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Lucas/Diamond [Terminus]


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Lucas/Diamond [Terminus] Empty Lucas/Diamond [Terminus]

Post by Abysswalker Fri Jul 03, 2015 5:17 pm


Lucas “Diamond” Shirogane
Text Color AAAAFF
Theme(s) Various Storms and Saints [Florence + the Machine]
Item •Various necessities ofc, all stashed away in a travel bag taken from his home. Various nonperishable food, water, a bedroll, a change of clothes, some medicinal supplies, his sewing kit. The usual things
•Photo album he grabbed before he left Twinleaf with his friends. He took the one he thought would be most important to his mother, aka the album with the pictures of his deceased father.
Weapons None. He refuses to so much as touch one.
Gender Identity Demiboy (he/him)
Birthdate August 18th
Age 20
Species Human
Weight 116 lbs
Height 5’5”
Region of origin Sinnoh | Hearthome City
Occupation babey
Pkm 1
Name: Champagne (he/him)
Text colour: 71C671
Species: Empoleon
Level: 70
Ability: Torrent
Attack list:
-Hydro Pump (Level)
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Return (TM)
-Drill Peck (Level)
Pkm 2
Name: Starlight (she/her)
Text colour: BF83A9
Species: Raichu
Level: 67
Ability: Static
Attack list:
-Thunderbolt (Pre-Evo)
-Grass Knot (TM)
-Thunder Wave (Pre-Evo)
-Focus Blast (TM)
Pkm 3
Name: Bastian (he/him)
Text colour: 800000
Species: Bastiodon
Level: 65
Ability: Sturdy
Attack list:
-Stone Edge (TM)
-Stealth Rock (Egg Move)
-Roar (TM)
-Protect (Start)
Pkm 4
Name: Sherrie (she/her)
Text colour: A0522D
Species: Cherrim
Level: 63
Ability: Flower Gift
Attack list:
-Energy Ball (TM)
-Heal Pulse (Egg Move)
-Protect (TM)
-Leech Seed (Level)
Pkm 5
Name: Notre Dame (they/them)
Text colour: FCFFF0
Species: Bronzong
Level: 64
Ability: Levitate
Attack list:
-Heavy Slam (TM)
-Sunny Day (Start)
-Toxic (TM)
-Protect (TM)
Pkm 6
Name: Dust Storm (she/her)
Text colour: EE799F
Species: Hippowdon
Level: 68
Ability: Sand Force
Attack list:
-Earthquake (Level)
-Stone Edge (TM)
-Fire Fang (Start)
-Slack Off (Level)
Quote ”All I’m doing is making their lives worse..why can’t they see that?”

Just like his mother Johanna, Lucas was born in Hearthome City. When he was still a baby, not even a year old, his father Kaito died; his mother would never once talk about how or why, only ever bringing him up in their yearly remembrances. Lucas would never ask, either, even when he was old enough to see the glimpses of her true pain. His father became ethereal in his head, existing in photographs and his mother’s sadness but never in a way Lucas could grasp himself. The man stayed in the back of his head always, forever out of reach.

His time in Hearthome, however, was not so easily shoved aside; it was pure hell. Being a smaller boy, and quite meek, Lucas became an easy target for older bullies. Whether verbal or physical, they attacked him relentlessly until, no matter how much the other boys threatened him, he could no longer hide it from his mother. Johanna acted quickly, bringing hell down on the parents and other adults who had ignored it all despite knowing, but the damage was already done. To protect her son from a toxic environment, she decided to sell their home and move to the small town of Twinleaf.

Lucas flourished in their new home, though it might have been difficult for anyone except Johanna and their house Pokemon to tell. He even made a friend, getting along well with an excitable, loud boy named Pearl who always seemed to run everywhere even in his own house. Lucas never minded having to keep up, though. Pearl nicknamed him Diamond, calling him a “diamond in the rough”, and he was pretty much convinced their friendship would be forever.

Somehow, that particular lightning struck twice when he and Pearl met a girl named Platinum at Lake Verity, after they’d been attacked by territorial Starly. What started as a chance meeting quickly morphed into the chance for a full blown adventure with both his new and childhood friend, an opportunity Lucas couldn’t let slip by even as his anxiety tried to convince him otherwise. He was lucky Johanna trusted him so much despite her own fears; she never once tried to convince him to stay, only reassured him he could always return if he needed to.

