenever morale drops, Seth is always there to try and haul it back up again. The Blaziken is relentlessly protective of his friends and will fight to the best of his abilities to keep them safe. Despite his age, battling is still his forte and he will never turn down a competition, whether it is friendly or not.

    After all the years he spent as a teacher, it is a natural urge for Seth to want to feel in charge. While he is by no means pushy or arrogant, the Blaziken is comfortable when in a leadership role and will initially try to work his way into that role. However, if the group already has an established leader, Seth will back off a little, although he will always try to find a way to infiltrate that role, and will challenge anyone who tries to defy his authority, whether it is actually there or not. It is never an issue with jealousy or scorn - it is simply the way he has always lived his life, and he does not like to feel like an underdog or minor. He is inwardly prideful about his skills and wants to teach them to others, whether he turns out to become a leader or not.

    When things do not go according to plan, Seth is known to become rather grumpy and irritable. Unrelentingly stubborn, once Seth has made his mind up about something, there is little anyone can do to change it. Despite his kind and caring nature, Seth is a strong believer of justice and will never hesitate to punish or discipline a troublemaker. Although he rarely resorts to violence, he is no stranger to punishment by force. Seth is rarely known to lose his temper but when he does, he is a force to be reckoned with. Seth looks out for anyone younger or weaker than him, and considers it an honour to be looking out for the next generation during this disastrous time.
    User Notes --Seth is a little on-edge around Dragon-type Pokemon, particularly those from the Garchomp evolution line. Two of his terrible life experiences - losing against the Elite Four and losing his arm - are because of a Dragon-type. He does not prejudice them, however - they initially just make him nervous.
    --Seth is getting slower on his feet, but his strength in battle is still unquestionable. His Flare Blitz attack is a force to be reckoned with.
    --He suffers from joint pain in both of his legs, especially if he has recently traveled long distances without stopping. He also now has a stiff lower back after an injury from a battle in Rustboro, giving him a slight limp to his right leg.
    --Slightly deaf in his left ear, but he can hear perfectly fine as long as one doesn't mumble. His vision is still as sharp as it always has been.
    --His TM moves are from his days with Jack.
    --Very old for a Blaziken - he would be in his 80s in human years.
    --Quicksilver the Accelgor belongs to Nival
    --High level due to practically a lifetime of battling, as well as his great age.

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