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Hermione the Braxien [Repair, ???]


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Hermione the Braxien [Repair, ???] Empty Hermione the Braxien [Repair, ???]

Post by Starbits Sat Jul 04, 2015 4:51 pm

Hermione the Braxien [Repair, ???] Tumblr_ns16mwqWXS1s5iyovo1_400


Text Color #814a36
Item shawl, magician's hat, her stick
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She|Her|Hers
Age young adult
Species #654 | Braixen | Fox Pokémon
Type Hermione the Braxien [Repair, ???] Fire  Hermione the Braxien [Repair, ???] Psychic
Height 3'03"
Weight 30.0lbs
Birthdate November 14th
Accent British
Religion Atheist
Pokédex Entry Pokemon Y: It has a twig stuck in its tail. With friction from its tail fur, it sets the twig on fire and launches into battle.
Level 17
Ability Blaze
Nature Rash
Characteristic Somewhat vain.
Moves -Scratch (Learned)
-Psyshock (TM)
-Light Screen (Learned)
-Heat Wave (Egg)
Quote "Everything in the universe is explainable... you just have to search hard enough for the answer!"
Hermione was bred for battle, but the fates decided otherwise; though she possessed the strong fire type move from birth and a strong, loyal trainer who worked patiently with the little fox, she had little use for battle even after several years had passed.  Her trainer had hoped that the little fox was merely frustrated at how weak she was and would perk up once she grew stronger, but no.  Instead of Pokemon battles, the Fennekin fell in love with books, loving the times of day when her trainer's mother would read to her.  Realizing that forcing her to battle would only hurt her, her boy gave her up to his parents' care and went on his way, promising to stop by.  

Hers was an uneventful life; she went to work with her humans and helped watch after the children in the waiting room of their dentist's office.  At the end of the day they would go home, eat, and the mother would read to her.  On the weekends they'd go to the park or perhaps the beach.  Once a month her boy would visit and play with her, as promised, bringing her treats and toys.  Eventually, the mother realized that Hermione was trying to read all on her own, and so the woman decided to try teaching her; Fennekin were intelligent pokemon, she thought, so surely it couldn't be so hard?

She was wrong, but it was possible.  At first the lessons were only on the weekends, but soon they spilled over into the weekday, the exasperated husband watching his wife go over words with Hermione at the dinner table.  The lessons continued long into the night sometimes, but Hermione was determined.  Books held such beautiful worlds inside them, and she did not want to rely on someone else to open up those worlds for her.

Eventually it all paid off.  In her teenage years, Hermione could read, and it wasn't long before she was devouring every book in sight, even trying to read books high above her reading level--and growing irritated when she could not understand them. By this point her human had met a friend from Unova, and with that friendship she, too, made a friend; a Dewott called Dewey who was also more bookishly inclined rather than a battler.  The friendship helped solidify her chosen lifestyle as an acceptable one, making her feel better about being a Pokemon who wasn't interested in battling.  Together with her new friend, she explored world after world, moving to nonfiction and, while finding some of it interesting, also couldn't help but be bored by some of it.  Mostly she relied on Dewey to explain the science within the pages in a way she could comprehend and enjoy.  

Her simple life came to an end with the Epidemic; Dewey and his crew out of the country at the time, she was on her own for the collapse of the world, her beloved guardians fighting to the last to hang onto her but being forced out of the house by the authorities.  It was shortly after that that the undead came, the Braxien forced to flee her home as the wind carried the smell of rot her way.  Realizing that her life had abruptly become a horror story, Hermione tried to make it all more bearable by making it into a sort of adventure in her head.  

Four years later, and she is fast losing hope.  What good is an adventure story if there's no conclusion?
Appearance Normal Braixen with brown eyes; she has a dark blue magician's hat with golden stars on it and a star hanging off the tip.  Also has a little blue shawl with golden stars on it.

  • curious, questioning

-she has to know how, when, where, and why everything works

  • brash, bold

-unafraid of rejection in the face of being true to herself
-if she has an opinion you will hear it
-whether you want to or not

  • lonely

-just because she has no friends doesn't mean she wouldn't like some

  • confident in her intelligence but aware how inept she is at the art of being social

-she is extremely proud of her incredible amount of knowledge, but often brags without realizing it
-until later, when she kicks herself for it

  • strong sense of justice

-things are black and white for her; there are no shades of gray
-you are either near perfect or practically irredeemable

  • prudent, careful

-errs on the side of caution, always

  • will not blindly follow others

-if you are trying to convince her of something you need evidence
-preferably something tangible

  • bizarre priorities

-the breaking of a rule someone laid out for her is worse than her potentially being killed by not following that rule

  • inflexible

-does not adapt easily to much
-this includes plans going awry
- as well as her personal opinions being challenged by clear evidence to the contrary

  • losing hope

-there's no end to this horror in sight
-she needs a goal to work towards, a kind of purpose
-preferably something big that would help a lot of people
Hermione's relationships:
♏ Dewey: Best friend and reading partner.  Frets over him daily, aware that he's certainly smart enough to survive a long time but afraid that, as he battled only rarely, his lack of battle experience eventually could have killed him.

♏ Marshell: Dewey's other best friend; fond of him but was never very close to him.  Enjoys his company and is probably one of the few people who realized how mentally ill he was even before the outbreak.  Is especially scared for him given his mental instability; he's strong enough to overpower most things but his mental illness would be a huge liability for him in this new world.
User Notes -father was a Arcanine that learned Heat Wave as a Growlithe
-her low level is due to her lack of interest in battling


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