At first, finding a goal of his own was difficult, as new people and new places terrified him. He went along with the badge collecting because-well, despite his confidence issues, Lucas was pretty good at it. But it wasn’t until he met his second Pokemon that he found part of his answer. She was a rescue, a Pikachu named Starlight who had once lived with abusive people, and bonding with her made Lucas realize something. He wanted to help Pokemon that had been hurt and betrayed, to gain their trust and become their friend. Every Pokemon other than his starter ended up this way, and they cared for him as much as he did for them. His battle style adapted to their needs, and while unorthodox, nobody could deny his potential nor the strong connection Lucas had with his Pokemon.

When the troubles with Galactic began to escalate, it was their casually cruel treatment of Pokemon that infuriated Lucas more than anything else. The way they would inflict pain on innocent beings-beings stolen from friends and family-cut deep into his soul. No matter how afraid he was, how overwhelmed he felt, Lucas knew he had to help stop Galactic and all their horrible plans. That was exactly what he, Platinum, and Pearl did; they defeated Galactic at every turn, ending their attempts to shape the world all the way from the terrifying chaos at Spear Pillar to the very end at Stark Mountain.

When it was all said and done, Lucas wanted nothing more than to forget about end-of-the-world ordeals and everything evil Galactic had done to the region. For awhile, he stayed with his mother at his home, recovering mentally from everything that happened. Soon enough, though, his two friends encouraged him to complete his League challenge; after all, Lucas already earned all eight badges. Unsure of his chances, he only agreed in the end because Platinum was going to take part, too.

To his surprise, his own challenge turned out to be not only be successful, it was fun. Lucas found his own building confidence carrying him from Aaron all the way to Cynthia, where he and his Pokemon actually won against her incredibly powerful team and strategy. It was the shock to end all shocks. He had zero desire to actually be the Sinnoh Champion, though, despite his victory; Lucas gladly returned that title to Cynthia in favor of heading to the Battle Resort with his friends, where they celebrated his and Platinum’s victory. His Pokemon had done a wonderful job, and Lucas figured they could use the rest. His days became a revolving door between staying at the Villa, returning to Twinleaf, or visiting Hearthome, as Johanna was a contest star. His battling days now mostly lulled, and with no Galactic to fight, Lucas found himself at ease.

The biggest mistake he ever made in his life was on one of those very days he traveled to Hearthome to see one of his mother’s contests. Lucas hadn’t intended for anything to happen; all he wanted to do was kill time before meeting up with his mother. But even so, that was when he met an older woman, someone who’s name he can’t even remember-someone who had known his father. She told him he looked just like Kaito, that it was a shame the man died so young and so tragically. And though Lucas never asked for her to do so, she threw upon him all the awful details of his father’s death-the one thing he had never known his entire life, what he had avoided on purpose because he could never bring himself to intrude upon his mother’s pain. When she was done talking, he was shaking all over. The old woman apologized more than once, but it was too late to take back the knowledge of his own father’s suicide.

He felt distant with his mother after that. It wasn’t a feeling Lucas could voice aloud, lost in his own irrational thoughts. He remembered her telling him about Kaito. They were more alike than Lucas wanted to believe. Maybe Johanna was right to never tell him the awful truth of his father’s death; maybe she had been scared. But still some part of him resented her. That was why he didn’t travel with her when Johanna took a longer trip out of region to a gathering of contest stars; better he stay behind than potentially ruin her good time.

He still regrets that, now. It wasn’t long after her departure that the epidemic started and separated them. Lucas hoped against all reason that somehow, she had returned home early, that they would be together-but when he arrived in Twinleaf, their home was empty of both her and their house Pokemon. The only thing that saved him from complete, soul shattering despair was that Platinum and Pearl had also chosen Twinleaf as their place to rush towards. The three were together again, and they stayed together. They had always been together. It didn’t keep the guilt from festering, but Lucas could survive with his friends there. He had to. For their sakes, for his Pokemon, for his mother.

Of course, that won’t stop him from being very worried when Pearl is convinced that a Legendary inside a rather scary looking cave is their best bet at.. something. Lucas loves his friend, but he’s not so sure about this one.
Accent He is very soft-spoken, rarely raising his voice.
•He has brown skin with warm undertones (yes I know that’s not technically game canon but do I care? Nope)
•Dark grey hair and eyes alike; his hair length has grown out quite a bit since his signature look as a kid, reaching down to his shoulders
•His outfit is: a blue knitted scarf, dark brown winter coat, long-sleeved white shirt, black pants, and dark grey boots (I stole this from a yuri on ice nenderoid LMAOOO)
•Will absolutely struggle to make any sort of eye contact with strangers, and is visibly afraid around them in a way he simply isn’t with the people and Pokemon he trusts
Religion He’s not sure how to answer this himself. Learning the truth of his father’s death threw his beliefs into disarray.

•A sweet, sensitive soul with a gentle heart. Diamond tries to be as kind to people as he possibly can, and desires to make the world better rather than dragging it down any further. He hates the thought of others being hurt, especially his closest friends, and knowing how much death and pain the epidemic has caused is enough to make him feel acute despair. Diamond has his limits like any other person, but he would have to be at a truly low point to start becoming angry or bitter towards others.

•Has high empathy, which both helps and hurts him; he can relate to people easily and comfort them better, but being entangled in their feelings makes it difficult for him to assert boundaries to keep from being harmed. Diamond has a hard time saying ‘no’ to others for fear of causing pain or making someone hate him, so he’s easily guilt tripped or otherwise emotionally manipulated. Even if he’s suffering badly, Diamond will typically keep quiet about it and refuse to share that pain.

•His self-image and confidence have been fragile his entire life, as a result of his anxiety disorder and depression as a result of childhood bullying. Ended up in therapy a lot as a kid, and to a lesser degree as a teenager. These issues have, unsurprisingly, worsened during the epidemic. Diamond sees himself as weak, incompetent, a burden-he doesn’t understand why his friends still bother keeping him around. Very self-loathing, and self-critical. Believes he deserves to be abandoned despite being terrified of that very possibility.

•Completely sickened and easily triggered by violence and death, especially if it involves gore and excessive blood. He cannot stand to have weapons near him, either, due to intensely personal reasons. He doesn’t even carry something as small as a pocket knife. His reliance on others for protection causes him no end of guilt and shame, but like so many of his feelings, Diamond simply pushes it away and out of sight.

•Terrified of the undead, to the point it’s one of the main triggers for his anxiety. He cannot stop stressing over it every day, nor can Diamond be left alone for long without another person lest he begin to panic; this is why at least of his Pokemon is always at his side. Because Dia is unable to escape this terror, it’s become a major factor in his worsening mental health. Most of his current nightmares revolve around either his or his friends’ Pokemon turning and attacking them.

•It may not seem like it, but Diamond has a rather mischievous side to him, though the only people who ever see it consistently are his friends. He used to revolve his battle style around completely annoying his opponent and beating them through tedious attrition; quite a few people rightfully saw him as a terror for it. He thought it was completely hilarious. His Pokemon are all too willing to enable him, and have been doing so for years. Another thing he loves are puns-the worse they are, the more he likes them.

•Being demi, he has a hard time figuring out his platonic/romantic/queerplatonic feelings, and they often blur together for him. Romance is definitely the most confusing for him, though. Diamond has mostly gotten over his awkwardness with Platinum and Pearl being a couple, but it’s been replaced with a distinct unwillingness to think any harder on his own feelings for the two beyond being his close friends. The status quo is perfectly fine, thank you.
Affiliations (adding links later)

Pearl: His friend since early childhood; they are very close, and it was Pearl who nicknamed him Diamond. He’s glad Pearl has never tired of him being the timid one of the two, and enjoys his friend’s outwardly cheerful personality.
Platinum: His friend since childhood; though he’s known Pearl longer, his bond with her is still strong. Admires her confidence and ability to take charge, and is grateful she’s always kind to him.

Johanna: His mother; though their relationship became somewhat strained right before the epidemic began, Diamond loves her no matter what. He will always regret letting his own emotions come between them, and still feels poisonous guilt that never goes away.

User Notes •His last name comes from his father’s side of the family, while his first name is from his maternal grandfather.
•His Pokemon’s movesets might need to be updated; I will do so in another edit


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